Maisie Peters - Holding Onto You Lyrics

Everybody falls apart
Looking for a match to spark
We're all waiting for their choir to start
Wish it would

Just another sleepless night
Looking back on all the wrongs I'd right
Thought u were really gone this time
For good

We're gonna dance on water
Gonna get soaked
Gonna love violently, and silently hope
That tomorrow we'll be better
Tomorrow we'll be new
But if tonight is where it ends
I'd do it all again and I'd do it holding onto you

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Maisie Peters Holding Onto You Comments
  1. uzumakixhinataxneji

    ive never even been in a relationship but i felt this

  2. Keyweezy

    Just came across this song and i can’t stop listening to it 😩🔥

  3. Angeline Bena

    Maisie there giving everyone something when they pass by.
    Me: I want the lobster phone

  4. Sora T

    Niki brings me here 💗

  5. yo peeps

    Wow this is amazing I love it!! You have so much talent❤

  6. Zainab Hi

    Ive been a fan of you since Worst Of You. I havent heard your voice for such a long time, it brought so many memories when i heard it. Thank you for changing my life when i found it hard to cope i love you ❤️

  7. Zxcvb Qwerty

    jst found this singer. really great singer. so fckng underrated <3

  8. Ojit Imchen

    love u sis😘

  9. beau 愛


  10. Maricar Repollo

    Hi Maisie. You're so beautiful. Love all you music 🥰 keep it up and being unique. I like the tone of your voice it relaxing ♥️

  11. Lucie Fahy

    Best song ever

  12. Yeye Adegbite

    My actual life right now. Blocked 🙅🏾‍♀️ still hurts though 🥺

  13. Maarbble

    Her hair is so pretty

  14. Geo Lag

    Did my best and you threw it all
    I was your biggest fan
    Not any more...
    Love love love this song

  15. siti haryanti ahmad faiz

    I love this song

  16. TheClawSquadCrew

    Wait is that Eugene? With the blonde hair

  17. Carnictis

    2:53 Ethereal! Speaking to my Soul 🙌🏻😭

  18. The Almighty Zugs

    This hurts to hear. But it's true all the same. Take responsibility guys.

  19. Khizar khan

    I will come back after 5 years when she is famous.

  20. Omega Redd

    I love this so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️💜💜💜💜💜💜💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

  21. dream

    please collab with Johnny Orlando

  22. timtomnec

    I should set this to my ring back

  23. Parthiban Sekar

    Listened to this first in Apple Music playlist - Mellow Days. That was a love at first-listen. Absolutely brilliant. Making all my friends listen to this one ever since then.

  24. Paddy

    This is my ex in a nutshell, you give 110% and you get shit on so fuck it onwards and upwards.

  25. Anthony Nguyen

    Absolutely wonderful.

  26. subscribe for no reason xx

    *This makes me want to break up with my nonexistent toxic relationship*
    But this is actually rly good

  27. Ella Greene

    Ima loving the tortoise at the end

  28. Nathan Egan

    How's she gonna call this emo girl pop, its literally just girl pop, nothing emo about it

  29. TheStefan188

    amazing song. they should play it on our dutch radio channels.

  30. Chaca Jenner

    Love from Indonesia ❣️🖤🤗

  31. Jess Tallen

    the pop jumped out

  32. Margo J

    hey guys check my slowed version for this song, thank you.

  33. Crovax Windgrace

    This is a beautiful song. You are amazing!

  34. Brandy H

    Breakup anthem of the year, love it.

  35. eicyrb

    0:31 - 0:33 is where the song really gets started

  36. Matthew Montinola

    Loving this x

  37. Lochlannn

    Not gonna lie, only got intrigued due to the disgusting amount of Instagram ads on this song. So here I am :/

  38. Trent-Jean

    Issa Hit

  39. Zara Khaleefa

    heard this on the radio and since then ive listened to it non stop <3

  40. Lalthantluanga Khawlhring

    To me her voice sounds like Ellie Goulding and Sigrid at the same time.

  41. James Brooks

    Love this song , brought a little tear to my eye but in a good way I think !!! Kind of a reminiscing song I think but it’s amazing Maisie Peters !!

  42. Aaliyah Jones

    Anyone else here from ig ahaha

  43. Margo J

    hey guys check my slowed version for this song, thank you.

  44. shay shay

    I love this I saw this on a ad and love it

  45. IEscapedThe Asylum


  46. MOTOWN & MORE!

    Love you maisie you are the only modern music I will listen to (i listen to 60s music) great tracks, will you please release on lp!

  47. anthony perace

    Yes miss peters wonderful singing as always.

  48. Margo J

    hey guys check my slowed version for this song, thank you.

  49. Moon Wolfie

    Wow this is even if I'm late 😅

  50. Ru By

    Love this song ❤

  51. Francesca H.

    Who else came here from BBC Radio 1?

  52. Ben

    this video has ruined the song for me.

  53. Sandeep Kumar

    Nice song 💖

  54. Jacob Winspear

    Miss Cook says wassup

  55. Jonathan Gough

    Hot guy

  56. Mikki

    Her voice doesn't not sound like anyone's, truly unique 😘

  57. Tom Baldwin


  58. gemma _

    Love it

  59. Shain Falcon

    The music video is fantastic

  60. Dan the Chatterbox

    I'm obsessed with this song so good such a great beat and voice

  61. Ltack s

    She is upgrading

  62. Nev Nevitt


  63. Diana Ayusita

    Who come here after watch NIKI's interview ?

  64. Left Blank

    These lyrics are really dark

  65. Ben Scott

    She sounds like tove lo

  66. spaintom89

    Maisie check out this tune I wrote years ago. Love to hear your spin on it

  67. spaintom89

    Amazing song

  68. Adam Faris

    Love it

  69. Hottt Teaa

    Omg in the thumbnail she literally looks like Zara Larsson

  70. Charlie Power

    How has this only got 443 comments this is an actual bop and people are sleeping on it

  71. Ngọc Vũ


  72. Dasch

    Why didn't you eat the pizza?!

  73. MKShaSha

    Love this and love that it’s shot in one of my favourite bars in Battersea!

  74. chloefgl

    Love from Hong Kong (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)

  75. Halfbakedpie

    I love ur voice omg

  76. Eva Brunskill

    this is so badly auto tuned

  77. Mars Liao

    I Got mY LiCenSe!!

  78. MG Barcelona

    This song deserves a million views and more! Love u Maisie! Much love from the 🇵🇭😘

  79. Adele Fairfield

    Does anyone just get such cosy autumn/slash winter vibes when they listen to her music. Like I feel like her songs are perfect to listen to on a train home during early winter time. Idk. Just so pretty and gets you in the feels.

  80. Melissa Shirley

    Her lyrics are so genius

  81. Aria Tirone

    an angel 🥺

  82. Fahima Miah

    can you collaborate with alec benjamin? i think your voices will go perfect together

  83. E. Osborn

    the fleabag energy in this video is IMMENSE

  84. James Caldwell

    Ove this Maisie x

  85. Jacob Davies

    Emma Blackery...but good!

  86. 老靈魂Radio

    who can relate with this 100%?
    I am, so damn right.

  87. Melinda Summers

    She sounds so much like Lily Allen used to sound. I like this a lot!

  88. Evan Sobkowiak

    I just got out a breakup with my boyfriend😭 this song is literally all my feelings😞💔

    I don’t Know what my name should be

    Evan Sobkowiak aww it’s gonna be ok Xx


    Haha, GAAAAAY.


    Shubham Nayak


  89. Glitch Girl

    It cool also you have the same name as me

  90. 정미소

    언니 항상 응원해요 항상 좋은 노래 감사합니다🥰🥰🥰🥰

  91. kcpopoo

    Ok off topic... I know there's people bursting into musical in the boys bathroom. Is this normally what's going on in the girls bathroom?

  92. Im Ricardo

    Maisie's talent really deaserve the interest of crowd. Just amazing singer.

  93. Quinn Gunter


  94. 102 d

    So cute

  95. 장조림

    음색 미쳤다 징짜 ㅜ

  96. Kate M.

    I'm obsessed with this song
    it's so freaking good ♥

  97. jj lin

    You deserve more attention!!!!

  98. Trisha Sopera

    Found out abt this gem from a story on episode lol. So glad I checked it out :)