Main Ingredient, The - Everybody Plays The Fool Lyrics

Okay, so you're heartbroken
You sit around mopin'
Cryin' and cryin'
You say you even think about dying?
Well, before you do anything rash
Dig this!

Everybody plays the fool sometimes
There's no exception to the rule
Listen, baby
It may be factual, may be cruel
I ain't lyin'
Everybody plays the fool

Falling in love is such an easy thing to do
And there's no guarantee that the one you love
Is gonna love you

Loving eyes, they cannot see
A certain person could never be
Love runs deeper than any ocean
Clouds your mind with emotion

Everybody plays the fool sometimes
There's no exception to the rule
Listen, baby
It may be factual, may be cruel
I ain't lyin'
Everybody plays the fool

How can you help it when the music starts to play
And your ability to reason is swept away?

Oh-oh-oh, heaven on earth is all you see
You're out of touch with reality
Now you cry. But when you do
Next time around, someone cries for you

Everybody plays the fool sometimes
They use your heart just like a tool
Listen baby. They never tell you so in school
I wanna say it again, everybody plays the fool

Listen to me, baby
Everybody plays the fool sometimes
(There's no exception to the rule)
No exception to the rule
Listen, baby. It may be factual, may be cruel sometimes
Everybody plays the fool

Listen, listen, baby
Everybody plays the fool

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Main Ingredient, The Everybody Plays The Fool Comments
  1. Milton Van De Merwe

    joker's flashbacks

  2. Cameron H

    As a young chump, thought the chorus was "Everybody plays the flute"

  3. Tom Lehr

    Trump supporter theme song

  4. Malko Jex

    Who is here after everybody hates Chris

  5. Steve Aitch

    was in the army when this was released. helped me get out of my hard rock mind set and appreciate different types of music.

  6. Keisha Nicole

    Gosh I love this song. 💗

  7. Joe Jackson

    Wonder if jr can sing it like sr????his voice sounds like he could....ha...👍👍😬

  8. Stangman12

    The music is great but my ears are loving the bass line, can't stop bobbing my head.

  9. darrell fortin

    Fun fact: the singer is Cuba Gooding Jr's father, Cuba Gooding Sr ☺

  10. GodsChosenElect xx

    Sing that brother 🎤

  11. CharlieTheBeagle

    where my joker fans at?

  12. Maria Allen

    👩🏻 I’m here for these guys and their beautiful music, I was in my early teens when all I had to do was turn on the radio and out poured sounds as these, I’m now 62 and still grooving on it ., love and peace to you all.✌🏻

  13. xxsirwillxx

    Bowie me trajo aquí. A alguien más le pasó lo mismo?

  14. TheBombayMasterTony

    Good song.

  15. Nuclear Weapons

    I am glad that Joaquin Phoenix performance in Joker brought me back to this classic from my youth, in the background and muted though it was

  16. ashiya Garrett

    I can’t help but think of every body hates Chris when I hear this😂😂😂😂

  17. as the moon

    Im here because of crowley

  18. Fortnite Freebies

    Cuba Gooding Jr.'s dad was a member of this band and sung this song. Just so you know.

  19. Benjamin Shulman

    Just realized how similar this and “Soulful Strut” by the Young Holt Unlimited are! Both classics.

  20. TheEleatic

    I played the fool.


    Everybody plays the fool.

  21. Jay

    This song will be relevant until humans are extinct

  22. Cxcaine Barz

    My song frfr

  23. jdl 96

    Heard this song before the joker but man this song fit so well in that movie even though it was in the background.

  24. Tony MO

    “Love” or the desire for it, false though it may be, will make fools of most of us. The game is the game and we learn as we grow.

  25. Justin Brazelton

    Ive not seen Joker yet. I'm here to hear a classic tune to relax to.

  26. Habib Rehman

  27. Jacob Brown

    Heard this in the barbershop

  28. diamonddog13

    Lead singer is Cuba Gooding Sr.

  29. Andrew S

    Good soul music brings me here

  30. Leah Selkie

    Who's here after the Living with Myself trailer?

  31. Catie Brown

    I didn't even notice that this was in Joker 😂

  32. Louis Mont

    What an AMAZING song!! Smh.

  33. Britney Edmonson

    Bernie mac Show & Everybody Hates Chris brought me here. Just finished watching both shows on Hulu 😭

  34. MrCarl27

    Everybody Hates Chris and then Joker brought me here.

  35. Dub2davis

    I’m heartbroken I’ve been smoking weed and playing this song all day lol , I’m glad it’s males singing this song , they spoke to me

    Xtreme Rides TV

    Same bro


    Xtreme Rides TV you gotta play the 70s playlist on Apple Music bro lol

    Presto H

    Hey I feel the same way

  36. Shea Mirzai

    Joker: Don’t ——Smile

  37. Falkor Technologies

    “Hey Gary. You know what I’ve always wondered? Do your people call it miniature golf or is it just golf to you?”

  38. Rickert Drawings

    This song made lebarge song came to mind!!! I remember singing this song in car karaoke hahahhahaha hahahaha... it’s so fun I wish I had the recording hahahahhaha..

  39. Sharelle Smith

    Cuban Gooding Jr daddy in this group😘My granddad loved this music🎶🎶🎵🎶🎶🎧🎧🎤🎤🎧Music for the soul💪🏽 Still listening #2019

  40. K L

    "- CHRIS!"
    "- WHAT?!"

    John Doe


    natalie taylor



    Good afternoon 🌞😃

  42. kathy Johson

    Oh snap!!! Yesssssss

  43. αυτοκτονία

    this song should’ve played when he was goin down the stairs

  44. same


  45. Gabriel Braga Carneiro

    Everybody hates chris.

  46. Brittany Torres

    Tinder....sounds about right

  47. Ever Hernandez

    beautiful 🏆🃏❤

  48. DarkPrince784

    With my history of unrequited love*, I feel like this song was written for me, despite it being recorded at least a decade before I was born.

    *Granted, this has a lot to do with me liking women from a distance and never doing anything about it because I'm too much of a pussy.

  49. Shauna Staley

    This was in my playlist before the joker but only cause my grandma raised me ❤❤❤

    Jeffrey Hancock

    Such a fine woman she was for sharing this beautiful music with you! Respect and peace....

  50. Myles Penn

    My fiancé left me and I was about to kill myself.... but then I listened to this song and I'm okay now. Thanks sweet sounding afro guys!

    connor mcdonnell

    Oh my gosh , Im so sorry about that , I hope you recover

    Alison Perkowski


    Landon Burack

    I've been listening to this and Float On by the floaters all day and today was the happiest day I've had in months :)

  51. Dead Shot

    Why does the middle guy look like calebcity

    Trigger B

    Similar smile

  52. Scippiaf

    I'm here because I heard this in Steak N' Shake two days ago. 😂

  53. Chris De Jesus

    Bernie Mac show back in the day brought me here. What you youngsters know about that?!?

  54. Rubricord

    You wouldn't get it.

  55. Lisa Rand

    I am here because I played the fool.

  56. eastlos187ツ

    They say everybody plays the fool, well I'll be the exception to the rule, the principle that hand delivers the letters to the school

  57. RSM RicoTv

    Been playing the fool for a while now 😭😭

  58. Adrian Montana

    The joker brought me here I been searching for this song for YEARS!!! AND JOKER HELPED ME ON MY QUEST

  59. Space Fisher

    The 70’s best hits CD #2 brought me here.

  60. Alex 67

    hairstil boys

  61. Alex 67

    sounds like a christmas song ,nice

  62. Tony Hughes

    Haven’t seen the Joker yet. I’m here after living this music in my youth. Every once in a while I need a dose of the sixties and seventies. This was just music on the radio

  63. Adventurous 101

    Rochelle did truly beat up Chris ass at the French restaurant 😂😂

  64. egctv


  65. Ciara Williams

    Joker refreshed me to this song however im not brand new to this type of music 😉

  66. Jonatas Davi duraes oliveira

    Super natural todo mundo odeia o Chris e Coringa

    Paulo Leite

    Todo mundo odeia o Coringa supernatural.

  67. Eyesleep

    Skateboarding ❤️ thanks for showing me the greatest music

  68. CyberTiger 45

    Anyone here after

    Living With Yourself?


    You know you're my boy

  70. Jordan Ellington

    Cuba Gooding Jr’s dad being a badass brought me here

  71. Manis Yaya

    Everybody Hates Chris

  72. PsychoKing187

    Joker 2019

  73. Nicole McDavid

    For as long as i live i will always have this song in my mind because of the art work of my life.

  74. Patrick Simmons

    Lol when everyone else is here because of Joker and everybody hates Chris, but you're here because YouTube recommended it because you have a great taste in music ;)


    That's ok anyway to get new fans ..I'm taking it this was in the movie??? You just made a bunch of new younger fans ..Right so that's good

  75. jmad627

    So much truth and groovy soul packed into 3:21.

  76. Cristian Reyes

    Whos here because you actually like good music and not on some band wagon because of a movie. Enjoy the tunes.💯❤

    Cec arcademodetv Gordon

    I heard this song before on tv shows and my parents music but I heard it when I was eith my grandma singing with her this song and it's remembering in till I sawed joker so yeah I heard this song way before movies

  77. Pickle Project-Productions

    Miles: And I said...
    Miles: where’s the steering wheel on this car

    Only certain people will understand

  78. Herida Cristina

    I'm here because of "Everybody hates Chris"this song played on that episode in which Chris tries to impress Tasha acting as bad boy and his mom yell at him at the restaurant and that was very funny.

  79. SHIELD

    The Bernie Mac Show, Everybody Hate Chris & Joker.

    Cec arcademodetv Gordon

    Yup all good shows and movies

  80. Vitor Tonetto

    Coringa? Que nada, Todo Mundo Odeia o Chris

  81. emmit brown

    Do you people call it miniature golf? Or is it just golf, to you?

  82. Frank Conquest Jr

    The Joker movie brought me here.

  83. Trysometenderness

    You love this? Check out "Just don't want to be lonely" by them. CLASSIC!

  84. Trysometenderness

    The 70's we're unparalleled in music!

  85. Nellywoman197602

    I didn't know until now that Cuba Gooding Jr's dad was the lead singer of this group. He's the one pictured on the bottom row.

  86. Palergi Klan

    *[Video blocked in country]*

  87. Marcus Depottey

    Who's here from oldies 96.1 lol Saginaw mi I believe was the best radio station growing up in late 80s early 90s

  88. realar

    So this is the craziest thing. I find this song all by myself here on Youtube, then I hear it on Joker, and then a trailer for a Netflix film with Paul Rudd. So trippy.

  89. Red Vega

    I really needed to hear this today 😔

  90. Manic-Viper

    First time I heard this song was from Supernatural. Thanks Crowley. Miss you x

  91. Raul Lopez

    YALL SLEEPIN with the Joker comments... 😴 💤 🛏

  92. gizmox65

    Netflix “Living with yourself” brought me here.

    J ski pity

    I just watched that whole series and didn't hear this song. Which episode?

    Daniel jackson

    It was the trailer/commercial

    Cyrus 45

    @J ski pity its not in the show its in the trailer

    Johnny St.Louis

    @J ski pity the new joker movie


    Real music

  94. Miss. Phyllis Renee Foster

    a true true song

  95. MCU/DCEUComedian EDCP

    Now honestly, I think we could all use a good laugh, so please welcome JOKER!

  96. Olimpio Luiz De Freitas

    Tema do Coringa

  97. John protiva

    Cuba Gooding groper jrs dad !