Manchester Orchestra - Every Stone Lyrics

You might just have missed the mark
If you're keeping everyone away
Didn't mean to
Didn't want to
Well we might just leave a mark
If you don't give anyone a say
Never want to
Never mean to

Every stone I've thrown has gone away
Has gone away [x2]

Every stone I've thrown has gone away
Has gone away
It's gone away
Away [x2]

It's a notion
That doesn't matter even if we stay
And it's overrated
And manipulated
Nobody ever has a say
It makes me wonder who can wait
And attest my patience
Cause it's not worth waiting

Every stone I've thrown has gone away
Has gone away
It's gone away

Every stone I've thrown has gone away
Has gone away
It's gone away
Away [x5]

Away [x2]

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Manchester Orchestra Every Stone Comments
  1. Blake Armstrong

    Such discipline...pure discipline and maturity...bravo...perfect.

  2. Graham Kristensen

    When I masturbate, I'm going to think about your mom.

  3. First Name Last Name

    Wanted to throw up when I heard this version. Still looking for one that isnt painful.

  4. Vincenzo Baratta

    totally addicted on this version. No way out!

  5. J B

    Love the "Do it yourself, if you can " feel to all of Andy's music...

  6. Incredulous1

    would've given my left bollock to have seen this performance

  7. Ben Zeigler

    Sigh, it's already been two years?

    Again, dammit!


    Yeah we all concur, that was an amazing communal musical experience, unlike anything else. Hopefully they'll do it again!

  8. rainwatercasey rainwater

    Amazing song, and amazing video and sound. Thanks OurVinyl


    Thank you for watching!

  9. Quentin Arrants

    Apart from the really amazing music as always (Bc Andy hull is a genius) the videography was freakin spot on👌🏼 great great job capturing the emotion in the song.


    Thanks so much for the kind words. So glad you enjoyed it

  10. Alexander Herbst

    Thank you for capturing this, OurVinyl. Get Frightened Rabbit in there and life will be complete. :)


    +Alexander Herbst Not a bad idea! :)

    Alexander Herbst

    +OurVinyl you guys will break my heart in a good way if you do that :')


    +Alexander Herbst so glad you enjoyed it! If you liked our session with Manchester You should check out the session we filmed with Julien Baker. Here is a link if it is of interest:

    Alexander Herbst

    OurVinyl any word on getting in touch with Frightened Rabbit? They're such humble guys and I'm sure they'd happily give you an amazing performance. :)

    Renaldo Matadeen

    I wish they did. I miss Scott's music.

  11. rainwatercasey rainwater

    Completely stunned. One of the best live versions of a song I've ever heard. If you can't feel anything from that song, then you are in desperate measures.


    +rainwatercasey rainwater really glad you liked the video. It was quite a challenge to film in a cave! You might really like the session we just did with Julien Baker if you like this session:

    Kyle Olckers

    +OurVinyl I saw Julien Baker on Tiny Desk Concerts. I am checking this out right away! These guys are fooking amazing also!


    +Kyle Olckers So glad you are enjoying! I think our favorite from the 3 songs we did was Cope. Did you get to see the full session they did?

    Kyle Olckers

    On my list of things to do tonight! Keep up the awesomeness!


    +Kyle Olckers Haha thanks so much! Let us know what you think of it!

  12. Joe Rabren

    This right here is what you want to find when you hit YouTube and search for your favorite band / artist !

  13. Rando McNally

    This was amazing, a great way to perform such a good song!

  14. Jacquelyn Holland

    fuck whomever disliked this video

  15. Jessica Davis

    I encourage everyone out there to check out the ourvinyl channel. Great music by great artists filmed brilliantly and the sound quality is amazing.


    +Jessica Langley you made our day thank you so much for that kind comment

    tlc urnotalone

    +Jessica Langley i agree

  16. Danielle Ate the Sandwich


  17. Natt127

    I cried. thank you guys. fucking amazing in every way.

  18. louisrsr

    i could listen to that end build up for eternity and never lose interest

  19. Ricardo Arredondo


  20. Maja Di

    the most beautiful thing I've heard this year! what a great version of this song!


    +Maja Di So glad you enjoyed this version so much!

  21. winamlikenijas

    Great production and performance.


    +winamlikenijas really can't thank you enough for the kind words

  22. Kyle Walton

    It's just not fair to be this good. Thanks for capturing this so well..and thanks to MO for making it look effortless.


    +Kyle Walton So glad you enjoyed it! We were really nervous about trying to figure out how to shoot this in the cave.

  23. Robert Hammon

    One of my favorites, awesome performance!

  24. Chilly

    absolutely fantastic, never stop Manchester. never stop.


    +chilltown1990 Let's hope they never do...

  25. blanket101

    Lovely!!! =)

  26. Madison McElroy

    oh yes thank you so much for this!


    +Madison McElroy So happy you are enjoying this! How good is Manchester Orchestra?? We created a little playlist in honor of this session at