Makari - Transient Lyrics

Patient, I lay on the pavement and watch as the clouds sigh
Like silver lungs
Vacant, I wait in my basement, avoiding the sunlight
'Til I feel numb

I'm fading with the daylight to skies of grey
I'm waiting on the cosmos to call my name
And someday it will
Oh, someday it will
I'm sick of writing sad songs to hide my shame
Cause I need more than drugs to escape my pain
But someday I will
Oh, someday I will

Hopeless, I long for a moment of peace in my own mind
It never comes
Focused on thoughts never spoken to share at the right time
Or not at all

I'm fading with the daylight to skies of grey
I'm waiting on the cosmos to call my name
And someday it will
Oh, someday it will
I'm sick of writing sad songs to hide my shame
Cause I need more than drugs to escape my pain
But someday I will
Oh, someday I will

When there is nothing else, we must remind ourselves
That life is transient, to breathe the ambience
So when we reach the end, do we wake up again?
And if I say my prayers, will you be waiting there?

I'm fading with the daylight to skies of grey
I'm waiting on the cosmos to call my name
And someday it will
Oh, someday it will
I'm sick of writing sad songs to hide my shame
Cause I need more than drugs to escape my pain
But someday I will
Oh, someday I will

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Makari Transient Comments
  1. Castel Tv

    Shoutout all the other band members too


    Spotify finally recommended good music!

  3. Bruno Freitas

    Thank you Spotify for showing me this band this weekend. I'm already in love with this amazing voice

  4. Zachary Johnson

    Yo shoutout to invogue giving the smaller known new bands a chance. Btw andy, here from your "Speak to me softly" cover. Great vocalist. Shoutout to the rest of the band too. Keep it up 🤘🤘

  5. Allie Jayne

    I never thought I would see the day.. I found my favorite song.

  6. Roger Whitaker

    What an amazing song!

  7. ShadeMedia

    these dudes are so underrated
    this is straight fire

  8. leggo MYEGGO

    Believe it or not im a fifth grader and my name is MA-car-ee how u say it but its spelled like makari so

  9. Toms Alcore


  10. Kushirø

    this isn't a song... this is a feeling

  11. Josué Jaime

    What are they saying in the background from 3:48 till the end ?

  12. Justin Bowen

    Just realized this is Andy lol

  13. Makari Smith

    How did I not know myself till now

  14. MCmaker

    Man, at 2:50-3:20 is just fucking beautiful

  15. lol Kari

    Sub to me

  16. lol Kari

    My name is Makari

  17. bayskiff90

    Its a shame all makaru songs arent as good as this

  18. Vincent Roca

    Does this guy at least know how to scream ?


    He has a decent singing voice, but he's for sure no Chris Barretto

    Vincent Roca

    Yeah right. In wondering how is he gonna do the screaming parts in monuments

  19. JG Valid


  20. Iggy

    This song has been a big crutch for me after losing my mother in October. Forever grateful for Makari saving my life when I wanted to give up.

    DCStar 77

    I too lost my Mom in October... 29th...I too am trying to claw my way out...The battle to find the smallest of hopes in a casm of despair takes the grandest of feats!

  21. Jesus Obeso

    Shit fucks


    മലയാളീസ് ഇവടെ കമോണ്
    Love from kerala india

  23. Robin GooD



    disfrútalo Sub- español gracias por escuchar <3

    Matthew Beljan

    EFESO LOVE METAL gracias para traduciendola :)

  25. Tricky Ending

    My god, the note at 3:20. ggwp. Andy. gg

  26. Majoras Love

    This band was awesome when it had the first vocalist, now this band is just crap. That’s just my opinion don’t let my opinion ruin your chance to love this band. I just prefer the old vocalist but hey stuff comes up

  27. David Roe

    I came here from his vocal cover channel, and i gotta say i feel let down seeing hes in something so poppy

  28. Chase Ragland

    Happened to run across this on Spotify. Best accident I've had in recent memory

  29. Matthew Cross

    This song is like if Explosions in the sky and Dance Gavin Dance collaborated together to make a song. This is well written and thoughtful. It's deep and has soul. The power behind Andy's vocals is insane. This is the catchiest music I have ever heard. Fantastic job. More music like this in 2019 please.

  30. Matthew Cross

    I'm glad to see Andy made it. God damn that boy can fucking sing.

  31. Ria Tan

    Go go flying higher 🤘🏻

  32. ItsJustMilo

    Dance Gavin Dance and Makari, these two are the equivalent of perfection.

  33. John Urquidez

    What a magical fucking band. Their songs make my soul feel fuzzy. It's so weird but so amazing.

  34. Justin Botta

    Go Andy! Killing it

  35. bayskiff90

    Neat sound

  36. Neil Jhurilal

    Who hurt you Andy I will beat the shit out of them

  37. Shaker 74


  38. Aaron Brz

    I'm dying with this music... Its focking beautiful

  39. GigAkuma

    Apparently, at the time I am viewing this there are 35 morons with no taste in music who disliked this song

  40. Xergius

    So, I first clicked on the singer's channel because of his cover of dance Gavin dance, saw that he had a link to his "band". Clicked the link thinking this is just another crappy garage band that has no real depth, I am shocked to actually find a band that sounds awesome! you guys are legit! I'm surprised you are not more popular, great hooks, great emotion and feel. I hope to hear more, keep it up!!!

  41. Gin_N_Jugo

    Seen these guys live Monday here in Houston. Sounds even better Live

  42. Carlos Ferreira

    brilliant music!!🎶🎙️

  43. Julian Barriga

    Jesus Christ, the lyrics man... 👌🔥🔥🔥

  44. Nicoll Muller

    Andy you have a miracle voice, fallen in love with the lyrics of this guys are amazing really you are. Please keep it up you have an amazing voice I just can't get over it...well done




    good men good !!

  47. Xerxes

    Didn't knew Andrew Garfield is such an amazing singer, lel.


    bet he's never heard that one before, lel.


    @AmySugaski lel


    I Love so much this guitar player!

  49. Eterniti C.

    This is not the song I was looking for in the slightest, but I am deeply appreciative of the mistake. This song is great!

  50. Mcmuffin

    This band deserves millions of views and dollars. Andy is a God

  51. Shane Howell


  52. cancer

    Love u guys

  53. Char Char B.

    Spotify discover weekly brought me here. And im glad it did.

  54. It's Shelton

    Clicked bc I saw ANDY 🔥

  55. Whyman1993

    Andy’s potential is wasted in this band 😕 this music is pretty easy and safe... hope it goes some where for him but his metal stuff is better


    pretty sure if he wanted to do metal stuff he'd have taken that route instead of this one.

  56. pablo hernandez

    esta es una banda que marco mi vida

  57. Derek Hubler

    I am so happy someone picked Andy up. The music and atmosphere suits him well. Killer band :)

  58. ghostly drifter

    I’m a new fan and damn they are good. I can’t wait for them to blossom into wild flowers.

  59. Chris Brown

    Um... Why are you using my name ???? COPYRIGHT DONT USE MY NAMEEEEEE

  60. Andrew Edward

    next saosin

  61. Brian Cartagena

    yo, no homo but this dude handsome af

  62. Stage 4

    This song sticks with me very personally. At this current moment in my life, I am going through some mental trauma in my family that is too personal to talk about. But the message of this song is that life will get better, but you need to give it the chance to thrive, just like a flower. It will get better.

    Someday it will.

    DCStar 77

    My prayers are with you...🙏... I feel you.. Just know that...

  63. Venkatesh K

    fuckinn greeeeaaaat :)

  64. Garden Choi

    goosebump... respect!

  65. cam201040

    Glad he quit those Amazing Spiderman movies, this is much better.

  66. asta man

    He's actor The amazing spiderman??

  67. Tyrone Rivera

    Didn't know andrew garfield was in a band but his voice is great!

  68. Gamekeeper

    Love andy's singing, tho i hope they can also get some funk in the songs.

  69. Deejay Dynamic

    So happy i found this!💜

  70. beltstrain94 _

    Yessssssssssss pour it all over my soul please

  71. Tokio Alive

    Seeking for some post malone metal cover i saw ANdy kuz, then, invogue records and now makari, i guess i had luck 3 times ! Good music, keep the good work

  72. Valentiinz

    new born king, Makari

  73. Y Evil

    Brendon urie new line up. 😂 Just kidding.

  74. Scott Hamby

    This is a much better fit for Andy's voice. Solid band and solid vocals

  75. CaliberTV

    Constantly on repeat 🔥


    CaliberTV we’d love to work with you one day 🙌

  76. just browsing

    I was just browsing around and found the Sumerian audtion, and led to this. I am officially in love with Andy's voice. Please, sing me to sleep 😍

    Mathew Cantu

    just browsing it honestly is volumes biggest lost

  77. Patrick Bateman

    Favorite album by my new favorite band. Whole album is good. Love it.

  78. King Dozer

    Good job Andy!!! You’re the best!!

  79. jumpsuit boy

    This man's voice 👌

  80. Matt Green

    Such a chorus!!

  81. Matthew Bless

    So happy he changed his vocal style, still a fan of wvnder but this is something on God tier status

  82. Omar Oyola

    Damn...great song

  83. Ghosts Graves

    holy shit.

  84. Jade Fatale

    I can't wait for the stripped down version

  85. Derrick sremog

    This speaks to my beaten and battered soul.

  86. MeeeVsWeee

    how many listens should i expect to give this before i start seeing noticeable changes in my skin tone?

  87. nakedsingularity

    The first band that made my skin goose bumpy was Dance Gavin Dance. I found them half a year ago and since then I couldn't find any bands that touched my heart. I discovered awesome guys like This Town Needs Guns and similar math rock bands, they were good, but they didn't touch me as much as DGD did. And now I saw Makari's profile in Tim Feerick's instagram (bassist of dgd), and checked you guys out. And oh boy, your voice touched my heart so much I nearly cried, no kidding. I recognized your voice, but I wasn't quite into it before. After 1:16 you're my favorite vocalist. Voice of a fucking angel.

    Music is perfect too, especially for andy's voice. Love you guys so much.

    Mathew Cantu

    nakedsingularity you should check out the covers he did on his YouTube page of dance

  88. Flavio Mendieta

    the intro...

  89. Grey Sinclaire

    Brendon Urie + Andrew Garfield = Andy Cizek

    Jhan Gaviria

    I think he looks more like Joe Keery than Andrew Garfield

    Martin Hernandez

    I was literally just now thinking of how to describe this guy and came up with exactly this lol.

    Shommya Dip

    +Mitch Lucker in death metal

    Taylor Stahnke

    His spidey senses are singaling

  90. Oh its Mike

    Oh this album is an instant buy for sure.  Andy is just so fucking great.

  91. OmegaCyde

    Definitely my favorite song right now

  92. Simon Silence

    nik bring me here


    suddenly i love this band, and because of your voice too Andy.
    I'll waiting for you in Indonesia!

  94. edu thomas oliver

    Andy king clean vocals 👨🏻‍🎤

  95. edu thomas oliver

    I love song

  96. Jametolol



    I swear, Andy is the new Chester Bennington!

  98. Josiah Stringer

    Why does the singer look like Bobby Lynge from FFAK