Magnum - Mother Nature's Final Dance Lyrics

Oh, why do we act like this?
So fragile to touch
Now, now that the light’s gone out
They’re caught in the rush
And somewhere across the void
Oh, there’s no return
Lost all in an empty space
There’s cause for concern

Women were crying
In their tearful eyes
And banners were flying
In dark smoky skies
Sweet ruby wine
Only helped them ignore
It poured from the bottle
Like blood to the floor
The peace and the power
Will fall dust to dust
And every hour
Will turn them to rust

Still some things we’re haunted by
And endlessly tried
But if we could start again
And question them why
Now you can remember when
Kids held out their hands
All prejudice left behind
Time to understand

Men talked with passion
Although time was brief
And something would happen
To shake their belief
Gentle persuasion
A soft serenade
It filled the occasion
And everyone prayed
Get back in the shadows
Say farewell to friends
On through the meadows
Too late to pretend

It starts, Mother Nature cries
She falls into her final dance
People were just walking by
Passing without half a glance
So into the shadows burning
Wide-eyed and so young they came
And all but their very soul
Swept into that savage game

Through fire and water
They try to be strong
And not to be touched by
That poisonous tongue
The men on white horses
Observing their plan
Were deep in discussion
Send man after man
Over and over
And over again
Over and over
It’s over, Amen

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