Mali Music - Loved By You Lyrics

Trust me it'll take your heart
Trust me it'll break your heart oh yes
It's so underrated when we say and play in love

Trust me it'll take
It'll take all of it and break your heart
Everyday we pray in love to the God of it

But it's so good (so good), so good to be loved by you
Yes it's so good, so good to be loved by you
Yes it's so good (so good) to be loved by you
Oh and then you know and I talk to you
It's so good, good to be loved by you, yeah

Now when I say take your heart
I'm not talking robbery
I'm talking lots of talks and texts to cause to be
The one we ought to see
Though talks and texts could get the point from A to B
My X Y Z and all across the board
The alphabet the cause to be
The alphabet when tossing lots of nets across the board
It's all on me
Like every eye
Gemini to Aquemini
I don't cry
Eyes up, boots tied up
It's you him and I
Loving by you
Life's through too quick man
We in at 9
Nothing by you
The flights through too quick yea, in the sky

But it's so good, so good to be loved by you
It's so good to be loved by you
So, so good to be loved by you
Yes, it's so good to be loved by you
It's so good to be loved by you

I deserve it all
I've been so hurt before
And it's hard to trust someone

But I do, and it's you, and it's you
And it feels so good so good to be loved by you
Yes it's so good to be loved by you

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Mali Music Loved By You Comments
  1. Vincent Durr

    I made this my little niece song when she was born Baby Trinity ❤️

  2. Kandace Davis


  3. Love ThySelf

    Like this joint right here. Especially with the sister jaz on it


    i love this song

  5. The Vandal

    Just beautiful...

  6. Belmont 216

    Bathing in love for days and end...

  7. Aaliyah Lopez

    Wow 😳 I’m in love 💓

  8. GlamLadyStylezz

    2020 Love It 🥰

  9. Jesse James

    To be loved by you.

  10. Ivel Douglas Burton


  11. Jesse James

    Love this song

  12. niylac12

    Absolutely love this song!!!!

  13. DanniDefined

    Did Jasmine say, "the God of Air"????? hammercey yall

  14. Thee Greatest Ever

    Dec 2019?

  15. Deon Thomas

    Different arrangement. I like it.

  16. Ikenna Ezeoka

    Bro, where you at? Haven't heard anything new from you.

  17. MsMyami

    I need this kind of love....

  18. Dorothy Bradford

    When I hear this song, my spirit gets happy everytime. Praise God!

  19. Teresa Phillips

    Mali Mali baby where you from???

  20. R D

    Jazmine though...

  21. Rilley

    Not enough love songs out here for us saved married Christian folk lol! Thanks Mali🙌♥️

  22. Spence V

    One of my favourite artists - and I never pick favourites.

  23. Official Marvelo Hathaway

    If you don’t feel what I feel about this song, the beautiful transitions, the harmonies.....well, you probably don’t have ears.

  24. Fourth Generation Ministries

    must watch

  25. Nadia McDaniel

    Still on my playlist #2019

  26. Jasmine Jackson

    As soon as it starts I get goosebumps 🙌🏾 It’s so good so good to be loved by you 🥰

  27. Torey Williams

    They should definitely do a duet album, Marvin and Tammy style 💙💙💙

  28. City M

    Praise Yah for the spirit in these two 🤲🏽.

  29. Kelsey-Jane Hedder

    waooww, smh, too good!

  30. John davis

    Sooo chill...

  31. TheJavon1025

    They sleep on Mali and Jazz. I love this song I’m so addicted by vocals and how the blend so well.

  32. lavondra draper

    Mannnn. Repeat 24/7

  33. Briani Dixon

    This song moved me to tears because after feeling lonely and betrayed for so long I finally found someone who makes me so happy and I feel this way every day, absolutely brilliant and every element of this song was baptized in love from the strings to the vocals, pure magic!

    Lameka Pryor

    Good for you sis blessings to you both💜💜💜🌺

    samantha West

    Awesome honey

  34. Jill Greene

    One of MY FAVORITES...Soft Hard...Low Loud ... Heartfelt ..wrapped in Loving You

  35. Brooke Honors

    Am I the only one addicted to this song 💞💓💕💘❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

  36. Leah Smallwood

    Love this!!

  37. Raymond Thomas

    Have to put on listen lay back relax 😘

    Raymond Thomas

    I known it's that music 🤩😍😁

  38. Raymond Thomas

    Love this love by you hot 😍❤️💕 me an Petey kind of r&b love making 😍😍😍😘

  39. Tracey Woodley

    😍very elegant and classy😍

  40. FREE Child

    Love 2019!

  41. Ieshia Wright

    0:59. 1:00

  42. Diamond Sands

    Look in the mirror and sing this song to yourself 🖤 thank me later

  43. Malikthealik ps4

    2019 Im back 4 more💖

  44. Michelle Youngblood

    Absolutely love this song! I can listen to it ALL day

  45. Sallie Mae

    Yes The first song that contain my real name.The name that is prohibited to be ever mentioned in the Bible because of her notoriety.God i have loved somebody TC since last year.This song reminds me of him.In New York subway I actually saw the singer MALI look alike sitting in front of me .I was to shy to ask.I am always good at recognizing people.I know that was MALI.

  46. Keith Shuler

    It's just good to be loved...period!

  47. The Curl Comfort Zone

    Such a beautiful song i listen to it every day


    Dope song

  49. Sheena K

    Mali + Jazmine = My whole life

  50. Renesha Rodgers

    Only 1:00 in and its 2019 and been a fan of both...why haven't I heard this before?? Love it.

  51. kely ennis

    This Was My Wedding Song! Still Just As Beautiful As The Day We Danced To It.... <3

  52. Mery Tecle


  53. Haru El


  54. Anthony Jones

    He said "its you Him and I" gotta have God in there.

  55. Tanya Gilliard

    I love this song... Once I was put on this song by my God Brother... I been hooked since...

  56. Bee L.

    First time listening to this song this beat god they sound 🔥🔥🔥

  57. EliteHusky

    Where's my bloody jouth?

  58. Sunshine Love Yashar'al

    Whatever that lil note Jaz hit between 3:11-3:15 melted my lil heart, that lil run hit my soul ! Sizzled my SPIRIT ! 😌😩🙌🏾❣️💯

  59. Kendra Harper

    And it's so gooood... To be loved by you... 💜💜💜💜

  60. Sassy

    I’m still in love with Mali after all these years and this song just did it for me all over again! I love him!! Ugh! 😍🥰💕 Great lyricist, singer, song writer and amazing collab with Jazzy! I love this song 🎵

  61. Hebrew Sistah

    NIIIIIIICEE!!!!!!! Mali seems more comfortable singing R&B. I pray he is still using his voice to praise the most High as well.

  62. Antoinette Missouria

    So I’m convinced I’m in the wrong generation lol...I’m only 22 but have always been in love with this genre of music and jazmine but him? Yea he added that flavor for sure❤️❤️❤️ on repeat 🥰💆🏽‍♀️

  63. Meko Taveras

    My wedding song❤❤❤💙💙💙💙

  64. Sanctified Lady


  65. Sherrael Brayboy

    Sincerely Beautiful!!! It is so good to be loved and to love in return!!! ❤️✨

  66. DeCarlo Turner

    A masterpiece!

  67. Tracye Parker

    close your eyes and and let your ears see every note.. on replay

  68. Tikeela Cade

    On repeat my wife love this song.

  69. QueenSkittlesz

    Im guessing this isnt a gospel song lol? Welp, back to Fight For You

  70. Jaquan Hogan

    1:18 chills

  71. Shelton Stuart

    WOW!!!!! 💯💯💯💯💪💪💪💪💪🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  72. Rosalyn Stroud

    I like, has a nice Soulful sound

  73. ladii angel

    I can listen to this song ALL DAY & EVERYDAY....beautiful On repeat ❤️💕 love it 💜

  74. kwazi rich Mvuyana


  75. keshad32

    This song evokes so many emotions. I love it!

  76. Meg Srini


  77. Tanika Nakeya Lewis

    "False pride": machoism, unhealthy ego will die--if only momentarily.

  78. deidre simmons

    This was supposed to be my wedding song I never thought the person I loved more then anything could break me into pieces and act like it’s ok

  79. Grazibien G

    This is so on point. I love every bit.

  80. Shaunda C

    Pure love🔥❤️

  81. Stacy G

    This is a beautiful song ...

  82. Joshua Johnson

    I hated Mali part ruined his own song came here for Jazmin

    Shanequa Austin

    He didn't ruin his own song 😂he is woke a lot of people don't understand him I do

    Joshua Johnson

    @Shanequa Austin respect that but we clearly Kno who slayed this

  83. Ann Jenkins

    When Jesus loves you so good everyone else is 234567etc.. HE SETS MY BAR ..

  84. Ann Jenkins

    Mali And Ambrosia are one of the coldest artist out!

  85. Shedd Speaks

    This song is SO on repeat. Imagine listening to this song while looking into your boo's eyes. Such a vibe 😍

  86. Desirae Nicole

    So lyrical 💚❤️💚💙

  87. Lisa J

    I love MALI MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. Crime.She.Typed

    This is truly a match made in heaven when my Pandora Radio gave me this song I was in love 😍

  89. Mike Spector

    Yvette King. 😊😚♥️💍

  90. A cococurlmama

    This song is like a salted, sweet soulful half chocolate coated heart fix y'all! This is juke joint VIBES 📣📣📣

  91. Etnahs Yellek

    Repeat,, x10

  92. Andrianna Leon

    July 2019? Oh ok, still my fav song tho

  93. kujijacalia ujima

    ❤❤❤feels so good to be loved by You. Thank you Lord.

  94. Positive Destiny

    Beautiful song. Amazing