Majestica - Through The Fire Lyrics

People running from left to right
Trying to find a way to survive
When the water draws near and
All the lifeboats are almost gone

But sadly to say there's no way
When they save all the people
According to the class they live

All hope is gone and the
Only thing left is to pray
Pray for a closure that
Their souls would be saved

Through the fire (fire burns)
Water turns into graves
Through the fire (fire burn)
Their live will not
Be the same in the night

Hear the band, they start to play
To calm them down but why?
Knowing that soon the ice-cold water
Reaches your heart
Then you feel it starts to burn
No matter which way you turn
Two hours or so then
It lies on the bottom sea

Traveling in third class then
Life boat's no option for you
So many people gone, so many lost

Through the fire (fire burns)
Water turns into graves
Through the fire (fire burn)
Memories will remain
Through the fire (fire burn)
Only way to survive is desire (fire burn)
If only we would have known what to come

Help's on the way but
Four hours is too long
All would be gone lost at sea
We honor you

Through the fire (fire burns)
Water turns into graves
Through the fire (fire burn)
Memories will remain
Through the fire (fire burn)
Only way to survive is desire (fire burn)
If only we would have known what to come

Through the fire
Through the fire

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Majestica Through The Fire Comments
  1. 10Ares92

    I am a dwarf and I'm...

  2. edgar Jupiter

    Excelente., hay talento. Saludos cdmx.


    Best music

  4. Małgorzata J

    Pure energy. Useful especially at work :-)

  5. Joaquin Treviño

    live album!!

  6. camperson 2001 XD

    esta cancion si es una obra de arte no como las pendejadas que se escuchan hoy en dia

  7. Timothy Issler

    Now that I think of it, very few pirate-themed songs (that I've heard anyways) actually touch upon the Fountain of Youth, a big part of pirate/new world adventure lore.

  8. Marcio Martílio de Souza

    Fantastic!Long Live to the (real) Power Metal!

  9. Mieczysław Boński

    MAJESTICA jesteście zajebiści !!! Super.

  10. Sudarshan Nambiar

    Awesome Power Metal 🤘🤘

  11. Igor Den85

    Я из России жаль что у нас такое мало слушают...

  12. gaetan landry


  13. -Uɴᴅᴇᴀᴅ Cʜᴀɴɴᴇʟ-

    I feel embarrassed for npt knowing Tommy sings here now

  14. Алексей Станиславович

    Класс!!! Шикарно, ребята!

  15. kamalin sofiya

    this song is so pirraty! Ahoy captain tommy, play it as a Pirrates of the Carribean OST!

  16. RussianBear001

    Album of the year quality for me! The whole thing is so good!

  17. Fernando aguilera guerrero

    Buena superrrrrrrr 🤘🤘🤘

  18. Batallador1957

    Gracias y saludos cordiales desde Mallorca para vosotros nuclear blast music

  19. Anthony Lemière

    Yes, reinXeed with à better sound. Tommy’s voice is amazing !

  20. Ben Lane

    1:07 is that shot using Assassins Creed Black Flag? lmao

  21. Neo FromTheMatrix

    Yeah, that is the old ReinXeed return with even better sound it was before! Please TOUR !!!!!

  22. Rodrigo T

    We have gone far way from home....

  23. Nicolás Rodríguez

    Tenia mejor la voz , las drogas parecen que se la han oscurecido

  24. George Fletcher

    Not sure how 1:31 has avoided the comments thus far...


    What's there to say? I think most people would be in anguish if all they could get was "grey-haired brutes with women's looks".

    George Fletcher

    My amusement is due to the bit immediately following the bit you’ve quoted implying they went ahead regardless. Its a nice change from power metal that takes itself too seriously.


    @George Fletcher Ohh. Sorry, I was half-asleep then (and now too, if I'm honest) and thought you were trying to call them sexist/transphobic. Sorry if I was a bit rude.

    It is definitely a good line. I never really noticed it until you brought my attention to it. I think the kind of power metal you're talking about might be the kind I just "nope" out of within the first minute (it happens a lot, unfortunately).

    George Fletcher

    @TheRedLioness That's not a problem, I worded my first comment in a way that in retrospect I can see how you interpreted it that way so the fault is my own. Apologies.

  25. Edson rodolfo de andrade Andrade

    isto é lindo demais, meu Deus.


    Power Metal e eterno meu irmao, que banda top !!! Na veia desse gordinho alem de sangue com gordura tem tb metal de qualidade . Esse cd e o ultimo do Sabaton mostram isso e crava uma máxima de que o Power metal nunca vai morrer.

    Edson rodolfo de andrade Andrade

    @Henrique quem aprecia power metal é feliz, só os amantes deste estilo sabe como a melodia e os refrões tocam a alma, é bom demais.


    @Edson rodolfo de andrade Andrade verdade. eu nao consigo para de escutar essa banda ... e uma musica mais bonita que a outra.

  26. jackypl1

    Extraordinaire !!!

  27. Magic Rock!

    Pompous background does not fit.

    George Fletcher

    Pomposity doesn't fit power metal? Seriously?

  28. Shredmachine

    Album of the year

  29. TheMurderArt

    this one is definitely my big favourite from the whole album...

  30. Ryld Auril

    fun good music to drive to.

  31. Galahad

    This song is fucking awesome

  32. Alvaro Gonzales

    Que voz tan prodigiosa para el metal esta banda llegará lejos

  33. Enrique Rull

    average and boring song, poor composition :/ Reinxeed ha so muhc better power metal songs

  34. Gaston Duranmrales

    Buena banda!!!!

  35. gemol666

    fantastic album! my favorite tracks after this one : above, alliance, rat, motley true, night...

  36. Cauthonlol

    Really similar to Masterplans first album, loved it

  37. Chronas

    This is the type of band to sell out arenas


    muito bom

  39. Martin Pedneault

    Sounds like Sonata arctica and Stratovarious !


    absolutely! I heard this song and I thought it was played by Sonata!


    Absolutely yes! Very old Sonata style \m/

  40. chokevic


  41. Lajk Lajk

    Sounds like Labyrinth.. and i like it:)

  42. Amanda Deodato

    Que melodia maravilhosa, amei todo esse poder na voz acompanhado com os instrumentos ♡♡♡ uma obra de arte

    Renan Lira

    Nem sabia que esse vocalista tinha formado essa banda, descobri hoje. Ele tinha uma banda chamada Reinxeed que fazia basicamente o mesmo som, um legítimo power meral sinfônico.

  43. Ludvig The Birb

    Very very nice, wouldn expect anything less from a Neclear Blast release


    Wow EPIC! Absolutely love it and am instantly great fan of this band I hear for the first time, can't wait for moooore! \m/

  45. King Grimlock


  46. Love Mizuno

    Que gran vocalista y guitarrista Tommy 🖤🤘

  47. jack green

    Pure power metal

  48. Junior Azevedo

    Great /,,/

  49. RegiRuler

    "Majestica" is honestly wayyy too generic of a name. I was surprised it was a rename: "ReinXeed" is pretty difficult to confuse with something else.

    EDIT: Holy Crap Nuclear Blast you buried the lede like an anchor. A Motly Crue reference? A song literally called "Spaceballs"? You need to signal boost the weirdness, not try to disguise it as an Alestorm dress up

  50. Amarok

    Just how many bands is Tommy part of?

    Richie Rich

    I had the same question, haha.

    Markus Fransson

    Golden resurection,

    He had a cover band to ho made i want out .

    Reineexed, and Sabaton
    And a solo projekt
    And twilight .....

    nilbog nattvasen

    Sabaton, reinxeed which is now Majestica, Symphony Of Tragedy, Golden Resurrection, Hot Beef Injection and he released two Swedish Hitz Goes Metal albums and has done guest vocals or guitars for like a thousand bands haha the dude is very talented and very busy!!

  51. Heavy Metal

    Why are the drums again so computer monotone, which was always the weakest side of Reinxeed, when they have finally a top quality drummer???!!! It ruins the whole song as it always did in the fast songs in the past !!!

  52. Elligov

    Es demasiado bueno!! hermoso estilo!!

  53. La biblioteca de Alexandria

    Se parece a twilight force.

  54. ecafssot

    Just heard this on Radio Caroline – great stuff❕

  55. WinterMadness05

    No one can write like tommy. cant wait for the album

    Michael Pde

    Debatable, there are still so many good song writers particularly in this genre.

  56. Manolis Piperias

    Awesome !

  57. Ashen Wuss

    Play on .75 playback speed.

  58. Ruka Rub


    Marco Antonio Torres

    Para nada mai frend, no es cristiana, tiene rolas inspiradas en esta rola a running wild, otras en helloween, stratovarius y gamma Ray, que de hecho trabajaron con el ex baterísta de helloween Uli Kusch.

  59. Jonas Anderson Bernardes

    Amazing Chorus!!!!!!

  60. Takashi K


  61. Boris B

    The OST for anyone who wants to conquer anything!

  62. argenis cañez

    yeah... here you are again... love and missed you guys haha

  63. Lxt 101

    holy shit thank you so much this song helped me complete a lot of assignments

  64. Dani Tellez

    I heard captain Sparrow is looking for a crew

  65. Phillip Wright

    As one who is studying Navigation, this song is rather apt. \m/ \m/

  66. Laura Valhalla

    Majestica is a beautiful project ❤️ this song is magic !

  67. Graven Wolf

    Power Metal at its finest.

  68. Erwin Johann Arndt

    Excellent Tommy and friends... Excellent!

  69. maiden4 greece

    sounds good......

  70. Amit Dutt

    It makes me kind of sad how much I've outgrown power metal. 10 years ago I'd have a boner and half listening to these melodies.

    Bagner Chavarria

    This worked 10 years ago, nowadays we need more heaviness and not just generic melody. 🤷🏽‍♂️

  71. der wahre Christ

    This is Epic

  72. Memories Of Old

    Majestica - Rising Tide \m/
    00:00 ●━━━━━━─────── 5:28

  73. Joe Foster

    I physically own every ReinXeed album. I'm a HUGE Tommy fan, and I LOVE the song, but just WISH they raised his vocal levels a PINCH higher. On the other albums, his vocal is *front and center* clear and strong. Here, it's like it's taken a step back. I just can't explain it. Other than that, fantastic and I can't wait for more !

  74. nelson correia

    After all ,melodic power metal not die yet .Long life and thumbs up for those people who like power metal forever !!!!!

  75. Pasi Vahlman

    I think this is some left over song for 1912 era, the mixing sounds so much similar and the theme of course. Overall, good catchy tune. The drum sounds are a bit dry, like it was played on electric drums or trough some kind of midi sampler.

    Nicolas Motte

    I do not have the skills to confirm what you say, but that's an interesting theory.

  76. Ice Phoenix

    This is awesome, better than any song on the Billboards Crap 100

  77. Victor f

    Temazo ctm!!!

  78. Francisco Lorca

    ULI KUSCH rules......Uli es el puto amo.....

    Marco Antonio Torres

    Ese hombre debería volver a helloween o a masterplan, para seguir deleitándonos con su asombrosas técnicas, además es mi baterísta favorito.

  79. Malcolm Reynolds

    Captain Jack Sparrow would be proud. Time for a floating ALE! ( Let's bugger some wenches! )

    argenis cañez

    that's like the worst pirate ever haha

  80. Holy Knight


  81. Samfekt

    Ensiferum Into Battle

  82. Batallo12

    ReinXeed are back, finally. I understand the reason of Tommy in Sabaton (that I don't like at all) but I love his voice and songwriting in ReinXeed. Thanks Tommy, this song is usual for you! Welcome MAJESTICA!

  83. Fullmoon luminous

    Sonata arctica

  84. John Lock

    Я конечно лайк ебанул но музыка 🎶 Говно

    Против Фемок

    knicker bocker, хуле

    Против Фемок

    knicker bocker, как по мне норм мелодичный пауэр

  85. Mauro Maffioli

    Yeaaaaaaaaa!!!! Finally Tommy, his guitars and voice are Back!!!!🎊🎊🎊🎉🎉🎉🥂🥂🍾🍾🍾🍻🍻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

  86. ArwenStarsong

    As always, your vocals are fucking insane, Reinxeed. This song is a power metal masterpiece! Is this new album going to be a concept album? :D

  87. Aaron Smith

    Even with a name change, Tommy's still got the magic!

  88. Patrícia Rodrigues Basilio

    Hey, Majestica or ReinXeed, you sound wonderful! Congrats!!!

  89. BFBeast666

    Stratovarius called, they want their song back.

  90. Darryl Woodbury

    This song made my day after receiving some not so good news about my health. I can't wait until the album comes out!

  91. Сергей Неизвестный

    Наивное и пластиково-пионерское звучание. Даже не пойму толком, радует или раздражает.

  92. Jimi Hen'Brixme

    Ow new Sonata Arctica album ? xD

  93. power metal

    The Alliance Forever🤘

  94. Alcantizaar

    Yes!!!! Awesome track, I've been following Reinxeed for a while, they never disappoint me! Forward to the sea!

  95. Outdoor Stories

    Is it just me or is sound kinda dull / low quality? Great song btw

    erivelton aguiar

    The mixing is a little weird, but still a great song.


    I agree, Reinxeed had this production sound also... This could have sounded so much better.

    Nicolas Motte

    ​@WinterSoul The Welcome to the Theater album had a better production. Shame.


    @Nicolas Motte Indeed it's a shame. :/

  96. Shadow Fenix