Maine, The - While Listening To Rock & Roll Lyrics

Turn it up, it's my song
I can't sing but I'll sing along
I can feel it in my bones
A little rock, a little roll

Take it fast, take it slow
Let me tell you something
That you don't know

Well the bars are all closed
We got no place to go
But we're all a little drunk and
We wanna hear some rock and roll

Is anybody listening, no
Where did that old feeling go?
Don't stop listening to rock and roll

Another round to the sound that mold your music
But we wanna say we got it
So we might as well use it

I asked Katie to dance and I almost blew it
I only kissed her on the mouth
Cause you told me to do it

[Chorus x2]

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Maine, The While Listening To Rock & Roll Comments
  1. Pujangga Abal-Abal

    Ora ngertos

  2. Anne Chan

    The transition from this song to Waiting for My Sun to Shine is absolutely smooth. Artists who can segue from one song to another are really creative :)

  3. struanthama

    I've been listening to The Maine since I was 14 years old. I'm 18 now, and I'm still as in love with the Maine as if it was my first time discovering them. 


    listening to this song in a Bar in San Francisco with a cold beer!

    Best song ever!!

  5. Bethany Jaye


  6. Jasmine Lewis

    "I can't sing but I sing along..."


  7. lovepinkpatrick

    Glad I'm not alone thinking so! :)

  8. lovepinkpatrick

    I agree, I got scared too but overall I think Pioneer is my most favorite. such a clever risk for them to experiment with different sounds/effects/composition to use in each song.

  9. Allan Chua

    lyrics are below the vid not the vi itself

  10. James Martin

    'why do you post with lyrics, then now lyrics?'

    Let's all take a moment to think about who the real moron here is shall we

  11. Michael Berks

    why do you post with lyrics, then now lyrics? are u a moron?i can find a lipsticked bearded guy qanywhere on th e net!

  12. Ellie Leverett

    They need to come to England!

  13. Rude Records

    what's rude? sayin' that the label of a band is giving music for free is rude? we don't think so. It's rude for us to see people uploading music for free while we work hard to get you these tracks everyday, everywhere for every band we have.

  14. Errold Tumaque

    srsly i was super surprised by the route they took with pioneer but it was spectacular haha

  15. Joy Thevision

    I always laugh at this image, everything on it is stupid. a stupid fat man wearing lipstick with the most stupid beard ever. totally genious. thats why I love The Maine.

  16. Liz Sales

    Funny how I can easily love the old and new The Maine

  17. absurdoo


  18. blankkiler


  19. Jolan van Maaren

    It's just so amazing when I compare them to who they where just 2 years ago and with today. They where always amazing but what I like the most is that they've got there own sound. And I'm in love with that sound! :)

  20. Zaiza Aria

    its so beautiful this song i love it so much <3

  21. Ryan Davis

    This has a tiny bit of a country vibe in it and I'm diggin' it!

  22. Viel Gaskarth

    fav song, yep :3

  23. Cynthia Rangel

    "I can't sing" LOL

  24. tastethemagic1

    I'm so proud of how they've matured. This song has a lot of Ryan Adams influence, and shows how their sound has evolved. The guys' influences, including Ryan Adams and RHCP, are evident in Pioneer, especially in this song and "I'm Sorry". This is a great song for a summer night spent with friends! Jared's guitarwork is phenomenal; this album really showcases his skill.

  25. Katie Ashton

    my name's katie, it makes me smile every time :3

  26. TeenageTrashBaby

    this album is so fucking good <3 they have grown so much.. i think theres also a mesh of genres in there that makes it absolutely fucking brilliant .. i <3 the maine!!

  27. Alison M

    I feel like with Pioneer they really figured out where they wanted to go with their music, and developed a sort of “musical maturity”. It’s music everyone can relate to.

  28. Maria

    I think they have improved their sound! That music fills me.

  29. Julia Bergeth

    My friend was reallly into The Maine and she kept encouraging me to listen to them but I could never get into their old music but then they came out with Pioneer and I absolutley love them now!!

  30. Aaron Ramlochan

    "Can't sing, but I sing along" :D

  31. Ariana Leo

    theyre pretty much the only band that has evolved a great deal from their 1st-3rd album and haven't lost their musical genius at all. theyre one of my favorites and always will be :)

  32. Dahlia Bedair

    john :'( <3 <3

  33. klys007

    @blink182fanya I understand that they have grown up as a band and I am happy for them. They have to right to have any soud that they want, i understand that. I was just simply stating that I miss their old sound. That was the sound that made my grow to love them as a band and as people. I am not hating on their new stuff, it just does not draw me to them like their older music did. But like they have a right to change their sound, I have just as much right to state that I miss their old sound.

  34. Nathaniel Schembri

    @aritzia210 Yea i know!!! Already got my ticket!

  35. GoldenMika

    first his voice is amazing, he changed but every change he make, is perctly beautiful, i love his voice! and him too!
    second hey your username is becasuse of mika's song, because i'm inlove with mika since too many years jaja and i don't believe that there's another person that likes mika and the maine! jaja

  36. Zippy Gonzalez

    @PushPlayReviews they're coming back on May 9 ! :D Can't wait !

  37. lalamlando

    why is this guy wearing lipstick?? haha

  38. Caitlin Morgan

    This song is so good. Reminds me of some early 70's rock, lyrics that come straight from the soul. Pure genius and much needed.

  39. Abbie M

    Literally changed my life seeing them live. Cheesy but true.

  40. Abby McNamara

    love <3

  41. adriang0

    this cd is growing on me! only liked a couple of songs in the beginning now every week i have a different favorite track. Maine ur awesome thk you for this song cuz im goin to use it for my wedding someday.

  42. samuel giroux

    @klys007 That's called growing up as a band. The Maine always loved Rock & Roll. Now they're finally doing what they really love.

  43. klys007

    They have changed so much...I miss their old stuff :'/ the new stuff is ok but nothing can replace their old songs. -\3

  44. Aliya Nicole

    Their songs are so beautiful it just makes you so happy inside idk what it is but i love it :)

  45. Lindsey Trinh

    Turn it up, it's my song
    I can't sing but I, I sing along

  46. היי מה קורה אהלן

    Its really sad but its true. ):
    thumps up if you wont stop listening to rock n roll

  47. Paulo Cesar

    Beautiful song s2

  48. James Dsomething

    my fave song

  49. Nathaniel Schembri

    Just saw them in Toronto last night!

  50. Dave Garza

    Katie... that name just hit me hard, and I mean REAL hard...

  51. kimniraa

    Isn't the last part from "Waiting for my Sun to Shine"?

  52. Lauren Martin

    Even though they've changed a looooooot. Their music is still amazing. Their music makes me smile, and happy. :)
    The Maine is and always will be the most amazing band in... ever. <3

  53. Aisha Douglas

    Woww they changed alot from their old album,but they're still good

  54. k1ssM3g00Dnite21

    first time ever hearing a new Pioneer song. <3 soo good.

  55. Stephen

    this is awesome

  56. Daneel Barakat

    I love The Maine so much <3.

  57. Finn Jake