Malmsteen, Yngwie - Tied Of Desire Lyrics

There is no shifting
My will of steel
Just like a freight train
Pushing on through
There is no stopping
The tied of desire
Just like a fever
Perpetual fire

No stone unturned
The flame is still burning
In my quest
I will never rest

There is no wall high enough
Fr me to scale
No pit deep enough
I cannot fail
To slow down my charge
I am on fire
No distance to far
I'll touch the stars

No stone unturned
The flame is till burning
In my quest
I will never rest

Fight for your life
There is no more crying
The darkness must fall
Into the night

No stone unturned
The flame is still burning
In my quest
I will never rest

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Malmsteen, Yngwie Tied Of Desire Comments
  1. Gábor Boros

    2019 Awesome

  2. Allan Fernandes

    This man is seriously not afraid of repeating himself

    Simone D'Angelo

    Allan Fernandes Like 101% of blues... 😅

  3. Steve James

    One of the best songs on the album, it's just fortunate that Yngwie lost any ear long ago for what great production sounds like.  For that you'll have to go back to "Inspiration" and "Facing The Animal", both produced by Chris Tsangarides.  Those albums have an almost 3-D sounding quality, completely organic, and not over-compressed like his last several..


    +Steve James I should also include The Seventh Sign. Besides Tsangarides great production, those albums came before Yngwie started modifying his sound heavily, from pickups to reverbs to a digital environment. That's why they sound amazing and the rest are quite poor.


    Relentless album sounding bad? Relentless, Spellbound, and World On fire recorded with the new pickups, and sound so amazing. Spellbound album have the best tone, like a Violin, so smooth and fluid. I not like the old Yngwie tone.

    Steve James

    +aruizislas Quite true! That bell-tone tone and sound were definitely awesome on "The Seventh Sign". Really, "Magnum Opus" had excellent production overall as well, IMO. The horrible sound-production of "War To End All Wars" garnered Yngwie some very negative publicity, and I remember on his old website, his management at the time made a point of highlighting the fact that veteran producer Tom Fletcher was producing that album, like a pleading message to listeners of "we're sorry, please come back!"..

    And overall, "Attack" does sound good. But it always seems to be one step forward, three steps back. Yngwie took the reigns once again on "Unleash The Fury", which in my opinion was a step back from the sound quality of of "Attack". Then, after that? Compression-city, with some of his recent albums not even being released on CD, I believe. But what's the point of having a larger .wav file of a shittily-compressed MP3? I know most people listening with Ipods couldn't care leas about it these days, but 99% of people out there have no understanding that they're continually cranking these MP3's for a range of sound that has been gutted from the file, much like if you'd hollowed out a loaf of bread, and were only served the crust..

    The Yngwie of the 80's and 90's would be offended by the one that exists now. THAT Yngwie did care about sound quality and hiring the best singers he could find to do justice to a certain album of songs that were written with a particular vocal range or register in mind. Nowadays, Yngwie basically records everything on a laptop with slappity-slap drum effects that sound like something from a Casio keyboard in the mid-1980's..

    The least time I got burned believing anything said about an upcoming album was when he said he was getting Roy Z to produce, or at least, record and master "Perpetual Flame". His quote was, "this one is going to drop like a fucking atom bomb!" And I got extremely excited, having heard some of the stuff Roy Z had done, particularly the Halford material and the studio "Live: Insurrection" album", which contains a killer version of the Pantera/Halford song "Light Comes Out Of Black"..

    And so what happens when "Perpetual Flame" finally comes out? It sounds like utter, compressed shit, and to my ears is practically unlistenable.. And with even less involvement from professionals and Yngwie's decision to "do it all" since then (including doing all vocals), the results are increasing worse. I wish a time machine could send the Yngwie of 1992 back to the Yngwie of 2006 to stage a major intervention. Because the results have not been good lately, and with his current sound and need to handle all responsibilities, they don't appear to be heading for any kind of renaissance anytime soon..

    Lars Nienberg

    From a production standpoint, "Facing the Animal" is my favourite YJM album. Every instrument can be heard clearly, the drums sound powerful, and the solos have that screaming Yngwie tone I absolutely love. "Alchemy" sounds great as well, and it's a mystery to me how he managed to fuck it all up on "War to End All Wars"...

  4. Tiswanto CDjohan Jr.


    Adrian Force

    Why is Yngwie so famous in Indonesian?

  5. Victor Simion

    A part of Vengeance solo?

  6. Miklós Zboray

    Yes, the Production is not as high as his previous works, but the obsessed commitment is worth for respect.
    I bow down:  He doesn't try to update or renew, jus doing what is the best

  7. MrZcruzer

    big Yngwie fan here, brilliant music, but this production is just bad.  Muddy tones and the drums sound like a machine or like a garage band kit, or just badly mic'd. Its the difference of a real studio that costs a lot of money, or a home studio with computer software and do it yourself mixing.  I'm sure it sounds great cranked up in Yngwie's home studio with digital surround, but listening on car audio or a mp3 player with a well recorded song before and after in a mix play mode; it's poor   

  8. Alejjandro Marques

    The Best...The Best hello BRAZIL

  9. Anthony Meyers

    his voice totally fucking rules

  10. Existentialist21

    simply beautiful!!

  11. Joey Laake

    YJM MY HERO!!!

  12. Thanatar2

    yes ripper owens

  13. Lathe Jordon

    I was just thinking about the reason earlier today. The answer is--everybody is not going to like everything. Just like can't see what all these people enjoy about hearing Justin Bieber singing,"baby,baby,baby,baby,baby,baby,babay,baby,baby,baby,baby" but he sells songs.

  14. perpetual61

    Yes the One & Only Tim " Ripper " Owens. His voice is Unmistakable I Love it. I will never understand how so many seem to dislike him.

  15. Lathe Jordon

    Let me guess, Ripper Owens is on this one?

  16. Chris Blade Johnson

    This album has such a heavy and powerfull sound !! you can feel his belong to go to the limit !! just amazing Yngwie will always be the Guitar GOD !!

  17. Elvis Vlad

    SO HEAVY ......