Mali Music - Heart's Song Lyrics

[Verse 1]
In this heart of mine is a perpetual cry
lifting up and magnifying Adonai
I try to understand the language from within but it's beyond words
and every time I hear it
something stirs within my soul…

[utterance] Lord my heart longs
to worship all the day long
in your presence is where my heart belongs
it's beyond words
my heart's song…

[Verse 2]
In this soul of mine is a burning fire
burning with passion and desire for the Messiah
bubbling deep down in my soul
is a worship out of control…


Oh Lord
I surrender to thee
Holy, Holy, Holy
that's what the angels' sing
God Almighty
You deliver me
from the snare of the enemy
Blessed Trinity…

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Mali Music Heart's Song Comments
  1. Rakera Ramsey

    🙌Glory to God. I fell in love with this song many years ago and it still does something to me. Lord bless your people & bless Mali Music in Jesus name amen 🙏💟

  2. Dominique Banks

    Powerful song

  3. DominiqueBalladist91

    i love this....can you post No Muzick?