Magnum - Without Your Love Lyrics

Without your love, without your love

I'd pay any price
Just to keep you here with me
I won't hold you down
You can feel that you're free
But it's all no good

Without your love, without your love
Without your love, without your love, baby
Without your love, without your love
I can't make it on my own
I can't make it on my own

You've got to hold on me
But please don't let go
I love the way you do it
I know it must show
But it's all no good

Without your love, without your love
Without your love, without your love, baby
Without your love, without your love
I can't make it on my own
I can't make it on my own

I couldn't breathe, I couldn't see, I couldn't feel
It's not the same, it's only me, it's not real, not real
Without your love, without your love
I can't make it on my own
I can't make it on my own

Without your love, without your love
I can't make it on my own
I can't make it on my own

Yes, I need you
Without your love, without your love
I can't stand it
Without your love, without your love
I want you back
Baby, baby, I need you
Without your love, without your love
I need you back
I need you back

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Magnum Without Your Love Comments
  1. alan01256

    First saw these guys play at The Marquee Club in Soho, London when I was just 17, that was 1984 & been a fan ever since...

  2. Stephen Deasy

    Alan Barrow, fantastic on the bass guitar here.

  3. Nick Green

    Most bands are like cars... they get worse with age. Magnum are a Stradivarius.

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  6. Edm Daily

    I love these guys and I’m only 17 and I’ve been 2 of their shows it’s crazy😈

  7. Alan Barrow

    For anyone who is interested in getting all the latest on the band please visit...

  8. nobbie 37

    Magnum has ceased to be Magnum with Mark Stanway leaving. It really is a pity they did not show him more respect. With Bob's voice diminishing and the typical Magnum keyboard sounds absent I can't wait for Mark's new band Kingdom Of Madness with its superior Crème de la Crème lineup to revive the old, always neglected, classics and to let them shine in new never known splendour with passion and brilliance.


    Love the beat... great track !!!

  10. Stargazer Lass

    Pretty average song, repetitive lyrics, monotone drumming, entirely missing the brilliant keyboard sound that once widely used to define their style. Still not too bad, considering there's worse to be found on the new output. But listening to Tony's verbal blackouts during his latest interviews one need not wonder where the shabby lyrics on some of the songs are coming from. Bad style indeed.

  11. Bruce Wells

    Saw them live in Brighton this week, fabulous show, new guys fitted straight in, new songs great & the old ones still sound so good, made me feel 19 again! Thanks Magnum, still my favourite band.

  12. Per-Ivar Sandbæk

    Magnum has done it again! What a fantastic album! Combining the old sound with the new sound. Been a huge fan since the mid eighties and personally I think with every release they have they just keeps geting better and better. Wow what a band. Under a month until I'm gonna see them live in concert. I could attend a concert with Magnum every night and I would never be tired of seeing them. Thanks Magnum from the bottom of my heart for all the joy you have given me with your music!

  13. Andi Freisinger

    I love them since the Days have no Trust!!!

  14. Mark Steele

    Now I know what is "lost on the road to eternity" - it's the keyboards! They're virtually inaudible on this song!

  15. Sachaserge Hagmann

    The complet Album ist excelent. Thank you Bob catley

  16. Marc Moingeon

    Fairly good song but the unedited version which is quite longer and the rest of the album with its often symphonic or progredssive approach appeals to me more. This album is one of their finest... It's quite incredible how Magnum became better with age... The number of  very good albums they've released in the 2000's is amazing.

  17. its_Mattyyy

    Does the start of this track remind anybody of the start of Wang Chung - Dance Hall Days? Very similar in beat but obviously a lot heavier haha.

  18. nutster9000

    Fantastic track! Glad that Radio 2 played this today - deserves a number one spot!

  19. Reuben Chadwick

    Great song.

  20. tailz with a z

    Great to see this band are still going!

  21. Louise Baker1

    One of the best radio friendly song magnum have ever produced well done

  22. Günter Lohr

    Das Album ist der Hammer ! Trotzdem will ich's nach 14 x live nicht mehr sehen. Magnum ist mit mir alt halt so 🤔😉😎

  23. David Eddolls

    Have enjoyed watching live and listening to magnums offerings since the early 80s and they still have that great ability to turn out great songs, always underated by the masses but plenty of loyal fans.

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  25. Jose Rock

    Sólo los maestros pueden hacer gran música con elegancia.

  26. Steven Kimberley

    Heard this on Radio 2 today, thought "This is epic, sounds like an 80s rock band." 😂😂😂

    Now I've discovered Magnum, and it is good 😁

    Per-Ivar Sandbæk

    I'm happy for you, Steven. I remember when I first heard Magnum and got hooked back in the mid eighties and I have been a HUGE fan ever since. Their music is absolutely amazing!

  27. Andy . S.

    Go get this👍✊✊

    tweet bird

    Andrew Seaborne 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

  28. Andy Heath

    OPHH!! Magnum I do love this band. After all these years still a GREAT METAL BAND !!.

  29. JFK5* Kennedy

    Sounds great hopefully does really good /,,/

  30. alan sutton

    an old friend from 1980something introduced to me this band..saw them 5 years ago..great. They are not pop shite...but should have gotten more respect....great band. x

  31. Dominik Lisak

    THE BEST !

  32. Marco Tagliavini

    Great new song by such a great band! Bob's voice sounds great as ever, he should have made a deal with the devil...there's no other explanation!can't wait to see them in Milan!

  33. Andrew Lunn

    Like it. Roll on Holmfirth

  34. azwris

    This is so...MAGNUM!

  35. George Petsalnikos

    Great album from great BAND !!!

  36. Mike Gordon

    Great song and the new Album is brilliant as well..looking forward to the Gigs now.

  37. cat jones

    Great song and wonderful to hear it getting air play on Radio2, well done Magnum !

  38. dok holidej

    Music world must be happy that such rock band as Magnum still exist. Great band with all qualities on their side.

  39. Sault RocksAgain

    Ya know, ya know, ya know, ya know, ya know this is one frickin' great song. Awesome !!!

  40. Michael Turner

    Another great song from a Brilliant band .

  41. SteveHulkUK

    Looking forward to the new album... thank goodness there are still bands like Magnum in the world :)

    cat jones

    Amen to that !

  42. Andy . S.

    Looking forward to the album . 👊👊👊👊

  43. Duncan From EK

    Only a matter of hours till I pick up this album. Can't wait.

  44. Holger Stadler

    Perfekt wie immer !!!

  45. Andi Freisinger

    I like party Metal and Kick Ass but i like Magnum too...Always amazing Melodic Rock sense i was in young in the 80's!!!

  46. Gary Cronshaw

    True enough. Maybe this won't make it on to the next Best Of Magnum compilation but it is still a very fine lead track from the new album. Good to hear they can still produce a few gems.


    Review in french on !!! YA ROXXX SO GOOD !!!

  48. Alison Crocker

    This song is awesome. Had to google it when I got home having heard it on Steve Wright's BB2 radio show. Will buy album when it's released.

    Alan Barrow

    Alison Crocker thank you and great to hear you like the song.
    Album was released yesterday. Available on iTunes and Amazon etc

  49. phil baker

    Best Magnum song in a long time....This will be MAGNUM'S 20TH Studio Album!!!!! If the rest is as good as this, it will be another AWESOME ALBUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Andrew Bailey

    BBC Radio. 2 Play list 2 weeks running . You got nothing at all without Love Without Love ............"..

  51. Andrew Bailey

    Tune in 11am Sunday 14th Jan 2018. BBC. Radio 2 Magnum Live , in session, and interview.

  52. Ian Weaver

    Song got played on Steve Wright yesterday (BBC Radio 2); knew straight away it was Magnum. Great song.

  53. mark aldridge

    Like Magnum of old, great beat and middle guitar break.

  54. Sentinel Daily

    The whole album is pretty strong - certainly as good as anything from the 'post reformation' period of Magnum... Catley sounds great again, and if the band never quite touch the pompous heights of their glory days it's certainly going to be an album that long term fans will embrace, with or without Mark Stanway...

  55. barbidule63

    On n'est jamais déçu avec Magnum.

    doug pinnick 37

    En plus le son de cette chanson est très moderne je trouve !

    doug pinnick 37

    Fan de Sortilège en plus, tu as bon goût 👍

  56. Dominique Bonnasseau

    merci beaucoup,vous êtes un des seul groupe de rock,que j'aime pour votre talent et longévité

  57. Tschippi Schopf

    Wow ... Magnum wird bei jedem Album noch besser. Better than ever ...

  58. nicu moraru

    Super sound !!!

  59. Rômel Music

    One more time, great song!

  60. Jean Miranda

    Great tune, wonderful lyric video!

  61. Dale Woodgate

    D A E progression and still come up with an amazing and emotional sounding song. So good

  62. Kosta Athanasopoulos

    What a great Groove, wow!

  63. Andi Freisinger

    Great new song about Magnum i like the band hope the full album is also good

  64. Jeff Lockhart

    Very strong track this - looking forward to the rest of the new album - Magnum roll on !

  65. Alan Burgess

    Drum mix on this is incredible

  66. Pub Crawl Channel

    Very Kool

  67. gosportjamie

    Awesome, just plain excellent...

  68. matty boy walker

    Love it the boys are back

  69. Graham Bell

    Cracking song, So glad these guys are still making music. Happy Days.

  70. Matt Friel

    Magnum sounding excellent as ever, a pleasant surprise, I love this song, very catchy chorus, "KEEP YOUR NIGHT LIGHT BURNIN'....", see you in Glasgow :))

  71. Arjan Hut

    Some fresh blood in the band, some conservative fans will complain, but I love it.

  72. Toni Hard Aor

    Super Band.¡

  73. Kaare Loe

    Rock:) Love :)

  74. Whatsthatjeff

    Wow, that's great, maybe the style is a little old and new Magnum meshed together, anyway if that's anything to go by, looking forward to the album.

  75. German Padrón Armas

    Me gusta mucho!

  76. Reno 18

    About the European tour, no dates in France....that is sad...

  77. david walker

    I still listen to Magnum intently and this song is good,typical Magnum and what you expect really.Stopped going to live concerts about 4 yrs ago,Catley's voice live is pretty poor these days sorry to say, and his hand movements are so annoying.Still a decent band though, they still love what they do and have a decent following, otherwise they would call it a day.

    J Dixon

    I agree, saw them live on the last tour and Bob's vocals just don't cut it any more....not sure I'll see them again in future, too disappointing when he can't hit the notes. This song's not bad, typical Magnum as you say....nothing exceptional.

  78. Rodrigo barrioluengo

    I think "Magnum" suffers from a composer who infuses new life. The last works have been a constant repetition of the same patterns and lyrical and melodic schemes.
    Tony, being the only lyricist, manages a standard that provokes musical stagnation.
    There is no freshness in the music, they sound the same as a couple of albums before, no rhythmic or melodic addition. Even with the departure of Mark, the replacement of Harry and the undeniable marketing talent of Alan, nothing new is noticed, the same tone as Bob without including some choruses, some background voices. In short the same adorable Magnum that for me was once the best group in the world but has not grown musically.
    I remember the emotion when listening to "On a storytellers night" or that great work with variants that was "Sleepwalking", for me maybe their best album or at least the one that showed the greatest versatility.

    shadow king

    well that's a load of baloney.

    J Dixon

    I agree with you, made some good points.

  79. John B.

    Its been a long time since Ive listened to any Magnum. I am REALLY liking this song. I hope the rest of the New CD sounds as good!! :)

  80. Stuart Eason

    Well what a pleasant surprise! 'Plod rock' may have been eradicated! Maybe the changes in the rhythm and keyboard personnel have worked. Always missed Micky Barker on drums as I thought his style and interpretation was more suited to the music, Lee seems to be of the same ilk judging by this offering.
    This is not what I was expecting after the disappointing Sacred Blood and Divine Lies tome . It's refreshingly different! Hope the rest of the new album is as good and as varied.

  81. José Augusto dos Santos


  82. Ed Stylc

    Like the chorus hook but not the rest of the song. Just average.

  83. Online Jam Sessions


  84. Samy

    Sehr gut

  85. Holymagica Gary

    Song is great, lyric video is great, thank you Magnum!

  86. Steve Herrmann

    Well done! Much better than expected.

  87. Admilson Demon

    Yeahhh.... Magnum sendo Magnum. Até hoje não entra na minha cabeça o porque desses senhores não serem gigantes do rock. .

    The Loner

    Assim como outras bandas fodas, como Wishbone Ash, Golden Earring, Procol Harum, Ten Years After....

  88. Jane Metcalfe

    No Mark Stanway, no Magnum as far as I am concerned. Not bought any of their albums since he 'left.'

    Jane Metcalfe

    It seems I have struck a nerve with a lot of people who claim to love Magnum (obsessively so I might add). I love Magnum too which is why I made the comment in the first place. To me, Mark Stanway is as important to the band as Tony Clarkin and Bob Catley. That's just the way I feel. I have seen them loads of times but not since 2011. Am I to be judged on that? Probably! This single is so bad it's even been on Radio 2. I have NEVER heard them played on there before and I still stand by what I said about it. The soul of the band isn't there anymore. Listen to it again. Remove the blinkers. Forgetting Mark Stanway was ever in the band is very sad. What would happen to Marillion if Mark Kelly left? They carried on when Fish left but Mark Kelly is a legend. So is Mark Stanway. If you don't like me saying so well, I'm sorry about that. I'm also sorry I got the 'albums' comment wrong. It's actually one, I realise that now.

    Alan Barrow

    Jane Metcalfe of course you have the freedom to say what you feel and that’s what is great about music. We can all make own choices, likes and dislikes and there should be no harm in airing your feelings.
    I know you are a Magnum fan but I really feel the essence of Magnum remains. Bob and Tony are the integral cogs in the machine that makes this band what it is.
    People have mentioned Mark was of course in the band for a long time and will be referred to for the albums he spears on.
    The new album has all the heart and passion of any Magnum would hope to have.
    From what we have seen and read today and the initial run of albums selling out in one day, may be give the entire album a listen. Tony’s lyrics put in motion by bobs voice with passion and feel are better than ever. Just read the reviews or even better just give it a chance.
    Rick the new keys player has bought so much to this album many are saying it’s back to Magnum at its best. I feel it would be such a shame you would loose touch with a band just because a member has left. Band change members and sometimes for the better!

    As for getting on Radio 2, this absaloutly brilliant getting prime time radio. The response has been amazing!

    Mark was an integral musician that has played a part in magnums history but be open to the future. It’s sounding very positive.
    This album has so much to offer.
    Please just give it a blast.

    I hope what ever you decide you find something good to listen to to fill the void.

    Bob and Tony are joined by myself Rick and Lee to produce an album of great songs that Magnum and their fans seem to like very much.

    Give it a spin what’s the worst that can happen.

    Jane Metcalfe

    I might consider it if they come to Carlisle on their forthcoming Tour. Now, THERE'S a bit of bribery for you...and Al! 😇 Even better, Blackpool. I could take my Mum, she's 71 so would fit in nicely. And no, I'm not being sarcastic. Thanks for being kind to me by the way, I appreciate it.

    Jane Metcalfe

    I feel I have to apologise to you and the rest of the band for my ill-informed comments. I am so sorry. Why? Well, I took your advice and bought the CD (the double one with extra live tracks on the second disc) from good old HMV.😇 Not cheap but I thought, "What the hell?" and I must say, I've been pleasantly surprised. Others here have said that the new guys have revitalised the band and I couldn't agree more, although it's taken this long for me to realise it. I guess I chose to buy the CD(s) after receiving emails from Magnumonline letting me know that extra dates were being added all the time to the Magnum tour. This made me realise even more that something special must be going on. I have to say this too...the production on CDs (in general) varies greatly but on this one it's brilliant. The 'live' sound is back, which is something I've always liked about Magnum in the past.

    Again, I am sorry I have upset you and the many fans who follow the band through thick and thin. I shall work on hubby to see if we can attend one of your gigs at some point.

    Watch this space..and I wish Magnum even more success throughout 2018 and beyond.

    Oh, the only criticism of the CD is that I can't read the lyrics properly. I feel bad about mentioning this after such positivity but I want to sing along to the tracks but I can't. Are there lyric sheets available?

    Alan Barrow

    Jane Metcalfe i have only just seen your reply, sorry for the delay. I am so glad you gave it a chance and found something that floated your boat, so to speak. Thank you for taking the time to get back online and post your words. It means a lot to have the support of so many wonderful fans. Politics aside its all about the music and what we can take from it.
    We have a new live album out today and I hope that you can continue to follow the band and enjoy the music we put out.
    Sorry about the tiny lyrics and this will be addressed in the future.

    Thanks again for your words. We appreciate the thoughts and support once again, cheers Al.

  89. Niall Gòrdan

    Excellent. Simples!

  90. Aleksandr

    I know the good old Magnum!

  91. Fatcalf Media

    Magic!! Great work all round, including Lee Morris fitting in so perfectly and some amazing work on the bass by Alan Barrow.

    \slowe wally

    Fatcalf Media are you Al,s boyfriend or what ?

  92. michael williams

    Wow great new tune consistantely fab music

  93. David Wilson

    Hope we get to hear this one live, great to hear Al's bass playing such a prominent part 👍😁

    Jane Metcalfe

    Yeh, well he does run things now doesn't he so I can't say I'm surprised.

    Alister Hill

    Hey Jane, Al has been part of Hard Rain/Magnum for about 20 years now. I think he does a great job keeping things going via social media and in other ways - something which he's obviously been given responsibility for by the band. But to say that he runs things is a little much - I don't think Tony would agree with that! Personally I think that without Al's enthusiasm and hard work, the band wouldn't have had as much visibility and success as they have had since they reformed. And if you have a problem with the song itself, well that's certainly not Al's problem as Tony still writes and produces everything. Hopefully you will find something on the new record that you love, and may we all be reminded that we're simply very blessed to still have this amazing band around at all, in any form!

    Alan Barrow

    Alister Hill thank you kindly

    Alan Barrow

    Jane Metcalfe I may run the Facebook page and web sites with help from Annie and I do Merchandise designs, booklet designs, tour promotion, band photos, play bass and backing vocals, pr and sometime iron the stage shirts for the band. But I definitely do not run the band. Bob and Tony call the major shots but it’s very much a band with a lot of dedicated people behind the scenes giving up their time to help keep this band alive.
    Yes Mark left... his choice as you know but "the whole is greater than the sum of the parts”!
    Magnum will change and move forward as always. Let’s hope you find some enjoyment in the new music. It would be a big shame to boycott what is a fine album over a member change.
    Not the first and probably won’t be the last.

    Regards and best wishes.
    Al Barrow

  94. limeyleafsfan

    It's so great to have the boys back with a new album. The track sounds really good - excellent sound/production to it and Bob sounds in fine fettle! Bring the album and tour on!

  95. Steve Collins

    Great single, so like much of their other stuff but still rocking. Well worth seeing live.

  96. Kenneth Nordin

    Sorry Al, I did forgot to mention the bass groove, it sounds great!

  97. William Kay

    Still going strong after 45 years in the music business, if there is any justice in the world this should be a number one single!

    Stage Parades

    Great video and so agree, requesting on internet radio to spread the word. They are one year older than us ! lol

    uwe siegert

    Really should be

    aitech nasus

    William Kay I Agree With You One Hundred Percent My Friend. I Love Magnum They Are The Greatest Rock Band In The World.