Manchester Orchestra - 100 Dollars Lyrics

Several Woman's magazines
Stacked up on top of a picture of me
When I tried to call
No one answered

It's not even that I'm all angry
Just kind of confused why you do this thing
You said, there's an understanding

I offer you a small dog in the kitchen
I just wanted you to feel at home

And that's why I'm fine
I am fine, I am fine, I am fine
I just need 100 dollars
And I am fine, I am fine, I am completely fine
I just need 100 dollars
From you
And you and you
And you and you

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Manchester Orchestra 100 Dollars Comments
  1. Sarah Jo Anderson


  2. Plague Doctor

    That...actually sucked. WTF Andy?

  3. Will

    holy fucking coked out Andy lol!

  4. John Richardson

    used to work the door at a joint MO would play. me and my dudes you smoke and drink with this guy. he is really a chill guy

  5. sTmPanda

    A soft spoken young man with a huge voice. He's why I sing. I hope I get to meet you, Andy. I plan to be in Nashville  in October. I wont seek it, but luck says ill get to shake up with you.


    sTmPanda and what happened

  6. Charley Haskins

    @craig mcdonagh that's a Blue mic

  7. Charley Haskins

    Zip snip that's it

  8. Travis Tatman

    @craigmcdonagh1 you may already know this now.. but that microphone is a Blue Kiwi. Rock solid mic: 

  9. Phillip Monk

    I went to the first show you headlined at the Great American Theater in SF and bought tickets for my 3 friends who hadn't heard of you, so you have my 100 dollars :)

  10. Macroslol

    I've been listening to Manchester Orchestra for nearly three years, and this is literally the first time I've heard him actually speak and not sing
    It's like putting that person to that voice all over again D:

  11. Alex M

    True Talent.

  12. Tom Schlonger

    he can literally write a song about anything. just in case no one knew, he wrote a song about 50 cent, and its kind of damn good.

  13. Andrew Owens

    it's called Blue Kiwi.

  14. craig mcdonagh

    anyone know what kind of mic this is?

  15. dtdude1992

    Utada Hikaru...Japanese pop =)

  16. Johnny Anaya

    That's because when you listen to the record, you can't see the beard.

  17. MVSXE

    Have you heard Right Away Great Captain!

  18. Mason Walsh

    I've never seen a guitar with a screwed in neck before. That being said, this guy is my inspiration for writing music lately.

  19. Jeffrey Miller

    I finally just realized the proceeding lyrics were about all of the shit that was pissing him off lol

  20. BeardsAreEpic2

    This is the video that started my life.

  21. clark chapman

    A small dog meaning, I can't give you a child to make this house feel like a home because I can't even hold onto 100 dollars. So I will just get you a small dog. hope this helps :)

  22. NotSoHardXCore

    He and his wife actually own a small dog. Maybe when he got the $100 he offered to buy her a dog? Not positive, but that's the most sense I've made of it.

  23. CrazyCrafter Daguil

    don´t like the lyrics.

  24. Luke Timmins

    that oooooohhhhhhhhhh at the end is fucking awesome, i always try it myself when i sing along, but it comes out as a quite gasp :L

  25. Tom G

    hey guys, i was wondering what he means by "i offered you a small dog in the kitchen"? I can't seem to work it out. Thanks for your replies in advance!

  26. LedHendrix6969

    hey thanks. other ppl who voted wut i comented down are tools tho. good song, im into these guys now. thanks for ur time friend.

  27. DiseaseEater

    @Runbassskaterock Eb

  28. Michael Dufek

    3 people like to suck their own dicks...

  29. AI Annoor


  30. TheCocoYouKnow

    I would've loved to hear him sing Sleeper 1972 at Spin.

  31. Tyler Bucks

    @Runbassskaterock Idk what this song is in, but he usually tunes his guitar down a half step to Eb. hope that helped.

  32. Andrea Castro

    gahh!!! whoever married him is so lucky!!!!! his voice is aaaaaaaammmmaazzzing!!

  33. phil johnson

    Anyone know what the guitar is tuned to?

  34. Matt Farinaccio

    man, what i would give to have been at that show!

  35. kevin11896

    @XamericasuiteheartX same here lol

  36. Josh Russell

    k. his voice cracked, and he wasn't intense enough. step it up andy.

  37. DarthXasthur

    YES! I just keep finding amazing live performances today by andy hull. Why is this man so great?

  38. ScottPilgrim77

    My heart hurts from it beating so fast. O.O

  39. Amber Furr

    he give me chills all day

  40. Dylan Jackson

    har har...

  41. Caleb Kemp

    @LedHendrix6969 its not im not sculling you but its not :) have a great day

  42. LedHendrix6969

    sounds like the guy from band of horses. plz dnt scold me if im wrong or rite. i kinda just wana kno

  43. Matthew Tucker

    @OfTehMedia a lot of pop artist actually went to schools for music. so that's kind of a stupid thing to say, really.

  44. Derien Davis

    @latinohomiejo071593 Oh my god me too.. I just noticed that :D

  45. Some Guy

    Wow he sounds even better live, try and find me a pop artist that can do that.

  46. Amy Grindhouse

    simply hullimenal !!!

  47. Jeffrey Alderson

    @lakota46ddl he's not the best singer but hes has a cool unique voice and his lyrics are incredible so it pretty much makes up for it.

  48. Erica

    love his faces lol

  49. Mike Clearlyvisible

    My friend thought this song was about dope. I guess it's all a matter of interpretation

  50. Jessica Stout

    He could trim his beard and sell it for $100

  51. Kyle Denning

    I love them, from New Zealand

  52. IamPrichard

    Wow, pretty new to him and the band but I love it. I hear HUGE Neutral Milk Hotel influence in his music.

  53. enirrisky

    yeah me too

  54. dooper micsmokertin

    he sounds like that shocking

  55. thekingoflalaland

    @Dillonneal07 its an acoustic set he doesnt have to scream

  56. jackb08

    I'm not even entirely sure he was actually trying to scream it.

    But great song.

  57. thadaleplayboy

    thos foo needs to shave

  58. Tim H

    it got to the crescendo and i was kind of like, HOLYSHITTHISISTHEBESTTHINGEVER.

  59. NotTryingFlying

    It got to the crescendo and I was kind of like, ouch.

  60. Lila Chew

    sooooooo stupid
    JK its cool

  61. ramiro rocha

    gona go see them in chicago for lollapalooza!

  62. XamericasuiteheartX

    what a coincidence! i need 100 dollars too!

  63. virtueofmybeing