Makari - Hyperreal Lyrics

A stretch of road, a strip of film
A car that goes wherever it will
With the windows down, you know the drill

And every scene's a different place
Every minute's a mile I embrace
'Cause I would go anywhere
As long as it means your face pressed to the glass
Of the car I'm driving way too fast
Towards neon cities, shining so pretty

I watch the tape, I press rewind
Cut out the parts where we're not doing fine
So we stay pretty, so you still love me

I wanna be back in your atmosphere
Lay on my back 'til the feeling's hyperreal
And my lungs begin to heal
I wanna take back all the things I said
Subvert the actors and actresses
Make my life a movie where you're the highlight reel

The moon's a stone, I've seen it up close
You keep it in a jar
The car careens, we stay in place
Every minute's a knot that you unlace
Cause I would go anywhere
As long as it means my face pressed to the glass
Of the car you're driving way too fast
Towards neon nothing, just to feel something

I wanna be back in your atmosphere
Lay on my back 'til the feeling's hyperreal
And my lungs begin to heal
I wanna take back all the things I said
Subvert the actors and actresses
Make my life a movie where you're the highlight reel

We blur past everything
I zoom in on your crooked smile
We blur past everything
I wanna stay inside your head for a little while longer

It's the scene when the wind and I play with your hair
It's the part when the tape ends and you are no longer there

I wanna be back in your atmosphere
Lay on my back 'til the feeling's hyperreal
And my lungs begin to heal
I wanna take back all the things I said
Subvert the actors and actresses
Make my life a movie where you're the highlight reel

We blur past everything
I wanna stay inside your head for a little while longer

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Makari Hyperreal Comments
  1. Edwin Romero

    People are missing out

  2. Ana Fillyaw

    I just found this band through Andy's channel. I love the chill/happy vibe of your music. Can't wait to see you guys in November!

  3. Paynis

    A complete rip off of Miss Fortune.

  4. Diego Gonz

    Tan buena? Y poco conocida?:(

    Matias Benitez

    La verdad.

  5. Julian Baldovino

    I watched the video because there was Andy. Incredible voice and band. MAKARI DJENT

  6. Julian Baldovino


  7. bayskiff90

    Sounds like a Bad Suns songs.....

  8. ThePloofyness

    this song makes me a special kind of sad

  9. Joshua Brenton

    Agreed, they should be soaring with popularity, fucking amazing music. And, this is coming from a black metal and like heavy ass metalcore fan. I don't often like girlie sounding stuff like this but I equate this to Incubus in their prime or a better version of early Panic, which is a good thing. Could def jam this by myself, then switch it up to some brutal ass metal or rap, as like a glue to mellow me out.

  10. דוד מרדכי שלזינגר

    Imagine dragons are undefinable? Nah. *this* is undefinable.

  11. Patricia Ayres

    Thrilled these guys are living their dream.

  12. Mitchell Timmermans

    99,999th viewer, time for this video to hit 100,000!

  13. CBR_Jay

    If Andrew Garfield and Anakin Skywalker Gad a child, he’d look like Andy.

  14. Adrian Moreno

    The singer is really damn good but Spencer Pearson is godly compared to this new guy

  15. Trapstur

    Why is this band so underrated??

  16. Berenice McBride

    Everything about this is great. I love the look of the model you chose for the video. Natural beauty! Everyone looks great. 🥰

  17. Vivi Strawberry

    Meu amor por essa música só cresce a cada mês ❤❤❤😍

  18. War Machine

    sounds like Dance Gavin Dance. but with a different vocalist :)

  19. Anxo


  20. Luis

    Aí canta em

  21. Aaron Brz

    Ustedes son verdaderos artistas y el que diga lo contrario nos partimos la madre... Apenas hoy los estoy escuchando y todas me gustan, TODAS

  22. jtb5226

    this song is awesome!

  23. Xergius

    i am so impressed with you guys, I cant belive how great your songs are, seriously legit! i've listened 4 of your songs non-stop for the past week. please keep it up!!!

  24. JaBoiGerald

    Tell me if I "overhyped" This. Trust me, this shit is fucking fire.

  25. Julian Barriga

    I cant explain how much i love your music just found this through andy's YouTube channel.

  26. Random Dude

    This was published exactly one year after Chester Bennington's suicide.

  27. Ivan Giannini Channel



    Great guitar player!

  29. cancer

    Deja food

  30. cancer

    You're amazing Andy

  31. Jameel Almoradi

    This song is very relevant to life at the moment

  32. ghostly drifter


  33. Dylan Taylor

    People talk about the new vocalist a lot ... I think Weird Al could sing for Makari and they'd still be amazing. The band behind the vocalist is ridiculously good.

  34. Matt James

    Need this album

  35. Kai Widman

    What are some more bands like this?

  36. William Torres

    Compare the old singer with Andy.

    I think they're both amazing, and I love this band, but I have mixed feelings about him singing for them.

  37. Rustlin JIMMIES

    your friendly neighborhood musician?

  38. matthew jimenez

    Never heard of this band, but I'm glad I stumbled up on them! So catchy!!🤘😍

  39. Indie Indie

    very good band

  40. CaliberTV

    This album is perfect 👌🏻

  41. DonderoA7

    This is one of my favorite choruses from any song I've heard in a long time. This is probably my favorite song by you guys as well. Whole album was super fuckin good though, keep it up.

  42. Eugenio Sanchez

    "I wanna be back in your atmosphere" gets me everytime! ❤ can't wait to see you guys live!!

  43. Sasha GarVal

    Me encanta!! 💕💕💕

  44. Sean

    this song is incredible

  45. Paul Romero

    Yo. That singer does vocal covers...right?
    Is that why I recognize him? Lol


    Paul Romero yuup

  46. Emai Ballan

    cosmic groove 😎🤟🏾

  47. Jonathan Calix

    Who knew Andrew Garfield had such a voice 😂👌🏻

  48. Nolie Kristoffer Bongcas Gabia

    Is this the guy who did covers with Nik Nocturnal?

  49. Troy Azzopardi

    Who new Andrew Garfield was such a good singer?

  50. Deep_Freeze_DF

    Can anyone suggest other similar bands to this beautiful team!? Alt/Prog/Melodic stuff....thanks in advance <3


    picturesque maybe


    NuclearSodomy also miss fortune

    Jordan Galvis

    Slaves is good as well. I consider them more melodic than most. Beautiful Death is by far one of my fav albums


    Secret & Whisper

  51. Pit Human

    To the Band- Haha Nice! Wobbled your head a little more violently near the end, but nice song!

    To Isabella- “p.s. you look funny in those glasses” 🙃

  52. Joker

    You guys sound lovely

  53. Dexisnotsexy

    Siiick so glad this came on an ad 🔥🔥🔥

  54. Resultsmayvary7

    The new song from your new album sounds incredible guys. I am buying your album, to support quality music. Cheers from Daniel in Sweden.

  55. Wildan Syahidillah

    What a masterpiece this song is


    WOW! just found u guys from a targeted ad before a Burden of a Day music video and im very rarely surprised and inspired! well done!

    Xavier Weathington

    LIFTING THE VEIL I discovered then the same way this morning

  57. Shawn Dennis

    Disappointing to see them have so few views

    Sean Rho

    It's such an amazing song, it deserves so much more attention

  58. BulkBrandon78

    I've been following Andy for many many years when I stumbled upon him on YouTube doing covers when he had a mop on his head, but man is it rewarding to see him following his dreams and slaying them! We believe in you buddy, keep doing you man!

  59. Baby Wilson

    Finally 🙋‍♀️some good solid music 🎶

  60. Catlin Herd

    Solid. Really like this one man. Can't wait to hear more.

  61. Vivi Strawberry

    Já amo demais ❤❤😍 /Brasil

  62. midnight coast

    Great song!!!!

  63. Dylan Wallace

    Yuh ur boi cizerk

  64. BudzzLightYear

    Instant fucking classic!💯
    this is glorious 🔥🤯
    Who was here before a million views?!

  65. Robert Stack

    Can't wait for this album. This song is amazing!!

  66. Mike Evans

    This is awesome! Big band, big vocals

  67. ab092566

    Holy shit snacks this is good!

  68. Byron Terrill

    this is how you crash .. he better watch the road ....js dude

  69. Dany Gennin

    Miss Fortune?


    THANK YOU. I felt like I was the only one who heard the resemblance.


    Dany Gennin I can get behind this, but I feel like that Makari does this sound better

    Dristan Yap

    @ronnie93 i like miss fortune but Makari > Miss Fortune

  70. RenatoFr25

    Great song!

  71. AfroShark

    You guys are too great to be a human

  72. Zenn ΛЛТł•MΛТТΞЯ

    O makari , NICE Chilling.. I close my eyes listening to him, and I dream beautifully in the forest beautiful and fresh clean

  73. Ship For Hopeless

    Quality stuff right there. Can’t wait for the full experience.

  74. Light Yagami

    Album comes out on my birthday, what a present

  75. Nik Tackett

    So god damn perfect jesus christ

  76. Myotic Tesseract

    I swear, I can't take my eyes off of Andy's mouth. I have very mixed feelings about it xD

  77. Myotic Tesseract

    I like how parts of this remind me of Dance Gavin Dance a bit, mainly the guitar. Andy's bringing some great stuff to the band and I love it.

    Strabby Crabby

    that's exactly what I'm thinking!
    and also Good Tiger

  78. Angel Grimaldos Gamero

    Andy, This is your best until nos, for me... but where are the ultra-high-notes? And your amazing scream?. I think, maybe you can do a cover in your personal channel

    Myotic Tesseract

    This music isn't fit for screaming, imho. Too chill. I think he did fantastic anyways.

    Angel Grimaldos Gamero

    Myotic Tesseract and that's why I would like to hear screams in this (like a lot of Dance Gavin Dance songs)

    Matthew Boese

    I would like about a quarter of the album to be screaming, just to show off Andy's full range, but if not, oh well, they have crushed it with each new song.


    I think it sounds good without the screams. Reminds me of something a bit more laid back, to fit the music. If they had a bit more of that eccentricity to their playing like DGD does I would be all over some screams.

  79. Syke Throne


  80. Matt Greiber

    This song makes me want to cry. Can't wait for the album!

  81. Aaron Brenckman

    Man, Spiderman can sing!

  82. Reynold Castillo

    Damn andy! You're on fire! 🔥

  83. Armando Arrojo

    10/10 song

  84. Red Martin


  85. Bas Ratering

    Hope this album will be groundbreaking for you guys, this stuff is just amazing. Looking forward to the album and hopefully see you sometime soon in Europe!


    Thank you Bas, hopefully we're able to make it out that way eventually!

  86. Duncan Hutcheson

    Really strong musicianship and lyrics. New vocalist is clearly a very good fit. Interested to hear the new album


    He sang the Elegies EP better than the original vocalist when I saw them live a couple months ago. Dude can hit every single note and is an amazing frontman.

  87. JN Perez

    So hyped for the album!

  88. #JACKAL R6

    I Like 😍😎

  89. Marshall Hanson

    Andy looks like he's about to die of ligma

  90. theonebuckethead

    This is so good, more material like this and they'll be one of my favorites

  91. Not Pascal

    So fresh! Love it.

  92. Nik Nocturnal

    Kill it brotha <3

    Andy Cizek

    Thanks brotha!!


    thanks for the highlight, I wanna buy the CD now !


    Nik, thanks for making a reaction for this song. Loving the band since the day you uploaded the reaction video. <3

  93. Adam Barkley Music

    Love This. So refreshing. Makari hit the jackpot when Andy joined.

    Felix Asfvbgiaegh

    They sure did. He is soo talented and compliments the band really well

  94. Tyler Beaty

    Andy is such a fucking beast in everything he does.

  95. harley robinson

    well done!

  96. FlyingJustToFall

    can rly hear the DGD influence and it sounds fcking awesome

  97. Volution Apparel

    Spit in my mouth Andy.

    Tim Lundqvist

    Damn dude =)=)

    Jeremiah Sanchez

    Rui Carneiro whooooooaaaaa I’ll watch

    Rustlin JIMMIES

    everyone in this chat needs to reign it in.

    Zak Ream


  98. ShatroFTW

    Well, this was simply incredible. Looking forward to the new album!