Manchester Orchestra - I Can Feel Your Pain Lyrics

Well I watched your black tied family
Rise up from graves near cemeteries
That I have not been to since you goodbye
And I drank another simile
And compared your Jesus to a thief
He took my bones and turned them into bread.
Cause I can feel your pain, in my bones, in my bones.
I was scared to call your mother
For news that you weren't getting better
Well my God, what the hell am I supposed to do?
And I ran off and ran on to something
That I swore was everything but beautiful
I only say that word for you
Cause I can feel your pain, in my bones, in my bones.
And I can feel your pain, deep in my bones, deep in my bones.
And hallelujah to the one in our bones
And hallelujah to the one that we love

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Manchester Orchestra I Can Feel Your Pain Comments
  1. Miss Banana

    Well, I watched your black tied family
    Rise up from graves near cemeteries
    That I have not been to since your goodbye

    And I drank another simile
    And compared your Jesus to a thief
    He took my bones and He turned them into bread

    'Cause I can feel your pain
    In my bones, in my bones

    I was scared to call your mother
    For news that you weren't getting better
    Well, my God, what the hell am I supposed to do?

    And I ran off and ran on to something
    That I swore was everything but beautiful
    I only say that word for you

    'Cause I can feel your pain
    In my bones, in my bones
    And I can feel your pain
    Deep in my bones, deep in my bones

    And ha, Hallelujah to the one in our bones
    And Hallelujah to the one that we love

  2. Madalyn Ryan

    anyone here in 2019???

  3. Tempest Panda

    Felt inspired by this and added a version of this amazing song on my channel but with rain and thunder as well in it. Thanks for this Manchester Orchestra! ❤🌪

  4. Pickle Gerard

    Does anyone knows who's her?

  5. Cathy Dell'Erba

    Just lost my dad. Was there with him when he died. This song is beautiful and made me teary

  6. Amazing Music

    I can't found this song in Spotify :c

  7. Ünal Kınalı


  8. Justin

    RIP Anna Basso

  9. caleb cottom

    I really wish someone like Johnny Cash could've done a cover of this song.

  10. Lauren South

    I cannot listen to this song without crying.. Manchester Orchestra is one of the greatest bands around. All their songs are deep, sad and beautiful at the same time.

  11. amelia riddell

    every single persons life is just as deep and as intricate as your own

    Anam Kara

    beautifully said.


    There is a word for that. Sonder "the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own."

  12. alejandra flores

    The Most Painful Love That Travels... But The Most Real.

  13. Shadow Blazed

    I can feel your pain ..

  14. Gamer Mafioso.HOCH

    muit0 foda manos br

  15. Helena Bowie

    reminds me so much of my grandma. god, i miss her more than words can ever explain.

  16. beans _

    I feel this song deep in my bones.

  17. Alcpwn

    whats the strumming pattern?


    listen closer :^) you'll be better in the longrun.

  18. Sebastian Space

    id love to be the one to send your stepfather to hell. for touching you and all those little girls. I can feel your pain. yeah, its driving me insane, you tell me and cry, cry I swing my fist and bruise my own eyes, and break my nose ohhhhhhh, that feeling sticks around like ghost. so heres a toast. cause I can feel your pain. deep in my bones

  19. Chris toph

    #kickitkaylin we love you

  20. Chris toph

    My 4 year old daughter was just diagnosed with AML leukemia. Shes underdone aggresive chemotherapy, multiple blood transfusions and will also need a bone marrow transplant I heard this song for the first time 5 weeks ago and it hit every nerve in my body. Somehow it makes me feel better every time i listen to it.


    I'm so sorry for your diagnoses on your baby. praying everything goes positive for her . Be strong she needs to see that from you.

    jessica labelle

    omg this is so sad ... I hope she is better now poor girl😯

    Tony Georgio

    I am praying for your daughter and you as well.

    Sam Crabtree

    I hope your daughter is doing well

    Susan’s Secret

    Chris toph reminds me of my mom too, died from stage four

  21. Lemon

    polka dots

  22. Radio Raven

    I love these old pictures.

  23. Josh Morphis

    The only problem with this song is that it isn't longer a 24 hour version would be killer. Great song!

  24. Morgan Calkins

    This song has me in tears. Never heard anything more perfect

  25. OfficialDjMetroid

    Are there anymore songs like this?!?!

    Liam Allen

    +OfficialDjMetroid jimmy, he whispers is similar


    +Stryker the Umbreon I asked this sooo long ago... BUT THANKS!!!😄

    Liam Allen

    +OfficialDjMetroid eh I just saw your comment 😹

    Jeff Ellis

    +OfficialDjMetroid i can feel your pain is amazing and similar

    Jeff Ellis

    +Jeff Ellis also on same album

  26. Kyle Kay


  27. Julia Wengler

    this album is so fucking perfect. i heard this song before but it means more to me now... my friend is going through a really hard time. i want to help but i'm not sure how. 
    this song is heartbreaking


    +Julia Hulia its been a year since the comment hows your friend doing now?

    Julia Wengler

    aw thanks for checking in, that's so kind. she's made tremendous progress in this past year, it's a bit crazy now that I realize it.
    she's involved in a bunch of school clubs and even the president of one. she wears short sleeve shirts. she speaks up for herself more often. she applied for stanford! (who knows if she'll get in, but merely applying is terrifying.)
    i think she's doing a lot better and i'm a very proud best friend :')


    I'm glad to hear it, that just made my day.

  28. RainbowCupcake420

    This song couldnt have hit home any harder for me. My best friend battled testicular cancer for 2 years and the last few months of his life were painful and hell....It hurt and still hurts my heart to know the pain he was in....He lost his like at 32 and I've cried daily since february.

    Wesleigh Keil

    im sorry to hear that. R.I.P.

    Stephanie Grim

    My little brother had stage 4 and survived, I'm sorry your friend didn't, it's an awful disease.

  29. Captain Bowser

    Mancho isn't everything Andy Hull you are a lyrical god.

  30. Sofia Dorrell

    there's no song I would rather cry to

  31. Ana Platano

    so serene. 

  32. Alaina

    First time I've heard this song even though I have been listening to them a lot lately. It has so much emotion. This song is absolutely beautiful

  33. Alex Avery

    About into the ass, but super!!! I was speechless!!!

  34. Captain Rob

    I love this song

  35. Dani H.

    @fuckingmusicforlife best line<3

  36. Hannah R.

    I love this song! It's so deep and meaningful

  37. fuckingmusicforlife

    And I ran off and ran on to something. That I swore was everything but beautiful. I only say that word for you

    Tyrone Shoelacez

    fuckingmusicforlife those lyrics give me goosebumps every time.

  38. Raul Gonzalez

    1:08 one of the best lines I've heard

  39. Lois C

    Beautiful... Exactly how I feel with my uncle dying from cancer. Every word...

  40. Quintin Sarren

    It sounds like he is saying "I can faith heal your pain".

  41. FloToe

    Oh god this is so depressing and magical.

  42. xmodusoperandix

    saw them in little rock at bar a few years ago and they kept quoting "drinking from cups" theyre awesome when people would talk andy would tell em "shut the fuck up no one came here to hear you talk" muahah

  43. John Heron

    THIS SONG SUCKS! ! ! ! ! Now that I have your attention....THIS IS THE BEST SONG EVER!!!! =)

  44. John Heron

    You could just go to YouRepeat.

  45. John Heron

    Your comment made me sad... =(

  46. shanelikes2djent

    There should be an auto repeat button . its starting to get annoying pushing this button for hours on end.

  47. bobbawon

    This song is just so beautiful... Absolutely incredible. Words can not explain how in love I am with this song...

  48. ItsJess Guys

    never fails to make me cry

  49. Lakeish23

    Those were the most peaceful tears I've ever cried.

  50. yuehning cheng

    Iv played this song atleast a hundred times now and dont think ill ever stop . Love it <3

  51. Shelbie Noel

    I don't see how people can possibly hate this song enough to hit the dislike button on it.. Like fine, you don't like it? Whatever. But enough to actually hit the dislike button?! Unreal.

  52. Kayla Capito

    this song is the best i love the way he sings it makes me feel good even though i am dieing slowly inside this song is amazing i love it

  53. Beth Mcgee

    There's the word ''snow'' in the url aw

  54. Rose Price

    when I see album art like that, band names like that, song titles like that I know ive found the good music on youtube ^~^

  55. mars-colony

    Wow that is so crazy. I was just thinking about how long this song was and then I read your comment. Wow.

  56. Tori Mammarello

    Sorry I post gay comments I'm super hipster

  57. Olivia Rivera

    The first time you hear this song, it seems like the soundtrack to your life so it seems long but it only two minutes and fifty two seconds

  58. Tori Mammarello

    This song really touches me. Brilliant.

  59. leighleezy

    I want to live in Andy Hull's mind. He's so fucking brilliant.

  60. D. Crimp

    He is the vocalist of both bands :)

  61. Mo Faucheaux

    You just changed my world.

  62. Hannah Van Bever

    @labblabby it might be the album cover..I'm not sure

  63. mert yılmaz

    Some songs come on the market as we cry sentimental.

  64. John Ward

    Also, the Bad Books. He has a million bands!

  65. Shane Brons

    This song + rainymood(dot)com = awesome

  66. Brooke6Michelle48

    Wait, so are Manchester Orchestra and Right Away, Great Captain both by Andy Hull?

    Shane Brons

    Brooke6Michelle48 yes

  67. Kylee Belcher

    I thought I saw it categorized as music but maybe they changed it when they saw your comment.

  68. drunyrun

    Manchester orchestra had its revenge on England

  69. Kylee Belcher

    Every time I click the replay button, I can't help but look forward to the part where he says something like "it was everything but beautiful... I only say that word for you". So touching

  70. Jeffrey

    Really dig these guys, suddenly im finding all these good modern rock bands.

  71. sk8terhuman

    michaela ann your beautifull dont worry about wearin make up ur beautfiul juss the way u are i save the word beautiful just for you

  72. Tilana Esterhuizen

    Such an amazing song...actually makes me feel something in my heart

  73. Skittlz547

    I hate my life I have no friends and no one gives a flying fuck. cool.


    Skittlz547 Doing any better?

  74. Alexandra R

    i know this is sad and everyone here is sad but god damn is this guy's voice sexy..

  75. Theoryclash

    This picture looks my grandmother, and that bracelet looks like her bracelet, which I wear around my wrist everyday. I miss her.


    check out my acapella cover of this song :)

  77. Alexis Wiggins


  78. thesemanticblockage

    Reminds me of being really sick with cancer.

  79. LameScreename

    Start listening to Kevin Devine, Brand New, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Elliot Smith, and Broken Social Scene and you'll be the coolest 15 year old alive.

  80. HeyHeyBooks

    Maybe Bright Eyes, Elliot Smith, William Fitzpatrick?

  81. Ryan Shoemaker

    This band kicks ass at all times. They don't need ANYTHING else to do it.

  82. dairylandbogurt

    I suppose that is rather comedic :P

  83. lulabynrg

    These guys would kick ass if they threw in some death metal or punk ska in between the stanzas.

  84. Taaylor Bailes

    It feels like he's singing to me and knows exactly whats wrong.

  85. brett415css

    What a moving song.

  86. Love Jade Heart

    And I drank another simile (Andy Hull is a synesthete) <3

  87. adeaf


  88. mguygh

    @Cheynee1 iv a hugh big dick.

  89. Cheynee1

    Oh. This is so... deep and strong. Suddenly...i feel sad

  90. Scott Wilson

    Andy hull is the shitt!

  91. Kaylyn Bocanegra

    i love manchester orchestra

  92. labblabby

    whats with the pic?