Mali Music - Betta Lyrics

Time for me to get this straight
So tired of living life the same old way
Trials slowly eating away at me
I need a touch from the Lord today
Oh revival, we must reconcile
I wanna be like Jesus, deliver set free
How can I reach out to someone else?
When I ain't got it together myself
I'm just stuck playing the cards I was dealt
In my heart I'm crying out for help
I'm looking for purity, self control & immunity
Said I wanna be like Jesus, delivered set free

Make me betta than I was before (I was before)
Oh Lord, please start over
Give me those things
I need more of, more of You (more of You)
More of Your love, Your strength, Your mercy (more)
More of Your peace, Lord I need purpose
Betta than I was before, more of You
More of You
Make me betta (Make me betta)
Make me betta (Make me betta)
Make me betta (Make me betta)
I need more of you
Make me betta (Make me betta)
Make me betta (Make me betta)
Make me betta (Make me betta)
I need more of you
Make me betta
Make me betta
Make me betta
My heart belongs to You
Make me betta
Make me betta
Make me betta cause I need more of You
I feel betta, Hey I feel betta
I feel betta, I got more of You
I feel betta
I feel betta
I feel betta now that I have more of You, yea

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Mali Music Betta Comments
  1. Omena Ighovojah

    I still love Mali music 😭😭💜🙏🏾

  2. Priestess Bledsoe

    I absolutely love you, you bring the love and life of Christ in you music.

  3. Tiffany Crockett

    He is a message for the blind and strong in his faith.May God continue to be a blessing with all of his chosen.

  4. Aukevia Wooten

    lord this is my jam

  5. Helen Reed

    I pray for you and that you will continue to speak truths, praise the name of Jesus Christ. That he keep his loving arms of protection around you . Thank you.

  6. Irma Garcia


  7. NathanDaoudouOfficial


  8. Candice McNeill

    got this on repeat

  9. Anita Johnson

    that t-shirt is the bomb, "Ex-doubter". Powerful.

  10. Candace Mullins

    Love ❤️😀🙏🏿

  11. SGutierrezDesimone

    More of you Lord.

  12. China McGee

    Glory to God... he's so transparent here. Bless him Lord.

  13. demis johnn

    Not religious but this song speaks to me on a different level

  14. Tia Burnett

    Food for my Soul..Make me Better!!

  15. Dumusi Chira

    On that repeat button every other day. Very awesome song! I wish it was longer but the message is well delivered.

  16. bheki tshux

    one of my favorite tracks from mali...really hits the core

  17. Steve Boles

    how could this possibly get a single thumbs down .. make me betterrrrrrrrrr this gives me so much joy .

  18. zionleah

    make me better...i feel better

  19. Emory Addison

    Kortney 'Mali' Music you make me betta by sharing your anointed gifts and ministry of music and worship. 🙏🙌🎤🎶🎵🎼

  20. Mr. O M

    is it only me who thinks that this guy better than all...!

    Ms. DeDe

    Mr. O M No your not alone I absolutely believe he is,I love him!

  21. RamonaB1 RamonaB1

    Make me BETTA LORD. I need more of you.....

  22. donald bakeer

    Great song!!!! current situation......Getting back on track.....Great song....

  23. Rochelle Cheatham

    God will send you the desires of your heart if hasn't already 2016 I'm praying warriors prayer that you don't have to go through that again to God be the glory

  24. Kcir Snewo

    how can I reach out to someone else when I ain't it got it together myself I'm just stuck playing the cards I was dealt in my heart I am crying out for help

    julian wilkerson

    Since Jesus went through everything you’re going through and more, learn to think like him. Think of your sufferings as a weaning from that old sinful habit of always expecting to get your own way. Then you’ll be able to live out your days free to pursue what God wants instead of being tyrannized by what you want.
    1 Peter 4:1‭-‬2 MSG

    The Singing Prophetess

    Jesus is on his way back,,, hang on just a little while longer,, you are almost a t the finish line

  25. PaTrishaElle

    Mali Music you are so gifted.  Can't stop listening to you.  Way to bring glory to God with your gift. God Bless!

  26. Leonarda Pritchard

    I love mali music and this song I would love to sing with him one day !

    KAMARION Bankz

    Leonarda Pritchard same here

  27. Famous Kevy & Lottie

    I absolutely love Mali music .. favorite gospel artist

    Zariah Angel 20

    Famous Kevy & Lottie same


    love love love Mali Music ...absolutely smitten!

  29. Iam Cesi


  30. Barrett Seales

    I love music. Particularly hip hop. This is the best song of all time

  31. maranda parris

    may god continue to richly blessed you i feel so blessed every time i listen to these music u sign .god bless..

  32. Ro Steve

    I can't stop playing this...Love love love it!!

  33. Nikitha Simpson

    I Love all his songs 😁

  34. Derek Williams

    I love this song

  35. woodrow wilson

    that's what Up

  36. Steven F

    Hurting so deeply because my fiancée left me after 6 years.. Thank you Lord for such beautiful music from heaven, this truly uplifts my spirit and helps with the pain. God bless you Mali.

    Mia Sherles

    Wow, i was inspired by this. Blessings on you Theresa and Steven.

    jordon porter

    me too :)

    James Parker

    Steven Orozco feel better my friend, better days ahead

    Mel W

    Steven Orozco keep trusting Yah for healing of your heart.

  37. Miyon Bethea

    Love this guy!! His Voice is truly amazing...

  38. Sherman Livingston

    Cant believe im just now hearing this...

  39. Amber Fuller

    love it...thanks!

  40. Amanda Rivera

    Yessss Amen.... Love this song

  41. Britt Harmon

    This is the best song ever

  42. A Ngel Aol

    @Mercedes Lee Jeff Mims

  43. C JAMES

    Thanks Mali. Love this song. Striving to be better daily.

  44. matthew harris

    i got to meat him he souns good

  45. Michell Centeno

    This song takes me to an awesome place of worship... Make me better Lord, I need more of you...

  46. R L

    I turned my life around because of your music God bless you brother.. keep saving souls.. Amen.


    Awesome! To God be the Glory! God Bless you!


    LEE G amen my brother

    Stephanie Clark

    R L to God be the glory

    Joseph Okoth Okumu

    R L Amen

  47. Abigail Kolare

    Love it...Love it...Love it...We all should be striving to be more and more like Jesus...the bible says we should be His imitators...

  48. Dancing With Destiny

    UMM... WTF. This woke me up for a few years, this beat. Son-ion, Soul's-ION, Balance is Purity, trend setter for what you WE'RE before.

  49. Monique Henley

    My my my goodness the Lord 
    Is good this song this brother I am in awe 

  50. Georgia Prather

    This song is amazing if you listen to the words you will understand the songs meaning.

  51. Mercedes Lee

    i just love Mali's sound! does anyone know any young gospel artist that are similar? 

    Mercedes Lee

    @Destiny Swaby check out Christon Gray

    Eboni Worsley

    Brand Nu Brandon Sims, Detrick Haddon, Beckah Shea, LeCrea, S.O.C., J Moss, Kiki Sheard....

    John Burks

    young gospel artist that are similar? Check out Thomas Clay on my playlist

    Queenof TheNile

    Calledout Music and Leke are also wonderful artists as well as Lecrae.

  52. Vida Mia

    More of You JESUS and less of me 🙏

  53. Sofia Cadena

    More of you Lord

  54. mirah kozart

    his voice is unique and so is his music love u keep making music it inspires me aot

  55. Tiara Vaughn

    Love this song so much 🙌😊😘

  56. nancy bess

    amazing song

  57. Felicia Mac

    Love this song!!

  58. Shae G

    I think I have listened to this song about 20 times now... singing~ make me betterrrrr

  59. Mimi Grimes

    Love this song.....

  60. Tallbut Sassy

    I always like it when God steps in my life. Everything's totally different & I can't never get enough of his glory. Praise be to God.

    Heather Avant

    Tallbut Sassy you messed up there pal. Take out the double negatives and read that again.

  61. Emmanuel St.louis

    only if it was longer. great song Mali

  62. The Divine Hostess

    This song is so soothing... <3

  63. Donna B.

    love love love this song, thanks for sharing. :-) i need a touch...make me better....

  64. holy Girl

    Great song, very anointed! I can tell God is in it.

  65. holy Girl

    I need more of Jesus!

  66. Tyshae Bizzell



    Hallelujah, check out my videos for more good Jesus Music.

  68. Temzii

    Self control and immunity

  69. Takiyah Eady

    (Hands lifted) Yes Jesus!

  70. Zwelibanzi Sibisi

    "Revival...! We must Reconcile...!" Mxm this song is on point!

  71. Vessel4ChristJesus

    this song touches my heart every time I hear it! all I can say is the Lord is good in Jesus name. powerful!!!!!

  72. Brittany McNeil

    Everyday I ask God to make me better

  73. Jelzie Parson

    Amazing! :-)

  74. Sakira Manley

    I feel better each time I listen to this song because I know that God is making me better each and everyday, no I'm not perfect but I do my best to correct where I am wrong and I'm trying my best to be better in God's eyes.

  75. evagloria ochola

    Every morning prayer that the Lors makes me better


    Amen i love this song a great deal may Yehshua bless you brothers and sisters. "Habba Baruch B'Shem Adonai" Shalom

  77. shirley holmes

    wow!!!!so beautiful and captivating.I bet God loves it.

  78. RIFICA777

    Relaxation Music

  79. montie

    i wanna be like jesus deliver set free <3

  80. jaidablackbuttafly


  81. jaidablackbuttafly

    yes suh

  82. Jess Green

    I didn't even notice on the video, because I play it in the background while I work, that it's from a mixtape called the come up... and the title of the song is just "betta" not "make me betta". I got it now.

  83. Carol Kalonji


  84. Jess Green

    for real where can u download this? ive been looking for this like a crazy person

  85. Quiana Young

    This song is awesome!

  86. Racheal Olaitan

    I love this! ♥

  87. tlburks44

    I never truly listen to gospel much but good lord this one sat me down & spoke to me with all that we go through as people we got to continue to grow towards being better for sure! Every breath is truly our blessing make the best of them & get better! Appreciated stumbling across this today indeed

  88. tlburks44

    Truly creative & inspiring !!

  89. Jennifer White


  90. Raekwon Cameron

    We all need a Touch From Jesus.... So We Can Reach Out to People

  91. charles chatman

    Great song!! Ministering directly to my spirit!!

  92. Stephanie Nelson


  93. BeUnique

    Beautiful Music, The words are so real.

  94. Da Rough Promotions, Inc.

    ♪♬♩#NP @MaliMusic - "Make Me Better" via @DaRoughTV ♪♬♩#Worship

  95. tendai miti


  96. Joe Bidden

    Where can I download this?