Maisie Peters - Love My Christmas Lyrics

Maybe this Christmas I'll understand you
Maybe this winter you'll lend a hand
To hold mine so tightly, I'm easily blown away
Maybe this Christmas you will commit
To more than complaining how the snow never sticks
And maybe this winter, I won't have to beg you to stay

The lights look nice from where I stand
And I will stand by you
I'll wish your eyes a brand new lens
And a better point of view

So here I am exclaiming
How I hope you like the cold
Your veins are running icicles
Your heart is pumping coal
Oh, but I'm a firm believer
In the answers always love
So I'll button up my thickest skin
And anti-freeze your heart
You can bet that you're gonna love my Christmas

Baby, this Christmas I'm gonna teach you
How to make sunlight from moons in the rear view
Mirror, and baby, you're gonna let in the light
Baby, this Christmas I won't let you lower
My mood on my wishlist priorities you getting
Nicer and then this december you'll know I was right

The tree looks grand from where I stand
And I'm still by your side
I don't care if you're not convinced quite yet
Got five days left to try

So here I am exclaiming
How I hope you like the cold
Your veins are running icicles
Your heart is pumping coal
Oh, but I'm a firm believer
In the answers always love
So I'll button up my thickest skin
And anti-freeze your heart
You can bet that you're gonna love my Christmas

And it won't be like last December
When all you gave was cold and bitter
This time I won't let you hate the snow
Coz you claim it melts and ruins tires
And I say, "boy aren't you tired now
Of beating down my best attempts
To make you love these nights of minus temps"
Let's give thanks to those who've lasted through
A whole year long twelve months of you

So here I am explaining
You better find some festive cheer
Coz unless you're into changing
Well I won't be here next year
But I'm a firm believer
And there's always room for love
So walk with me down Oxford street
And open up your heart
Oh, I knew that you were gonna love my Christmas

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Maisie Peters Love My Christmas Comments
  1. Isabel Wu

    This is gorgeous my god

  2. Max G

    Ive been really into Maisie Peters ever since I heard her first song, I really love her singing

  3. ThatGuyCalledNathan

    My name is also Nathan! :| Also Love the song! ^_^

  4. Cindy Lee

    Maisie talks!! beautiful, 10/10


    Your videos are Amazing!!!! 😱😍 Love it so much! Can I ask where do you make your color grading? 😍 and what font did you use in the intro

  6. Ana Hernández royo

    How do you record the music? Which type of microphone do you use?? :o

  7. Lily of the Moor

    I love everything about this! That winter scenery is so beautiful!

  8. Bear Crest

    Great video! I'm interested in the type of color grading you should make a tutorial for it!

  9. Olly

    you should check out Soran Dussaigne to do a session with him - he is so talented, and his original songs are beyond beautiful

  10. pukeyourguts

    where was this shot?

  11. Davis Pratt

    Was a stabilizer used in post? Also amazing job both of you.

  12. Daniel Boulton

    Such an awesome location 😍 how did you get so close to the dear???? And also what audio gear are you using in this video of you don't mind me asking?

    C B

    Daniel Boulton Deer*

  13. something something

    This is beautiful! All your films are beautiful! I was wondering where you filmed this? The "really big dogs" bring a really cool element to the film. +Ray Roberts

  14. Ash U

    Deer in the back like "Dude, we got a free show! Let's move a bit closer to listen." :3

  15. - amy -

    id love to see one of these with robin from cavetown

  16. Medha Kumar

    It's freakish how much you look like Rory Gilmore, Maisie Peters.

    John Smith

    Yeah lil bit

  17. Daniel Boulton

    Awesome location! How'd you manage to get so close to the dear 😅

    C B

    Daniel Boulton Stop saying "dear"

  18. Rusty Clanton

    Yes. Absolutely.

  19. Fawaz Shah

    This is such a cute song

  20. Mustafa B.

    Türkiye'den dinleyen bir ben varım sanırım.

  21. knoptop

    This was great! I thought it was shot on film, really like the location and colors.

  22. AidanDaher

    Wow! You are such an excellent filmmaker! I love your videos! I found your channel about a year ago on your "super 8 - Introduction" I am a 12 year old filmmaker that could use some advice from such an incredible filmmaker!

    Ray Roberts

    +Aidan Oh wow! My advice, just keep making things. Keep making things. Use whatever is at your disposal and master your craft. Good luck to you!


    @Ray Roberts Thank you so much! Are you working on any projects at the moment?


    @Ray Roberts Oh man, I really hope I didn't ruin anything. I am just curious is to what you are working on!

    Ray Roberts

    Haha, don't worry yourself. I'm going back to making more personal videos about me again. Going to start using YouTube as a diary, hopefully, maybe. 

  23. ÁloeLifetale

    I love it! So beautiful (:

  24. Zohey

    this is so so beautiful and the setting i just aghfdsdfghjk AMAZING <3

  25. royasmusic


  26. Ant (mrheavyhand)

    adorable in so many ways.

  27. jolien zwama

    beautiful :)

  28. pSmall360

    "Wayfarer Session" copied from JacksGap's "Shed Sessions" huh.

    Michael Dean

    +pSmall360 Session videos have been around long before Jacksgap :)

    Ray Roberts

    I don't remember filming my videos in a shed

  29. Fionn Ó Tuama

    Awwwwh jeez. Everything is so beautiful !
    And them deer thou, wow.

  30. matthewtrimby

    This video is gorgeous in so many ways

  31. eladbari

    Super great man! Just turn off that Warp stabilizer as it gives a motion sickness effect.
    Merry Xmas! :]

  32. conorlovesfaces

    Beautiful video Ray, and Maisie is absolutely incredible!

    Both have so much talent.

  33. Ana Escariz

  34. Old Cameras


  35. SuperSamStuff

    I didn't think that the background was real at first. My god, it's all so gorgeous. This is the perfect way to wrap up my Christmas. Thanks, Ray

    Ray Roberts

    +SuperSamStuff It's true. All of it. The deer. The lake. The dark side. They were real.

  36. Agnes

    omg this is precious! replaying all day

    Ray Roberts

    +Agnes Checka sounds like a pleasant Christmas! Watching my vids every 25th December!

  37. Effy Elmubarak

    "Do that!"
    -Maisie Peters, 2015

    Maisie Peters

    I really have a way with words don't I

  38. Jake Aspey

    yes Maisie yes!!

  39. emilygeorge

    sososo beautiful, happy holidays to you both x

    Ray Roberts

    +Emily George have a terrific day! 😊

  40. fee was here

    smol tiny angel lovely lovely lovely <333

  41. TheSwedishLad

    Beautifully shot and sung. Thank you Maisie and Ray!
    Happy holidays!

  42. billygoatideas

    Cheeky bit of warp stabiliser. Gorgeous video man

  43. Mark Hilton

    yes thank you to maisie, nathen and let's not forget the deers too XD

  44. Maisie Peters

    I think we need to become professional outro makers our talents are wasted

    Ray Roberts

    +Maisie Peters you have never been more right

  45. Maisie Peters

    Thanks Ray for having me, twas great fun! p.s the outro with the deer puns and Nathans cameo more than makes the video I wont lie

  46. Olivia Walton

    Wow wow this is beautiful

  47. Ray Roberts

    those are some really big dogs

    Abraham Esparza

    Off topic but are you excited that kodak is comeing out with new super 8 gear?

    Ray Roberts

    it's an interesting product and I'm happy it exists but as far as I'm concerned regarding super 8, my super 8 camera has more than enough features 

    Ash U

    +Ray Roberts This made me laugh! you need more likes! XD


    what kind of dog is it?

    Abraham Esparza

    @catguts ehe their scientific name is Cervidae

  48. Lucy Knight

    Maisie is an actual angel

  49. MaisieKate

    this was so beautiful with the background and Maisie's voice ITS JUST SO GR88 well done!!!

    Ray Roberts

    +MaisieKate yeah, would of been prettier if those big dogs didn't get in the way

  50. Louis Bryant

    Super nice! :)

  51. Melanie Baker

    Ahhhhh! This was just wonderful:) Super proud of this tiny lil angel!

  52. Michael Dean

    Might have re-visited this quite a few know, for science.

    Ray Roberts

    +FilmmakerMichael yeah yeah... science of being a swell guy

  53. insidetheweirdbox

    Awesome! Also, great background with the animals and humans ☺

  54. Ella Caney-Willis

    I love this sososososo much

    Ray Roberts

    +Ella Caney-Willis thank you mother ella x

  55. emmiway

    got to spend christmas away from my family in the baracks
    thank you for making it a bit sweeter :)

    Ray Roberts

    +emmiway Glad I could of been of service. Merry Christmas!

  56. Millie Corkery

    Well this was very lovely!

  57. taha

    The best Wayfarer session EVER! Great work Ray (and Nathan), it turned out EVERYTHING I HOPED IT WOULD BE! I've already listened to it 4 times and I just woke it :D (ALSO MAISIE YOU WERE AMAZING AS ALWAYS)

    Ray Roberts

    +KhanStopMe and it was all thanks to you

    Maisie Peters

    Thanks tAhA I feel like I owe a small part of this video creds to you so here are your creds enjoy them cherish them you're wELcome


    I will collect all of the creds and train them like they are pokemon, thank u

  58. redacted

    she's so cute omg??

  59. Jain Mistry

    This is gorgeous and lovely and raw. Beautiful work guys xox

  60. catherinereadsalot

    I freaking love this. Added to my favorites.

  61. daniyells

    this is so crisp

    Ray Roberts

    +daniyells might as well rename it to "Walkers Sessions" (this pun has so much depth to it when you also take into account of what the definition of wayfarer)

  62. chlowaiii

    THIS WAS SO WONDERFULLY GORGEOUS i'm so glad maisie got to do something so wonderful oh my goodness i love this so much <3

    Ray Roberts

    +chlowaiii Glad you liked it!

  63. ElliottGEdwards

    She's bloody brilliant :o (good grading on the vidia btw)

    Ray Roberts

    +ElliottGEdwards Thank you thank you

  64. Francesca Georgiou

    This is truly wonderful

  65. Marcotteproductions

    Lovely song.

  66. itsamemyleo

    beautiful stuff :)

    Ray Roberts

    Thanks dad

  67. Sonny Etchell

    Loved this, Ray! Beautiful voice and beautifully captured.

  68. Michael Dean

    Christmas number 1!

    Also, thank you Nathan!

    Ray Roberts

    +FilmmakerMichael the video was titled 'thanksnathan.mp4'

  69. Louise

    omg this is beautiful :)


    that voice, that cinematography oooofttttt yum!

    Ray Roberts

    +KaiTSANGASONG please don't eat my video


    hard not to man! 

  71. DreamOnMaddie

    well that was bloody angellic if i ever saw it

  72. Merely an Idea

    One of my favorites yet!!! You always find the best locations!

  73. futuristicpoets



    also happy 25th December ray

    Ray Roberts

    +Skirting Board happy today to you too