Makari - Better Lyrics

I'm still in the pool you left me in
And I thought it'd be cool to be melted down
To be water on the ground
You could walk on or swim through

Here I am at the top again
Dreaming that you let me in
Talk me down, talk me down
Talk me down

We leave our marks on things that will never be ours
The streets are scarred, the trees are carved
With names that glow like
Diamond rings on one knee in a nice restaurant
I'm better now, those dreams are gone

Cause I thought it'd be you and me
Hovering 'round everything I knew we'd be
If autumn flowers could just hold out 'til spring
And shake off the snowfall

Here I am at the top again
Desperate for oxygen
Talk me down, talk me down
Here I am at a loss again
Starving for oxytocin
Talk me down, talk me down

We leave our marks on things that will never be ours
The streets are scarred, the trees are carved
With names that glow like
Diamond rings on one knee in a nice restaurant
I'm better now, those dreams are gone

Fading faster in the picture you took of us
Just the two of us
There's no future in this phantom limb I've sown to us
And there's a little spot where I let you in
Now it's a vacant lot where your name never washes off

Cause I thought it'd be you and me
Circling infinity

We leave our marks on things that will never be ours
The streets are scarred, the trees are carved
With names that glow like
Diamond rings on one knee in a nice restaurant
I'm better now, those dreams are gone

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Makari Better Comments
  1. EE NO TA NA

    Awesome video..

  2. Evie Cartwright

    When will we see more makari???

  3. lilpeep show

    Got DGD vibez

  4. Grandpow

    fuck this is amazing

  5. Betzabe Suazo

    I'm happy Spotify recommend this song to me! I've listened to other songs from these guys and I love them all!

  6. Alejandro Fuentes

    this is my power up

  7. Makari Simons

    I’m. makari

  8. Opsity

    This song is like a mix between Dance Gavin Dance and Two Door Cinema Club. Definitely one of my all time favorite songs tbh

  9. mark mejia

    "We leave our marks on things
    That will never be ours"
    yeah me and Tara

  10. ✇ Denis Ashton ☑

    Finally new rock music that’s not stale 😍 this is phenomenal

  11. Corey Harrison

    Beautiful 2:06-2:30

  12. Colin Wendt

    This is as catchy as Dance Gavin Dance!

  13. Chrisza Firmansyah

    These guys really remind me of DGD when Kurt was still in there.

  14. Indie Indie

    love this band


    This song somehow reminds me of my friend who threw himself into the see and never come back.

    R.I.P my friend, now I guess you really thought it'd be cool to be melted down.

  16. Paul Sawyer

    best new post hardcore band for sure, i love every song on this album and i cant fucking wait for the next one!

  17. BK307 SB

    he looks like the vocalist from WVNDER

    King_ Julian

    It is him.

  18. Matt Jamess

    Underrated band

  19. Gustav Wordless

    Makari in latin letters
    Μακάρι is a greek word
    and it means = i wish
    Μακάρι όλα να πάνε καλύτερα = I wish / (hope) everything will be better.
    <3 have a nice day all of you!
    greeting from greece!

  20. Samuel Smith

    Why is this so good and unique?

  21. Pandu Wib


  22. iLLusive Visions

    Gives me huge emo vibes of the great mid / upper 2000's era. Thanks for keeping the sound alive.

  23. aidanjd12

    Anyone else see the guy in the rivers of nihil tee shirt? They may have just cast the label as extras in the video lol

  24. Enol Iskandar

    The singing Spiderman.

  25. Andrew Carney


  26. Alexsander Dela Torre

    Andy is the Shawn Mendez of post-hardcore.

  27. Breno Bonates

    Andy and this music is my vice

  28. Narlem

    Fuck yeah, Dreambound. Thank you so much. This band has been rivaling DGD in my Spotify for the past year now.

  29. Apathy Orchard

    Absolute fucking BANGER!

  30. Brendan Pinand

    Andy killing it on vox

  31. Caius Skeikx

    video could of been better

  32. Aaron O'Toole

    beautiful XD

  33. Vivi Strawberry

    Same girl for the hyperreal?

  34. Fernando Valdez

    WHY THIS ISNT ON SPOTIFY !!! damn bois

    Makari Band

    Fernando Valdez it’s been on Spotify! It’s the first track of our album “Hyperreal”.

  35. Jay O

    Best song on the album. These guys clearly listened to and were influenced by the shit I listened to in high school in the late 00’s. Literally found them while listening to stuff like underoath, Saosin, etc. in the related music tab.

  36. MoZ

    YES. ANDY !

  37. TRASHGOD hoho

    puttin flawda on da ma0

  38. TRASHGOD hoho

    i fucking love you guys so much

  39. Aston Goff

    Love the video guys it’s rocked!!

  40. JosePerez1220

    Holy crap I only know this guy from WVNDER and YouTube videos. I didn't catch that it was Andy until like 20 seconds in thinking "...He sounds like WVNDER..."

  41. Tristen Ward

    Just quit my job and Makari is the only thing getting me through these 2 weeks. Keep it up boys

  42. Oh its Mike

    It is so hard to not love Andy! Get it man!

  43. IANYK


  44. Ceilings In Their Eyes

    Such a good song and album and now it’s got a fantastic music video as well? Sick.

  45. Takira Turrentine


  46. Iran Rodriguez

    Floridians are a whole nother breed.

  47. Reyndall Fajota

    Wasn’t the vocalist from another band before this? What was it called?

  48. Dan S

    This album really deserves a lot more attention.

  49. Bittersweet_Steed

    Saw these guys at the loving touch with Kurt Travis. Gotta say their singer has some BALLS. This dude can freaking wail on the mic, the overall sound wasn't the greatest due to the guitars being soo much louder than the vox. Holy crap did he still kill it on that small ass stage!

  50. Everchanger

    Fucking obsessed with this song guys

  51. Luciano Univaso


  52. Alex Polischuk

    I'm still the pool
    You left me in
    And I thought it'd be cool
    To pee

  53. Bro Den

    You looks very bad on water

  54. William Karyadi Johan

    Handy seamless transition

  55. BoOmbactic♥

    Nicely done dude ❤

  56. Shayne MacGregor

    video sucks. song rules

  57. wewewewe wewewewe

    You're big fan from the Philippines. Idol.

  58. Ocean Sleeper

    Makari is amazing

  59. Lincoln Miller

    He reminds me too much of panic at the disco

  60. jokzz zz.,.

    The voice is amazing

  61. DwayneTheRockJohnsonEatsCeleryWhileRidingAHorse

    But... but you're in a lake...

  62. PRXJEK

    This is amazing

  63. tontalo

    this Brendon Urie wannabe lookin mofo. JK tho he aint bad.

  64. tomthefall

    I can't stop listening

  65. Rodrigo Rodrigues

    I like it. But i didn't like it. Weird!

  66. omaewa mou shindeiru

    Where's the scream? :))

  67. RJ Dearing

    This is really good honestly! Thanks, Nicolo!

  68. Nicolo DiPietrantonio

    You guys are amazing!

  69. Vinicius Freire

    2:49 Thanos did it again

  70. Ian Millner

    I almost cummed.

    Ian Millner

    ...a l m o s t...

  71. Edward Selph

    Favorite song on the album.

  72. Yawny_Cash

    I love that Andy finally found a project that really suits his sound. Hell yeah!

    This song reminds me of Summer time :D Pretty stoked to see what this band has in store.

  73. Matt Simone

    The dude holding the baby goats makes this video, lovin the Dance Gavin Dance vibe keep it up!

  74. Chaos Xeloc

    Not a great video in my opinion, but still one of the best Makari tracks.

  75. Eyesliketides

    Same girl from the Hyperreal video?

  76. Resultsmayvary7

    It is early 2019 and we already have the best music video so far of this year, and a fantastic song. Who can stop dancing to this ?

  77. Baam Baam

    bro why are you always so cool?

  78. Gabriel Hudson

    Dude riding the mannequin is A1 👀😂

  79. jay hundley

    I just wish the run was the same around the 3:00 mark

  80. TOKYObrah

    ANDYYYYYY killin it brah

  81. caphead100

    Oh shit you're that Wander nigga

  82. TJ Moore

    Getting some DGD vibes. But still a good song. Like it

  83. crb6852

    I was not expecting this, I like it none the less tho


    This is a straight up BOP.

  85. Eddie Hoes

    Andy looks like the guy that never gets laid. Hope that's not true

    Samantha Kakuno

    so not true, he looks like the guy all the girls would secretly want to talk to at the party


    this above ^ comment made andy make a tweet because u think hes ugly

    Eddie Hoes

    @MASSiVE SQUiRREL i would feel bad if it was true but I just checked his Twitter and there was nothing

    Eddie Hoes

    @MASSiVE SQUiRREL oh sorry I just got it. Didn't know he had issues before that was not my intention

  86. Funk Commander

    God... The lyrics are so bad... What happened to post/hardcore bands with good lyrics... Every band now just panders to some emotion/trend or tries to "feel deep" with the lyrics... But all it does is sound cheap and try hardish. You can do better.

  87. drapedupTRiPdout

    GO ANDY!!!

  88. Fading Existence

    So... what's up with the Destiny Forsaken font?

    Jared Wilkerson

    It's just a font lol, not the "destiny font"

  89. Gage23

    You should add screaming...

  90. Muhammad Ihsan

    And my image continues with this song ... thanks dreambound for always presenting songs that can be enjoyed!

  91. preyfan

    WOOOW :D <3

  92. Just Playa

    Handy Seamless Transitions detected

  93. Mad Lyrics For Nation

    This is such a hype for me to jam.....waiting to see your clean and screams together 🔥💯🤘🏻🤟🏻

  94. Erica Oliveira

    Amazing music video!!!! I'm gonna share it with my friends!
    Greetings from Brazil! 😉😄

  95. Lucan Wells

    Dreambound are so late on the Makari train especially with Andy at the helms.. they put out like a full album with him. And where were you?


    I don't understand what you're trying to say?

  96. jtb5226

    makari never disappointed me with their songs

  97. tiredoftomorrow 01

    Vocalist is Nick from Big Mouth