Mali Music - Avaylable Lyrics

So many time in my life
Have I tried to do it all by myself
But after numerous failures I realized
That the glory is due to God and no one else
I was runnin to and fro tryna make things happen
(slow down)
That's what I'd hear Him say but it ain't until something bad happens
(that turned my life upside down)
Or will I give up Jesus
It's all in your hands now Father
Do what you will with me, have your way
(have your way)

Lord please keep me in your will
Lord help me to be still
I just wanna be avaylable to you
I will do whatever you
You instruct me to do
I just wanna be avaylable to you

Not once, not twice, not three times
Have I dropped the ball when it was on the line
But please believe the last time was the last time
Cuz I'm gonna let your will be done and not mine
(not mine)
Things have gotten better, the sun's a little brighter
And since I cast my cares on you I'll feel a little lighter
Now I can hold my head high, stick my chest out
Because your will will surely be carried out
(no doubt about it)

Lord please keep me in your will
Lord help me to be still
I just wanna be avaylable to you
I will do whatever you
You instruct me to do
I just wanna be avaylable to you

I won't move, I'll wait
(I'll sit here and I'll wait)
Until you show me the way
(lead me in the right direction)
The safest place
(it's in the will of God)
Patiently I'll wait

Lord please keep me in your will
Lord help me to be still
I just wanna be avaylable to you
I will do whatever you
You instruct me to do
I just wanna be avaylable to you

[repeat x3]


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Mali Music Avaylable Comments
  1. Donte' Clark

    please, keep me in your will‼️

  2. Jacaria Jones

    I get goosebumps every time I hear his runs ❤️ Love it !!

  3. DrinkMoWater

    Good throwback tunes but very meaningful .. your Will be done!

  4. Prophetess Anderson

    Love it😂😂😂😂

  5. Notisha Rose

    After numerous failures I realized that the glory is to God and no one else.

  6. lozzymagoo

    I Love Mali. Play him in the house all the time. I love 'conqueror'  :-)

  7. Kcir Snewo

    I just want to be available to You oh Lord

    ramone johnson

    Kcir Snewo shalom brother. You keep the commandments as Christ and teach others to do the same.

  8. DeVonne Peeples

    Love This guy and hi style of music

  9. r juniel

    I'm late too. Hadn't heard of Mali until a couple of months ago. He is soooo awesome! Absolutely love his music ministry!!!!!!! Anointed....powerful...weighty...full of substance in the LORD! Continue on in the LORD, Mali

  10. princeflint kevin

    i love every bit and giga of this track.... its speeds through ma spine like fire.... *******

    Patricia Harris Jenkins

    lv the way u reference ur feelings about MM's music...affective on the spirit

  11. Dian Mc Donald

    not only is the lyrics great but it do have a semi Reggae beat im from the land of reggae so it hit the spot i do my work out to it creating my own dance moves  

  12. G.T. G 1

    Ok, I like this one too.... Okay, I lied, I LIKE ALL OF 'EM!! sangggg   BBBBozzz-Boz!!

  13. Mz. Mocha


    Mz. Mocha

    Im not sure. ...

  14. Prince Nii Ayi Armah-Quaye

    i wanting on you LORD

    Bryan Diaz

    Keep hungering,you shall be filled . I'm hungering for more of God myself and I'm finding him.

  15. Ronald Williams

    I liked the arrangement he did with that band in London better. With the beginning chord and that bass run. Created a whole different mood

    Nerissa Williams

    As long as the message was gotten across. Thats all that matters. Amen!

  16. Terrance McClendon

    I really love this song so touching and smooth

  17. Delouse Calixte

    Just touchein song

  18. shelley harris

    Love all of these songs Mali Music Brother love u

  19. Lettie Rodgers

    My prayer daily is to please God. The perfect song of prayer for my heart desire.

  20. Mya B.

    Things have gotten betta, the sun is a little brighta... brighta #glory #hallelujah #favpart

  21. callicco

    jah know seh da yout yah dee inna de ting..................... please Keep me in your will Jesus

  22. Faith Branch

    I like this song i heard the one in Alaska too.

  23. laniece cole

    His runs are out of this world I love it

  24. Yaaa

    Hahaa, zeen! Trueeeeeeeeeee ting yaa!!!!

  25. dionna247

    i so feel you on that!

  26. oluwatomisin otusanya

    this song is a inspires me to do more for God

  27. Shan Russell

    Goooood song!!!!

  28. jamrockkid211

    heard the acoustic version loved it, and now
    i'm loving the finished product!

  29. Sandra Zellars

    I love this song!

  30. MissBlovinChrist

    love the song the acoustic version better tho

  31. Katelyn Chambers

    Amazing in every way... I think i might do a cover to this <3

  32. Chrissy Baby

    Mali You are Annionted..........!! Unique Voice

  33. Peter Scott

    3:18 LOL!!!!!!!

  34. La'Dreama Hill

    Mali Music music has really touch my heart! Keep up the good work!!! LOVE IT!! God Bless!!!

  35. Charles Tolliver

    love the song but I like the acoustic one better!

  36. Emaneul C Harris Jr

    I really. Can relat to this song

  37. Mommy & Three


  38. purplepeachaz


  39. sakazakijin

    This came highly recommended. Very nice.

  40. Kwame Cudjoe

    Gospel soul, but this guy is.really fresh. May God keep him and his music.

  41. Kayla Harper

    can someone please post Nu Creature!!!!!! please pleaseeee :)))))

  42. Khensu Neferhetep

    this guy is fresh

  43. Samuel - Mr SKY

    1. Love God with all...

  44. Brielle Starre Tv

    i love Mali #StraightUp

  45. Maurice J Pollock

    Songs like this to relate to keeps the body reminded.

  46. Jasmine W


  47. GodAngel2009

    Blessed! Lord, keep me in your will...I just want to be available to You!

  48. Cicily Howard

    GOD I am so grateful that you lead me to MALI MUSIC!!!!!!!!!

  49. Day Hart

    Can anyone post Nu Creature??????????? Plz plz

  50. Tranisha Brown

    Loovvveeee this sooooonnnngggggg!!!!!

  51. lingay1070

    Love this song!!!

  52. cecile liga

    I LOVEEEE!!!!!!
    This guy is soo anointed and i believe God will continue using him!

  53. James Harouff

    Nothin like it!

  54. abaccous

    Beautiful music :).... so uplifting

  55. Adams Durhams

    simply beautiful......

  56. cecile liga

    This song is Amazing!!!! #GloryToGod

  57. Mikala Rich

    Beautiful!!! =)

  58. Divine AmongstUs

    final.. i cant find this song anywhere with out all the background noise or bad visual thanx bro...

  59. AngelaCam

    LOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV..need I say more! Mali are off da charts literally. God has yo u on a high! lol a good one! His high that he desires all his children to be at!

  60. Shekayla Blaze

    Just Love it... Christians we should always make ourselves avalibe to God, we are hear for a reason.. lean not on your own understandings. God's way.. always..!!! =]

  61. FollowHim2Lyfe

    I love the acoustic version he did of this. great song.

  62. Tyrone Parham


  63. Tauriana Jackson

    why is it spelled like that?