Maino - What's Poppin My G Lyrics

This for my tattooed bullet wound duck thugs
My money gettin on the grind tryna come up thug
Certified nationwide ya whatsup thugs
I could'ntleave you if I tried I'm a rider thug
Bang bang nut on my face I'm a smart thug
Drug dealin gun on my waist hustle hard thug
I go hard thug swear to god thug icepick I ain't no bitch I play the yard thug
From scratched made something not a nothing thug
Shot first kill a nigga over nothin thug
You are not a thug I know alot of thugs black flag and a black pair or prada studs
The industry full of all these fake rappin thugs
Ask about me in the hood I'm not an actin thug
I'm a street thug I keep it G thug
Look at me I'm a teach you how to greet a thug

Whatsup soldier what's poppin my g what's poppin my g poppin poppin my g
Whatsup soldier what's poppin my g what's poppin my g poppin poppin my g
Whatsup soldier what's poppin my g what's poppin my g poppin poppin my g
Whatsup soldier what's poppin my g what's poppin my g poppin poppin my g

Un alot niggas gettin shot
Alotta bird niggas talkin to the cops
Alotta hood boogers gettin popped and young niggas gettin knocked
Cause they walkin with the muthafuckin glock
I feel like it's a catch 22 you get bagged when you have it but when you don't
Shit can get tragic so I'm black flaggin shoot it up vest with the matic
Rat or tat it we ain't cut from the same fabric uhh
I'm a savage 2 first what's cracckin
These rappers are fools they wastin stacks on madden
It's not near funny ya tough face mans got me reachin for my waistband no
Al bundy street money slower
This muthafuckin drought got me payin
Damn near dope numbers for the yollers shit
What up soldier no problems with obama but I'll vote for mccain if he let
The coke get over

Whatsup soldier what's poppin my g what's poppin my g poppin poppin my g
Whatsup soldier what's poppin my g what's poppin my g poppin poppin my g
Whatsup soldier what's poppin my g what's poppin my g poppin poppin my g
Whatsup soldier what's poppin my g what's poppin my g poppin poppin my g

Niggas know who the fuck I be
See me wildin in the club waving my flag in VIP
Gotta respect me I go hard I'm the threat see new kid young is in charge
Who wanna test me
I ain't no bitch gangsta
Shorty a thug who wanna flip gangsta 4 5th cocked let it rip gangsta
Black flaggin showin my ass pants saggin see my swag
I ain't one of the same niggas nahh not one of the lame niggas
I'm mixed with the blood of a slave and a chain nigga
I get it how I live it's 1 and the same nigga
Mousy I be the truth of these game niggas
Invision weighed by a lil water came whippas
A corner boy I just tripped up in fame NIGGA
(whaddup solider) what's poppin my G
NOTHING ain't nobody gettin it poppin like me

Whatsup soldier what's poppin my g what's poppin my g poppin poppin my g
Whatsup soldier what's poppin my g what's poppin my g poppin poppin my g
Whatsup soldier what's poppin my g what's poppin my g poppin poppin my g
Whatsup soldier what's poppin my g what's poppin my g poppin poppin my g

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Maino What's Poppin My G Comments
  1. çınar ayaz

    Ezhelciler dolmasın

  2. rome willagon

    Shouts out to maino only if he knew what he talking about be right on my back in 2019 poking me with a knife pushing only come out when i am chilling taking it s anger out on me thats whats popping right now dont know how long i am a live behind it been to the sych unit four times behind it so far n it started in far rock bothering me after stack died n now i am in brooklyn n its been messing with me

  3. Killah Kin Loyalty/Royalty

    OFNem 👿💯

  4. Sabri Erkmen

    "Artz what's popping my G"

    Emir ARSLAN

    Sabri Erkmen oradan geliyorum la ben de

  5. Kathy Grom

    Maino,6ix9ine,China Mac,The Game, chief keef and GBE,Brick squad ,Gucci mane and waka flocka, papoose,Casanova,Fatboy SSE, fat trel,beanie sigel YG compton menace and Eminem are the realiest in hip hop

  6. JSA361

    2.15.19 pml tml ntml nel and 412 to all my real G's shouts out from north Carolina y'all g easy wherever u are 💯🔯

  7. Gregory Armstrong

    6 poppin my G

  8. Billy Clements

    maino is the best east coast rapper alive str8 up idgaf wat niggas say #blackflag #themafia

  9. Boss Royalty

    G Shit run in my 6lxxd

  10. A Saund

    push spit heat

  11. Jax Teller

    Only real rapper maino jeezy ti

  12. Terry Sutherland


  13. Ahki Asumo

    If you aint feelin this it simply means you a bitch ass nigga and your hood pass got revoked byatch. Get the fuck out here you yappy ass bitches.

  14. Michael Anthony

    Lame ass shit.. Yada Yada I'm a G I'm a soldier I go hard.. Blah blah blah..

  15. MrSotaPhonk

    GD started in chitown, but we everywhere now fam

  16. leif johnson

    look like a snitch scar

  17. Dylan Harper

    74 bk lkk bos we fly on tha riGht

  18. G. Black

    Go bang on the devil homie, stop bangin yr brothaz, now go and "G.D." that nigga. Fuckin dumb rabbid ass niggaz.

  19. JeanLuc DeCastro

    True but the Dodgers also use to be from Brooklyn where he is now.


    I hope you are now in at home.

  21. Frank WiseCEO

    I am feeling this subscribe me back famo and check us out.

  22. Matthew Hondrakis

    why is mouse wearing an LA hat? makes no sense...doubt hes from there

  23. Mark Alex

    @ry27sm you're fuckin stupid for that..if i had to say any rapper out there is a real thug, it's question bout it. he not fake like all these other weak rappers

  24. ry27sm

    They just don't seem thug...sorry lol

  25. mrsqueak74

    This my shit. From the projects to the ARMY repping Jersey, going hard over in afghanistan eliminating anything early. My eyes is open now and I'll be home in 2012 getting ready for the revolution. You either with us or you with our corrupt ass government. I hope you all are ready to stand by me and my niggas from all hoods. Get your guns and ammo up cause the real war in America is coming!!!!!!!

  26. Mflyboy5


  27. Miami B

    nemo hoes

  28. Zach Bebo


  29. tony cove

    maino's on a level of his own compared 2 rappers nowadays .. standard G!


    holy fuck this guys a tank

  31. Nico Roc

    shit go hard son... ya'll 20 hatas obviously not from NY...

  32. 9kiko90

    maino is one of da only new rappers i like

  33. Bellaroha!!!

    BGD n tell tha end cuz

  34. Bellaroha!!!

    he deff should go back monster jam 617 boston

  35. Jjohnny Fulfa

    all black is a GD combat uniform for all you net bangers but that dont mean he is.. yall need to stop the bullshit and this comin from a G.. elevate your minds instead of thinkin this shit is all fun

  36. Rebecca Domain

    Im a big Maino fan fuck them haters...

  37. LeGette88

    @ThaBlackN1gga tell em man.. i was locked up in state for 4 years n i wasnt affiliated when i went in, and now im bout DAT LIFE.. 7-4-14 .. black flag on the right and fuckin some tight pussy.

  38. logan rose


  39. Chase B.

    He gd? or is nyc just wat he says the black flag city

  40. KING9747

    WAT UP SOLDIER!!!!!!!!

  41. LeGette88

    @ThaBlackN1gga yup. only real gs go to county or prison and come back out thuggin' and more educated.. they segregate all gangs in 1 area.. bad idea on the man's part... they stick all the same gang members together, so no drama-- but in reality, just makes em smarter n stronger

  42. logan rose


  43. logan rose

    6 poppin 5 droppin

  44. arm garnett


  45. eeeboi

    @bfmvtildeath LOL.

  46. Benjamin Hola

    @Avep90 I know man! I want that shit but i can't find it haha!

  47. Benjamin Hola

    I want push montanas shirt! IM A G

  48. Domingo Alvarado

    dont let maino around cher. she wont be the same

  49. Pretty Ricky

    maino scares me

  50. Steffen B

    Maino keep the good stuff up!

  51. Shabba Doo

    this song makes me wanna scrap

  52. Oakles22

    I'm not hood. I'm wood. :) I like Maino because he has integrity and self respect. Black flaggin is an awesome concept. Red and Blue is cool but that's what they want, blacks killin each other over colors. Surely Maino didn't originate Black Flaggin but he's respected and will get kids thinking twice. Respect. This song could have easily been "What's poppin my nigga" but there you have it, integrity.

  53. CiJeay02

    @deonnicholas ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^



  55. hihater190

    like maino but this isnt even creative at all ..listen to lloyd banks juelz santana

  56. Alex Sparos

    fuck mouse ripped that shit

  57. Sumi Berhane

    i didnt see montana

  58. Zack Gibbon

    fuckin sick song whats up soulja

  59. Kas Zuyderduin

    all those discussions on youtube, just chill and listen to this music(L)

  60. magnificentc

    lol thats the flow of the song. endin every rhyme wit thug lol

  61. thaghost

    18 times in Maino's first verse lol

  62. Deshea Hickson

    FUCKING HOT .....

  63. csal1d

    hes done better

  64. Tmanhayden

    G's up
    7-4 till da world blow

  65. King Tut

    @Richardatf dog uz a lame 4 real

  66. Richardatf

    Don't let him lie to you. What he means to say is he was raised a queen.

    what good?

  67. Jjohnny Fulfa

    were u from kool city?

  68. King Tut

    i feel u. shit i got u tho.

  69. King Tut

    shit if u see me u could blow more than one L cuz i stay wit dat buddah. all we do iz sell mary jane and steal more 2 smoke on. so shit i got da definite hook up when it cum 2 tha green leavez

  70. King Tut

    yea. try 2 go to google maps or some shit. u could see all tha hoods in my town nigga. and niggaz be in tha streetz all day up here, but when sundown comes, dats when dey pull da toyz out. in tha northside we got section 8 n all dat shit. nigga we get it poppin. and yea u see dem hispanics everywhere ova here. and we got vice lordz, latin kingz, bloodz, cripz, ms-13(alot), and a little bit of gd'z

  71. King Tut

    wurd... dats wat it iz den. i ride 4 my hood and the hoodz up here cuz niggaz sleepin on us. either be wit it or against it. simple az dat.

  72. King Tut

    i feel u b. but whenever i feel disrespected, i lose my temper son. but yea u stay on ya miami shit, and imma keep ridin 4 us. im out...

  73. King Tut

    fuck u nigga

  74. Mark Holt

    No point arguing on the internet. You both sound like idiots. If you're both real "gangsters" then it's pretty funny that your "beefin" on the youtube comment section. I always thought the comment section was for racists to type obscene things and elementary and high school kids to argue pathetically on. Are you two pretend high school gangsters?

  75. King Tut

    nigga da only one frontin iz u.fake azz nigga tryna. dnt let this distance between me and u git u amped up homeboii cuz ill smash yo shit. i been to miami AND orlando. neva seen u. i b there sometimes. and since u "alwayz in nyc" cross dat bridge bitch. welcome 2 strong island faggit. im real. cum 2 my hood n find out. and ill cum 2 faggit ass mia and unleash these hammas on ya grill. uz a bitch. and fuck koolcity 101. yo city iz garbage nigga, jus like u. real nigga 100% cum holla. swayze sonn.

  76. King Tut

    yea nigga all day. northeast coast. tell these bitch niggaz. ny all day. ct luv. dats wat it iz

  77. King Tut

    i feel u but wen some one talk shit, then that's it


    the last dude is shiiiit

  79. Gimp Sorensen

    I like the beat but I too fond of Manio but I really cant hate and nether can most cuz he makeing way more fucking money than me.

  80. AseeF

    why is maino actin like a G? he was all the above, lol , now he tryna act so tuff.

    im listenin cuz of Montana.


    sheeee this is ill tha second dude killd it
    i em reaching for my wast band but no al bundy

  82. peacock217

    see thats where nigga like u fuck up at judgin a nigga off of where he from cuz it aint about where u from its bout where u at nigga and if anybody sound stupid its yo dumb ass u type like u 10 years old so imma do YOU a favor and stop replyin cuz u just sound dumber and dumber the more u talk

  83. peacock217

    lol the funny thing about yo lame ass message is u said only fake niggas talk about mommas and then you said something bout my momma so u contradictin yoself nigga and nigga im from illinois nowhere close to yo ass but i can still sense the bitch in u nigga so i'll tell u wat if u really bout it next time u in illinois holla at me and u can see if imma fake nigga or not

  84. peacock217

    STILL youtube gang banging nigga??its funny how u got so much time to be on here writing to me i thought u was thuggin nigga and if u was really bout something u wouldnt be waitin on me to ask for yo address u woulda just gave it to me thats how i know u frontin LAME

  85. peacock217

    like i said u aint bout shit u gang bangin on youtube nigga??you lame nigga stop trynna be a thug its not workin out the bitch in u showin

  86. peacock217

    nigga u aint gon do shit thats why u on youtube talkin if u was thug you wouldnt have time to leave long comments like that LAME

  87. BrothaRedd

    maino is GDN. black is the main color of the GDN, or the "black flag." GD's dont have to show their flags, can rock any color they choose, and don't announce their alliance because one of their top rules is to remain as a neutron

  88. Ratchet Rell

    yall dont no wat yall talking 6out folk rock 6lack white and gray and maino iz 6oss a real 1 @ dat

  89. heatwave59

    black flag is neutral he know a lot of bloods thats y its on his right side

  90. ShotCallz

    umm no nigga black flag aint got shit to do wit black power. Black flag movement tryna come up outta the gutta.

  91. DanteEv

    every comment on here is young and dumb. All Suckas go listen to Soulja Boy or something, leave this BLACK FLAG shit to real niggas

  92. tylerbrin1119

    nigga what you talkin bout who the fuck maino swagga jack you hatin ass nigga

  93. BusinessMinded

    maino GD Gangsta Deciple and from my understanding they color blind so they can wear read white blue whatever

  94. tylerbrin1119

    oh shit i never saw dat i still fuck wit murda thos cause his music just to hard to ignore

  95. tylerbrin1119

    uncle murda aint pussy hes harder than pap and i fuckk wit pap but they squashed dat beef