Man Man - Dark Arts Lyrics

Bored to life you shower with a knife
You mix Ambien and motorbikes
She heaves a sigh in the middle of the night
That says come inside her and it kills the vibe

Bored to life you huff glue and wine
You paint portraits of pretty babies
Crying out a short bus eyes for you
(wa wa wa wa)

You gravitate towards lovers named
After days you were weak and hurricanes
And hope that they hold you like an avalanche

And I hit my head and I had a vision quest
I rode on the wings of a giant talking bat
Said to trust my sonar
'cause happiness don't ever last

And I can feel it
Can you feel it?
It's like a warm
Atomic cloud that's raining down, washing over us
I can feel it, can you feel it?
It's like a warm
It's like a swarm
Atomic cloud that's raining down, washing over us

There must be something in the air
That's making us all go crazy here
Our friends are either breeding, dying,
Or losing all their marbles trying

Told me that you turn to pygmies
And the dark arts to ease your suffering
It's why you're running through the bushwick, a taser and a tan

Don't blame me for your bouts of sadness,
Blame the magic that makes the mattress
Melt so wonderfully with another's body in the dark

And I hate my head
So I bury it in the sand
If I razor cut some bangs
Will I forget who I am?
Staring at the man who's in the mirror
And how the fuck did I live this long this way?

Nice to meet you
Thank you)

Mister dagger, meet mister back, inseparable, together at last.

These days I feel like a pariah,
An albatross with my feathers on fire
Stop and drop and roll the flames
But they don't slow, they just grow brighter
And will you help me search party for my hidden Indians?
The parts of me that I scalped to be
A well-adjusted man

And home surgery all the fondest memories
That keep me bound like blackened ice
To motorcycle crash

And I pour myself a cup of mummy brown
And I'll carve a coffin out of tramp art that I've found
Cut me down if you love me and let me sway if you don't
Stare at the man who's in the mirror
And how the fuck did I live this long?
And I can feel it!
Can you feel it?
I can feel it!
Can you feel it?
I can feel it!
Can you feel it?
I can feel it!
Can you feel it?
I can feel it!
Can you feel it?
I can feel it!

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Man Man Dark Arts Comments
  1. nina

    this is seriously my fave mob psycho amv of all time op

  2. Queen Of Northern Europe


  3. jasper

    holy shit um ive only now found this but this is?? a masterpiece thanku

  4. Anna Thomas

    I love 2:10-2:12
    It works really well with the lyrics and ahh the whole amv is great <3

  5. Sean Kennedy

    Now this song has a video! Thank you... it's perfect.

  6. kiki- drawer26

    I never realized how mu Christmas man man goes so well with mp100! Really good! Awesome job!

  7. dianisea1020

    SO good how have i not seen this before the editing is PERFECT i loive

  8. Aahzsome

    I just ran across this while archive binging your videos and it's just so good! I love the music and I love the clips and the editing job you did is just phenomenal.

  9. myforever13

    stumbled upon this again and I can't look away. I'm mesmerized!

  10. spaceknedl

    man there is real damn skill in this edit, my respect!

  11. SheetaPally

    Little gem hidden in youtube

  12. Max Caulfield


  13. PhenomSage

    Love the music choice and ESPECIALLY love how slow and powerful the scenes were and how well they transitioned. Great editing and great work!


    Thanks <3!!!

  14. Daniel Hudson

    Phenomenal editing, as always! The song goes with MP100 very well.

  15. myforever13

    Such a great ambient combo.
    like the song and visuals really fit together while kinda calling back to the mood of the show
    it's wonderful to watch

  16. intentionaltermination

    you have the best taste in music <3

  17. Gvido

    holy lord, so _this_ is mob psycho 100?? oh my god! i've seen a couple of artists i follow on twitter talk a lot about it but I never bothered to even search about it (i thought it was an anime but google tells me it was originally a webcomic? :^O i had no idea!), it looks absolutely kickass and even more does your video!!!!!!!!!!!

    definitely gonna look into it now, you did afterall introduce me to homestuck, danganronpa, and attack on titan and i'm still a fan four years later, so adding one more item to the watching/reading list now, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    once again, thank you for your great videos!!!! :^D


    it is a webcomic by author ONE who also created one punch man! you should definitely read the comic and then watch the anime. there might be a season 2 soon as well. it's animated fucking fantastic as you might be able to tell and tbh i never expected to love it as much as i do; the anime gives the implication that it is a gag series, but the emotional arcs in the webcomic are actually really well thought out and have a lot of depth! it surprised me.

    thanks for the comment, i'm glad you like my videos and i'm shocked you've been a fan for so long! love ya, appreciate ya