Maine, The - Thinking Of You Lyrics

Went outside and saw the moon
And it made me think of you
And the rain – it came and came
There you were inside my brain

I've been thinking of you-ooh
I've been thinking of you-ooh

Driving in my car
(I heard the radio)
Play that Dylan song
(The times they are a-changing)
But you still haven't changed your mind
So I sat and sang along
I was singing along

I've been thinking of you-ooh
I've been thinking of you-ooh
I've been thinking of you-ooh
I've been thinking of you-ooh

'Cause she's in my head
And I can't take it
I need you by my side
(I need you by my side)
So I'll take the ten and I'll drive 'til dawn
To show you I'm the one

Went outside and saw the moon
And it made me think of you

I've been thinking of you-ooh
I've been thinking of you-ooh
I've been thinking of you-ooh
I've been thinking of you-ooh

I've been thinking of you
(I've been thinking of you)
I've been thinking of you
(I've been thinking of you)
I've been thinking of you

I've been thinking of you

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Maine, The Thinking Of You Comments
  1. Roland Jaudes

    nice art work of the Cresent moon *

  2. Maggie Miner

    Makes me think of panic at the disco

  3. Karim Sam


  4. art3val

    Went outside and saw Ryan Ross? *I wish*

  5. Emi Somerhalder


  6. Arttu Savolainen

    Love the art on this video

  7. Rahul Racker

    Singing All along...misSing You!! ^_^

  8. Bimbo Ibitoye

    Gbhgg. F

  9. Meme Meme

    i love that song so much 😍😍 and that video 😍😍😍 💗💕💕💕

  10. alyxandria

    All time favorite The Maine song, also gr8 video!

  11. jennifer12309

    ahh best song ever <3 "went out side and saw the moon, and it made me think of you" (:

  12. Brooke Graham

    Why are the called The Maine? 

    Kay Anderson

    The same reason that any band has the band name that they have, they like it :)

    Aurang Shahzad

    +Brooke Graham they named the band after an ivory song called the coast of maine :3 probably loved it

  13. An19941

    love this song 

  14. Amber Smith

    That's not a brain, that's a mustache...


    you don't say!!!!

    Amber Smith

    @savingana Clearly taking the piss.

  15. Josh Williams

    I think its interesting because at the end Jenny's voice plays and the next song on the album is Jenny

  16. Iona-grace Walsh

    because ''play that dylan song''

  17. Dylan Healey

    Shshshshs, ruining romance.

  18. Wes Beaver

    It may have been talking about Bob Dylan...

  19. Wes Beaver

    I don't believe this is "Rock and Roll."

  20. MJ L

    I think it's cause "listening to that Dylan song"

  21. Dylan L

    MY NAMES DYLAN! I love you too ;)

  22. bruinshockey71211

    "Driving in my car, (I heard the radio) play that Dylan song" They mention her crushes name, and the song is "Thinking of You". She's thinking of her crush, Dylan, and they mention his name in the song.

  23. savingana

    thank you!!

  24. Ariev Scalia

    Try listening to their new album. Forever Halloween.

  25. Haley Manion

    im laughing wow hahahah thanks im gonna tell him ok

  26. Broken Dreamer

    Were you listening to the beginning at all lol it said "i heard the radio play that Dylan song" hahaha 0:42

  27. Allie crow

    I was in music the other day, my teacher started playing this, i instantly fell in love..<3 :)

  28. Anthonette Mortalla

    Ilove this song *o*

  29. Seathecreartivity

    she was probably making a convo on her own ...

  30. savingana

    you're welcome!!

  31. Gabriela

    Yeah...ok, thank you very much!! :)

  32. savingana

    I don't think so, in all pioneer songs the end is the beginning of the next one, if you know what I mean

  33. Gabriela

    Because the lyrics were “It played that dylan song“

  34. Gabriela

    Yep, that's why :) but I always wonder if then, he's thinking of Jenny...right?

  35. Benny Gilkison

    it said play that dylan song, i'm guessing that's what it's about.

  36. Vanessa Vic

    did john change he looks different now

  37. savingana


  38. Alli Pinkau

    GREAT VIDEO!! i love it <3

  39. amanda faigal

    I think this person is referring to "Dylan Song" reference.

  40. savingana

    thank you very much!!

  41. Kay

    nice lyrics video! and awesome song!!!!!

  42. gandatlg

    it says play that dylan song.

  43. David Figueroa

    Never said this was gay music, I said I felt kinda gay for listening to it since all the people I know that like this band are girls.

  44. m&m baby

    calm down, there's isn't such a thing as gay music.

  45. savingana

    John's mom

  46. ChasenDreams1000

    who the fuck is jenny

  47. David Figueroa

    I feel kinda gay for liking this but what the hell it sounds good

  48. Ikram

    :o Thanks :D

  49. Ikram

    any suggestions ? i want amazing songs :D

  50. Ikram

    why does the men in the end of the video put lipstick o.O

  51. Ikram

    he doesn't know how to prounounce ''th'' o.O

  52. Paula Henslow

    What a cute video for a very cute song :)

  53. savingana

    I do!! wish I could too

  54. Justin Keidel

    SAW THIS LIVEEE!!!! :D (none of you guys probably care, js)

  55. savingana

    HAHAHAHAH no problem

  56. Shizuo Heiwajima

    Oh my gosh. I read Savingana as sVAGINA. x.x sorry about that. xDD Anyways, nice video, I like it~ ;D

  57. Selina niesten

    happy :-)

  58. Katarina Guimarães

    Oh, God... I love The Maine! They have to come more time to Brazil... <3

  59. NoNameVlogest

    If this gets 100 likes I'll do a cover of this for the guy I like and send it to him

  60. Sarah Kjellberg

    I'm the one giraffe xD

  61. juned al karim

    good song :)

  62. Audrey L

    Honestly The Maine has like a different sound. I spend days searching for bands I like, and the Maine just kind of have something that like sticks with know?

  63. Tyler Bassett

    Hearing this made me jizz my pants

  64. Rowena Tenorio-Abagon

    i <3 this song...

  65. christine nguyen

    oh. my god. the voice message at the end sounds like my boyfriends mom, and her name is also jenny. HAHA WEIRD

  66. michelle light

    3 people cant think

  67. eskimohugger1

    this. is. pure. PERFECTION.

  68. près du cœur

    lalalalove my new fave band *__________-

  69. Singergirlz4ever

    new favorite band :) how could anybody dislike this?! loooove this song!!!!

  70. Ally Mart

    AHHH MUSTACHE!!! haha cute! oh the Maine is just wonderful.

  71. GurgleBub

    OMG this is so cute! i love this band!!! :D

  72. Shanea Dawn

    I am so confused as to how that's relevant to ANYTHING.

  73. noor el khalidy

    he loves his mommy. <3

  74. Eleonora

    La dolcezza <3

  75. IAmARandomPerson466


  76. MusicNcookies

    My boyfriend's last name is Maine :3

  77. latinoforever1991

    what happened?

  78. Marleen

    there you were inside my brain *moustache* :D

  79. Carina

    Which font did you use ? :) good video ! :))

  80. Terri-Lynn Whitehead

    Cute vid and song :)

  81. savingana

    just what I said =)

  82. Katie Dumas

    It's actually because the song 'Jenny,' which was written for his mother, came directly after this. The CD is supposed to be played in order. At the end of every song, it leads into the one directly after it. If you play Jenny after this song is over, you'll see what I mean.

  83. Alexander B

    I think it's actually because he has been thinking of her, so he called her and she didn't answer.. that's my theory anyway..

  84. savingana

    it was already in the music.. but i think it's because the next song is called Jenny (John's mom)

  85. Meredith M

    LOL random moustache

  86. smileydots123

    i agree!!! but its still good!

  87. 60Jessie90

    132 likes later, did you do it?

  88. whitedovegrl66


  89. whitedovegrl66

    Yes me too! really loves this here! yeah...Wow

  90. OhLookItsACookie

    ..what happened?! I demand to know! :D

  91. daniella hicban

    ilikethis song .. :">

  92. Ana Flores

    uf uf uf love song! savingaga! thank you!

  93. Christianne

    pls don't tell me i'm the only guy here

  94. Christine Ho

    omg when i first heard this, it doesn't really sound like john ohh...

  95. 60Jessie90

    118 likes later, how did it go?

  96. Agent B

    This song makes me smile!

  97. jasmine T


  98. jenna zeck

    i wanna dance. i love this song.
    lets all have a dance contest to this song, make a video with your webcam, & make it a video response on THIS video.
    Please keep liking this so it'll be the top comment. so everyone can see it.