Maisie Peters - Thief Lyrics

You're just a thief
Who stole all my moves
And used them on me
Ice-cream on teeth
Numb like our hands in the Autumn
I only wanted you to be mine

But I'm sinking my time
Like the boats that we watched disappear
So don't go
Without knowing
That I'll loathe how I'll miss you like mental
When you're not here

I was naive
Pearls on the dresser
I dreamt up a penthouse love
Heartbreaker jeans
I hate how you met her, where you met me
I bet she was a prom queen

But I won't be unkind, I'm glad that you're fine
Like the couples we watched from the pier
So you go
I'll skim a stone
And hope to hell I won't miss you like mental
Now you're not here

Hands in my pockets
Breathe in the sea
Doctor, give me a cure
So that next time I see
Oceans and sunsets
It won't drag back the nights
When I texted my secrets
To a thief who changed his mind

Do you write her songs?
An ode to a prom queen?
Who puts hearts, instead of dots, above her I's
I hate that
But you've chosen her
So I'll bin my pearls
Avoid oceans and heartbreaker sunsets
Until I'm alright

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Maisie Peters Thief Comments
  1. Eden Gallagher

    ugh this is one of her best I really don't know why she took it down

  2. pianoxstrings

    anyone know the chords?


    heywhatsupyouguys yes
    idk name of half the chords but
    verse: c, same fingering as c but one fret up, same again one fret up, f, fadd9
    bit after verse (“so don’t go without knowing” etc.) c, am, f, fadd9
    bridge: g, f, fadd9
    most of it is the repetition of c/variations on c/f

  3. Alex .Taylor

    So glad this is still up somewhere, it was my favourite one except for Los Angeles which she also deleted :(

  4. mel from hell

    why did she take almost everything down???!?!?

    Ario Dinar Islami

    I know its been a few months but if u still look for why she deleted it its bcs She said those song does not represent her anymore and she feel not so proud with those songs

  5. love made me crazy

    i had this one on a playlist and she just took it down :'( literally all my favourites lol I'm so bummed

  6. sydneybaracz !

    this so so good! thanks for making it xx