Manchester Orchestra - The Gold Lyrics

Couldn't really love you any more
You've become my ceiling
I don't think I love you anymore
That gold mine changed you
You don't have to hold me anymore
Our cave's collapsing
I don't wanna be me anymore
My old man told me

"You don't open your eyes for a while
You just breathe that moment down"
Forty miles out of East Illinois from my old man's heart attack

I believed you were crazy
You believed you loved me

I don't wanna bark here anymore
Black hills, the colly
Wasn't really dangerous for us
We just catch you coughing
What the hell are we gonna do?
A black mile to the surface
I don't wanna be here anymore
It all tastes like poison

Can't open your eyes for a while
You just breathe that moment down
Forty hours out of Homestake
And I'm trying to translate you again

I believed you were crazy
You believed you loved me
You and me, we're a day drink
So lose your faith in me

Can't open your eyes for a while
You just breathe that moment down
You can't open your eyes for a while
You just breathe

I believed you were crazy
You believed you loved me
You and me, we're a day drink
So lose your faith in me
Lose your faith in me
Oh, lose your faith in me

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Manchester Orchestra The Gold Comments
  1. Bear Sausage

    does anyone hav suggestions for me. i need more songs like this

  2. Amir Soltany

    so mesmerizing

  3. Beatrice Killam

    Thank you for the priceless gift of this song that has shot an arrow straight into my heart and soul. This touches a place deep inside and won't let go. Perfection!

  4. Clayton Griffith

    You and me, we're a day drink.

  5. Jennifer Rademaker

    My grandfather died of black lung when i was 6.

  6. Chris Ryan

    Phoebe Bridgers cover of this song brought me here.

  7. Hunter Vincent

    Black Hills and Homestake Gold Mine are in western South Dakota.

  8. Lanie Singer

    Wow this song is absolutely incredible. Found this a few years ago and I can never get over it.

  9. Dustin Catalan

    Watching January 1, 2020

  10. Enrique Garcia

    My song

  11. Mat 444

    what an amazing song, fuels my self hatred... A black mile to the surface
    I don't wanna be here anymore
    It all tastes like poison

  12. Scott

    I love the references to the Black Hills and mining. The absolute best part of this whole album.

  13. janste90

    Sometimes a band makes all the difference. A band like this should be savoured. You may only have a few bands like this in your lifetime 😃

  14. lyssaa xo

    i like how this song plays in the car as my ex takes me home for the last time...😭😭


    Dang bro. U good? This song gives me all the feels rn 😭

  15. Liz Anderson

    This band has only exceeded my expectations over time. They combine all the elements of their music so flawlessly without being pretentious. It's so refreshing. This particular song has been a daily fix for me for more than a year now yet everytime still feels like the first. They have this way of bringing you to your knees emotionally while altogether holding you up and shining this beautiful bright light that's filled with love and's an euphoric sensation. Hauntingly beautiful and so well written and delivered. It's a gemstone that will never get old. ❤❤❤

  16. elijah teel

    Missed the 90's srry guys

  17. RainNBlood

    Oh, fuck it!!!

  18. Aaron Swartz

    My funeral playlist. Music to die to

  19. Gusfraba

    I just found out about this song wtf my god!! This is literally GOLD!

  20. LonesomeKnotEye

    I come back here every couple that ok?...

  21. Goose Internet

    You could frame any shot in this video and I would want it on my wall

  22. Simon .Howlett

    poor very poor from them no wait a min yes its brilliant

  23. Wesley Cooper

    I don't want to be me anymore..

  24. RainNBlood

    I need to be a real father!

  25. Darkest Corbeu

    Love this to this day

  26. Wanderer Ashar

    MOST Creative music video i ever seen. LOVE IT! <3

  27. Anthony Harmon

    This song soothes my soul♥️♥️

  28. Elizabeth Marie Long

    Love the slow momentum of this song 😍

  29. Royal T


  30. Angels Bizarre Adventure

    Not gonna lie the remix is better but this is still really good

  31. HAL TheBirdLady

    I believed I loved this man named Darren. I used to listen to this all the time. I was the crazy one, he was too reserved. But, I believed it anyhow. My father reminded me women don't fall in love.

  32. mechanicalmanb

    so good

  33. lindsay pyykonen

    Great imagery!

  34. RainNBlood

    Bless our souls!

  35. Dr. David Banner F.E.S.

    Gets me KRUNK every Time man. I felt that one Bro!


    My wife essentially heard this watched 500 days of summer an left me .....I'm gonna911 this whole band then Joseph Gordon levitz

    Dr. David Banner F.E.S.

    @RADICAL Ed Well brother, all it did was bring to surface what was already in her..if she left...she didn't truly love you bro. That's the truth...otherwise just hearing a song, or watching a movie wouldn't have mattered....she would still be there with you. I've had it happen to me too man...Brittany in high school. She broke up with me RIGHT after Prom...I mean like just a few days after, and I thought we were hitting it off big time, I loved her a LOT....but the only thing Prom did was..let her know she truly didn't love me...Like maybe her seeing the Prom pictures we took together or something...or all her friends and my friends saying how awesome we looked together...made her realize...She simply didn't love me...and didn't want to be with me....and BOY that was BAD that sucked...I went back to school a few days later heartbroken, and everyone saying "where's Brittany dude?" And I had to tell them she already broke up with me....My bros were like "damn that's messed up man, she did you wrong." I grew up a little since then and realized it was just inevitable....Nothing I could have done would have made her stay with me.

    So don't beat yourself up about it man, or look to vent some hurt on's just that she didn't love you like you did...and she left bro. Millions of fish in the sea out there....score you another girl and try try again!

  36. John Smith

    Radio. Who needs a radio

  37. Cody Callihan

  38. Darkest Corbeu

    Watching this video gives me hope that i have a purpose

  39. that one guy juan

    Yeah. Every relationship I've ever been in.


    My name is muddd, juan, I hope life brings you unfathomable fruits. Cheers

  40. collins jones

    It be a black mile to the surface sometimes

  41. Justin Sidious

    Holy shit that’s the best music video I’ve ever seen in my life.

  42. will crow

    completely unassuming band with greatness, and a vast, cool, unsympathetic sound.

  43. 8Rett5o5a



  44. emily bolen

    this gives me CHILLS

  45. Threelly AI

    Good shit...

  46. A Pretty Penny

    This song was the soundtrack in my dreams the other night.

  47. Kevin O'Quinn

    Why does this video remind me of The Ring and make me feel like I'm about to get a phone call

  48. liam is a weeb

    2019 anyone?

    Todd Wages


    Squilliam Fancyson

    Heard this on Alt. Nation the other day. Pretty sure I've listened to it everyday since.

  49. Kniivez

    Makes me want to cry a little bit

    Todd Wages

    Me too.. someone very special I dedicated this to

  50. Alenka H

    I love this song.

  51. Hairullah shamsudin

    Love this song. Indie rocks.. Peace from singapore.

  52. William Conrad

    Got to see them perform this song acoustically. Amazing! Here is the link to the video I took:

    They only played three songs and had to take the day off of work to see it...totally worth it!!!

  53. Patrice Wheaton

    Amazing song
    Amazing artists
    And the most Amazing song

  54. Michael C

    I don't wanna be me anymore

  55. Jessika Drewyor

    Don't wanna be here anymore it all taste like poison

  56. Slave2TheTrafficLite For Now

    Soul. Smiling. thanks for sharing this

  57. Janos Boda


  58. dmerced257

    always complained there was no good music these days. glad to be wrong.

  59. squidwardVEVO

    This is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen

  60. WtfIsThis

    This song should have 100 million views...

  61. Transcend Travel

    Someone teach me the techniques to make this beautiful video, I’ll pay !

  62. just sayin

    For the fans: they're gonna be in DesMoines Sunday

  63. Joshua Davis

    Manchester orchestra hits my soul,wierd thing is it hits my daughter the same way. It be MO or Right Away great captain. MO has been an experience,religious and not,but it has been a bond with my child that cant be said in words. Andy and band,if you are watching comments........ I think you guys would like to hear the bond we have with you guys. [email protected]

  64. demifolk

    Found this song when she was cheating on me, didnt know at the time. It holds a different meaning now. I see her in every song now. And i hate it. She took everything from me.

    Sonia Azam7

    😢💔 im so sorry. I can relate

  65. Isadora

    Brasil, alguém?

  66. RainNBlood

    I'm more than happy if this band doesn't make it as big as it should... for, it would continue to be "our" underground happy! :) Then again, the band needs to be recognized more in order to achieve the funds to continue producing such great music. They're doing good; but, it's apparent that stupid music (rap/hip-hop) is actually music that matters.... even after same story has been told again and again.

  67. Zachary In Christ

    Discovered this song last night on the radio in a Whole Foods bathroom. Discovered that today is the lead singers birthday. Tomorrow is mine. I am very touched by these lyrics and music. Without explanation they are drawing me into deeper intimacy with the Lord Jesus Christ. Make of all this what you will.

  68. Anson Hartzler

    Without music this video would be horrifying.

  69. Exalteduser

    these guys are amazing. 2 million views, it blows my gourd that there isnt 200 million

  70. Eddie alexander

    Love it so much and u always try and click on the x at the

  71. Keegan M

    This fucking album, man

  72. Jamie Meiners

    Amazing, like everything they do ❤❤❤❤

  73. Aaron Trogi

    This video is absolutely incredible and the words give it so much more power GOD DAMN THANK YOU

  74. J Bello

    Depression is real... love the song though...

  75. Frank Manion

    Best song ever.

  76. Łił-Nightshade øReØs

    Is this a brain washing video?? XD

  77. Micah G.

    This song makes me feel things so intensely, yet I have no words to describe the feeling. The music builds it and builds it and then when it stops, that's when it all hits you. This is what a good song does.

  78. Carsten B

    It has been amazing to watch these guys mature into what they are today. I love this album and just their sound in general. This song in particular, the lyrics seem to really ring true to me. Also, the chorus just really harmonizes.

  79. Melanie Linares

    I’m sorry this is such a good song but I heard this at a Coach store 😂

  80. Melissa Antler


  81. Doyle Cortez

    What does is meant by lossing his faith in him?

    Doyle Cortez

    No wait never mind

  82. Lucas Jordan

    what is this song about?

  83. Bryce Montano

    It's a shame that a band like this with such great music doesn't get as many plays as it deserves.

  84. Rollerskates

    Buetiful song ...omg when u break :)

  85. Kelsie Pulvermacher

    this song is fucking incredible

  86. GhostOvancy AJW

    Was there a message at the end of the video. Like Everytime he sang a lyric with that image it spelled something out? Or am I thinking too much?

  87. leiakuas

    Wow... What a great Video 👌🏼

  88. clayton vernon

    American Airlines turned me onto this song and band.

  89. Dallas Persinger

    I’m a little late to the party. Nevertheless, I’ve listened to this album probably close to 35 times this past week alone.

  90. MaKenna Bean

    Okay but does anyone know what’s up with the music video? Any meaning ?

  91. Eddie Tripp

    This song is amazing. I will listen to more by this band.

  92. jess -

    This music video is brilliant.

  93. Salome Francis

    I am soooo excited to have you guys back with a new project ♡♡♡♡.

  94. irish girl

    I've loved this song for, like, a year or so now. Things have been bad. It's been my go-to..
    Never seen the video till now.
    Not even a wee bit surprised.
    The song is every thought I've had in the past troubling, trying, 2 year span of endless anguish.
    The video is my soul.

  95. lance Schmick

    Love this song !!!

  96. Brandon Zadzilka

    The visuals in this music video are as random and indecipherable as the song is good.