Man Man - Haute Tropique Lyrics

Rarely does chi factor into
The type of people he chooses to consume
He likes 'em big and overgrown
More meat to gristle, more muscle he can hone

Two Hmongs from a deli he's Sriracha'd and jellied
And made a corset out of him for his belly
A Haitian from Florida's now a rug in his foyer
A girl from Delaware is a high arched back chair
The paper boy's a paper weight
Alberta's a lampshade
The fireman's an ashtray
The DJ spins as fan blades

When will it end?
Oh these horrible things
He asks himself nightly
Voices in his head sing

You're born what you're meant to be
If you're bad then be bad the best
If you're good stay away from me
We're a bad influence we're the best

If you wanna steal go and steal what you want
If sniffing women's heels gets you off, I won't watch
And if you gotta dress like a fox in distress
In the woods well you can and you could and you should

Oh here's a story of a lovely lady
Who had three daughters who drove her fucking crazy
She hacked em up with an old machete
And threw a party with dead daughter confetti

I comb my hair (hair)
I brush my teeth (teeth)
I eat my peace like a good boy's supposed to

I wear a tie (tie)
Boa constrictive (snake)
I eat my pride like a lion's supposed to

You're born what you're meant to be
If you're bad, then be bad the best
If you're good stay away from me
I'm a bad influence, I'm the best

You're born what you're meant to be
If you're bad then be bad the best
If you're good stay away from me
We're a bad influence, we're the best

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Man Man Haute Tropique Comments
  1. Satans daughter

    One of the songs which helped me to discover Man Man. I've watched this video so many times. These guys are just genius. Their music is my self-therapy.

  2. Griffin Hageman

    At first I loved this song, then it turned me into a football player.

  3. MegaAzornumbers09

    Honus is so chill
    Love him

  4. Robert Bohrer


  5. Locomamonk

    you guys need moar subs, likes, favs, fans, followers, retweets, views. Really awesome stuff

  6. Anel Zadic

    Love you Man Man. Always. 

  7. Johnnie Brown

    tom waits is awesome but no friggen way yo

  8. Ned Flanders

    That 3:00 face though.

    I like to think it describes Man Man perfectly.

  9. Maddy Dineen

    Possibly the best song ever.

  10. JBAndersen

    Praise Man Man!

  11. Jakrocm Fajzheit

    The only thing this song was missing was a comment from an asshole, and now people get to decide if you're the asshole, or if I am =)

  12. PhilRock666

    checkout Seb Black!!

  13. Carl Busch

    i saw these guys like 5 years ago in davenport, ia they were amazing then and still amazing

  14. TheAnitapee

    This is so great!!!! I dig the editing. Good job guys :)

  15. Zebadiah Long

    love everything about this

  16. darklight

    Yeah I suppose you are kinda right here, this was the first song I discovered by Man Man the other day, upon listening to others he definitely takes a ton of influence from Waits. I guess I just wish he was a tad more raspy like Waits, that is one of the main things that draws me to Tom..I just love that grungy, working mans grumble he has.

  17. offtheavenue

    I feel like Honus Honus is about as "Like Tom Waits" as you can get

  18. darklight

    Put a vocalist like Tom Waits on this song and it would be GOLD

  19. Justin Tanaka

    Lord, forgive me my synths

  20. Barockalauncher

    Oh my god. That was absolutely wonderful. From just the very beginning of the song I knew I was going to like it, and then it busts out even more instruments you hardly see in music! It was just so perfect.

  21. Dustin Smith

    This is absolutely incredible.

  22. AFamousHistorian

    Dig that extended intro!

  23. Vasnia Ivette

    Cool cat-tner.

  24. Sam Cooper

    ( . ) Y ( . )