Malukah - In The Darkness Lyrics

Treading so close to undone
The night's alight with fears ablaze
Truth becomes twisted and cold
My frantic heart trapped in a race

But I still fight
To carry on, carry on
Breathe and bide my time
'Cause through despair I've come to know

You always find me when I falter and fall

In the darkness
In the darkness
You're my light
When I'm caved in
Lost and fading
You're my light

Finally stopped losing my days
'Cause you taught me to see through the haze
Lifting my heart and my mind
To bring my demons down to size

And I still fight
I'm not alone, I'm not alone

Hold me
'Til the night is over
Help me calm the worries
One breath at a time

In the darkness
In the darkness
You're my light
When I'm caved in
Lost and fading
You're my light

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Malukah In The Darkness Comments
  1. MysteryOfTheShockwave

    People fail to understand what I mean when I tell them how impactful and chilling your voice can be. I show them this and they understand perfectly fine after.


    Thank you for such a beautiful compliment. ❤️

  2. Norah T

    This touches my heart and sums up how I feel about everyone who has helped me through my mental health struggles but especially a specific partner of mine...


    This was the very reason why I was inspired to write this song. I feel the same way about the people in my life and how they have supported me through mental health ups and downs. Thank you for listening and letting me know that the song resonated with you!

  3. Senefra1

    EVERYONE needs to hear this song!


    Thank you so much for saying that.


    @Malukah I've been sharing it with all my friends <3 Especially the ones having a hard time . It's so powerful and right on point.

  4. Seth Rox

    This song is so perfect!!! I love it.

  5. Nadine Eureka

    What would I give to have piano sheet music for this to play at my school

  6. LostAniolek

    Why someone gave unlike ? This song is amazing


    The one is a fool.

  7. cathy milner

    I'm not crying. It's those damn ninjas cutting onions again


    Hahaha! :D Those damn ninjas, indeed! <3

  8. Gustavo Amaduvar

    2:40 gives me chills every time...

  9. RestlessHarp

    What an incredible song! Beautiful!

  10. Lore Master23

    Jesus bless you Malukah!

  11. Diana Paparozzi

    This is GORGEOUS! <3 <3 <3

  12. ZeratKJ

    I get Evanescence - My Immortal vibes at the begining

    Lore Master23

    RIGHT. And she did a cover for it too! I bought in on iTunes!

  13. Roger Smile


  14. Jumanji1st

    Oh My God. Only the first words of your haunting beautiful voice were enough to send shivers through my whole body.
    You really are an amazing singer Malukah. Keep it up!


    Thank you so much!

  15. aveide

    Not enough people has heard this yet. Time stops when I listen to this!

  16. De Haro Gaming

    Tengo una duda... Kevin Sherwood siempre sí comió sopa en la biblioteca?

  17. Hannah Kempton

    Amazing job! This song is lovely.

  18. Rattles

    So beautiful

  19. Bastian Cook

    Up for almost 40 minutes and only 13 views? Lovely song and excited to listen to the rest of the album.

    Joseph Guillerey

    Probably a problem with the feed from youtube. I saw none of the songs on mine, only the video of the "you make it easy" recording. i had to go on Malukah's page to see them. i almost missedthat gold mine.

  20. Slow Poke

    Malukah, you are my light. I wish I could sing with you. You are my single favorite musician in all the world. Thank you from the bottom of my ❤

  21. collin stout

    will this album be on google music at any point by any chance?


    Yes, Collin! At midnight on the 11th of November wherever you live it should be live on Google Play :D Hope you like it!

    collin stout

    @Malukah thank you so much!! I also plan to purchase a CD because its rare to come across such a good album