Mali Music - Contradiction Lyrics

[Mali Music:]
What's good, boy

We meet again good friend
You see the stars come down to meet you
You look like the last time
Let a new day come and greet you
Stuck in your ways, stuck in your mind, stuck all the time
When their out of the room, especially mine, used to be fine
I swear I was confused, used to be blind
That was a moment in time when I thought of you
Now I'm on mine
Some say hey to everybody
Yo, tell 'em I love 'em, it's good this side of the globe
Is everything like it should? Man I don't know
But for everyone that think they should go
If you say that it's over
(Oh Lord, oh Lord)

If you say that it's over, I won't die
If you say that it's over, I won't die
I'll just come back for more
We'll meet again for sure
If you say that it's over, I won't die

[Jhené Aiko:]
We meet again, old friend
Look how they got you where they want you
No need to play pretend
You try so hard but it still haunts you
All in your face, all of the time
Running from everything
Run out of faith, now you are blind
It's such a shame it's a
Terrible waste, beautiful mind
That was a moment in time when I thought of you, now I am fine
No matter what you say

[Mali Music (Jhené Aiko):]
If you say that it's over, I won't die
(I won't die, I won't die, no, no)
If you say that it's over, I won't die
(I won't die, I won't die)
I'll just come back for more (Aw yeah)
We'll meet again for sure
If you say that it's over, I won't die
(I won't die)

[Mali Music & Jhené Aiko:]
You don't have to say it's over
You don't have to say it's through
You don't have to say it's time
Just goes back to you, yeah, just goes back to you, yeah
You don't have to say you lost
You should tell the truth
Everything you do in time
Just goes back to you, yeah, just goes back to you

[Mali Music:]
If you say that it's over, I won't die
If you say that it's over, I won't die
I'll just come back for more
We'll meet again for sure

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Mali Music Contradiction Comments
  1. Alexis Robinson

    If u loook up Mali music genre u will not see strictly gospel 🙄😂‼️‼️ almost like Fantasia. Just because somebody do a couple gospel song doesn’t mean they do just gospel

  2. Sharon T

    Toooo many carnal minded just ridin the beat. I'm always in that past mind ( what ,could, should thought process). Walk in the Spirit that thy may skip the lust of flesh. YAHU !!! Shalom #negrohebowpopcorn

  3. Krystalann

    this is hands down the best video I've seen in a long time. Great song but the video is so mesmorizing

  4. Carla & Mimi Slaughter

    Listening in 2020. Still a nice vibe💜

  5. Brooklyn Heard

    I like this song I play it everyday

  6. Santana Lennon

    2020 i love this fucking song, listing to it for no reason at all i just have to hear it.

  7. somebody anybody

    We meet again old friend 😊😊😊

    2020 baby


    2020 we here again🤩

    Quita Long


  9. olivia Delph

    This song will get somebody in trouble! Love it!!!!

  10. Don The Barber

    Anyone listening in 2020 ?

  11. Jade Shirley

    Chicago I’m the building 😝😝😝

  12. Rage Man

    God Bless Jhene Aiko Vocals, This Song Hits you in Early Mornings People !

  13. Sidean CG

    2020 guys.

  14. Sunny Styles

    Im still vibing in 2020 if u say its over I wont die ...we will meet again 4sho.. EVERYTHING U DO N TIME COMES BACK 2U 😎😘😁😎

  15. Artricia Lewis

    🥰🥰🥰 2020

  16. Pure Romance by Kaydren

    Anyone here in 2020? This. Song! 😍

  17. Jaye Tranaice

    Listening in 2020

  18. Lesley Floyd

    Anyone in 2020😈

  19. jareace simmons

    Just seen Chi Raq it all makes sense👁️🌌🙅 I love Mali my spiritual brother

  20. kyle chambers


  21. Dorina Raichel


  22. Pot Belly

    Am I talking to my twin flame?

  23. Chasen Welth

    Heard this song for the first time today and has been on repeat for the last 3 hrs. Very great song

  24. Sequoia Davi

    We meet again good friend 😉
    If you say that it's over I want die..yeah, I just come back for more.😎😘

  25. Syreeda Portis

    I'm a believer in Christ Jesus and I like this song. Mali has that voice that draws you in.

  26. Patricia Toney

    Never stop listening food for the soul

  27. 520kamal


  28. Charryse W

    Y’all I’m literally in LOVE with this man.

    Dear God let me just meet him and have 5 mins of conversation 🙌🏾😘

  29. missymillie

    What does this song mean?

  30. TraDina Mosley

    Man mali not gettin his air time its crazy they playin bs music but by pass the real talent they are blessing our ears neither of these artists are gettin the recognition smh .. Yall time coming babies

  31. Ezekiel Nabla

    Powerful music there. There is this guy in Africa picking inspiration from Mali...guys u gotta to hear him out ...he is dope
    King eazie

  32. Stanifa Dotson

    Why them robots are in the sky from the ground

  33. Stanifa Dotson

    Y'all better start paying attention

  34. Stanifa Dotson

    Wake up people

  35. Stanifa Dotson

    What's up with all them cranes in Dallas. Is a bird or robot

  36. Marivel Cibrian

    Stuck in your ways stuck in your mind

  37. Fredeline Benn

    going to 2020 with this🎼❤

  38. C J

    Never knew how good this one was!❤💕

  39. J Mason

    Okok I like it

  40. Lino Quijada

    Love this song. I wish this whole vibe would take off ✈️ in 2020



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  43. Christopher Gentry

    The 2nd coming of Wyclef Jean they should collab.

  44. Sophiya .Twyman

    I’m for the first tome reading the comments (I have listened to this plenty times before) and I’m like so confused why people are saying 2019? Because like I found and thought this song came out 2019 but I’m shook to find out it came out in 2016 like omg this song is underrated

  45. Ashley Watkins

    His lips 😍

  46. Aremahs Llah

    If you say it's over I want die people don't have to say it's over they will show you

  47. toomuchfourU

    While i'm irritated that Mali flaked on gospel music. He might be what R&B needs to revive it. That was the coldest Bridge in years. I rewind that part continuously. Jacquees who?

  48. We Game

    Word's and Action's Opposing one another, many relationships are contradictions. Let the words and actions match and compliment each other.

  49. Eliana Yisra’el

    Well, this won’t get old.

  50. Sherrie Jackson

    This me singing to my dreams 😢

  51. Ian Davis made in England

    I just come back for more

  52. Ian Davis made in England

    Nice vibbb

  53. Danreael

    This is my jammmm😍😍😂

  54. Juliana Marcelino Baus

    Gosh he is such a beautiful human being ❤️

  55. identityiskey

    Can I just ask? Where exactly are THESE types of parties anymore? Just so chill. Erry1 dancin'. Direct me to the nearest one!

  56. TooOffensive901

    2.6k people did Die when someone told them it was over... they just manage to hit this Dislike button before the coffin closed 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  57. Trill One


  58. Kimberlyn Love

    October 23/2019🔥🔥🔥🔥

  59. Kimberley Allen

    What a vibe... october 23, 2019

  60. Asia Banks

    Anyone listening in 2020?

  61. Elizabeth Taylor

    2919 listening.. if you say this shit ova I won't die.

  62. George Louis-Jean

    Anybody listening in 2019?

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    Alisa Martin

    Never stopped



  63. S M

    Kamauu's long lost brother...♥️

  64. Pendergrass

    Song a perfect smoke and vibe

  65. sarah light

    Why is your quantum interstellar ship is chaotic? The nine behaves like a unified bee hive, a well coordinated program under your command.The problem is it is getting contradictory orders from you.Since humans behave like multiple ones, the program is having trouble.You have to behave like a one single mind to solve the command issue.It's simple.You are dealing with a machine, yours actually.

  66. Sister Jojo

    I luv dis song if you say that's it's over I won't die I won't die

  67. Jeffery Head


  68. Alyssa Dailey

    Still love💓

  69. Frank Ortiz

    why is this song showing up now?? ...I thought it was a new song ...#2019

  70. Darius Summers

    🍻🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 always gonna be the best I love this collaboration

  71. Marrisa Alexander

    Am in love with this song
    Loving the beat ♥️
    I Didn't die after my last relationship am still here happier than before 🙌

  72. Regine k.

    ITS A VIBE !!!

  73. Damion Kennedy

    Dear ex lol


    I'm super late but I like this song!

  75. Andrea Roblez

    why am I just now finding this 😒

  76. Amanda Moore

    This song is music to my soul

  77. Moranda

    Man wtf where are you dude 🙄

  78. Tanika Etheridge

    Im just hearing this in 2019... and 2.5k DISlikes?!!? Wow... but guess what.. he still got paid. Mali is still that dude and he didn't sell out.

  79. Fern Chase

    This!!! Let's connect for an on-air interview!

  80. mthokozisi khumalo

    Still here....I just come back for more,we will meet again for sho

  81. Naomi 97

    Never gets old ❤️

  82. C. jhae

    "If you say that it's over, I won't die, I'll just come back for more"

    My soul is crying all over again. Man I love this type of music💓

  83. Latoya Stiggers

    Listening in 2019...

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  84. Sébastien Bouquety

    Trop bien..

  85. Renathe Nuuyoma

    Who's here in 2019

  86. Kyng Jay

    Good Vibes!!! Listen to this song, close your eyes and allow yourself to escape this world for 4mins. Great combo, thanks for sharing your gift with us.

  87. kamo PK

    3 years in...I'm still back here for some good soulful music🌻

  88. Enna Thompson

    I love this song so much and its 2019!!

  89. Anonymous

    Man what good song

  90. KevinDreezy

    still rolling in 2019 ❤👊

  91. Brittany Hoyle

    I’m glad I found this in 2019 💕

  92. LaSherra Tyner

    This is the stuff i love mail music

  93. EliteHusky

    Where's my bloody jouth?

  94. Tuxedo Mechanic

    what kind of flag is that?

  95. Deidre Green

    Smoking weed and me having a drink or listening to a nice song bothers you all? I wonder what you think of your ownselves and your actions. Do you all ever think of that? This song is a contradiction. 😅