Majestica - Terror Has Begun Lyrics

(Time's running out)
The tide is rising
(Time's running out)
You hear them screaming
(Nowhere to run)
When the clock is ticking
(Nowhere to hide)
For some the judgment day
Has arrived tonight
Why? Why? Why?

Terror and fear crawls up your skin
When the surface draws you nearer
The bottom of the ocean drags you down
Like thousand knifes you feel the cold
The captain takes his whiskey
As he welcome his own destiny
"You're on your own" his last words
Now there's nothing we can do

Caught in the middle
Of the Atlantic sea
Hear them now, screaming out

Do not fear my friend
Life will never end
Some will never see
Their families again
For some this is the end
When the terror has begun

Nineteen twelve, the year the biggest tragedy occurred to all
Women and children first on board the lifeboats
Say farewell! Say farewell to your loved ones
You will meet them on the other side
Who could tell that so many lives
Were lost at sea that night?

Caught in the middle
Of the Atlantic sea
All alone in darkness
Hear them now, screaming out

Do not fear my friend
Life will never end
Some will never see
Their families again
For some this is the end
When the terror has begun

Caught in the middle
Of the Atlantic sea

Do not fear my friend
Life will never end
Some will never see
Their families again
For some this is the end
When the terror has begun

Do not fear my friend
Life will never end
Some will never see
Their families again
For some this is the end
When the terror has begun

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Majestica Terror Has Begun Comments
  1. Marc

    Vocal is Very Great, Music also!!

  2. Robert bishop

    love everything this guy does.

  3. borstenpinsel

    Why are so many metal bands pre-releasing their albums in Japan?
    Regardless, great band with a great vocalist. Awesome :)

  4. Noah Fence

    Never heard of them, but seeing them they are a complete combo of Stratovarius & Sonata Arctica. Great Euro melodic speed metal. Quite excellent!

  5. David Krebbs

    tom is DA man..keep rockin brother.

  6. jmbullet

    Sabaton brought me here and I am not disappointed!


    God the Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit. Thank you Jesus for your Spirit and these guys. Bless them with your power and authority.

  8. Valkyrie Lycan

    incredible voice, love this band

  9. Rodrigo Estape

    You got a brazilian fan \m/

  10. David Ramirez

    Yeah!!! lml This guys are awesome.

  11. Ztormtrooper

    Galet bra låt!!!!!

  12. Marisol León

    Excelente agrupación

  13. Hiclang

    Great vocal!

  14. setsunasamachan

    There are no word in the tongues of Entish, elvish, or the words of men that can describe the amount of awesomeness this band provides.

  15. Stratocat93

    Yeah, I almost cried when they canceled their appearance in the metal fest in atlanta this year....

  16. Guillermo Fonseca Gomez

    De lujo!

  17. Michael Kulow

    Best song ever!!!! I wish ReinXeed would do a U.S.A tour

  18. That's Andrew

    Fucking awesome music and band, Keep up the good work. Come to Canada please.

  19. karen clarke

    Tommy rocks :)

  20. Joshua Sachs

    This can officially be classified as Hero Metal.

  21. Joshua Sachs

    Clearly this band understands power metal. You can go through hours of Youtube power metal compilations and not hit 2 songs in a row that are good. This is beyond good right off the bat. You hardly have to wait for it to pickup and it changes too, good composition of the songs guys. Did this band write Fugue State for Pellek?

  22. Felix P

    Is Sweden not part of Scandinavia?

  23. scottslayer2

    My eyes said no, but my ears said hell yeah

  24. Matthew Stephens

    This is a Swedish band....

  25. Adeena

    I have a new favorite band and male singer. No one does power metal like Scandinavia but this is something freaking else. I'm in love -_-

  26. Mindtraveler3

    Reinxeed is the reason I'm I going to Prog-Power USA this year!! Please don't let me down...

  27. jorge briones


  28. John Pérez

    From Costa Rica!!!! :D

    hey this is an AWESOME BAND as well as Golden Resurrection!!! MUST VISIT COSTA RICA

  29. Jacob F

    You can say that again

  30. seb pot

    Listening it in Canada, very powerfull music, I mean, very inspiring. I'd like to see more groups like that on tv but we all know that every medias on tv are controlled by the enemy!

  31. Luis Nazar

    Buena banda me gusta la voz del chabon y ademas suenan bien compactos y entretienen bastante ojala sigan en esta linea

  32. B Stone

    yngwie... pass the torch to reinxeed....

  33. Estevão Lingoist

    ReinXeed the best!!!

  34. B Stone

    It's not the shorter guy that left is it? His energy is amazing!

  35. Doolittle Group AB

    We like it too.
    Sorry to say that now they are only Two!!!

  36. wolffe93

    of course they are swedish
    it's like sweden does not have the ability to bring out musicians that are not awesome
    i love sweden, and i'm not even swedish myself

  37. Michael Kulow

    Sweet guitars!!!!! I love them.

  38. Ed Atrozz

    Power guitars ... Power sound...Crazy!

  39. Mari Barrera

    muy buenos sisi, grandes vuestros temas como siempre!

  40. Rafa94mc

    i liked :)

  41. Stratocat93

    little known fact:

    In Sweden, this music is a naturally occurring phenomenon. All one has to do is walk into the wild with a recorder and record it. That is the ONLY possible explanation for how much awesome music comes from Sweden!!!!!

  42. Deathless Eye

    my only wish is to see Tommy along with Timo Tolkki these 2 can make sm serious gd shit .. POWER METAL RuLEZ

  43. Jonathan Wallin

    Awesome! :D

  44. Metalhead Gamer

    every ReinXeed songs makes me fly to an imagination fantasy movie, or just a medieval movie.

  45. EL pipo

    nice nice!

  46. Eric

    oooh.. this is about The Titanic...

  47. PerPK

    holy crap i loved this song so much that in my office where i am as we speak my boss and co-workers are shouting at me but i cranked it up so high that i cant hear what they are saying, hold on im gonna answer em with my majestic airguitar play!

    i am now fired from my job!

  48. Ultradeth5

    Every fucking song I just nuts, it takes me to another plane no music has ever done!!!!

  49. SamuelKennethChapman

    Another awesome song from another awesome album!!! Long live ReinXeed!!!

  50. Adam Ludlow

    Awesome, A new PM band to listen to.

  51. Vggamegod

    seriously this song is fucking epic

  52. rikospirse58

    Putain de solo , c'est trop bon !!!! Excellent !!!!

  53. Joaquín Ignacio Saldaño González


  54. Daniel Monge

    WOW!!! Loved the song!

  55. jedi mind trick

    Do not fear my friend! Life will never end!

  56. ozankaya

    0:40 FTW! WOHOOO! :D

  57. Ywap1

    Helt rubbat bra låt, kan inte få den ur skallen :)

  58. Rune

    @xGurkmeja Der er jeg bare glad for at være Nordisk som dem :)
    Synes det er fedt at nogle laver så fedt musik

  59. Acabo El Silencio

    good video cool videos you already have excellent song this band

  60. Acabo El Silencio

    good video at last this band has a new video is great work greetings from Colombia

  61. moleSG

    Excellent track! Never heard of these guys before but this sounds like great music, with a seriously original concept.
    Want this CD!

  62. Luna Sinclaire

    wae~?????? why cant this come out earlier~??????? DX gotta luv da swedish bands tho ^^ reinxeed kicks ass~!~!~!~!

  63. jontahiromi

    Japanese fans sincerely appreciate you!

  64. kumogaro1

    Awesome, that voice is very very amazing!!

  65. Angelo Lara

    grande reinxeed !!!! vengan a chilee!!!

  66. fujipa317

    fuckin epic... i think they can be star if vocal becomes slim! ^_^

  67. MuffinJin / Isak Aidee

    @DoolittleGroup Väldigt sant xD Still, sjukt bra låt!

  68. Doolittle Group AB

    @MuffinJinReturns Gay means "happy" ;o)

  69. MuffinJin / Isak Aidee

    Very gay video... but the music... IT'S FUCKIN MAJESTIC

  70. ewelina k

    @xGurkmeja Jag med! ;D

  71. athusderia

    is beautiful, I love reinxeed

  72. Tobias ten Dam


  73. jasonjlaw

    Spot on!

  74. AClumsySheep

    more? that's just incredible! long live reinXeed

  75. tvmichan

    Wow... Tommy's voice is incredible...

  76. Vram Amyan

    i am from Armenia and i love chrisitan music God Bless you

  77. Char Aznable

    This song is awesome o_o