Mahal, Deva - It's Down To You Lyrics

And I won't be the only one
To travel over land and sea
And I wont be the only one
'Cause that's a lonely life for me

Tell me 'bout your love
And I've never seen it
It's not enough to make it
You've gotta mean it

Whoa, and it's down to you
I've tried everything to please you
And what else can I do?
Darlin', I can't wait

And I won't be the only one
Who'll lay my life, lay my life on the line
The lights are up and the curtains down
Listen boy, you're out of time

You tell me 'bout your love
But you never show it
It's not enough to say
I've gotta know it

Whoa, and it's down to you
I've tried everything to please you
And what else can I do?
Baby, I can't wait, oh

Whoa, I know if I stay here
I'll never make it (Never make it)
So I'm running with my heart
Before you break it

Whoa, and it's down to you
I've tried everything to please you
And what else can I do?
And baby, I can't wait, see, no

And it's down to you
I've tried everything to please you
And what else can I do?
Baby, I can't wait
See, Lord, I've tried everything
See, Lord, I've tried everything
See, Lord, I've tried everything

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Mahal, Deva It's Down To You Comments
  1. Hater Moldovean

    I had goosebumps when hearing this song for the first time in a bistro. Words dont do it justice, the soul knows better and the skin showed it. Thank you Deva, thank you....

  2. Vickie Moore

    OMG......why am I just hearing this song????? Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful!!! Can’t stop playing it.....they don’t make’em like this no more........

  3. Michaelito72

    Wow, wow, wow!!!!

  4. Lenzie Molloy

    Goosebumps! So soulful 😩💗

  5. Christina Holmes

    This song made me cry...I relate so much to it...beautiful voice

  6. MakiMosa

    Her voice it's for tell stories of broken hearts ♥

  7. Mohd Dinan

    2018 Anyone ? I Am So Drunk On This Song

  8. denisekorgermusic

    You're inspiring me and my Music, so great!!:-)

  9. 4th dimension

    Holy shit real R&B!!!

  10. Teresa Palma

    "...and what else can I do..."

  11. Lin P

    ditto bingeing on this too.<3

  12. FranSlam

    I heard this on Jazz FM here in the UK. Am in love with it 😍❤️

  13. Amer Zaza

    Good old school soulful voice! love it...

  14. Jc Love

    Hermoso tema

  15. Carly f

    in love with this song, and that voice

  16. Ashley Padolina

    I LOVE THIS I want to play it at my wedding

  17. jinxzzedya


  18. george

    That last ...... breath ❤

  19. Tenika Woods

    Her voice is threw the roof

  20. Mé Lie

    Love this song too much! Does someone know how to make this song in a karaoke? I would like to sing it but I haven't found an instrumental version...

  21. Brenda Mller

    Wow Beautiful 😘💋💋

  22. Schane Massey

    I’m listening to this song on the way to San Quentin penitentiary. Hit a thug hard

  23. Orlando José

    You have a natural voice very beautiful and strong, natural, you do not hear voices like that anymore, I congratulate you, I like your voice

  24. Orlando José

    Es muy bella esta song,

  25. Lauren Anderson

    My ex and I had an intense relationship, but I knew it was time to go. I did everything but it wasn't good enough. After letting go, I was torn up and it was hard to believe in love. But after some time, I met an incredible man that hasn't left my side even through my darkest times. My ex tries to get back in but I can't go back to it. I deserve happiness and a healthy love.

  26. Leah Garay

    beautiful ❤️ every part of this is truly amazing and touching , never stop singing

  27. L' africaine

    J'adore 💕

  28. NJOverclocked

    One of the best songs I've heard in a while.

    John Mayer should 100% make a song with her, bluesy R&B vibes are off the charts!

  29. Anna Loiacono

    FANTASTIC ❤❤👀👀❤

  30. Miesha Grimstead

    Deva Mahal 💛 please come to Texas this song is everything! Voice is off the chart.... Just love her music it gives me peace, it has that hint of old school soul

  31. Tia Clark


  32. DreadanddreaD

    Sing for you and for me my sistah. OMG a star is born...👏👏👏

  33. 269kazz1

    Too much!!!! It's down to you........fabulous...xx

  34. PrettySoni

    God this speaks volume on the situation I’m facing in my life 😞

  35. bonnibonz

    So much passion in this song.💖. awesome talent🎶

  36. Loretta Burns

    I happened to scroll down Facebook and came across this song. Her voice is soothing. This song speaks volumes.

    Brenda Mller

    Loretta Burns me to I Iove this song beautiful 😘💋💋💋💋💖💖💖💖❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ did she comitt sucide

  37. Mary Zimmerman

    Ooooomygawd I'm in a fetal position looking at the wall just OMG lady, when you tried everything

  38. S Walker

    ..... whoa I am blown away by her voice and lyrics. Like a Fertile Ground meets Jill Scott! Preordered my CD....

  39. NEATMIX Nate

    Lovely voice and beautiful song 💌

  40. Jathiya Raven

    Confession: I've been bingeing this song. Straight repeat for like two days. 🤦🏾‍♀️ don't know if it's only me but this song has touched the deepest parts of my soul. From the lyrics, melody, soul and the yearning in the vocals...smh. I've been musically starving for years. Straight up deprived. This is great music!

    Anna Loiacono

    Jathiya Raven I have same feeling about this song❤


    Jathiya Raven starving for years???
    Dude......i don't wanna that to hapen to me or to anyone else.
    And i'm serious about that but i can't explain becouse i'm no good with english words


    Jathiya Raven, Deva is fantastic IMHO...

  41. Dishi Mapp

    You are awesome I heard this on Facebook so I had to download the album ❤️

  42. alexis brown

    Can't stop listening to this song

    Anna Loiacono

    alexis brown me toooooooo😍I'm addicted

  43. Jathiya Raven


  44. Laura R Barrow

    Thank God for your talent. Thank you for sharing your voice.

  45. Sunshine Golden

    I love this song!
    Beautiful voice!

  46. Estefania Roger

    I adore this song so much, such incredible work!!! The key change hits me everytime <3 !!!

  47. Allenda Simpson


  48. Kings & Queens Selection

    Congratulation, an incredible album

  49. Wali1977

    Yes, yes, and yes!

  50. Salima Rah


  51. Fassi DE SOUZA