Maine, The - You'll Never Know Lyrics

So long,
Go on and waste my time
And don't,
Don't ever cross that line

If you don't,
Then you won't

You'll never know
Unless you take it there
You'll never know
You'll never know
Unless you take it there
Take me there
Take me there

So go,
Go on and take your time
But don't,
Don't ever leave my mind
Please don't, don't, don't
Don't ever cross that line

If you don't,
Oh, then you won't

You'll never know
Unless you take it there
You'll never know
You'll never know
Unless you take it there
Take me there
Take me there

Take it there with me
Oh, you'll never know
Just take it there with me
Take it there with me
Oh, you'll never know
Just take it there with me

You'll never know
Unless you take it there
You'll never know
You'll never know
Unless you take it there
Take me there (take it there with me)
Take me there (take it there with me)
Take me there (take it there with me)

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Maine, The You'll Never Know Comments
  1. Nina Dees

    there's a lot of bands that decide to change styles and I don't really thing it works for them, but with the maine I really feel like they've grown into their new style and it works for them. This song just shows they can succeed at any new style they decide to dedicate themselves to! well done!

  2. Lynsey Wright

    this gave me chills.

  3. 22OrangeGirl

    Same here. Loved them when I discovered The Pioneer. At first, I don't dig them that much because I'm tired of Pop Punk, but good thing one day I found them again. The Pioneer is the best album ever!

  4. Kennedy Shaffer

    No, he didn't just state his opinion; he also insulted people and their music tastes. So maybe you think it's a good point, but it's not. It might be a good point if it had no negative comments towards other bands and genres. Know what you're standing up for before you comment.

  5. monikaNtiff

    He had a good point. Don't insult him and call him a pointless name just because his opinion is different than yours

  6. The Day Destroys The Night

    Check out one of my Maine covers

  7. hofpfdg fdpihlj

    best band in the world.

  8. Francisco Vazquez

    Thats a cute giraffe.

  9. Tatiane Boaes

    Adoro o refrão!

  10. mitmar8

    Dude you have no idea what Pop punk is. Im sorry but you're wrong hahaha

  11. flannery w

    My jaw dropped within the first ten seconds. This is incredible.

  12. sash

    the maine<3

  13. bananaoil5

    Does any one believe the giraffe represents John? You'll never know unless you take it there. When I first heard this song I was very surprised by the sound. I love them no matter what.

  14. Stacey R

    iunno bout that, i've always loved the maine

  15. Mariana campbell penna

    essa musica é mt boa

  16. donthatemuffins123

    I happen to love "All Time Low shitfest" thank you very much.

  17. ihirish

    I know! They made me obsessed with Arizona bands... but they are always my favorite!

  18. luv cums

    You thought their first album was pop punk? Who the fuck are you to talk about "good music" when you can't tell what the actual genre of their music was? All of their albums kicked ass so fuck you Mr. "I Know What a B-Side Is". Conceited as fuck much?

  19. music098lover

    I've been a fan of The Maine for SUCH a long time. I was unsure about this song at first, but now I just can't get it out of my head. I'm in love.

  20. Luiza Missi

    You know, you could have just said "I don't usually like pop punk, but The Maine has matured so much since their first album I've grown to like them". No need to disrespect the band, their fanbase or their friends :)

  21. Spencer Williams

    The Maine is one of the few reasons why I am proud to be from Arizona<333.

  22. Brandon Barrow

    rip that joint brotha!

  23. Karla Reyna

    Yeah, The Maine has definitely lost something, they lost the record company that was holding them down. I don´t see this as pop music, I personally feel it´s more on the indie/alternative side, I gotta say I like it much better than their old albums, and I still absolutely loved those. And I think they definitely haven´t lost their rock sound, it´s just a more evolved rock sound, like Misery and When I´m at Home. But, like I said, it´s just my opinion.

  24. Isabellepaars

    Can you guys look at my lyrics vid for this song? /watch?/K9DdhXIJ_DY thanks :D

  25. Paul Christian Aquino

    I'm a guy and I listen to ATL, problem with that?
    I listen to The Maine, no matter what album it is..
    Pop Punk? Immature Music? All I see is that your comment is way too immature for me!

  26. PerryThePlatypus3

    Why the fuck is 2 Chainz in the suggestions?

  27. hazelmaine

    wow you don't have to diss All Time Low you know.

  28. fevcefv

    why the hell is hollywood undead in the related videos

  29. ihirish

    I have this strange obsession with AZ bands.... I don't care if their first album wasn't their best but I love it eaither way because it shows them building up to this! You see them evolve through their first ep to their recent stuff. The Maine has made flukes, they're only human! I just loved listening to them as they grew into the amazing band that they are today.

  30. Astral Syn

    I agree. They couldn't really avoid the first album being immature though, because they were younger and still looking for their uniqueness in music. :)
    I still like two or three from that first album. I don't think being immature defines it as bad, it can still sound fun.

  31. Angelika Contante

    This song is on its seventy-six replay. (: <3

  32. Angelika Contante

    Can't wait for Good Love for more songs. I love how every song of yours is different. This song is different then all of them. 3 Good Love 3

  33. xoxdancer411xox

    the nine people who disliked this video obviously dont know good music when they hear it

  34. alyssa

    The B-sides are so freaking amazing okay.

  35. Ben Linnabay

    Do you?

  36. Christian Richards

    i feel like The Maine has lost something. i know they have grown a lot, but what i mean is, they just don't sound happy anymore. they have lost that spark. they have become more pop than rock these days.

  37. Hermyownninny

    Your Ovaries Love O'Callaghan ❤

  38. Spenser Powers

    The Wonder Years, The Story So Far, and Such Gold are pop punk. ATL is pop rock.

  39. Meaghan Reilly

    It makes me cry thinking about how far they've come and how much work went into these songs.

  40. Staci Byers

    They need to make a whole album that sounds like this.

  41. Spenser Powers

    The first album isn't pop punk.. neither is All Time Low..


    If I were any prouder I swear ill burst... This is incredible and I'm glad that their sound is changing and maturing.

  43. Sara Ackles

    Não vejo a hora de lançar GOOD LOVE B- Side não aguento esperar até setembro !!
    alias adorei a girafa kkk

  44. HereBeRegan

    Is there a way to be more proud of 5 people? I don't think so. <3

  45. Ophélie Moulard

    so weird, but so good :D <3

  46. koleen s

    GIRAFFE ALERT well hello there john ohh

  47. Eduard Opelanio

    Just like the Old Days. Tom Petty and such. <3 The Maine :)

  48. Pphnx

    the meaning of the maine is WOOOW!

  49. Nikki Mackenzie

    Every album is always so new and amazing. love it.

  50. camirealewolf

    “if Bowie fucked Genesis & Tears For Fears” - influenced track.. JUST AMAZING.

  51. camirealewolf

    I love the fact that they're trying to find their own sound.

  52. Aiden Raine

    Preferably Ottawa. <3

  53. Michaela Friel

    I'm so in love with this!! <3

  54. Thayná Neves

    Awesome as always!

  55. XLurveLecheX

    The more I listen to it, the better it gets. :)

  56. XLurveLecheX

    i love this. it's a different kind of good than what the maine used to do.

  57. Ana Santamaría

    I like this song.. of course!! but... It's way different.. Idk.. Sounds kinda fake.. I almost cannot listen guitars or the bass.. that's The Maine.. not this song.. :/

  58. Nathan Butler

    Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck this is orgasmic

  59. Tay Joey

    One day they will be as famous, keep on fighting THE MAINE !

  60. ihirish

    oh my!! this is soo different! I love how they are exploring more with their sound! Come back to AZ!!!

  61. MercysPeach

    Come to Montreal or Ottawa <3 Please please I love you guys!!

  62. Angelika Contante

    Come to New Jersey!! ♥ I love you all The Maine... This is such a perfect song!

  63. Jenny Kamma

    This reminds me of the opening song for the movie Drive.

  64. Carlos Pinto

    This is just awesome. I love the way that the boys are growing up and doing some different stuff. The Maine is my favorite band ever. I'm form Portugal, i really wish that you guys come here soon!

  65. Whitney Helpert

    This is so different then their other songs but I love it soo much! <333

  66. Lia Maine

    I don't gonna waste my time with the four problematic persons who dislike this amazing song.

  67. Júlia Adati


  68. Waahoup

    Am I the only one who thinks this has a slight Coldplay vibe to it?

  69. Dominika Sulewska

    i like this song but I prefer their old style..rock.. ; )

  70. Paula Blue


  71. bxmrie

    Come back to Australia, please! I feel like an idiot for getting so tongue tied when I met you. You're music has always been amazing, I've been listening to you for almost 5 years now (: I hope you do a tour or come for Soundwave in 2014 (:

  72. Merrikat Flint

    i dont understand how a person can dislike this song

  73. amber nguyen

    His voice.. It's so deep now.. I love them <3

  74. xoxdancer411xox

    they never fail to surprise or impress me. they are absolutely incredible.

  75. Laila H

    Lovin' the 80's/indie style going on. Can't wait for these B-Sides!

  76. 357Sydney

    This song really touched me.

  77. Anny Langlois

    AMAZING! LOVE IT <3 <3

  78. newstargreat

    it sounds so mature like someone experience something

  79. savannah bailey

    if you don't love the maine. kill yo self. I WANT JOHN O.

  80. Andrea nguyen

    At first I was skeptical about the song, then I kept listening to it over and over again. Finally something clicked in my head making me love it. Just give it another try before making a final decision to whether you like it?

  81. Kelsayx

    From listening to this and the B-sides, well half of the B-sides. This new album y'all are working on is going to be fucking sick.

  82. musa şahin

    The Maineeee <3 <3 <3
    İm Waiting New Album <3 ''Pioneer and The Good Love''
    Wait ... Wait..... FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU Yeah ! <3

  83. Ryan Lane

    You'll Never Know. ;)

  84. montaukgirlxox

    I honestly love their new sound so much more!

  85. Karen Yup

    I haven't listened to the Maine in AGES and decided to look em up for old times sake, and holy crap have they ever changed their sound. I grew out of their old stuff but I am really digging this

  86. David H


  87. David H

    Everybody grows up. You can expect them to keep making music that they made while they were TEENAGERS, now. Chill out... If you want to be stuck in the past then go listen to their older albums.

  88. Melina Valente

    This is awesome guys, I really don't have words to describe the feeling that I got listening to this! I have to say that I almost cryed, to hard to hold the tears! I'm very proud of you, and I have proud to say that you're and will always be my favorite band! Love you all! <3

  89. MrNallie

    Perfeita, sem mais.

  90. Jackie Truong

    i totally agree with you on this :C

  91. yo ronfini

    nem curti :( o The Maine vai mudar a musica deles (ótimo) para se tornar igual a todas as musicas de outros artistas? :(

  92. Gih delela

    aaaaaaaah this song is as perfect as they are!!

  93. Melissa Montoya

    loooove it! it's different : )

  94. Denisse F.

    it's not surprise to me that everytime I hear a new track from these awesomely talented guys I love it, it's instantaneous :)

  95. Josephine Suri

    Couldn't agree more Kaitlyn!!!

  96. Haley Bowman

    Breath taking, eerie, my new favorite song.

  97. Emily

    is the giraffe supposed to be john? ;)

  98. Whitney Helpert

    Love it

  99. Nickola Pigar

    This really proves the versatility of John. HE DOES know how to match a voice a quality to the mood of the song. aaaaghhh! I can't stop falling in love.