Mahal, Deva - Fire Lyrics

It's been a long time coming
Though it's in a strong
A real strong warning
That you try to fight, with this losin' battle
Faded lights, so put your feet to the gravel

I've tried, Lord knows I've tried

Oh, oh, I can't go
Any further
If you only knew
The darkness inside

I can't go
Any further
And if you only knew
The darkness inside of me

True, you truly make me feel good
And I know you'd do anything that you could
To make me happy, happier than I deserve
But Deva sat on fire, and you can't heal these burns

The tears I've cried, could fill a river wide

Oh, oh, said, I can't go
Any further
If you only knew
The darkness inside

I can't go
Any further
And if you only knew
The darkness inside of me

Said, oh-whoa
Said, no-whoa
Said, no-whoa
And no-whoa

Said, I can't go, no
Any further
And if you only knew
The darkness inside

And I can't go, no
Any further
And if you only knew
The darkness inside of me

Said, no-whoa
And no-whoa
Said, no-whoa
And no-whoa

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Mahal, Deva Fire Comments
  1. Senfuka Raymond Wilson

    Throw back "THE GIFTED SEASON 2"

  2. Manuel Bravo

    Beyonce seems to take your style for her song "spirit"

  3. jorye617

    Part of a musical legacy. Taj Mahal brought me here.

  4. icanD808 A

    Such a beautiful voice Deva !! You are truly talented! May I say that I’ve always thought so! Much Aloha!!

  5. Demitrious Daman

    The Gifted...............🤷‍♂️😌

  6. Hip Panda

    Who's here, ready for her at the Super Jam, Bonnaroo 19!! ☮️

  7. Raphael Jaime

    im here from THE GIFTED s2 ep12

  8. El Australiano


  9. Ana Palcau

    Love your music Deva❤

  10. Jesus David Benavides

    que hermosa!

  11. Frederick Goodheart

    Yeah the gifted brought me here

  12. Bode Daniel

    I love this song so much that i can't stop playing it over and over. Inspiration and uplifting song. Thank you beautiful Deva.

  13. Dominic McAuley

    Another great tune from my fav way to find new music & artists. The Gifted has been 1 of the best for new songs 📺🎵🎵🎵👍

  14. sombre man l'Algérien et Mehdi fitness GMT

    The gifted music movie

  15. Glady Isack

    This song is 🔥🔥

  16. Jason Kennedy

    The Bonnaroo 2019 lineup brought me here. Cannot wait to see her live!

  17. missdarkravyn

    Girl, you are beautiful, your songs are stunning. You are fire. I hope to see so much more from you!!! So excited to see you at Bonnaroo!!

  18. Senfuka Raymond Wilson

    The gifted s02

  19. Deku Midoria

    Man she's so “gifted”.

  20. makhzan abdullah

    you should listen to BRIDGES by Aisha Badru...from the soundtrack "THE ORIGINALS" version.

  21. Filet Minion3:16

    Don't know why, but this song made me cry😔😔😔

  22. makhzan abdullah

    wonderful song and powerful voice

  23. majed8192

    That's why unlike movies or TV shows in music I don't go for the most popular because here is a song with barely over a hundred thousand views and still it blew my mind away truly gold not yet discovered, albiet I found it via a The Gifted which is a popular TV show

  24. Antoine Nichols

    Shout out to the gifted

  25. Antoine Nichols

    This songs makes me think about life!

  26. Antoine Nichols

    Why is it that crappy music gets props but music like this gets no recognition.

  27. Elizabeth Ayala

    The gifted got me here!

  28. Adilson Mendes

    How come this sonk just have 101K views? madness, the lyric the voice the melody.... bless you Deval
    It's all about time. You will be one of the greatest

  29. I.G. Karanti

    I miss you😔

  30. andrea_unutoa 03

    The Gifted always leading us to good music

    andrea_unutoa 03

    @Syed AK that show looks good I should watch it

    Makungo Mwila

    said the exact same thing

    Senfuka Raymond Wilson

    could u send the song title for gifted s2 e13 song??

    Ashantii Mi'ajee

    @Senfuka Raymond Wilson its called wake up by the hush kids

    Senfuka Raymond Wilson

    @@Ashantii Mi'ajee thanks

  31. chidera zizi okoro

    who came here after watching the gifted

  32. Da Cheese

    ty Gifted, for this wonder!

  33. Polyana Christina

    Poor John! #Thunderblink #TheGifted

    Tabitha Howard

    I actually almost cried😞

    Henry Ijeoma

    @Tabitha Howard lol me toooo


    Who is here from the gifted S2E12 ending

    kevin kigen

    EMAN TOSIN am here🖐


    @kevin kigen thank you, I'm waiting on yhe rest to complete my 500 likes attendance

    Vicky Mulema

    The voice captured me and I was like I need to find this song!

  35. Tribal Jumper

    Damn beautiful 😑

  36. Paul Brawner

    Who’s here from The Gifted

    Fahad 1986

    Lol here

    Bode Daniel

    I'm with you

    Demitrious Daman

    I know they say season two wasn't as good as the first but come on it still had something to look out for, they seriously have to reconsider their choice.........

  37. faizalstalin

    Your song brought me to tears. Gorgeous song and lyrically speaks to me beyond words for that I thank you

  38. Hip Panda

    This should be the track to a stage dance.

  39. I.G. Karanti

    ...the only love the unconditional

  40. rael

    I like it but it's a complete copy of a Brooke Fraser song. Fraser should sue her immediately!

  41. Sihle Jonas

    Love this song, found you by accident on Tidal and I can't stop listening to your album . Much love from South Africa 😍😍

  42. MakiMosa

    Good music it's almost extint. . .looking for singers like Jacob Banks bring to me ears this beautiful voice, so happy for this, good female voices with a strong, possitive, inteligent message are hard to find

  43. Julie Anne Daugherty

    Such power and passion...thank you for sharing the depth of who you are. Beautiful voice and song...

  44. I'maBeautiful Mess

    This album is fire!! You are very talented. Thank you for sharing your gift with us. 🔥😍🔥



  45. Silvia Juarez

    You touched my soul tonight, I just saw you in concert and you and your band are amazing. You are a beautiful human being. Thank you.

  46. J Ford

    Just amazing Deva, I am so proud of your career :)

  47. Matt Warburton

    Absolutely stunning. What a magnificent voice and a beautiful video.

  48. MusiccisuM

    I heard her two days ago at the jazz fest in Montreal! True artist! I was particularly going to ugly cry to this song when she sang it. Glad I could find it to fully ugly cry here haha

  49. Makanssire Sacko

    You have a amazing voice 😊 I just knew you in Montreal at Festival Jazz. You’re incredible ✌🏽 Peace

  50. Amateur Dj

    hello how are you? can you hear me? lol Adele2

  51. Ithaka Yakame'

    I love this song on repeat daily.

  52. miraya ice


  53. James Hamilton

    She Is Out Of Sight! Magnificent,Beautiful, All That And More!!

  54. Ben Opene


  55. Grace Bayan

    inspirational to the poor soul/soil I am pleased.

  56. CorescopePlays




  58. Ms. Payton


  59. champernique

    what a beautiful voice

  60. Nora Self

    Very, very beautiful <3

  61. Claudette Girvin

    I'm completely in love with you!! Finally a raw real artist!!! Beautiful

    J Ford

    Deva comes from a very talented Family :)

  62. EB Rebel

    🔥 like the title


    i like it ! this is emotional and relaxing ❤🙌

    Naomi Thorpe


  64. Hellen Santos

    Primeira a comentar já dizendo que amei