Malmsteen, Yngwie - Priest Of The Unholy Lyrics

Born out of fire
evil rising
Now we must pay the price
And sacrifice
It's no grand elution
this demon dance
Eternally black
now there's no turning back

Lift the veil of mystery
and this masquerade
Lay your weapons down
surrender now or die

Priest of the unholy
Priest of the unholy
Burning with vengeance
Burning forever
There is no mercy to give
No time to live
The final curtain
Comes down at last
Repent all your sins
All of your sins

Lift the veil of mystery
and this masquerade
Lay your weapons down
surrender now or die

Priest of the unholy
Priest of the unholy
Into the darkness
Your soul must fall
Your gamble has failed
Gamble has failed
At the mountains of madness
There will be no mercy
We must pay the price
And sacrifice
Lift the veil of mystery
and this masquerade
Lay your weapons down
surrender now or die

Priest of the unholy
Priest of the unholy

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Malmsteen, Yngwie Priest Of The Unholy Comments
  1. Brian D

    This is a man who has completely mastered his instrument. I saw him live in 1985 at the Philadelphia spectrum. Looking at him in this video makes me realize his true greatness on the guitar. Through the entire performance he never misses a single note. The vibrato, the tremelo, the bends, and oh man those sweeps and arpeggios. All perfectly executed. Man alive I wish I could watch him play again. YJM, you are the greatest of all time.

  2. Max Kristoffersson

    Just sick👍

  3. rafael sanchez gonzalez

    Mr. Malmsteen FOREVER

  4. David Beltran

    There is some amazing phrasing here. You could make an entire album just by writing songs based on this melody motives.

  5. George Lynch

    Those melodies!😍

  6. scott hester

    Ive always been blown away by YJM. Master picker!

  7. r2blank2

    3:07 Oh, I love that.


    another level!!

  9. iggyski henrytallica


  10. croslowj

    He's good, but he ain't no vito bratta...

  11. Crimson Idol

    More like Kingwie Malmsteen! Good lord!

  12. George Lynch

    Love how hes just casually tuning the e string while playing this😂

  13. Saipan


  14. Interesting Things

    3:44 how does he lower that note here? no bend release, no whammy bar

  15. yuuto kawashima

    soo cool

  16. Quantum Dave

    bro he fucking tuned his guitar during playing hahahaha

  17. Interesting Things

    The more i listen to it the more i discover. Its unbelievable how much is hidden behind the speed.

  18. George Lynch

    The fact that this guy played like that when he was 20 or 21 years old is the craziest part.

  19. LtJackboot

    sounds like Arpeggios 2 to me.

  20. Joseph Li

    What a master!

  21. Jason Lynch

    i bet his wife loves getting fingered by him, she is so hoooooooooooooot

  22. Simon Andersson

    Jesus christ that right hand is crazy!!

  23. Nicole Costa

    ... and they talk about Jimmy Hendrix , how great he was and all that , i say Jimmy who? Malmsteen is the true guitar master of all times!

  24. Silverback

    1:38 Tunning the guitar while performing

  25. randy ren

    Great vibrato master!!

  26. Graham Trevor

    No one can touch him pure class!

  27. andrew mauro

    THAT VIBRATO!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!

  28. dimeBagg dimeBagg

    기타의 한획을 그은 사람 맞다..명반도 제작한 아티스트고 그런데..그의 기타는 갈곳이 없는 정신없는 프레이즈의 남발 도대체 기타 지판이란 지판은 다 짧은 시간내에 쓰려고 하는 발악 같은 플레이다..

  29. Ultimate Backing Tracks

    Has Yngwie finally lost his touch?

    giorgos stamatopoulos

    i agree . please listen a panos arvanitis !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1

  30. Derrick Cunliffe

    This guy is massively overrated he just one solo over and over

  31. Steve O

    Stale and dated, can't this dude play anything else?

    Angelos Liapikos

    Steve O we just like this from mslmsteen...

  32. Vladimir Medvedev

    El gordo is amazing!

  33. giorgos stamatopoulos

    please listen a panos arvanitis on this !!!!!!!!

  34. fenderyjm


  35. Julio Ocasio Albino

    He is the Master

  36. R.A Suryahadinata


  37. Ron Gillespie

    To all the people that say this guy does not rock. Are you fucking serious?

  38. el mar

    the one and only... most influential metal guitarrist EVER

  39. jamesha175

    and this is why yngwie is the man and everyone else is not the man

  40. Sandy Neo Classical

  41. funker super

    It's anything 😂

  42. Richard Morton

    Can he play any Oasis?

  43. Jay Williams

    I think Johnny Depp plays with more passion

    Angelos Liapikos

    theouterplanet maybe depp plays smt else with passion...surely not the guitar

  44. OnlyOne

    his picking is silky smooth

  45. Triple S

    Had to pick my jaw up

  46. Dimitrios Desmos

    he is far too bloated for me to not suspect him of being initiated into freemasonry, and artificially have his gender split.

  47. edibadork

    He is awesome at what he does but it's always the same stuff. Saw him live & it was one big shred fest. Got bored & left early.

  48. Suzanna Andrea

    the marvelous excellence

  49. Alex Voronkin

    Бог гитары.

  50. Justin Anderson

    Two coolest men to ever walk the Earth are Elvis Presley & Yngwie Malmsteen..

  51. Max Kristoffersson

    Epic, a legend.

  52. Simone D'Angelo

    Feeling 1000%!!! Long live Yngwie Il Maestro Johan Malmsteen!!! 🤘🤘🤘🔝🔝🔝💓💓💓 Greetings from Italy!!! 😉


    fuckin cool

  54. Peter Pontrelli

    Fucking master epic👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  55. bpcborja


  56. Suzanna Andrea

    so pure-almost like heroin or fentanyl-chase the addiction

  57. A Taste Of Dick Brown

    1:39 is that a flash move or was the string really out of tune?

  58. Jesus Guerra

    That got to be the strat number 12.345 raped by this man and he's still walking free?? People read this: There will never be no one like yngwie malmsteen, no one!! The master himself, too many cloneswannabe out there but not a single one even close to him. What a great album is perpetual flame where priest of the unholy came from is pure malmsteen back on track i still cant believe it was released 10 years ago. Time is such a bitch.

  59. Marcos D

    3.18 is the best part

  60. LKtube1

    I've been playing guitar 35 years and I haven't played that many notes yet.

  61. Jess Jess

    Incroyable!!!!! exceptionnel !!!!

  62. Oreo Biscuit

    Anybody else watching this only blinking and breathing

  63. Suzanna Andrea

    ecstasy dope-only for the addicted

  64. Madman6505

    Needs lessons, he messed up at 4:15. Haha, just kidding about the lessons.

  65. Russell ward

    It’s insane how fast he picks & there’s no movement. It’s like an optical illusion. Lol

  66. Dr. Rafik Aouane

    Never seen Or heard somebody like himmmmmmmmm

  67. Simone D'Angelo

    I really love the dark atmosphere of this song and this guitar solo!!! Long live Yngwie Il Maestro Johan Malmsteen!!! 🤘🤘🤘🔝🔝🔝 Greetings from Italy!!!

  68. Debiruman1666

    "I don't use sweep picking"... yeah, Van Halen didn't use tapping too...

  69. Instrumentalists Jade

    can i do headbang even my hair is short?

  70. Instrumentalists Jade

    can i do headbang even my hair is short?

  71. C. C.

    He's not even using his pinky for some of those runs. Showoff.

  72. jms980

    So very boring

  73. Silva Thiago

    2:09 kkkkk errou feio

  74. Silva Thiago

    Timbre feio da porra.

  75. Shawn Wilson

    Great stuff!

  76. alloclean 1

    Hes the best hell always be

  77. epic103

    The King!

  78. robbocop33 r

    Nowhere near fast enough or twiddly fiddly enough for me!

  79. thomas666

    How the fuck does that thing stay in tune without a locking bridge/nut?


    You need to use the tremolo arm, and the strings tune up again. And need Wilkinson springs for the better tune stability.

  80. james woynilko

    Still the man!

  81. Jess Jess

    Juste INCROYABLE!!!!!

  82. Dennis Breault

    thats was fuckin rad Yngwie is a modern day master and ahead of his time thats why we still talk about him and listen to him...

  83. Zak Moon

    The backing track he’s using is hilarious

  84. Bronzol

    Yes, Yngve may have quick little fingers on that fretboard, but when would you listen to this?

  85. Bartosz Kowalski

    Only Yngwie can bend on 21 fret and make IT sound like a 22 or even 23


    Yngwie can bend C# to F# :D

  86. Derrick Cunliffe

    iam a tuneless fucker thats wat they call me cause i play the same scale all the time

  87. A Beautiful Perfect Dove

    I figured like most people that his playing was sloppy now'er days, but man was I wrong. Those sweeps are so damn smooth! honestly how!? How do sweep like malmsteen!? my brains broken

  88. Bautista Garais

    This is just plain fucking sick !!

  89. Nanga Parbat

    01:15 hell yeahhhh! And that sliding vibrato to top it off...hell yeahhh.

  90. Bautista Garais

    What a beast ! Damn!!

  91. Greg Rickard

    He keeps idle strings quiet by resting his hair on them.

  92. Hayrullah Kılıç

    Frets burning.

  93. Jimmy Landa

    $30k Rolex. Sweet

  94. Tony Powell

    Tbh honest there is no guitarist that can pick faster or cleaner. I'm not keen on this composition but I can appreciate the man is a god.

  95. malmsteenodyssey

    The master is on fire!

  96. René Solís Rodríguez


  97. A Taste Of Dick Brown

    He is not playing the strings on the guitar neck he is playing spaghetti noodles on the butter stick.