Mali Music - Gonna Be Alright Lyrics

What's it all about?
Why is blood flowing through this body?
Why is air in my lungs?
Where we going now?
Why did I get to place my feet here?
Thy kingdom come, Thy kingdom come

Oh, I got a song to sing
And it's a song about hope for you
It's a song about faith
I see all that you are going through
And it's gonna to be alright (It's gonna to be alright)
It's gonna to be alright (It's gonna to be alright)
Everything is gonna to be alright (It's gonna to be alright)
It's gonna to be alright (It's gonna to be alright)

So let me introduce myself
I go by the name Mali
And it's nice to meet you
And I'm a chill kind of guy
Don't wanna hurt nobody
And love is the lens that I meet you though

Oh, I got a song to sing
And it's a song about hope for you
It's a song about faith
I see all that you are going through
And it's gonna to be alright (It's gonna to be alright)
It's gonna to be alright (It's gonna to be alright)
Everything is gonna to be alright (It's gonna to be alright)
It's gonna to be alright (It's going to be alright)

Oh, I see you laughing
Yeah, I see you smiling
Oh, I see you dancing
I'm inspired
All He wants for us is
All I want for you
So let's go higher (let's go higher)

Oh, I got a song to sing
And it's a song about hope for you
It's a song about faith
I see all that you are going through
And it's gonna to be alright (It's gonna to be alright)
It's gonna to be alright (It's gonna to be alright)
Everything is gonna to be alright (It's gonna to be alright)
It's gonna to be alright (It's gonna to be alright)

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Mali Music Gonna Be Alright Comments
  1. Kyle Newsome

    Mali, 🇲🇱 when you going to drop "Rhythm" yessir. I'll never forget that song. "I got rhythm......" 🙏🙏🙏

  2. kayshanna rolle

    Man this song is so underated

  3. Jasmine Williams

    NOV 7th 2018 my mother was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and WE ARE STILL FIGHTING....this song def keeps my spirits up....
    Love you mom WE GOT THIS🙌❤🙌

  4. Jarrion Stewart

    0:23 thats me

  5. Shalom Yasharahla

    Nice, Yah Bless.

  6. Malcolm Judah Israel

    All Praises To The Most High God Of Israel!!

  7. Samuel Changwe

    the sample from the take 6 Song on the intro was just amazing and it makes me wonder what a collab between mali and take 6 would sound like

  8. Double Pleasure

    I dont see struggle or any image of people struggling. This song is great powerful & this video should have been as well.

  9. BIZZELL LOVA 2004



  10. Kellye Spicer

    The future is sooooooo NOT bright...have we been reading our bibles? Nice thought but...not the truth!
    "For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape." 1 Thes 5:3

  11. Elijah Effron

    Absolutely beautiful! 1love

  12. BIZZELL LOVA 2004

    How does the girls feel when he is singing by them.

  13. Joyce Prater

    Yes, it's gonna be alright!😊

  14. William. Barnes

    Keep seeking GOD face everyday!!! Don't give up. John 3:3-5 KJV... Please understand it is importnant scripture for your soul sake... Pray, repent, and wait on GOD!!! Love you man. #Acts 2:38

  15. Elgy Bonica

    Please Tell Em Baby.😘😘😘😘👏👏👏👏👏💖😊🤣... 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 We Can Do It. All There Is 💟💓.. Let Is Settle In.😍😆😆😆

  16. Minister Sandy

    hi im the ceo of empowerment and we want to honor you at our gospel stage paly pleaze email me at [email protected]

  17. Side-Eye Warrior

    Special song for the girlfriend, J-Hud? 😁

  18. tony jones

    can someone do a piano tutorial for this song??

  19. Allen Adams

    Didn't Kno how thirsty i was for up lifting music. Man this is so rare! All this dark dead music out here. This is hot!

  20. Jeff Coleman

    GOCC brought me here!!Just hearing this today & it's my new jawn

  21. LaMonica Norwood

    I don't believe in jesus, demons, devil or fear "anymore". I believe in LOVE, GOD.
    So, I wouldn't listen to church music I asked the LORD ALMIGHTY to bless me to sing. So I could only sang to HIM, because everybody was singing to jesus.
    I heard Mali song contradiction and liked it.
    Mali other songs kept coming up. I kept "changing them" didn't realize it was the same person.
    Then it came to mind when the LORD would read the Bible to me and at first "I kept turning the pages".
    So I listened and GOD asked me what did I think about Mali. I said oh, "he got pretty skin". I continue to listen to Mali Music for days. I was amazed I said how does he sing with that much of GOD SPIRIT on him with ease.
    Then, I never wanted to sing again. I told the LORD ALMIGHTY, "YOU always know how to make me fall so overly in love with you with my whole being". I'm yours and I Belong To YOU LORD ALMIGHTY

  22. Lena Quandoh

    MALI MUSIC is unique mehhhnn.💃💃, and the beat and his voice. God bless you.👏 🙏👏 🙏

  23. Glitter Unicorn

    I don't get the video but I love the song

  24. Vlad Belov

    Reading the comments section I noticed a lot of folks here just discovered Mali by pure accident, just stumbled upon his music somehow - well, what do you know...I did too

  25. Donnel Mathe

    It's gonna be alright, 2018 will be blessed

  26. Lisa Harrison

    Dear Mali thanks for the goosebumps....I love u

  27. PaperRoute Skipp

    Dope Music I can cruise aroun the city with this 💪

  28. T onTheMove

    Amazing song!!!

  29. CzarJuliusIII

    I love love love Mali Music and I looooooove this song. BUT while the visuals of the video were very creative and well-inspired by some of my favorite 90s tv shows, I feel like they did not FIT the vibe of the song. If that makes sense. Great videos/visuals, just not for THIS song.

  30. Adora Walker

    My dad tried to commit suicide but ik it's gonna be alright 🤗🤗🤗

  31. Ester Willis

    Yep!!!! No worries!!!! HE'S STILL OUR MAJESTY!!! "BIG DADDY" Watching us work it All Out!!! ❤💋

  32. Jefté Leonardo

    Fico na cara essa arte mano

  33. Shivone Monroe

    oh my gosh first time listing to this and I all ready know all the words LOVE IT

  34. Michael Cullis

    Can I have the piano

  35. Kelly Caroline

    Esse homem é lindo, e canta tanto 😍👌☝😇

  36. Beauty4 Ashes

    Cool Concept! All of the media influences that we grew to know.💞💞

  37. Elli Hollo

    Mali!!!!!!!???? you killed this

  38. B O G


  39. melodye crawford

    This song is a GodSend!!!

  40. Colin Hussey

    I had intended to look up Malian music but instead typed in "Mali music," and this video was among the first to come up. The song is gorgeous and well put together. It doesn't just stay locked in a harmonic loop but includes a chorus that differs melodically and in chord sequence from the verses, and a bridge, which seems to be more rare in pop music of late. (There's so much monotonous pop music, these days, that any song with a classic structure like this one is bound to be noteworthy.)

  41. Anthony Kitema

    My me hope.

  42. Caribe Naso

    Mali ft The Roots 💯💯💯💯 Philly the soul!

  43. 52Flavors

    I love this song but the video just took it to a new level congrats bro @MaliMusic

  44. The 4th Horseman

    Of course, a song about love and hope gets 177 dislikes.


    It will be alright one day 🙏

  46. B-more Bilal

    Another underrated quality album. Got this on rotate

  47. Morrales para motociclistas lagguna

    Buenas tardes soy colombiano y me gustaría saber de donde es la nacionalidad de Mali músic quisiera ir a uno de sus consiertos ???

  48. Sabrina

    This brother right here is beyond talented! Some might not get the video but it's clever! As someone born in the 80's, and those TV shows bringing back good memories of the good ol' days this video was a joy to watch.

  49. Carmen Roseborough

    start this song wit my day going to be allright

  50. Carmen Roseborough

    love this song

  51. Naomi Lords

    so beautiful reading this comments how all christians come via social media toghter <3

  52. Nat Turner

    this song is fire and Mali always making good music!keep em coming bruh!!

  53. Daloy

    Jus kno its gonna be alright !

  54. Taisha Richards

    ayeeeeeeeeeee feeling this joint! makes me feel better. Its gonna be alright!

  55. Linda Heyward

    Love his music

  56. sonic fnaf3

    Yo Mali this needs to be a grammy nominated for this. Or a grammy. Know what I'm sayin? This needs to be herd by the world like a trillion views and likes.

  57. Brendan Ringer

    Lord only knows how much this song alone has got me through😌 great music, all I can say. Great fucking music

  58. Patience Phillips

    so agree

  59. Zariah Marie

    thank you ❤️

  60. Zariah Marie

    thank you ❤️

  61. Jae lyn

    I love him!!😍😍😍

  62. Christian Prats

    So much integrity! I want this to go viral. Love it

  63. Ricardo Williams

    I just featured this beautiful song on Grown And Sexy R&B Dallas on Facebook.

  64. ashanta wilcox

    Ugh.... my future husband (speak it into existence) 😂😂😂❤️

  65. Michelle O

    this song is life <33

  66. Junior ZigZag

    name changed ? arab man can change??????

  67. Junior ZigZag

    why is muslim now ?

  68. B K

    I love this! It gets me through....we need more encouraging music like this

  69. BellyButton3004

    1:03, the moment when, having never heard his sound before, I realised that this guy is awesome and that I loved his work.

  70. Faithful Matchmaker

    Keep up the great work Mali!!! I like the Take 6 sample at the beginning bro

  71. Negros So Blessed

    This was always our natural essences and Now that we are awakening to Who we belong, we are returning back to HIS spirit that resonates in us. Shalom Family

  72. KingTheDream838

    when im feeling bad *like right now* i listen to this song and i figure out its gonna be alright. :)

  73. Damiin Jallø El Day

    WOW!!! Finally, old heads like me love to hear brothers with real pipes on em. This is fabulous. No freaking auto tune. Awesome.

  74. TJ Walton

    This song is getting me through a difficult situation right now.

  75. Nialah Clay

    Yasssss MALI hittin me in the feels 😍😍😍 like if you agree

  76. Mario Rivers

    Fresh prince days, when life was simple and good. They should start blasting this and take all that other crap off the radio and tv shows....this is real music and artistry...

  77. Tammy Bland

    love it

  78. Sandra Edwards

    Mali when I was at a low point, I heard Fight For You on Pandora and I have been hooked since! Love your anointing and your flow! When are you coming to Chicago??Blessings to you, keep ministering in song!

  79. YourMusicBoi

    0:48 to 0:58 kinda remind me of Martin from MTV 😂😂

  80. a21carter

    I could listen to this all day....

  81. Sovereign Integral 3.0

    This song lifts me high high high!

  82. Welfare Dad

    nice to see a video for this one. its my new anthem

  83. Fidelio

    love this song

  84. Yemiyah Morris

    I love this dude

  85. Linden Tyson

    I started to tear up a lil. Love this song. Welcome back Mali, been waiting for some new music from ya.

  86. excusesbegone


  87. Tamiya King

    yes for the take 6 intro :)

  88. K F

    can i get a 💘 button?

  89. Vashti Perry

    Higher! :) My favorite song.

  90. Doctor Fashion

    love the video . love the song !!!


    yes i believe is gonna be alright

  92. Jess W.

    I definitely needed to hear this song at THIS particular moment in my life... thank you Lord for letting me knowing it's gonna be alright...

  93. Tamie G

    Great song!

  94. Pharaoh's Son

    Lovin that Take 6 intro

  95. kristal rawls

    This teaches me that what I believe and the messages I put out needs to be a reflection of my heart. I'm in control of the images I produce!

  96. Dale Moses

    Thank God for some real music again.

  97. Leah Watkins

    love this song this my song for this year

  98. Hope N' Vibes

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    Twitter : @MaliMusic