Maisie Peters - Build A Boat Lyrics

Let's build a boat
So we can sleep right where we sail
You see a fish, I see a whale
Underneath this painted indigo
Oh, where should we go next?
Let's build a boat
So we can say we saw the ocean
From our bedroom's cotton curtains
While I was looking out the window
Oh, I know that you wanna build it too

Don't pretend that you're not looking
For something more than growing up
Right now I should be writing flashcards
But I'm stuck on pastel skies and apple eyes that say too much
So won't you come and ride the waves, boy
We can go anywhere we please
And then instead of revising
We could sail to the horizon
And float out inside the sea

Let's build a castle
So we can rule it as we choose
And I'll spend days just simply talking to you
And I won't worry if I don't know how to factorise
I'll blow the time off dandelions
Let's build a tree house
So we can hide up there forever
We'll make a nest right out of feathers
And I will never have to choose
Oh, you know that you wanna build it too

Don't pretend that you're not clueless
At what the hell you're gonna do
Right now I should be drawing mind maps
But I'm stuck on fairy letters
That make me think of you
So won't you come and climb to me, boy
Coz we don't have to live like them
Instead of memorizing verbs
We could sail right round the world
And make it back again

Let's build a boat that's made for two
Oh, I know you want it just as much as me
You're just afraid to give it all, in case you lose
But I'm not scared of falling
Oh no, I'm scared of being boring
What if we never even try?
What if we never find out why?
What if we grow up without really growing down?

So please, please my darling
Just don't settle for what they want you to be
Coz you are extra ordinary already
And I know there's so much more inside your reach
And I can't prove it's worth it
Coz it's not safe and I don't know where we'll end up
But hell, it's better than just waiting and taking
The path they build for us

Coz I don't think I could bear it
If when we're old and faded peach
We can't tell each other stories of when we tried and flied
And made the jumps nobody thought we'd reach
Coz life is made for living
So baby, oh, who knows what we'll be
Oh, but youth is meant for taking and for breaking
And for building up the beautiful we'll be

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Maisie Peters Build A Boat Comments
  1. a e s t h e t i c s

    as a person whos currently revising for exams, this is my current mood lol, i love maisie-she always has songs that you can relate to

  2. Toxic Monster

    Nice ❤️♊️

  3. Sunflower Studios

    Love this ❤️

  4. M3rpy D3rpy Doe

    You see a fish I see a fucking whale, get on my level boi

  5. Mia Beaumont

    Hi I love your songs and please make a song about me please

  6. Isabel Harper

    Thank you so so so much for uploading!

  7. Lemon Bot

    Happy (soon) new year :D

  8. Eden Gallagher

    jumped when I saw this, thankss

  9. Alaskah Wise

    I love your songs and happy new years eve and happy new years .

  10. Alexandre Matheus

    I love your songs, it makes me so well.