Malone, Bugzy - M.E.N 2 Lyrics

Bugzy Malone
You know

I hit the top like I don't know what
Now 500's Play Doh gwop
And these man tryna take my spot
When I'm sitting at home with writer's block

But there's not an MC as eloquent as me
Let me get that clear
And my accountant said, I can make a million and not make a track this year

Now how's that for a turnover?
I made a gilet and a holster
Felt like I looked in the mirror when I seen the new JD poster
And it sold out so fast, they want me to sign contracts like they're O2 or Voda
In exchange for exposure
But still I don't feel any closer to the real answer

Why did I wanna be a gangster?
When will I get rid of this pain?
Feels like I'm in handcuffs
I wanna fly to the south of France
I wanna learn how to Salsa dance
The chef come here
'Cause everybody in the restaurant kept watching man

And I'm thinking, "Wait are they watching man?"
Did he think I'm a prick, or are they just secret fans?
Blessed by a God, fear no man
But my heart still beats when I see a police van

I was hungover
In Phuket I couldn't stay sober
I needed a break from pulling a straight face,
I don't play poker

I was out there looking at the pelicans
Stroking the tigers and elephants
MCs all fighting for relevance
But I'm on the next level of eloquence

Where do I get it from?
Did I get it from him?
Could it be a white could it be a black thing?
Must be the reason I'm the captain
Must be the reason I overlapped him

'Cause I'm dedicated
Me I could have got relegated
Imagine I would have hesitated
Where would I be if I never made it?
But I did

Now I'm in a new 7-bedroom crib with spotlights in the ceiling it's sick
No bean bag I've got a Lamborghini on the ramp and I don't use it
I've got a grand piano in front of the Mona and everything cocaine white
But I don't get to see it much these days 'cause I'm always out taking a flight

Thinking about before it all went bad
Never got dissed off my real dad
And now he tells people that I never give him anything
As if he was there from scratch

How did it get so negative
Between old friends and fake relatives
I've come quite far on a reminisce
To get rid of these toxic energies

An old friend tells people that I put money on his head
As if I'm still pissed off
And we was friends from about year 9
And he tried to get my door kicked off

Cocaine's one hell of a drug,
Yeah, I've seen what it does
I watched man fall from the mountains
Turned from a bad boy to a scruff

I'm still out here holding it up
I'm still backstage holding a cup
Dark is still my co defendant
I'm in a film about money and drugs

I told my agent, "Tell Guy Ritchie he don't need to pay me."
As I was watching Snatch, that's my all time favourite gangster movie
I ended up in the GR, singing Irish songs to the ukulele
Sophisticated conversation, had me feeling so creative (so creative)

I feel detached from reality,
Now I'm on a footballer's salary
I flew to Rome, and the roof of the Sistine chapel look like an art gallery

Me I got close to insanity
On the roads I am moving raggity
Now I'm in the Vatican, thinking strategy
Can't think of an MC in my category

All this from a 1 bedroom flat
I wanted a reminder not to look back
That's the reason why, I got 'King of the North' tattooed right across my six pack
And the artist came from Italia, the home of the mafia

I'm never in debt, I'm a Lannister,
You know I'm of a different calibre
I climbed to the top without a banister
And last year got smashed, no manager
Man can say what they want
But I'll never let anyone assassinate my character

Some relationships don't work
And the separation hurts
I know these are simple words
But I always told her I loved her first

I used to be so immature
Even though the love was pure
I was never always all yours
Some of them nights on tour

You could've walked out through the open door
When the love turned into a war
And now I'm gonna buy you a house so you know you're secure
(Sometimes I don't know, no, no, no)

Let me get it off my chest
(Sometimes I don't know, no, no, no)
Turns out how no matter how much money I make I still can't pay to correct
(Sometimes I don't know, no, no, no)
All of the trauma it still feels fresh, but never again will that get me depressed
Don't mind going out as a legend as long as I'm known as Manchester's best

Sometimes I don't know, no, no, no
Sometimes I don't know, no, no, no
Sometimes I don't kno-oh, oh, oh
Sometimes I don't know, no, no, no
Sometimes I don't know, no, no, no
Sometimes I don't kno-oh, oh, oh
Sometimes I don't know

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Malone, Bugzy M.E.N 2 Comments
  1. Mason Houlder

    If this is not on gta 6 im not gonna play it 😂

  2. Zach Shetler

    I love when he says, I want to fly to the south of France and learn how to salsa dance! It just sounds so smooth

  3. Jigz Official

    MEN -Manchester Evening News

  4. FxckSake Fz

    Still here, always gave been since day dot!!!! bugzy is different man, every track makes me feel different... it gives me motivation, a view on life in the future.. always showing full respect, realist guy about!!!!! 💥💥💥💥💥

  5. Kai Fraser

    Aitch is Manchester best

  6. cult severs

    Check this remix with biggie and 2pac to this track whoa
    And subscribe to me for updates on my live hip hop shows 🎧✌🎧✌

  7. BoxingEditsTV

    been listing to bugzy since flush tv days big up bugzy

  8. JK Speaks

    This song feels like I’m having one of those late night talks with a friend talking about life...

  9. Julie Burton

    I remember his snapchats from when he was the tigers and elephants 💖

  10. HOT APPP

    Subscribe to me and you will have a blessed 2020

  11. Charley Power

    I beg that sniper men 2 and fire in the booth gets added to gta

  12. captainciz

    The synths in the back remind me of an old school 'The Streets' type beat

    The Tech Librarian

    Blinded by the lights

  13. Amira A

    This shit slaps hard af.

  14. CardboardDuck

    Beat = blinded by the lights - the streets
    Flow = acehood flow - skepta

  15. BandsWorth HLDN HNWI


  16. Rohan Vignesh

    "I won't assasinate my character" Bugzy is a role model for all the mandem

  17. Isaac Tendo

    This guy is so inspirational!

  18. Fuxk The System

    I need to know where to get the tracksuit Bugzy and his goons are wearing in the film Gentleman?


    Fuxk The System it’s custom Burberry, won’t be cheap

    Francesco Bernardini

    Do you know if hes releasing that song from Gentlemen cause that one was an absolute banger


    Francesco Bernardini most likely yeah

  19. The Bricklayer

    Who from the north

    Is now trying to crack the south.

    Paris next?

  20. eileen cummins

    bugsy is the shit$$ireland$$$best rapper alive today boys?>>gewon bugzy

  21. lee on the back wheel


  22. Rob

    man, listen to san andreas mentality than this right after. growth is crazy inspirational

  23. Ady Colligan

    So so proud of you bugs x a real true geezer.the best of where it'st at !!.the music is Street. 2020 tell the world buzz. Respect and much love and the uk we love u mr

  24. Javed Hussain

    Love this track

  25. Ben Lyons

    The Salsa dance bit gets me everytime

    mfana wacho

    Man like big Ben the don

  26. joel brown

    Iam digging this dude music .

  27. Nathan Mugari

    Unpopular opinion: Men 2 is better than Men

  28. Brandon Kavanagh

    what film is he in about money and drugs ????

  29. Jack33

    I’d probs be in a grave if it wasn’t for this guy 🙏🏽

  30. Chelsea Daglish

    fom joseph i love the song bugzy love

  31. Mr Watson

    Happy birthday Bugzy 👌🏻

  32. Mason Bailey

    GoT bars hit so deep 💯🔥

  33. Phil Mitchell

    Anyone here since he and his girlfriend got engaged?

  34. lance Yergens

    Wow! King of U.K!

  35. Teddy caffrey

    Stays in car whole time

  36. Maxine James

    We should be proud of who he is and what he has become as he could still have on the streets or dead but talented as he is he a soldier soldering on love him for that 2weeks away from 2020 and snatch is on if my favorite films too🙏🙏🙏🍀🍀🍀💖💖💖🔥🔥🔥x Blackpool luv!!😁

  37. Madgpoo Yadad

    when bugzy repeats some verse's from the first M.E.N that wah mardddddd

    like if u agree

  38. Declan Smith

    This is still such a meaningful and powerful song

  39. Ladii Different Kind 91

    Much love frm the U.S.A.! Love your music! Y'all accent is so sexy! Love that too!

  40. Robert Murray

    Wow 2 real to deep it broke me

  41. mtawali13

    Manchester's best

  42. Mazlord1

    I acc rate this one 👍👍

  43. donna oddy

    You songs is the first I listen to

  44. donna oddy

    So good

  45. Adebola Salako

    The King Of The North Long Live. 2019 ✨✨✨

  46. Ulando Davids



    *Bugz needs to make his beats a bit more defining. Don’t get me wrong I love this, but I think his songs would do better if it had a stronger instrumental. That’s just music these days.

    jimmy mccarthy

    ill cripple u

  48. Chaser

    For all the UK artist I've heard, this one person paints you a picture in every way. Makes you feel is this my life too? Keep going my bruda, all the pain you've embraced has made you the person you're today. 🥂😉

  49. Lacey Heatley

    I got a picture with bugzy with all my mates in miles platting can’t find it tho

  50. ojeezy En

    one of the haardest tracks ive ever heard this year, Bugzy is too real!

  51. Natasha Iqbal

    Bugzy Malone defines grime at its finest

  52. Michelle Bermea


    mfana wacho

    Hey peng ting

    Michelle Bermea

    @mfana wacho ?

  53. Ethan O'Reilly

    Will never get old 🥶

  54. EntertainerWorld

    He is now in a Guy Ritchie movie! (The Gentleman)

  55. JonnyUK85

    High grade ✅

  56. BS98 shepard

    Big up my man keep chopping them bushes till you see sunlight bugz

  57. Brave Queen Cowan

    Brap brap, full package from an entertainer, love the progress

  58. Ryan Baker

    “All this from a 1-bedroom flat
    I wanted a reminder not to look back
    That's the reason why, I got 'King of the North' tattooed right across my six-pack”

  59. jebaniec3

    deep shit, defo car cruise song

  60. Caidenmorris Morris

    Beastly song right here ❤️❤️

  61. Ashley Sykes

    My 2 year old daughter loves bugzy malone than me and that's saying something keep it up bugzy. Smashing it bruv

  62. Marc Harrington

    I'm sorry but he looks 0161 as Manchesters worst :(

  63. Marc Harrington

    Are you on reality? Like your Dad?

    Hash Ali

    If you that much of a man say it to his face! Prick

  64. little joshua

    His song makes stores by singing

  65. Daju

    I don't really understand why I'm recommended British rappers all the time lately...
    If I had to guess though I think it might be because I've listened to a decent amount of hip hop and live in Europe.
    But it's not the same and I dunno why they think you would like something more just because you live on the same continent, not even the same country.

  66. I am God

    Gta 6 out for M.E.N 3

  67. Sedo Muller

    could this be released with just the piano version from your insta

  68. Mason Bailey

    Fuck drill, this is so slept on bro

  69. erfan Almaii

    Much love from holland Bugzy another level mad

  70. R 2 Da P

    This tune is fucking massive

  71. fuaad S

    man got inked by the SICKEST artist in italy!!!
    shoutout macko tattoos!
    nuff respect

  72. Equinox 95


  73. Adam Domm

    Gta 6 is going to have some banging tunes on it

  74. David Newton

    Does my guy say through ket I coudnt stay sober 🤣

    Ryan Baker

    In Phuket I couldn't stay sober

  75. Darren Owen

    Bugzy Malone u r a legend

  76. 10k subs without a video !

    Still waiting for GTA 6

    Who's with me?

  77. Ben Lyons

    He lost it when he got rich

    Hash Ali

    Ben Lyons Naa fam it’s the opposite

  78. LostOne

    Your the man. I hope this message makes it through all the label b.s. and people. Thx BM!

  79. Sub to pewdiepie

    The lyric are so smooth ❤️

  80. angelina ginno



    Simply 🔥🔥🔥 #skillz


    Cocaine's one hell of a drug yeah I've seen what it does

  83. R3V HAZZA

    Is it just me or has he just taken bars from other songs and just put them all together. Recycled lyrics. You ain't no lyrical genius anymore Bugzy.. GONE too Mainstream now

  84. Mr Vengeance

    fhuket, really

  85. Cas Ghostman

    I want this! I’m Hungry, Fatboy Cas Ghostman… Do I not go hard?

  86. Teamplayer99gotputonit didntputany1onit

    You make the song so sick

  87. Cameron Nebraska

    Manchester's best