Manchester Orchestra - Anne Louise Lyrics

This leather's called a seatbelt Anne Louise
You headed out of the window in the cooling summer breeze
And in the air were all the things you claimed we need
They seemed to be worth less than once I did believe

And I swear to God that I'll avenge your death
With the best lawyers of auto-politic
And I'll spend whatever money's to be spent
To try and revive your broken body again

And the penny pinching funeral was shit
You're body in a plastic frame that I threw flowers in
And I hope to God that you'll remember me in heaven
God I hope you don't remember that in heaven

God I hope that they'll allow me into heaven
Look what I've become (hah-ah)
Look what I've become (hah-ah)

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Manchester Orchestra Anne Louise Comments
  1. SuperRob77


  2. Johnathan Utahzio

    This is the best band of the last decade.


    Johnathan Utahzio brilliant and beautiful.

    Terry Taylor

    They’ve been out for longer than a decade.