Major Lazer - Double Cup Lyrics

Aw man, they gotta be trippin, fucking around with double cup, slow your whole town down.

D-d-double cup, I done got two cups, filled em up
I done scooped two gallons purple (purple) stuff (purple stuff)
I done took over your town
Finna run amok (run amok)
Aww shit look who it is,
d-d-double cup
I done got two (two) cups filled em' up
I done scooped two gallons of purple stuff
Two cups
I done took over your town, bout to run amok
I run em'
I know who it is, it's that double cup (two two two cup)
Two gallons of codeine
Man I wish you would (wish you would)
I'm sippin mud on a Tuesday and I'm feeling good (I'm feeling good)
You civilians movin fast I could slow ya down
Enough syrup on my crown to slow your town down (down)
I spill purple on the ground, I grew a purple mountain
Purple panthers in my house
Syrup water fountain (that codeine)
Don't gamble with the dealer I'm a pharmacist
Purple rain on my diamonds, aquaberryfist
My ruby wrist glist when I wood wheel twist
I done gotta mix formula with the quiet kiss (shhh)
Aww shit look who it is, the codeine scientist (huh huh)
Double cup, double cup finna run amok (run amok)

Yeah you boys think you got something in town, shit wait till I come around imma slow your whole city down, drippity drop, one drippity drop at a time...

Two two two cups
Double double cups (cups)
Side of poured up some
Purple stuff (purple stuff)
Yeah that's right, pouring purple stuff all over ya city, making everybody go to sleep
Go to sleep nap boys
You boys are screwed now
Double cup (double cup)
Man its double cup

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