Majestica - The Voyage Lyrics

Welcome to all, climb aboard
To the biggest luxury that man has build
Sail far away for a new horizon, everyone's invited
All alone on the ocean they declined
The warnings that they've got
"Iceberg ahead, if you turn it's too late"
But no one cared

Over two thousand souls on this floating kingdom
Reaching for newer skies and horizons
Far away you hear them say
Save our souls, come and take us away
We are all alone
Nobody hears when we're calling
Terror on the middle sea
Is this it, the voyage of our dreams?

Twelve o'clock, Southampton
Tenth of April nineteen hundred twelve
All alone on the ocean for one week
Until they'll reach their destination
So many great expectations
Oh so many questions heard
"Is it true what they say?"
Then we'll go down and pray
For all their lives

Over two thousand souls on this floating kingdom
Reaching for newer skies and horizons
Far away you hear them say
Save our souls, come and take us away
We are all alone
Nobody hears when we're calling
Terror on the middle sea
Is this it, the voyage of our dreams?

Then the night closes in and the only light
Is the moon that shines on the sea
Up ahead in the distance something
Great and white appears to be
Iceberg ahead, they tried to lean
To starboard side in the night
Our glorious kingdom, lost at sea forever

Left for sea that shiny day, no one saw her again
Carved in all our memories, we remember you

Over two thousand souls on this floating kingdom
Reaching for newer skies and horizons
Far away you hear them say
Save our souls, come and take us away
We are all alone
Nobody hears when we're calling
Terror on the middle sea
Is this it, the voyage of our dreams?
Is this it, the voyage of our dreams?

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Majestica The Voyage Comments
  1. Ojosdelacrack /canal secundario

    I came for the músic from Vexx

  2. Steve B

    Harmony Nice brought me here.

  3. Aneta Jak.

    Good musij
    Me like

  4. l u c i a

    Home? There? Here? Near? What do you hear?

  5. Ku' Lemon

    This music is so cooooool !
    I say (for real) « woooooaaaah ! Omg this so cool ! » when the « real » music start 😶

  6. Idkwhattoputin myusername

    Is this free for commercial use?

  7. life with Ëmãñ

    Love ❤😘

  8. monri-

    if you slow it down to 0.5 speed it very clearly says home at the start .-.

  9. justtaylorraye

    i swear i've heard the intro somewhere. that "hi is anyone there/home" what is it from?

  10. Reuben Tagg

    Why do I get nintendogs from this?

  11. Eboselume Ehibello

    How do I download since it free? Went to the link but I couldn't download. Good stuff also!

  12. nota


  13. HawtDawgMan

    I'm pretty sure it's "Is anyone home".

  14. Jenghis Chan


  15. dan

    it says "hi, is anyone home?"

  16. Kahoobb

    I hear "home" and "there" just depends what you anticipate on hearing. Ive rewinded it over multiple times and I try to listen for a certain one in and I hear the one i plan to hear each time. It's crazy. So i can't answer which one it says because it just says whichever one i want to hear. It reminds me of the saying "oh people just hear what they want to hear" in this case it literally works wtf!! I need to know the science behind this

  17. gameplayeranimations

    even on 0.5 speed, whichever i anticipate to hear, is the one I hear. Therefore I hear both, just depends what i want to hear and i will hear that one, wtf?!?!?

  18. Kayson Silva

    Home or there?????

  19. Madi Simpson

    This beats to fire to have someone write lyrics for it

  20. Bree Pate

    With all the debate I know it's supposed to be There but how? All I here is home and I can't make myself hear there

  21. WhatSupp

    So the beginning is basically a straight rip off of sad machine by porter robinson lmao. Also i hear here. not home or there.

  22. SadLilPeepers

    Anyone else here because they know the beginning is from sad machine by Porter Robinson. They just moved when it says hi. Lol

  23. Savannah Seagle

    I saw where its supposed to be there, but no matter how hard i try i hear home..

  24. Tyloh Bolton

    I hear both wtfffff someone explain why i hear both!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. ばかさみしい

    No one probably cares but before i heard there or here but now I just keep hearing there well I think I'm going insane

  26. Eric Heimbigner

    I hear both 😉 home and there....

  27. Brandon Pollard

    it says is anyone there

  28. Jaydyn M

    How do people hear "home"?

  29. Marisol Martinez

    I hear is anyone home with lower volume but is anyone there with the volume high...

  30. Haylee's Voice

    This is trippy

  31. Shianna Kirkland

    okay... so what does it say?

  32. Tysen Quaid Ellis

  33. crybaby

    How tf can anyone hear "home" 😂 I keep replaying it expecting to say "home" but all I'm hearing is "there"

    Sarah Kennedy

    Inspire all I hear is anyone there too. I cut hear home.

  34. Cinders

    For those with the debate issue, I figured it out for y'all.

    For those who open their mouth more when they say "there" will probably hear "there" in the song, because that's what the pronunciation of the word is in the beginning of the song. (Like "they-air")

    For those who open their more less when they say "there" (like "th-air" or "therr") will probably hear home, because it's more closed sounding.

    It's an accenting issue!!!

    Carley Quinn

    Steven Wood nope. Alot of people keep hearing it switch back and forth. I heard both


    Yeah, I heard both too. But it's how you say "there" in your head whether or not you hear "home" or "there," and whether or not you give the middle of the word an open or closed connotation.

  35. Thomas Carota

    Sooo where is the lyrics? Can’t find them anywhere. Trying to settle this “there” vs “home” situation

  36. Billy bob

    Facebook brought me here


    Billy bob Same 😂

  37. Ryan Holland

    Ripping of Porter Robinson I see👌🏼 Major sampling alert. No originality

  38. uberSpiel

    Who's here from Ryan Bishop!

  39. Alena Budris

    For people that do not hear "there" but "home". "Home" and "house" is common to hear with hearing loss. Sadly this just has a brief h and hesitation with a clear there. Sadly this effects people with lesser comprehension with frequency in hz or loudness in db. There is actually a high percentage of people that will always hear different words. These same people will be more acceptable to NLP and hypnosis. If you adjust speed to 2x, you will hear there and no longer hear home.

    Carley Quinn

    ALENA BUDRIS I still hear 'home'

  40. U K

    You get to choose which one you want to hear. Replay the video from the beginning. But before you hit play make yourself think you want to hear “ there” then you’ll hear “ hi, is anyone there?” Now try it the other way around, replay the video once again then make yourself think you want to hear “home” then you’ll hear “hi, is anyone home?” So it really depends on what you’re expecting to hear.

    Some YouTuber

    Khrizia u sounds like it's saying both but you get to choose which one I hear both

    Some YouTuber

    Khrizia sounds like muffled and says "hey is anyone hhhere"

  41. Liquor Leezy

    heres some dope music for ya

  42. Dylan Burger

    Congratulations, you just broke the internet. Does it say "there", or "home" in the beginning? Let the fire ensue.

  43. DeepFriedPotatoes

    It clearly says hi is anyone their ...

    Nikki Speake

    I hear home ....

  44. AnthonyCarmine22

    At the begining does it say "hi is any1 home" or does it say "hi is any1 there" 🤔🤔🤔

  45. M Montano

    play until it says is anyone there then rewind and it asks if anyone is home wtf

  46. Carley Quinn

    Um is it says "hi is anyone there" or hi is anyone "home"?? This was posted on FB and I keep hearing to different things loo


    No it does not literally say both, It is a direct sample of Sad Machine, in which they say "HI, is anyone there?"
    This has been 100% confirmed by the producer multiple times.

    Nandi Mëshell

    Richard Fallman we get that part. The part we were all trying to figure out is why if you think about the word "home" that's what you hear. Not everyone is hearing both, but I and multitudes of other people hear it too. Lol this entire thing is another blue dress phenomenon. I know the song and quote, but still both are heard, for most people.


    Its because someone told you it was there, so your brain is subconsciously hearing it even though its not there. I forget the name of this phenomenon

    Nandi Mëshell

    Richard Fallman No one told me what was heard. When it was first uploaded I thought I was trippin and forgot about it. When it was brought back up this year I heard it again. Then didn't.. And do again. It was weird because I know it's a subconscious mind thing, but it just still surprises tf outta me😂

    Steve B

    I don't hear neither "home" nor "there". I hear "here".

  47. Rachel Galish

    Is anyone else here from the “home” or “there” debate?

    Chris X


    Chris X

    I heard home the first and 100th time.. But everyone says there.. Regardless of the Facebook version or YouTube


    I can seem to hear there. Just home!


    Rachel Galish ITS THEREEEEE 😂

  48. Aoife Morley

    Hi is anyone there

  49. Christian Klager

    Sooooo. ''
    Is anyone Home'' or ''Is anyone There'' at the beginning?
    Let's argue, Fam.


    Christian Klager Home!

    Britt Bratt

    ive heard both

  50. Katelyn McKinney

    Who is here from the "here" "there" thing on Facebook?


    Katelyn McKinney me

    Britt Bratt

    well, we know you are ;)

  51. Taylor Renae

    Is she saying there or home??? 🙄

  52. Katie Dixon

    There's a thing going around, some people hear is anybody home and some people hear is anybody there? What do you hear? I hear home.


    Katie Dixon home clear as day. Brother said there and so did girlfriend, but now she says home. Wtf.


    I was hearing "there" suddenly it is saying "home" ....I do not hear the word "there" at


    You hear the words you think about

    Katie Dixon

    Official Toriii but I keep saying to myself she's saying there but I can't hear it

  53. Linden Beattie

    Is it home or there, I need answers

    Peter Milner-Jose

    Linden Beattie slow down the play back speed and you will hear it says ‘there’

    Katie Dixon

    I hear home

  54. Sophie Smith

    Okay so... what does it say at the start because my brother and I think It says “hi, is anyone there” although my cousin and her family/friends hear “hi, is anyone home”. We are all very confused and I would like to hear someone else’s opinion, thanks .

    Julie Carrera

    I hear both. Its what you make your brain think before listening ..

    Sophie Smith

    Julie Delgadillo the thing is tho, I always hear there even when thinking of home

    Sophie Smith

    Also this probably isn’t correct but when I hear “there” I can hear a faint whisper and this sounds stupid but I feel like our brain is just deciding what to hear? Idk I’m 13


    It says both actually. I heard home and there, it depends what you are thinking at the time. I anticipated to hear both and each time i prepare to hear for a certain one, thats the one i hear.

  55. Gigi


  56. danidori

    this is awesome :)

  57. Cinnamon Bird

    think of a whale whos back is an island! i drinked so much guaraná (soda) so im kinda high???

  58. Ini Siapa

    Tonton is "Watch/See" in Indonesian

    Mars Music

    Some names have deeper meanings, shiiit

  59. Grace Gastaldi

    this reminds me of crash bandicoot

  60. Der K


  61. Maddie Powell

    Who's here from Harmony Nice ??? :)

    Rayvon Rogers

    Maddie Powell me!


    same lol

    Staci Koutsis

    Ayeeee... 😊

  62. Órbitas - Jul

    amazing sound, love ya <3

  63. SexyPotato

    Porter Robinson ripoff? anyone?

  64. Zerollaneous

    these sounds are too real <3


    Majestic color 3

  66. shibbi972

    is that bernadette from the big bang theory at the beginning ? ^^

  67. sareja

    m8 i havent heard excellent music in a long time and this clearly breaks the record. holyyyy

  68. Etienne Bonhomme

    I don't even know why I like that song xD but I like it a lot

  69. GeminiEye1

    Somebody needs to make a dance video to this.

  70. Imane Dalal

    delicious ❤

  71. NOISE

    i feel like da shit when i bump this

  72. Zach & Evan

    Just found out about "Majestic Color" My day is made!! awesome.

  73. Lev Mark

    This gonna' be one hella' dank play through! looking forward to being with you every step of the way, Lee!

  74. Funkaz

    Le blase mystique pareil pour le son... un bordel

  75. Malik Farooq


  76. Ric Flo

    artwork by?

  77. Phil

    No wonder it's free

    daisy wrights

    Damn you're savage😂

    Bruno Pimenta

    the best things in the world doean't have a price


    Frankenstein Monster Lamborghini Diablo

  78. Game Vids


  79. jordiwhat123

    this was a good birthday present for yesterday.

  80. I Play Games Sometimes

    It ended right when it got GOOD.

  81. Bones

    Complete the sentence


    Aidan O'Brien

    +ZIAIRE WARE a seriously self conscious person asking people to finish their sentences


    +Bway dude you're right ima kms

  82. Vivian Tang

    so funky! reminds me of marble soda anyone?

  83. L.J Turner

    What if we got some CHVRCHES on Majestic???

  84. lostcat

    On dirait une dissection de rat... musicale..

  85. Son Pham

    nice song!!!

  86. Isle of Bass

    This is quite funky, I like it!

  87. Travis Bickle

    Very Mr. Bill-esque.

  88. newy kidude

    it seemed like they push the boundaries of electronic/digital noises and natural noises at the same time

  89. Kyra.

    Neater than my grandma's laundry.

  90. Velvet Raincloud

    Sounds like Tokimonsta!

  91. Robby Breede

    This is the title of chapter one in my book :)
    For those who mind

  92. Pablo Slalom

    This sounds makes me soo happy, im may explode from inside!, please keep uploading this kind of music

  93. Fooly

    sound like some music to a water level on sonic the hedgehog lol

    Karim Carnegie

    +FoolyCooly i dont if i should dance or play super mario bro

    Ashley Zamarripa

    Omg yessss


    that one with the garbage disposal in the casino

  94. Agatha Reynolds

    D'un coup tout les commentaires français apparaissent ! :D

  95. Inderjit Kaur

    Love this <3