Mali Music - I Hate You Lyrics

I hate you!
You a Liar! You a Cheat! You Defeated.
(I hate you!)
From the depths of my soul and I mean it!
You wanted to kill me, but it ain't goin be easy.
(cause I hate you.)
Yeh I'ma stand my ground and ima fight wit the Lamb of Jesus Christ!
I rebuke you I see what your tryin to do so I wrote this song for you.
Yes you cuz I hate you

[Verse 1:]
Neva had a feelin like this before.
I ain't Neva really like ya since I came to the lord.
All stunts that you're pullin really gettin on my nerves
Forget what you used to forget what u heard.
The word: A light, a lamp, unto the feet I walk with.
The more I eat the more I hate the mouth that you talk with.
Holiness before me pull me back when I get near it.
I'd punch you in the face if you weren't in the spirit.
But the enemy comes with means to steal, kill, and to destroy us.
Doesn't matter what race ya'll.
Man,woman,girl, and boy yeh.
He Don't care nuttin bout ya
He's trying to take you out
Feels good but you're dieing man.
he's nasty and he's mean come on the winnin team
Don't play wit em no more you'll see I had to let em go.
Cuz I hate you

(I hate You!)
You a Liar! and the truth ain't in ya
(I hate you!)
Tried to kill my parents, my brothers, my sisters.
You wanted to kill me, but it ain't goin be easy.
(cause I hate you.)
I despise you with all my soul.
(I hate you) I'm disgusted by your presence alone.
I rebuke you and see what your tryin to do so I wrote this song for you.
Yes you Cuz I hate you

I am a bride yes God can mold me yes
I'm saved and my body's holy
Yes I was guilty but Christ died for me
Don't believe the lie ya'll the devils' phony.
He jus mad cuz he cant hold me no mo'
God opened doors he cant close
Tryin take me out yeh he came close I gotta word now ya'll and I'm throwin bones.
Like no weapon formed against me ya'll it can never prosper
Never seen the righteous of the LORD forsaken.
Nor his seed beggin' bread, yeh.
So on the real though I'm tired of this mess
Sick of this thing that we all call flesh.
Holy Ghost spreading I'm bout to do what they do and I'ma sprinkle all the ashes on you! (Yes you!)

(I hate You!)
You try to make me do wrong when I'm right
(I hate you!)
Trying to speak that in my new life.
You wanted to kill me, but it ain't goin be easy.
I'ma make hard as heck
(cause I hate you.)
I refuse to follow you and fail. (I hate you)
Ain't lifin my eyes up in no Hell.
I rebuke you and see what your tryin to do so I wrote this song for you
(I hate you)
You're an accuser of the saints.
(I hate you)
Ain't gunna choose death no more, I cant.
(I hate you)
You wanted to kill me but it ain't gunna be easy NO!
(I swear I hate you)
Every demon in hell yo grandmomma and you
(i hate you)
Ewww Satan I jus cant stand you.
I rebuke you and see what your tryin to do so I wrote this song for you.
(yes you cuz I hate you)

I hate you wanna fight you
Cant tell you how much I don't like you
A deceiver and a liar you get on my last nerve I despise you
You stupid and simple tryin to defile me
I'm a temple no I'm fed up and I want you to know THIS!

(I hate You!)
You a Liar! You a Cheat! You Deceive me.
(I hate you!)
From the depths of my soul and I mean it!
You wanted to kill me, but it ain't goin be easy.
(cause I hate you.)
Yeh I'ma stand my ground and fight! I am of the lamb of Jesus Christ!
I rebuke you and see what your tryin to do so I wrote this song for you.
(I hate you)
Ohhhh I hate you!

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Mali Music I Hate You Comments
  1. Bettye Wilks

    I hate the devil but he's a liar Satan get behind me I rebuked you in the name of Jesus I stopped you under my feet Satan get out my mind my house get away from me and my family

  2. PeppaPig :3

    Why do i listen to these kinds of songs when it only makes my aggression even worse? >.<

  3. Joe Perez

    Love this fire Mali! And you can't keep bringing us fire from the alter if you're lukewarm so I have a prayer to our Lord and King Jesus Christ that He would keep you safe in the palm of His might hand, that your love and relationship with the Lord would continue to grow and unfold in so many beautiful ways, that you would stand strong, and unyielding against this world, your flesh, the devil and his armies, that we would be blessed to hear of the tales in your music, and together we would be able to praise God one neverending day in heaven as in Earth. God bless you bro

  4. Marie Moore

    I get mad at him when I should be mad at the enemy

  5. Marie Moore

    I googled I hate you jesus and this came up

  6. Beatrice Moore

    Satan i Hate you
    Jesus is Lord
    You're defeated hell is your end

  7. Endlesstory

    Damn I Really Have To Say this in front of the person I hate

  8. Mafia McKinley

    10 years later......I STILL HATE YOU!!!!! Thank you God for each one listening, give us the strength/courage to stand up to the enemy when he lies, cheats and steal from us. WE are more than SURVIVORS....WE ARE CONQUERS. In Jesus name I pray..AMEN

  9. djmocha7

    I think I’m gonna break the replay button from pushing it so much

  10. amazing alpha

    Satan I rebuke you in Jesus name you had me for the longest and now it's time I stand my ground I was sitting in bed and got a feeling and got to thinking about heaven hard and I was like wait a min i need to change I don't need to make the wrong decision I need to make the right decision and now it's time I do what gods got me on this earth for and I do the things I need to so I can make it and go home were i belong❤ I LOVE YOU JESUS SOMETHING ABOUT YOUR LOVE I JUST CAN'T EXPLAIN IT'S THAT GOOD

  11. Tahari Official


  12. Walter Tuggerson

    Me and my class dance'd to this song before

  13. Taylor brown

    I HATE you devil

  14. TruthSword

    I choose the inspirational songs I want to listen too.

  15. Pete Cardenãs

    Amen to all my haters

  16. itiswatitis92

    this song on repeat its been the song that keep me centered for along time

  17. Tim Ice

    Not supposed to carry hate in you heart... just saying

  18. Shetina Maxwell

    I feel this song In my soul when I sing it! I HATE YOU!!!

  19. erica thompson

  20. Tanisha Sanders

    I love this song. "I HATE YOU...Satan...I see what you tryna do...I rebuke you". It has made me stronger in times of trouble. The devil is a for sure liar. God bless you!

  21. lisa wilson

    I was just thinkin this earlier today  how the enemy will try to remind you of things from your past and, try to convince you that you are still there and not forgiven,but he's a liar and the author of lies.all of our sins are cast into the sea of forgetfulness according to micah chap 7;verse 19 and we can rest  assure in that. SHALOM This song is right on time.

  22. Shanice Horton

    No weapon formed against me can NEVER prosper

  23. Adedamilola

    Permanent replay!

  24. Lectro

    i hate the devil h did not die on the cross for us

  25. Shanice Horton

    yes GOD 🙌😇😇🙌😇🙌😇🙌

  26. F B

    I hate the liars, rapist, oppressors, killers, theif, people who use others, those that deprives others from there rights. etc.!!!!!!

  27. Edward Bishop

    I'm working on a sermon based on this song

  28. Passion Ingram

    I absolutely love this song when I'm mad or upset I just listen to this

  29. Mystical Dolphin

    I am the 600 sub

  30. Diquail Simpson

    been listening to this since I was little still do


    It is a powerful song. I still carry it in my heart, as well. I remembered this song in a personal conflict I was having earlier today. Jesus wins.

    Diquail Simpson

    Karolyn Issup he always wins no matter what

  31. Frisk Dreemur

    When your friend takes all the pizza 🍕

  32. Ashley Bunn

    every demon in hell ya grandmama and YOU oohhh satan i just cant stand you 🙌🙉🙈🙊

  33. Pout

    Did a prank on my friends girl with treasure by Bruno Mars and sent her this song to prank him with

  34. Kennedy Mcfarland

    love the song the truth

  35. Camaree Peterson

    I love my brother but I think he bont love me to this is Jada if you no me.💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔

  36. Gabrial Romero

    love it

  37. Yolanda Jones

    One of my favorite songs by Mali Music. And male ex-co-worker called me and told me to listen to it. The words mean so much to me. Both of us could have been dead but still here thanks to the grace and mercy of God! God gets all the glory!

  38. Maya Soul


  39. lele0148

    I'd punch you in the face if you weren't in the spirit!

  40. NaturalBeauty0214

    ain't liften up my eyes in no hell! Noooo Nooo

  41. Laela Brown

    i love this song

  42. Tamara Cole

    the devil is lie

    Taylor brown

    The devil is a lie not devil is lie haha haha haha

  43. Elisa Robertson

    I love this song great lyrics!!

  44. Chuck Ter

    simply put but powerfully explained..... satan, I hate you.....

  45. TyVaughn Brown

    seriously he only seeks to divide and destroy you cannot win IAMTHEBlOODOFTHELAMBOFJESUSCHRIST

  46. Cycy Brownie

    I love this song so much

  47. Pamela Karmo

    Awesome Awesome Awesome!

  48. C JAMES

    Heyyyyyyyy this is the anthem

  49. Exodus Matthew

    I HATE You Nasty Devil Jesus Christ has got me.

  50. Josh Okogie

    I❤️Mali music

  51. truthseeker89 for life

    Jesus already punched that dummy in the face I dont need to you already defeated chump

    Passion Ingram

    truthseeker89 for life yes!!!!!

    Ethan Bryzak FTS

    Hell no

  52. Meshalle j

    Love the song title and all....that just exactly what you should be telling this demon.....I HATE YA!

  53. Josiah Billingslea

    I love this song. Bless God but does anybody else think the title is a little harsh for a Christian song

    Jorie M

    if he wont leave u alone, u gotta tell him I HATE YOU...:) peace bro

    Debra Brown-Alston

    @Josiah Billingslea He tells us everyday he hates us with his actions. No the title is appropriate...I HATE YOU SATAN.

    Stephanie Russell

    what did you expect ''I dislike you''?

    Yolanda Jones

    The devil could care less about anyone. The devil wants us in Hell, we have the right to hate him and love the gospel of Jesus Christ. Spread the love of God and make the devil mad!

  54. Angel Ball

    i showed this song to my brother but I said that I was joking

    Jorie M

    oh well-keep praying 4 him.....praying 4 my sibling constantly :) we know the TRUTH!!

  55. Treshawn Hearne

    I'll punch u in the face if u weren't in the spirit

  56. amadeya peace

    I hate you trying to take over my life you were not made to be in my life I hate youuuuuuuu!!!!!!

  57. All About Rue

    This song took the words out of my words!!
    You wanted to kill me! But it ain't goin be easy!

  58. Basicallyaxel

    Brought me to tears!

  59. Angelica Styles


  60. Liane A


  61. ladaizha langston

    love this song

  62. Wisdom palm El Bey


  63. Robin Dais-McLeod

    Revelation 12:17 
    Then the dragon became furious with the woman and went off to make war on the rest of her offspring, on those who keep the commandments of God and hold to the testimony of Jesus. And he stood on the sand of the sea.       John 8:44        
    You are of your father the devil, and your will is to do your father's desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, and has nothing to do with the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks out of his own character, for he is a liar and the father of lies.
    Praise the Lord for saving us from the fires of hell and from the enemy, let the redeemed of the Lord say so. amen

    Charles Plummer

    Robin Dais-McLeod AMEN

  64. jayla !

    I hate my mom

  65. MissK

    I love this song, I just found out about this artist and he is the truth!!

  66. Trey Kirk


    Alexis Rembert

    But you got to understand what he said, So you should love the devil?, you hate the devil, Love God and his people..the bible said you either Love one master and hate the other...understand his words and understand Mali lyrics

    Yolanda Jones

    We are to hate the evil and wickedness the devil brings to us. He wants to steal, kill, and destroy. We are NOT supposed to love the devil. The first commandment and second are what we love. God first and love our neighbor AS we love ourselves. God's Holy Word says in Revelation where the enemy of our souls will go. Please know the devil hates us. We do need to focus on the 'more than conquerors that God made us to be and fight the devil with God's holy word. God bless all those who need Jesus.

    Trey Kirk

    WE can never love him but we can never hate hum

    Trey Kirk

    The devil

    Trey Kirk

    But yall are rigbt

  67. Timika Wimberly

    This song is self explanatory.  No need for debates about it.  If you don't like this then revert to the old song, "Satan we're gonna tare your kingdom down".  Same thing accept he's getting even more personal and explaining why.

  68. Angel Gaderel

    People that don't know what this is about, its about him standing up against the devil. Saying that he has turned to Jesus

  69. Giovanny Lezama

    Fought my bully with this song playing and whoped him

  70. Daimond Adams

    I don't like this song

  71. Dreq the Dreck

    this is pretty damn decent

  72. rosalinda gonzales

    Good song

  73. Tiffani Bryant

    Excuse me who he hate

    tyrone sanders

    The devil

    Tiffani Bryant

    Oh I was confused

    Tiffani Bryant

    Thanks you

  74. Aiyanna Jones

    i have to dance to this song for church

  75. Jamia Mack

    LOVE IT!!!!

  76. ivy pool

    Brilliant lyrics!!! Not my favorite tune, but good song!! Although the bible says to pray for everyone, even the devil.


    The Bible never said to pray for Satan.  You can't pray for a spirit. Satan's fate is sealed.

    ivy pool

    Sorry for my mistake, I realize that now.

  77. Erykah Cervantes

    I don't like this song but that Jesus stuff doesn't bother because I don't even believe in God or Jesus whatever the difference is?

    Kemberly Felix

    then what was the point of saying something?

    Nkosi Pickett

    ?? Was there a purpose

    Kirsten Kpoto

    Erykah Cervantes u have to or u will go to hell and u will be but in fire and heaven u will eat eneything u want and have to be safe

  78. Chedana Jackson

    I love this !!!!

  79. Po Slim


  80. Joanaline Raphael

    I hate you satan

  81. MeKayda Holland

    I love this song ..

  82. MeKayda Holland

    I love this song

  83. TruFamofChrist12

    It's okay to have Perfect Hatred(towards anything that's evil EVIL) towards the devil and his wicked army.(Romans 3:25-26 & Romans 8:37, I Corinthians 10:4) Amen!

  84. MsLilsongbird87

    He is talking about the Devil if you actually listen to the whole song he says it. Loving this song tho Mali

  85. Oplicom's mistery

    fuck the world and kill who you hate

  86. Rhonda Steele

    Srry i meant listen to the woeds and the decil meant for that he was talkin about the devil not god sorry about that

  87. Rhonda Steele

    He sayin he hate the decil bot god listen the song real good listen to the world

  88. ADL03

    Man they say don't take nothing from God do I screwed and chop this song H town stand up

  89. Moji Saadada

    My weird friend was able to make the most incredible stripper I’ve ever seen fall in love with him because he cheated by using the Cupid Love System (Google it). I wish I’d been happy for him but I want such a sexy lady to fall in love with me. I’m exceptionally green with envy. Does that make me a horrible human being?

  90. Abigail F.A.

    Note in the song he says "Yeah, Imma stand my ground and fight, thru the blood of the Lamb of Jesus Christ" meaning he's trying to defeat the devil with the blood of Christ :)

  91. Abigail F.A.

    The devil

  92. Xiomara Palacios

    Is he saying he hates the devil or god!? Help im confused!?

  93. Mrs. DonRicka Colbert

    yesssss im feeling this, real music for the LORD

  94. 777fragments2

    You really can't appreciate the lyrics unless you have experienced spiritual warfare. POWERFUL ANNOITING ON THIS SONG. I'm ready to throw some bows!

  95. faithfullyfavored


  96. Gregory Watson

    keep the faith ...hang on in there and ride this baby all the way to heaven. I love you.