Mali Music - Sit Down For This Lyrics

Father I see the light is on
The grim reaper is asleep
Got his hands on all your people
It don't feel right, know I know something's wrong
We chased a lot, we're holding on
Father someone's on the phone
And this doctor's in my ear sounding scared
And now my mind is going crazy, yo what's going on?
What's going on?

And he says, "Maybe you should sit down for this
You should sit down for this, we have your family here
Maybe you should sit down"
But I don't wanna sit down for this
I'm not prepared, what's going on?
What's going on?

Father I can't take it, heart is palpitating
Tryna tell myself I know you're in control
Tryna tell myself I know you got me Lord
And my family in your hands
But I'm only just a man and I break down
Father can you save 'em
Father can you take my broken pieces, make a way
Oh God, can you make a way, but it's your will
And I'm out to take this 9 to 5 and make it real
So real, so real
Father can you save 'em?
Can you change the way this happened?
Can you work a miracle?
Yeah I know you can but will you turn it around?
I'm on my cellphone now

Doctor's saying "Maybe you should sit down for this
You should sit down for this, we have your family here
Maybe you should sit down"
I don't wanna sit down for this
I don't wanna, I don't wanna, I don't wanna sit down

This is an emergency

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Mali Music Sit Down For This Comments
  1. Ajeta Glenn

    Before the year of 2019 ending. I lost my dear Friend.

  2. Kyle Newsome

    Mali 🇲🇱 when you going to drop "Rhythm and Annointing" I'll never forget that smash hit. I love you. Terry Newsome's son

  3. Ahrayalah Yasharahla

    I Gotta Sit Down because This song is Tooooooo Short!!!

  4. Shana Wimbley


  5. Stephanie Burnett

    My only problem with this song is that it is 2:30 long. I want to listen to this for at least 10 minutes straight. :|
    Love you Mali!

  6. Helena Honey

    You all please go and check out *NEW LYFE DANCE* choreography dance to the Amazing Song🎶💯💖and your heart will be amazed and soothed 💖💖💖

  7. SgtxAnus

    Lms if your here cos this was in the playlist “Songs to poop to”

  8. Ro & Teh's LIFE

    Damn this song got me in 😢 😢 lost my grandmother and two months later I got a call from the doctor saying I need to get to San Antonio your mothers sick..I didnt get to say goodbye love you Sonya and Earnestine.

  9. KingBlax

    I like the shouting in the background!👍👍

  10. Diamond Lasha

    I can’t listen to this song without crying beautiful and sad. 😔Also the song was in the movie CHIRAQ ❤️

  11. Jennifer A.

    I’m so grateful for your music. In the times we are living in you are a living light and I pray the whole world can be blessed by Mali.. Child of the Most High. Jesus is King, Son, Savior, Messiah, Lion of Judah, the Almighty and all of His glory. Blessed be our Lord and all that have been drawn by His Spirit into His love rest and Eternalife.

  12. Helena Honey

    Here In 2019... The Beat of this song alone ❤️❤️💯🎶 cant you all see Mali's love for God Music??
    And aside his Music Ministry I believe he's been praying for family & loved ones plus me❤️❤️💯🎶

  13. tjfarri1

    LORD...I'm not prepared, my hearts blessing. Save Mom. Please letme see my Mommy before She leaves. GOD I'm begging.

  14. Tiona Monk


  15. Pro Justice

    I'm sorry for your loss Mali

  16. Bob Jhonson

    Pooped to it

  17. Lee H

    the emotion in this, damn

    yk that "wait, I want to hear/listen to this again" feeling
    what do you do after the 20th time though?

  18. warrior1975ify

    This songs needs to have a video !!!!

  19. Ty-Sean Rock


  20. Salena Tauriac

    L&HHA did not bring me here Mali I been a fan long time ago...Peace&Blessings2U You are deeply loved by Yasheua Hamashiach & myself.

  21. elmonart

    My favorite story teller. blew me away

  22. Malusi Mkhize

    I need this album

  23. kansascaddy

    Dope song...👏👏👏


    The bull is the bomb. I pray he go very far in the gospel music industry & make millions of dollars of his music!!!

    Joseph Sellers

    Yeah me 2 but he is a Soul Artist yo.

  25. Yasmine Bianca

    Very cinematic, very heartfelt. Very mime-choregraphable... very real.

  26. C Essett

    so is it bad that I just loop this and a couple of his other songs on my work computer?  even if  I walk out for a meeting or something, when I open the door and walk back in to the music, the atmosphere is just different....

  27. Daughter of Eve

    Wow... the artistry of this song is incredible

  28. Heru Johnson

    Im so proud at this moment to be African in Africa listening to this. Blessed to be still Alive as I turn 50 this 18th of this month and remember Donny, Marvin, D Angelo and my people and woke enough to kiss the ground and hug the Ancestors for this experience called Mali Music!

    Jeanpierre Balagizi

    Heru Johnson bless you.

  29. calandoful

    His songs like these remind me of the book of Job and Ecclesiastes. Our faith is tested and we question life but God lives

  30. J. Addy

    Anybody listening in 2018?

  31. David Caldwell

    This is nice music!

  32. stephen eugene Gatheru

    sheer brillance

  33. Tonya Logan

    Love it my bra brought me here

  34. ariel Ortega

    R.i.p. to my dear friend flaka she shot herself by accident playing with a gun two days ago.. My heart feel so heavy my body feels so slugish my eyes can't stop tearing.. I can't stop listening to this song.. Please if you know any one who has a gun tell them to be careful the same gun that was supposed to protect her ended up killing her.. Rest in heaven flaka i love you forever feel like a nightmare

    Vickie Gunnells-Hodge

    Praying for your peace, my brother! May God cover you with His Love!

  35. Queenie Naja

    This so is so real for me dealing with death. And with family , I love it It's real and death is just the next level of life

  36. No problemo zone

    Absolutely beautiful song!!


    This song was in Love and Hip Hop

  38. Ajeta Glenn

    Sitting down thinking!!! Father

  39. So.Exclusive

    This song needs to be longer It's too good

  40. destiny jackson

    love this song😍😍😍😍😍

  41. KinkyCrown

    Breath taking

  42. Poetic Gyal

    I thank love and hip hop for playing a small bit of his music which lead me hear once I saw his name. I'm so happy I did! Loving his music! He tells a story . Love it


    my favorite song

  44. lala toprettymarie

    Love & hip hop brought me here even tho I'm a fan of mali music

  45. Cam

    Love & Hip Hop New York brought me here!

    India Cannady

    Yessss me too love it ❤


    I need this song longer a part 2 something

  47. Tatiana

    Love and hip hop actually brought me here!

  48. ariel Ortega

    Sorry Mali Music I'm late i just came from watching the Love and Hip Hop NY please somebody tell me im not the only one that discovered this talented Soul artist tonight from love n hip hop ?? 😣😣🙌

    John Lashley

    ariel Ortega black ink crew chicago

  49. Tamar Moore


  50. Tirah

    Who here from lhhny?!

  51. Poetic Gyal

    Love and hip brought me here


    Just heard on love and hip hop 😊

  53. laetitia bea

    song is short but my kinda sound mali love u anyhow

  54. Yeremiah Angeles

    I would love it if you make more songs about the father.

  55. Ms.NessT

    AMAZING, I can't stop listening to EVERY song I'm addicted!

  56. jacob martinez

    dope in Jesus Name

  57. Dana Thomas

  58. Dana Remilus

  59. Nathan Kins

    amazing... suis obligé de traduire ..

  60. JON Remi

    I'm just hoping that some of the commenters and/or Mali himself would see this video. Please check it out! A choreographed dance based on this song!!

  61. Darciea Hinnant

    Sit down?! This made me stand up! ☝

  62. Mitzi McDowell

    Why don't i hve this cd yet!! Downloaded or something.. Loving Mali from Day 1.. 🔥

  63. Mercy Gugu Mncube

    Your music is the epitome of real music, music for the soul.  It changed my life

  64. Amets

    Question: why do we replace the good things in life if we can repair it?

    Tiara Yvonnette Scott

    Amets everything can’t be repaired. The way the world setup with technology, things go obsolete.

  65. Amets

    I used to make music. I have made nothing in a while because right now I rather support music someone elses who is making Music that sings out what's in my heart.

  66. Brian Hanesworth

    truly passionate spiritually Awakening I must say best song on the album

  67. Aniya White

    The best song

  68. awomanwonderful

    I love it! Heard a young man listening and I asked who is that? He told me and so I'm here..

  69. GospelMusicLover247

    Amazing creativity!! I will be buying the entire album!! Congratulations Mali!!

  70. JQ Wanzer

    <3 <3 <3

  71. Onion Blaster

    this i8s beautiful

  72. on hold

    Mali is back!!!!

  73. Rhino Black


  74. MiaTerise H

    i cant stop replaying..... God bless you, you lyrical genius!

  75. ellie dub

    I can't with Mali!!! He never ever fails! God has instilled this gift in him. It's ridiculous

    Keva Lele


  76. Refilwe Mogagabe

    Finally someone who gets me MALI thank you

  77. Zilungile Mabunzi

    Just bought the album myself. Brilliant. I don't know how i missed this song. Its loaded! Go out and buy!!!!!!

    Sunshine Love

    Zilungile Mabunzi. AMEN!!!

  78. Knight Oyin

    Is this some block buster movie sound track? It's just too good! Damn Mali!!!!!

  79. Gaman Worldwide Music Videos

    Emotional ! ... Powerful !

    Balthen Goronkrak

    Listen to "God I Love You" by Kevin D Jimison! Now thats a a good song I can listen to everyday all day and never get tired of it!

  80. Joshua Tetteh

    Ayt that's an overdose of Mali Music. Officially intoxicated.

  81. Kendra Ann

    The piano intro sounds like something Radiohead would do. I love this!

    Edu Velez

    Kendra Ann love

  82. Keyaney Love

    here because of Ciara

  83. Treybaile

    Ciara Brought Me Here 😂😉❤️

  84. Queen Ciara

    Ciara brought me here

    Balthen Goronkrak

    Kevin D Jimison should win a grammy for his new single "God I Love You" by Kevin D Jimison! That song is amzing! Check it out!

  85. Simply Sharda

    Mali, can you make a studio version of, "He's making a way for you "?

  86. Annette Mugambi

    This song is my current prayer!! I need a miracle. God please show us the way

    Balthen Goronkrak

    Listen to "God I love You" by Kevin D Jimison! That song is NICEE!!!

  87. Clody Clody

    OMG 😍😍

  88. Tanesha Baptiste

    I am blessed today!!

  89. Luz Martinez

    This does remind me of Job experience I love it

  90. Souful_of_Love

    This lil story line reminds me of his song the Job Experience! Also fiiire btw!

    Balthen Goronkrak

    My favorite song of the year is "God I Love You" by Kevin D Jimison! Check it out! You might like it too!

  91. Ilogho Simon


    Balthen Goronkrak

    "God I Love You" by Kevin D Jimison is awesome!

  92. Deondre Hampton

    Yooooooo Mali this one my favorite ​of the whole new album

    Deondre Hampton



    Deondre Hampton me too!!!

  93. Lee Johnson III

    Sheesh. 😩

  94. Everything with Eni

    Notification ganggg ❤️

  95. Jonesa Young

    why I am I just finding him. I love his songs and his beats are crazy good.

    Jonesa Young

    yes we need more men like him and music

    Joshua Tetteh

    yh On ma way

    George Cheeks

    where is young boy what album is it on favorite all, but ( I hate you) ohh.💥 if you wasn't in the spirit I would punch you in the face wow

    George Cheeks

    I hate you, you and your grandmother I hate you


    Jonesa Young sooooo dope!!! And clean!! I can enjoy and worship at the same time..

  96. Bobbie Jackson

    that's what I'm talking about!!!

  97. Joe N

    Here before 100 views!