Maisie Peters - Mine Lyrics

Maybe I've been
Maybe I've been away a little too long
And baby I've–
Baby I've seen beautiful things, they never start all that strong
Just the right kind of weak
And I hate that word, it supposes you can't stand all alone
Well I can, I just know I'd like it a whole lot more to stand a little taller with you
Baby, I've been doing some thinking and I think that you and I
Could turn into stars that light up the bypass
'Coz you know I love the way your
Hands could go right round my waist
Love the lines on your face
Want to draw them with permanent marker
Your heart that I'm after
Promise to try keep it safe
If time runs out and you call over
If it all goes south and you need colder

I was never made to dance around a carousel
And maybe I'm afraid, coz I can't even like myself
And I'm just wasting days, thinking 'bout the way your last name sounds
Attached to mine

I heard you've been a little busy with her spending all your latest hours just
Playing magnets and I'm not sad, just a little down, a little out, and over
Coz I thought your words meant something, each syllable subtle instructions
To wait for you, but I guess they were just words that I read too much into
And we're all losers when it comes down it
We just choose the way we're gonna lose best
And I accept that I'm just a thought track in your mind
When in mine you're my biggest bet
And my highest hope, and my greatest find, and my softest blow
And my right hand man, and my very worst plan, and my ticket home

I was never made to dance around a carousel
And maybe I'm afraid, coz I can't even like myself
And I'm just wasting days, thinking 'bout the way your last name sounds
Attached to mine
I'm a sucker for a boy who I don't really understand
And if you let me, I could love you with every inch of who I am
And if I couldn't, well, the opportunity would still be grand
To try and make you mine

And I write novels about the crinkles when you smile
Foolish faith in thinking "he just needs some time"
But I've given you months
And now I'm running out of time I've saved away for you
It's something I could do without
But I'm still counting in case you save it too
Do you save it too?

I was never made to dance around a carousel
And maybe I'm afraid, coz I can't even like myself
And I'm just wasting days, thinking 'bout the way your last name sounds
Attached to mine
I'm a sucker for a boy who I don't really understand
And if you let me, I could love you with every inch of who I am
And if I couldn't, well, the opportunity would still be grand
To try and make you mine

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Maisie Peters Mine Comments
  1. Beth Handharvestfarm

    You can come to my camp fire any time, love from Canada

  2. jalan buntu

    :) tidak tahu kenapa persisnya tapi aku suka semua lagunya, terima kasih maisie mood ku menjadi lebih baik setelah mendengar lagu kamu

  3. Luis Espinoza

    Another song I can't find on Spotify :(

  4. kaiwhya !

    I still come back to this song it’s just so beautiful

  5. EƤᎥs

    Wow your so beautiful. I hope one day you achieve all you dreams!

  6. Amber Austin

    I really wish this was on Spotify. And all of your other songs. They are all so special to me

  7. mckusician

    I want TO BE YOU

  8. Kyrene Pua

    “and I accept that I’m just a thought track in your mind when in mine you’re my biggest bet and my highest hope and my greatest find and my softest blow and my right hand man and my very worst plan and my ticket home” SIS WTF I NEVER RELATE TO A LYRIC LIKE THIS BEFORE OKAY WOWWWWW I LOVE THIS. THIS IS AN ANTHEM.

  9. Kyrene Pua

    that little sigh in the end omg you’re the cutest bean everrrrrrr!!!! 💛💛

  10. Bilal Asif

    Maisieeee ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  11. Emilia Borba

    Maisie peters fofa 💖

  12. Quinn Etoll

    baby face Maisie I loved it then love it now

  13. Eden Redding


  14. Killer B

    Your SO pretty and you have such an amazing voice and lyrics.

  15. Derya Black

    how dare u to be so beautiful like this?¿😥😻

  16. willard evans

    Can you please take all your old songs and make a album out of them

  17. Ana Cunha

    you need to record this in a studio!! please!!

  18. ‘beck

    Marry me

  19. TS JB

    I love you so much!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Sam Nelson

    This is still my favourite thing you’ve ever made

  21. Liv101 Davis

    Like an angel singing 🥰🙏🙏

  22. Andrew •_•

    Qué te pasó? :'c

  23. Febriska Fitria

    I want it to be on spotify pls:((

  24. KatzeOwly

    this. i always come back to this song.

  25. Angel In Oasis

    Love this .... I need this on iTunes !!

  26. Maine Wilson


  27. Kyra Johnson

    Could you please put all your songs from YouTube on Spotify? It’s a much easier listening platform and I’d love to hear these songs more often!

  28. Viinny

    Put this in your next album 😂💖

  29. Vikky Aditya

    Girl you mean so much to me thank you for making my life more easy to live and move on... amazing songwriting... LOVE

  30. sarah cw

    This ONE hits HARD

  31. tragicalromanceandall ‘

    this song is so fucking good

  32. eykyra

    I am so so sad most of your videos had disappeared. I love your songs. I'm just hoping hard this means I'll have them on spotify.

  33. Cecille Dinulos

    please release this on spotify PLEASE!!!

  34. Harry I

    _everything about this is perfect, much love n genuinely adore this_

  35. Char A

    I adore this

  36. Harry I

    Those _eyes._
    That _VOICE._
    The _GLANCES._
    DEAR GOD ♥️

  37. Linds Tee

    please make a studio version of this and colours<3 I need them on itunes!

  38. Should B. Studying

    Can pretty much tell the song by the clap these days XD

  39. Kate Ventisette

    k but like this song is great

  40. yeoreum

    where is the song lost angeles????!

  41. Elizabeth Aman

    can we appreciate that her eyes are the exact color of the wall

  42. Chris W


  43. ravenclawesome

    I think about "and if you let me I could love you with every inch of who I am, and if I couldn’t well the opportunity would still be grand" a LOT I LOVE IT

  44. sorvian25

    Goddamn I love the voice you use in your songwriting.

  45. Tactically Inept

    If Lucy Rose and Ben Howard got together

  46. Elise Capewife

    My favorite❤️❤️

  47. Olly Grace

    You remind me so much of jess from new girl x

  48. Toni

    This song is beautiful.

  49. SuperAnimalLover07

    Please record this song, I can't get it out of my head it's so wonderful <3

  50. Julia Adamowicz

    you look and sound like a work of art :')
    ps: what lipstick is that? Soooo gorgeous!

  51. TurtleBabyy

    Just came across your music and I love it darling. Beautifully done.

  52. Rhona Leanne

    PLEASE do a karaoke version <3

  53. Ceitidh Clark

    Who on earth is disliking this? They must be crazy to not like this angel ❤👼

  54. Julia Anderson

    Argh I love you so much! Xx

  55. Caitlin Hickson

    that chorus is the most relatable thing i've ever heard like same

  56. Ryan Campbell

    Marry me?

  57. Katie Owen

    This is truly beautiful, I am the same age as you and you are a true inspiration for me to follow my dreams

  58. Mol Pennick

    This is my favourite song at the moment I literally have this video on repeat!

  59. Madeleine Grace

    Your songs are so relatable in a beautiful way ❤️

  60. Mia and Felicity

    Come from Marcus your amazing!

  61. Bruna Lima

    i still love so much this song!!! it's my fav of you.

  62. Mirtes Oliveira

    Thank you so much for sharing the chords and lyrics! I love this song!

  63. Tinker Turbo Travels

    please film a video of you singing fine i love the lyrics in peoples blogs from gleam fest x

  64. Bru Phone

    U R Beautiful.

  65. Isabelle Ling

    Love this song so much ❤️ What song did you sing at the gleam party because I heard a clip of it from Zoe's vlog and it was also amazing ❤️❤️

  66. Beliex The Young Gamer

    great song

  67. Sofia Robinson

    how do you always manage to make me cry? :'(

  68. Shan Anne

    I've just found your account and I love it 😍 x

  69. liz westermann !

    i love u

  70. keepsusstargazing

    I recently discovered that whenever I play this song I end up laying on my floor staring at my ceiling. It's a good experience and I love this song so much <3

  71. Rose

    GOD I FUCKING LOVE THIS ❤️❤️❤️ wow it just really hit me omg
    your voice is gorgeous, you're an incredible songwriter. Amazing. ❤️

  72. grace amelia

    to this very day this is one of the most beautiful things i have ever heard

  73. Adrian Sant

    I really hope you get to read my comment.

  74. Tori Thomas

    I think this has become a permanent favorite song of Mine, Maisie - and there's not very many of those. Gorgeous.

  75. Esmee Heebing

    still my absolute favorite one this one. It makes me feel so loved sad unsecure magical inspired and overal confused. Damn can't wait till the day I can listen to this on spotify.

  76. italo pedro

    jesus fucking crist put at 0.75 speed for god lord

  77. յαѵεɾία Яσяσиσα

    she sounds like a female version of the passenger 😍
    this song is so beautiful

  78. cardfight100

    Happy one year anniversary to a song that changed my life

  79. rosie ellen

    i can't pinpoint an exact thing but your music such a gripping effect on me, just spent like an hour trying to cover this song but i ended up crying at the lyrics every single time

  80. Juice Box Hero

    i feel like i'm sailing across a blue sky dotted with fluffy white clouds, in a note book paper boat, covered in chains of delicate pink flowers. I love this song and all of your songs so far oh i'm gushing with happiness over this new found discovery of your channel. Thank you for creating this.

  81. teirrah yrruc

    this is my favourite!

  82. Luise Johanna

    OMGGGG, now honestly I love *all* of your songs but mine just connected to me on a different level, I think it's one of my few favourites of 2016
    I luuuuuv it , thank you for creating this masterpiece <3

    ..btw this is the 1000754 time I'm listening, I counted, I swear...

  83. It’sjustmeTally

    I'm in love with you 😍

  84. Leanne Elphinstone

    Please put this song somewhere I can listen to other than YouTube!!!

  85. Josie Lawrence

    Your lyrics are so clever and graceful...and hit close to home over here :,) thank you for sharing this beautiful song of yours!

  86. Marissa Domayer

    your voice is so beautiful I'm so in love

  87. Brazoswood Belles

    Wow...I just discovered you just now and I've already fallen in love with your music! I especially love this song your words have so much meaning behind them and are so inspiring! Extremely talented!

  88. Sejus Mai

    your very expressive with your music i think that is awesome.

  89. Addison Mock

    28 people missed the 👍🏻button

  90. Acoustic Generation

    I'm obsessed with every second of this video

  91. Alexandra Oliveira


    Addison Mock

    Alexandra Oliveira I agree

  92. Bay Doucet

    you are such a talented song writer. it makes me happy in my heart to hear your lyrics. please never stop writing!

  93. Sami

    love the clap !

  94. Duchamp

    Such beautiful big eyes!

  95. Esmee Heebing

    Every summer I have a song on full replay and whenever I listen to it, it brings me back to that summer. This one was my 2016 summer. Long drives with my friends and I introducing them to maisies amazing songs. :) Can't wait to put you on replay on spotify

  96. Juliette Stevens

    You seem like the kind of person who would make an amazing friend

  97. Eden Gallagher

    This song fills me with such happiness because it's so beautiful

  98. Amy Grace

    the first of ur songs i properly fell in love with. LOVE this endlessly, so glad ur gaining more attention because BOY OH BOY do u deserve it maisie peters!