Maine, The - Goodbye Lyrics

You've been searchin for something
That you never gon' find
Look ahead to tomorrow
Kiss yesterday goodbye
All the wants
There's these needs
I've been there
Please believe me
Now here's somethin' you'll be singin'

You've been walking with regret
Like there's no hope for today
No, you can't paint it silver and then call it gold but
You still paint it the same
All the wants
There's these needs
Oh, I've been there baby

You gotta say bye bye bye
Goodbye to yesterday

And when the world gets in your way
You know what you got to say

You gotta say bye bye bye
Goodbye to yesterday

Now honey, don't believe him
Lord knows he's been deceiving
So if you're lookin for some healing
Well baby, look right my way

You gotta say bye bye bye
Goodbye to yesterday

You gotta say bye bye bye (goodbye)
Bye bye bye (goodbye)
Bye bye bye
Goodbye to yesterday

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Maine, The Goodbye Comments
  1. Zachery Alderton

    How many years of memories

  2. SemeX

    I'm a die hard man city fan and my heart broke when it came to and end of a maine road stadium.. etihad saw that title win in 2012.. but maine road.. was our real home.

  3. Thatfutchampskid1

    Lol all the comment are from 1-2 years ago when city broke all ffp rules and whon both league’s

  4. Mr. DAL ND2F

    Main road Main road is only a memory and a part of the history of Manchester City

    City Fan Indonesia


    Forever City 💙💙💙

  6. One Life Vlogs

    Shouldn’t have moved, there was enough space around the ground for expansion and the shitty of Manchester stadium is in a heavily Man United supporting part of the city

  7. Rex Monte

    Proper tribute mate, but things have changed for the better.

  8. felt tip pen

    Breaks my heart, I ain't even a Man City fan.... this was a proper cauldron, I shit myself when I went as an away fan. What a place. Gutted.

  9. Christopher Hallsworth

    Mr Banks is in the Kippax. I repeat, Mr Banks is in the Kippax.

  10. Manchesterz Finest

    Legendary ground

  11. Archie Dyer

    swfc fan here Maine road was a proper English ground and a scary place to go for away fans, now Man City play in corporate bowl with little atmosphere as you've attracted glory hunters.

    Who knew success could be great and such a shame at the same time


    Don't forget pricing too. A lot our support still strongly lies in and around Manchester (a heavily working class city), the working class fan just can't afford to go week in week out anymore. The entire game has gone more corporate and it's sad to see, football used to be the people's game.

    al cap

    Now all the training staff and players speak different languages.

    David Knott

    Due to all-seater stadia, City are one of many top-flight clubs, who have lost some atmosphere.  Every successful club attracts glory hunters. However, how many club`s would still attract full house in the 3rd tier, as City did, home and away.

    David Knott

    We know which football club is to blame for the "Prawn Sandwich" brigade.

    Uncle Gilbert

    Wait until inter-planetary games take place and you have aliens playing for City. You'll lament the days when you had locals from Brazil, Spain and Argentina playing for you.

  12. Aaron Johnson

    Thats home. Very sad...

  13. Fuvva Mukka

    That was my home for 25yrs. Wounded is an understatement. RIP Maine Rd xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    felt tip pen

    I'm absolutely wounded too, and I'm Millwall... the price of success I suppose? I miss Maine Road.

  14. Fuvva Mukka

    So gutted we’ve moved.No more kippax! The finest stand in the country xxxxxx

  15. Squidward

    These are the real city fans, respect, used to love coming up to Maine road 👍

  16. Osc1llate W1ldly

    i kinda find it very sad when classic / legendary english teams move from iconic grounds to stadiums build on wasteland... (Everton fan here)

    Made in Manchester

    Osc1llateW1ldly totally agree mate

    NITRO 879

    That's why I hope liverpool never leave anfield.

    Marcus Jansson

    @NITRO 879 i hope so too. Man city fan.

  17. tom butler

    wish we hadnt moved tbh

  18. Eoin Travers

    Loved that place used to there good times MCFC

  19. Luka Mdzevashvili

    giorgi kinkladze <3 numero 1

  20. stephen welch

    never seen that video before, Maine Rd Gone but never forgotten. Will always be my 2nd home.

  21. Ignacio Peralta

    This was the kind of stadium that make the players of England world class.. now with all the tecnology and the pussy new football is shit

  22. Mark Wright

    I loved that place great video

  23. john bishop

    loved it

  24. Stu Johnson

    love the music ctwd!!

    Made in Manchester

    yeah its relaxing haha

  25. Simon Driver

    I was there that day ill never forget that old place

  26. Mark Butler

    i like it mate shared it with my mates

    Made in Manchester

    thanks mark

  27. Manchester City

    just saw this in my sub box great work on this video

    Made in Manchester

    cheers ive been meaning to do these videos for years there is nothing definitive on Maine road to look back at so ive tried to do it haha

  28. Lee Brindley

    some of the stuff ive not seen before touching mate

    Made in Manchester

    i loved that place mate