Man Man - Top Drawer Lyrics

You need a haircut
You need a shoeshine
You need aristocratic
Glow-in-the dark erotic magnet

I know

You need a moped
Half-boy, half-hostess
You need a black cadillac
So death can drive him or ride in the back

I know

I am a smoke fire
Scared of holy water
People claim I'm possessed by the devil
But mama, I know I'm possessed by your daughter

I know
I've been told
I am dancing through

I am the top dog, top dog
Hot dog, hot dog
I am the top dog, top dog
Hot dog, hot dog

You need new body
You need a new latte
You need the lingering scent
Of holiday men doing hot pilate

I know

You cried "Wet cement!"
You love accidents
You wonder where the true love went
'Cause a breeder in your bed don't butter your bread

I know

I am a smoke fire
Scared of holy water
People claim I'm possessed by your daughter
But mama, I know I'm possessed by a problem

I know
I've been told
I'm passing through

I am the top dog, top dog
Hot dog, hot dog
I am the top dog, top dog
Hot dog, hot dog

I know
I've been told
I'm passing through

I am the top dog, top dog
Hot dog, hot dog
I am the

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Man Man Top Drawer Comments
  1. starbound_uncaged

    2019 anyone?

  2. Z4NY

    This was on my Spotify recommend songs and omg I always listen to this now

  3. Streq

    This was the first song by Man Man I listened to, it was in spotify's discover weekly, I remember being instantly fascinated by how catchy and unlike-anything-else it was.

  4. jezebel324

    Hi!! Brand New Fan here, I heard this song on Spotify suggests and my life is changed. It's my ringtone and everything.

  5. cryptik95

    This might sound crazy; I remember being at a show back in '08 at thist place;; Beaumont Club. Kansas City. Man Man & Gogol Bordello were the main acts. HANDS DOWN; BEST. CONCERT. EVER. Don't even know how it happened; but managed to be front row & center for BOTH.


    Some fool asked me to take pics during Gogol. Never got back in touch with that dude. Cool guy; even lent me his camera during that event

  6. Michael Nutt

    Small list of things you need in order to be a real man, man.

    1. Hair cut
    2. Shoe shine
    3. Aristocratic erotic magnet(should glow in the dark)
    4. Moped(preferably half-boy, half hostess)
    5. Black Cadillac(with spacious backseating and one which death himself can operate)
    6. Need to be a smoke fire
    7. Have a fear of holy water
    8. Be possessed by at least one person’s daughter
    9. New body
    10. New latte
    11. The scent of men doing Pilates
    12. Probably a penis.
    13. Be prepared to do the right thing at the right time, no matter the cost.
    14. That and a pair of testicles.

    You may think I’m joking, but perhaps I’m right.

  7. Level Five

    I don't think we need to be bashful that this another excellent Man Man song about a dubious relationship based on fetishism, and the thrill of it being forbidden.

  8. Franz Kafka

    What a find! Heard this song for the first time on a VICE 2 disc compilation and sat in the car playing it over and over for 20 minutes. Tom Waits meets Oingo Boingo. GENIUS!

  9. whiteoutaf

    this song is about the bananaman. and acid

  10. Akerley1959

    Repeat, over and over!! ;)

  11. Akerley1959

    I LOVE this song. Theres only one problem with it. It's only 3 minutes and 24 seconds long!!! It would be AWESOME if they added just another 7 minutes to it!! 

  12. Riccardo Brio

    The best !

  13. Jaclyn yo

    These guys are the best band ever live! If you get the opportunity to see them take it!

    Nate Durkee

    Jaclyn yo I saw them with Gogol bordello yeearrss ago and it was amazing

  14. batelem in game

    Lyrics to Top Drawer :
    You need a haircut
    You need a shoeshine
    You need aristocratic
    glow-in-the dark erotic magnet

    I know

    You need a moped
    Half-boy half-hostess
    You need a black cadillac so death can drive him or ride in the back

    I know

    I am a smoke fire
    Scared of holy water
    People claim I'm possessed by the devil
    But Mama, I know I'm possessed by your daughter

    I know I've been told
    I am dancing through

    I am the top dog, top dog
    Hot dog, hot dog

    You need new body
    You need a new latte
    You need the lingering scent of holiday men doing hot pilate

    I know

    You cried "Wet cement!"
    You love accidents
    You wonder where true love went
    'Cause a breeder in your bed don't butter your bread

    I know

    I am a smoke fire
    Scared of holy water
    People claim I'm possessed by your daughter,
    But Mama, I know I'm possessed by a problem

    I know I've been told

    I'm passing through

    I'm the top dog, top dog
    Hot dog, hot dog

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  15. Harry Mackenzie

    Kinda wish they repeated the intro riff a couple of times. Simply amazing though.

  16. mastathf

    Oh good call! I had to look that one up.

  17. jfisher4

    so that's why a steely dan song is a suggested video... lol!

  18. Seth Gerber


  19. RB Fyller

    I just saw them live in Boston, I will never forget that experience for my entire life. It was like a twisted carnival rolled into town and took over the paradise. They were LOUD, and they are definitely a LIVE band!

  20. bigslap4u

    you need a morphed..half boar half horse head
    you need a black caddallac so death can drive and we'll ride in the back

  21. bigslap4u

    top drawer hot dog

  22. bigslap4u

    the name of the song is "top drawer" drawer.. top drawer

  23. 2ndrangerbattalion

    top drawer top drawer

  24. mastathf

    this song is about a dildo isn't it...

  25. tinypaperboat

    His voice does not suck at all. It's raspy and gritty and awesome. Just because you don't like it, doesn't mean it sucks.

  26. Twat Diddler

    to bad there's a poop face named diggy in the ad before

  27. Charles Monroe

    @artemisnomiko If I could, I would, but YouTube doesn't let me for some reason. Sorry

  28. Lana Lesner

    yet nothing can compare to waits.. but i dig the similarities and the sound of this band because its hard to find

  29. Lana Lesner

    I love tom waits. this guys voice is nitty gritty like that and i like it too. not bad stuff.

  30. Eden Matrix

    @XxInputxX i never questioned its awesomeness. not for a second.

  31. jimmybowen87

    @KilgoreTrout4292 I saw them live at ACL before I had ever even heard of them and yes it was amazing

  32. Eden Matrix

    @merkabaradio Hey buddy, everyone has different taste. I happen to like this shit as do plenty of others. His voice sucks? Yeah, it does. So what? Plenty of singers have shitty voices. It's just the style he chooses to sing in. In my personal opinion, it fits with the style of music. It's nice to have some unrefined, raw sounding music in a world of synthesized beats and auto-tuned vocals. Notice anything about my comment? No needless insults. Maybe give it a try sometime.

  33. WinRARChickenDinRAR

    top dog top dog hot dog hot dog

  34. Brian Gottlieb

    People below this need to shut the fuck up. Some people like certain types of music, everybody's got their opinions, ya-da, ya-da.

  35. Stumpels

    sound like tom

  36. merkabaradio

    @MassHero Actually, I implied they were nobodies. I also never said more fans equals better music or even said you did, I merely pointed out that 'success doesn't equal quality' is a cop out. As far as you enjoying their music, I don't care. You pulled me into this 'debate' to bitch about the fact I dislike your taste in music. You dug up a 7 month old post to complain, ergo you're the douche with a 'superiority complex' trying to justify your taste in music, also starting a fight on my page.

  37. MassHero

    @merkabaradio You said they were nobodies, I said they have a following. I never said more fans equals better music. That is something YOU implied. Who gives a fuck how popular they are? If I think they make quality music and I enjoy it, why can't you just let me have that? Why do you have to butt in and flash your dick around? Do you have some type of superiority complex? Has any member of this band wronged you? No? Here's a little suggestion for you- leave the fucking page.

  38. merkabaradio

    @MassHero You do realize you tried to tell me how this band has such a following, though for whatever reason they don't seem to buying their music, posting on their wiki (only the drummer has his own wiki page, though its only a couple sentences long), filling up concerts or god forbid having more youtube views. I guess that's the cop out though, they must produce quality music since no one wants to listen to it, right? Judging by youtube stats, it took over a year to get 20k views.

  39. MassHero

    @merkabaradio D'ohoho, 4th grade vocabulary list. How cute. I can't take what you say seriously anymore. I mean, you understand that success doesn't equal quality, right? I guess you just don't understand how music works. Have fun with your manic episodes, buddy.

  40. merkabaradio

    @MassHero Arrogance? Stop garbling that crap and go find another word off your 4th grade vocabulary list. It's not my fault you consider chewbacca taking a shit into a microphone music, clearly your parents never exposed you to anything other than star wars Christmas carols and it's effected your ability to realize that their huge following can't push out more than 100k views in 3 years. Hell, they can't even push out 4 paragraphs on Wikipedia, Raffi has a more devoted fan base.

  41. MassHero

    @merkabaradio I wasn't paying attention to when you posted it. I was paying attention to the ridiculous amount of arrogance you exuded.

  42. merkabaradio

    @MassHero My last posting was 7 months ago, which incidentally appears to be the last time someone gave a fuck.

  43. soupduj0ur

    @merkabaradio trololol

  44. Erik Johansen

    Merkabaradio is obviously his own father. Nothing else explains the rage that only a sixteen year old boy can calm.

  45. DeafMuteZombie

    this is great song!

  46. thatBIGredman

    I was refered to this song by Mike Marino!

  47. merkabaradio

    @MrMrrRNELLi Meh, considering how the economy is it's better to be a small business with constant revenue. Just figured it out the other day and it's something like 12,000 transactions a year, not huge orders but better profit margins then you'd except plus I can write almost everything come tax time. The only thing that bites me in the ass is the web design, you get paid well but clients have unrealistic expectations.

    I've heard of pelican but not the other two .

  48. Reise Nelli

    @merkabaradio i guess that makes sense. i thought it would be more complex. using the word "business" made it seem more... full, i guess. but that surely is a business. that's a good idea and easy way to make money. if you're actually in to music you chould check those bands out that i mentioned. they're really good if you like metal or rock or drone.

  49. merkabaradio

    @MrMrrRNELLi Uh, it's not really that hard. My main business is selling products over the internet meaning I ship about 60-100 packages in the morning before it's even lunch time. Web design is all contract work where one commerce site can range from a couple of grand to 60k depending on what a client wants/is able to pay. It's not difficult to schedule my college classes in the evening or online. Trolling doesn't take but a few minutes while I'm taking a break.

  50. Reise Nelli

    @MrMrrRNELLi you're old enough to vote and contribute to society... and you're spending all of this time on youtube. all this time while going to college.. while sharing ownership of a business.. while working as a freelance web designer. sounds like you are making up a couple of things. oh and also, you keep dissing this band like i like them. i don't even like them. listen to pelican or acid king or electric wizard if you know my bands. anyway, i don't really wanna argue anymore so yeah.

  51. Reise Nelli

    @merkabaradio yeah nothing says a liar like a pot-head who thinks he's cool for arguing with 16 year olds on youtube. you know that saying your credentials over youtube means absolutely nothing right? i mean i thought you'd be at least smart enough to know that sharing your credentials over youtube means nothing. you probably pulled what you wished you would have done combined with a little research and formulated what you call a good profession.

  52. merkabaradio

    @MrMrrRNELLi Yeah, nothing says disgusting like non-acne infected skin bro. Yeah, my honors diploma is fake and my science degree I'll be getting in a few months is too. I'm such a failure! And sorry, I'm not privy to all the services offered at Walmart. Truly you are a god among men! Telling me to get a job when I own and run a small business and work as a freelance web developer. I'm going to go use 'my brain' now and listen to music where the vocalist isn't pretending to be chewbacca.

  53. Reise Nelli

    @merkabaradio you're honestly dumb and you don't go outside either. no wonder you're pale and look disgusting in your video. and my laptop is pretty slow but it's for school... typing papers and sending them in. high school... you probably dropped out. if you honestly don't think walmart does automotive you should look it up or just go outside. what kind of tard doesn't look something up... get a job. get a life. do something useful instead of arguing with 16 year olds on youtube. use your brain

  54. merkabaradio

    @MrMrrRNELLi pffff hahaha you're a real fuck nut. Walmart mechanic janitor? What the fuck are you talking about? Since when has walmart ever even done automotive? Anyway, good luck being poor. After looking at your video, its pretty obvious you own a laptop that can be purchased on craigslist for $50. Hell, I'll buy your piece of crap laptop for $25 from you to run oregon trail off of it. May be a bit slow but at least I'll keep you off the internet. Cheers

  55. Reise Nelli

    @merkabaradio idk why you're saying lipse... another retardation of yours i suppose. but i'm done trying to communicate with someone that attempts to be smart over youtube. proper sentence format/structure is obviously not necessary over youtube and everyone seems to know that besides you. if i were typing up an english paper i would touch up on that. anyway, enjoy trying to act smart on youtube while working at walmart as the mechanics janitor.

  56. merkabaradio

    Real Job? I have my own business working part time and make anywhere between the range of 2-3k doing it a month. I work as much as I feel like and make a pretty good income from free lance work. I'm a self taught programmer/web designer who works in well over 5 languages. I'm part owner of a social network where uses on average spend twice as much time per login then youtube. Fuck man, I have a 150k check sitting 10 ft away from me. Good luck paying rent pushing carts dipshit.

  57. Reise Nelli

    @merkabaradio extremely hilarious. you act like everyone on youtube types with perfect grammar and uses rhetoric to beautifully express their opinions.... no one does that. and i'm pretty sure a lisp is an impediment. it doesn't take speech pathologist to realize that, although you might think that since everything is way above your head. but hey, you should get a real job someday.

  58. merkabaradio

    If you guy's want to continue bitching, just read about 2-3 weeks back. They won't be remembered in a year or two because generally speaking they've had a few poppy songs that get stuck in your head. Their 'talent' is only apparent after hours in the studio because their live performances are hilariously shitty. They can barely play in all reality. Only idiots with the ironic large framed glasses trying to act smart think this bands is any good and those idiots just go to the concert to get tees

  59. merkabaradio

    @MrMrrRNELLi Man, it's hilarious when someone calls you a tard yet doesn't understand the basic formation of a sentence. Maybe I need to. Start. Typing. With. Too many. Periods. Before. Completing. A. Single. Thought.

    I guess I should take your word on me having a speech impediment, clearly you've had enough formal education in linguistics.
    Anyway, my argument for why this band is a disaster has already been stated dipshit. Infact it was stated weeks ago and is still being rehashed.

  60. Reise Nelli

    @merkabaradio oh and nice speech impediment. if you know what that is of course.

  61. Reise Nelli

    @merkabaradio i'd rather never have heard of them than be a tard. i think that's something we can ALL agree on. if you have to resort to my physical appearance as a means of making fun then that's cool. it shows how truly dumb you are. you can't find a single thing to say using logic.

  62. merkabaradio

    @MrMrrRNELLi Atleast I know what oxy pads are.

  63. Reise Nelli

    @merkabaradio you're a tard

  64. butMydesign

    @merkabaradio "yer pseudo-intellectuals love to watch people pretending to know how to play instruments so they can pretend they're musical tastes are above everyone others"

    I definitely understand that sentiment; but honestly, I don't think it applies here. If people like this band (or this song in particular) it's because it's catchy. It's no more intellectual than that.

  65. merkabaradio

    @Nomorewarmgun LOL Sorry I'm not a musician, but then again neither are these guys. If I wanted to get out of Ohio I can leave whenever I want to dipshit. Since when is being from Ohio a bad thing? There's millionaires/billionaires down the damn street. Fuck, I'm about a 5 minutes drive from a damn sheiks son. I'm not even exaggerating.

    I guess we can't all be cool and do John Mayer covers. Good luck getting out of the closet!

  66. drag0nfig0

    @merkabaradio Exactly how I felt! They were opening for Gogol Bordello, and polluted my ears for an hour straight..almost ruined my night, but then Eugene's mustache showed me the light once again.

  67. merkabaradio

    @drag0nfig0 insulting the fans, this music is utter garbage. It's like 'non-conformist' pop music. I get linked to it every once in a while by friends who think this crap is listenable. I mean if it sounds like garbage rehearsed, produced and edited in a studio, then it being played live must sound like amateur hour at the high school talent show. I've heard better music at battle of the bands in rural Ohio and I wish I were kidding.

  68. drag0nfig0

    @merkabaradio I can't tell if you are being sarcastic towards me, or insulting the fans of this "band."

  69. merkabaradio

    @drag0nfig0 yer pseudo-intellectuals love to watch people pretending to know how to play instruments so they can pretend they're musical tastes are above everyone others. It's like ass-hats who listen to the knife reading the lyrics pretending they're deep and methodical, "I comb the hair -- I comb the hair -- I comb it!'

    If no one noticed, the top rated comment is about the lead singer having a Iphone case made out of his chest hair. Talk about a douchebag who'll be piss-poor in a week.

  70. drag0nfig0

    @fishminer1 I couldn't wait for them to stop...the vocalist is an obnoxious, pretentious, unnecessarily-over-the-top douche, and the whole band seemed like they wanted to show off how many instruments they can play, instead of playing good music. Truth is, the sax player couldn't hit the high notes, the tuba guy fucking played literally two bars and then just had it hanging on his neck for the rest of the song, and the keyboard player put on an accordion and DIDN'T DO ANYTHING WITH IT!!!!

  71. Annaleebie

    Try listening to Whale Bones or Van Helsing Boombox. Those are less "FUCK YEAH MAN MAN" and more "Fuck no Man Man stop being so sad".

  72. drag0nfig0

    Why the fuck is every one of their songs THE SAME!

  73. MassHero

    I saw them last night in Portland, Oregon. It was fucking INSANE. I love Honus Honus, Before they got dressed in their attire, he looked at me, raised his eyebrows and smiled. After they were dressed, he pointed at me and nodded. I sound like a school girl but it was surreal to see the lead singer of the band I listen to nonstop acknowledge my existence.

  74. MassHero

    @SkeksisRule You serious? That's the coolest thing ever.

  75. BazookaChipmunk

    @DJScallywag Death Metal is okay...but I'm talking about some of my friends. Have I ever told you what I did to SOME of my friends? Have you ever read American Psycho? If you have you know what I mean.

  76. Danny Noonan

    Tom Waits + Miriodor = Man Man

  77. mike hawk

    fucking crazy

  78. BazookaChipmunk

    Man Man is crazy...but people say that they're just shouting random crap. Which is bullshit.

  79. Brendan O'Donnell

    saw these guys on Sunday at Brandise Uni. soooo good!! i got one of the spoons he spiked on stage, iz my sppon!

  80. MrIknowmonkeys


    You gotta be kidding! That's awesome.

  81. BriannahNelson

    my shit!

  82. MrIknowmonkeys

    @jshine77 You have a limited imagination.

  83. Julian Shine

    i love this tom waits song

  84. honeyemote

    I love both those bands so much, and I have seen em both live, but sadly the Pixies was back in '06 before I really appreciated them.

  85. MassHero

    I JUST now discovered, and have not yet scratched the surface of, Man Man. I love what I am hearing, I mean I really dig it. However, I love Modest Mouse also. Both can exist in the same realm and not 'cause a giant butthurt war. Modest Mouse Album Interstate 8 is amazing, and so it this album, Rabbit Habbits. I'm no Indie enthusiast though.

  86. FIFA GAMER3425

    pixies have only recently been rediscovered by younger generations as being the current best...even though they started being awesome in the late eighties/early nineties. man man is the future.

  87. dboenigk

    saw them for free at east river park in nyc... after thow show i asked him for a high five in which he responded "no"... then he said "how bout a sweaty man hug instead"...i gladly accepted

  88. Jon Mussell

    yeah man, their live show is unmatched. they outdid modest mouse when the opened for them

  89. invadernny44

    Saw them on Halloween this year. My mind was spectacularly blown.

  90. james malzone

    I thought it was "top drawer top drawer hot daughter hot daughter"

  91. Moondras

    0_o well it's kinda believable man man makes no sense

  92. Justin Mishock

    I was at that concert, both bands were great!

  93. RatherDashin

    That exact thing happened to me to. Theyre so crazy. It was fantastic.

  94. L B

    I envy you! I was supposed to see them in Baltimore. :/

  95. suckstoyourazmar

    for the longest time i thought they were kinda scatting but it turns oout they're saying top dog top dog hot dog hot dog

  96. loljeffweber

    What does that say?

  97. Zoomicroom

    Man Man is the telharsic equivalent of a septomin harvelt. But in a good way.

    That meet your standards, XKisms?

  98. asdf

    I must point out that it is a painfully obvious ripoff of Tom Waits. But since I love Tom Waits, I love this too.

  99. LaBull

    This is grimetastic!