Makari - Doses Lyrics

It stared again, without a map we lost all our clothes
Our boots dripped the earth, the air smelt of cloves
We came across a fountain and in it bathed a bird
I watched him start to speak his words

"You two are surely lost, this is not a fever dream
Your hearts are buried deep in the permafrost."

The creature was a pelican, but wasn't colored white
A false alarm in a coal mine
He made me believe that we hadn't given each other our hearts
You stole mine

"You two are surely lost, this is not a fever dream
Your hearts are buried deep in the permafrost."
Of this, I'm sure it said we'd find a way
Someone help me out

"You two are surely lost, this is not a fever dream
Your hearts are buried deep in the permafrost."
Of this, I'm sure it said we'd find a way
Someone help me out

"You two are surely lost, this is not a fever dream
Your hearts are buried deep in the permafrost."
Of this, I'm sure it said we'd find a way
Someone help me out of this place

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  1. utkugokalp goregen


  2. josias oliveira

    Quem está em 2021

  3. josias oliveira

    Bebe rexha eu te amo♥️🌹😈😍😘

  4. Bloomix Boy

    After having listen this song a thousand time I thinking about the meaning of the song... Is it about a beaten woman ?

  5. поля георгиева

    The greatest fucking album

  6. Jame Mercie

    2020 anyone? happy new years!!!

  7. алекс ролекс

    *Y E A A A H B E B E*

  8. chinguun m

    Fuck it’s 2 days till 2020 and i still luvvv this song sm

  9. Chris William


  10. Jinny Jin

    who's from 'Love By Chance' :P

  11. Shane Enriquez

    This song is everything 🥺❤️

  12. 전 정국Jeon Jungkook

    Only one thinking:

    God woman, it’s snowing! Get some clothes on!

    Latasha Lee

    Yes thats what am saying

  13. Its Blue Cosmos

    I'm currently a cover of this song for me and my boyfriends 1/2 year anniversary!! I'm also pairing it with an animation 😅❤️

  14. lps audrey

    This gave me melanie martinez vibes lol

  15. itz. rah rah !!

    She sounds kinda like Melanie martinez

  16. 中文版英文版本

    February 17, 2018 #2019


    Feb 17, 2020

  17. Igor Pereira

    Eu queria só uma noite com essa gostosa!!!

  18. We Love The Jonas Brothers Unconditionally

    Queen Bebe 💯💙💯👑👑👑

  19. Melvina Klark

    This song can never get old❤️❤️❤️❤️

  20. Fadhli Kun Wong


  21. joni kejani

    What a great great song

  22. Ns B

    I still need to see a video for this song please

  23. Veglia Borletti

    just perfect to get it on again

  24. Missy Miller

    I'm your biggest fan I wish I could come to your show.

  25. Angel Ferreras

    Love it

  26. TheSpiritombsableye

    Love the song but can't get over her not pronouncing properly.

  27. Iqqy Hassan

    I don't know why but I keep hearing her say farting instead of "fighting" .

  28. Simon James

    Still her best song.

  29. Mohit Sharma

    Best forever
    10 on 10
    I love u

  30. moon light

    Wait, is the first part with the violin not from Lindsay Stirling?

    moon light

    @Black Shadow :/ not original then. Does Lindsay know about it? I mean... it's her masterpiece, not Bebe's.

    Sry for my English.

    I wouldn't have a problem when Bebe asked Lindsay before if she is allowed to take it.

    Black Shadow

    @moon light Yeah she know about it. But I'm not really sure about it because I think this song was released before Lindsay's song

    Black Shadow

    @moon light But I think gave her credits, but I'm not 100% sure

  31. mpi martin

    I am love This music

  32. Ampuram Sunjuyohwone

    Nice song

  33. sxrxdx chx

    I'm here bcause of insta edits

  34. Daniel Gonzalez

    Her voice is so sexy in this song ahhhhhh

  35. Neto Mendes

    14/10/2019. Alguém do Brasil?🤔🇧🇷😍👊👏🕪🎧

  36. niecey87

    2019 baby🥰🥰💖💖💜💜💜It brings tears to my eyes

  37. Christina Anthony

    I love this song do much 😍

  38. Дмитрий Корнев

    noticed that the beginning of the composition of First Light - Lindsey Stirling?)

  39. Eric Reitz

    Coolest chick I've ever met!!!

    Black Shadow

    Omg you're so Lucky, wish I could meet her too

  40. ORyan Mackey

    Gateway Drug: WHAT NUUUUUUUU

  41. 100.000 подписчиков без видио

    Small DOSES

  42. Eymen Durmuş

    I love this song 😍

  43. April B

    ❣️loving you it's explosive

  44. Shinobi 7610

    "Feels like I'm making love to the anime?"

    Khadija Ghouzale

    enemy *

  45. Salma Youssef

    2019 ???

  46. Ershad Safi

    This is my favourite one I like it so so so much.i hope u like my comment.❤️

  47. Symbiotic Poison

    don't call me crazy b'coz this song is so good, i can't stop listening

  48. Coconut

    to aqui por causa da fic maravilhosissima "capitão vante"

  49. Ashley Marie

    Whos on the violin though 😍


    Lindsey Stirling. Listen to her song First Light, the violin here was sampled from that song.

  50. lee jay Funk

    She looks better than her cgi Barbie!-) by FAR!!!

  51. Yến Nguyen


  52. \stupid._.bitxh\

    This *-*

  53. Link Link

    I came out to my GRS Team and my parents at a competition on this song I am so glad I did....
    My partener for this prestation was my actual girlfriend.


    i dont know you but im proud!! i know coming out can be difficult and it good that you did!

  54. adam azzeh

    I dont know why, but this gives me 50 shades of grey vibes

    Black Shadow

    Yeah me too

  55. Jane Jung

    Her from Petramos! Petra and JR😍

  56. IRAIDE Celada

    WoW this song 💯

  57. Blaga Andreea

    SMALLLL DOSESS 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  58. Joana Marques

    What i think when i read the title
    Small doses
    Drugssss 😏😏

  59. Renato Ripanti

    Bravissima bebe rexsa, io l'adoro!!!!

  60. Boucle d'or


  61. JoãoPaulo Horacio

    Chorava dms com esse hino

  62. Saffarul Saffarul

    All my fault as you want me to be. I want you know i love you forever and in havean we be together

  63. The Rose

    My favourite Bebe's song

  64. Kayla Washington

    Aren’t you cold good sis?

  65. Naotelle


  66. Aqua Moon

    y'all i don't know if its just me but the intro to this songs sounds a lot like Lindsey Sterling's intro to her song first light

  67. Alice Renee Penny Czora

    Bebe help me every day with her Songs!!!!TY Bebe!!!!Love & Respekt for you!!!!

  68. Nadia LeCamel

    Wait. Some melodies remind me of Jazz Jackrabbit videogame. Brought back childhood memories

  69. Flynn The archef

    Music in the background sounds a lot like linsey sterling



  70. Jetaime Sooshi

    I came across this song because of TinXCan. I like it. It's nice lol

  71. Freyja Head

    Ok does nobody else hear Lindsey Stirling’s First Light through out this entire song??

  72. Rowan Maeve

    Is there any credit to Lindsay Stirling...?

    Not hate just kinda wanna make sure lmao cause the beginning in literally the song “First Light”


    She asked her to use this via twitter

  73. Nis El

    This song is super underrated...

  74. burger king

    Slide my hard erection penis in side her slippery wet vagina i can say that in public but i cant say fuck what the fuck really dumb if you the person who is sadly reading this what are you doing with your life.

    Skylar McGibony

    burger king I have no fucking idea

  75. mpi martin

    I love the tune for heat

  76. Little Anime boy

    Me: *starts singing the chorus loudly*

    *boyfriend walks in*

    Him: Sultan wtf. I know you got a good voice but I can hear you from the kitchen.

    Me: sawry babyyy..

    Mia Isabella

    Little Anime boy AWW🥰

    babygirl !

    LOL i sing this to my sis and she is like plz my ears

  77. okay


  78. Manoon ツ

    2019 ? 🌈❤️

    Skylar McGibony

    This is Manon yep

    Awesome Aliza

    This is Manon here ❤🌈

  79. qaisara irdina06

    2019?? anyone ??

  80. Lana Jaleel

    Bebe Rexha and Lindsey Stirling.. the collaboration I never knew I needed

  81. Loraine Xx


  82. Loraine Xx

    Who came here from all those IG edits?

  83. Yase Glitter

    My song favorite

  84. Vane RA

    Aquí el fondo original --->

  85. Marshall Schluter

    My two favorite artists are in this song


    Bebe Rexha
    Give Me Some Dose Of Love

  87. Zaina A

    I wish I could see her❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😁

  88. jayathissa lihini

    One of my favorite song😍😍❤️

  89. Mi La

    This song so perfect ❤

  90. Alondra B

    2019 anyone?!?

  91. JH ON

    *Alguém em 2019?*

  92. tarina hadley

    My favorite songggggg