Magnetic Fields, The - The Nun's Litany Lyrics

I want to be a playboy's bunny
I'd do whatever they asked me to.
I'd meet people with lots of money,
and men would love me like I loved you.

I want to be a topless waitress,
I want my mother to shed one tear.
I'd throw away this old sedate dress
slip into something a tad more shear.

I want to be an artist's model
An odalisque au naturel
I should be good at spin the bottle
While I've still got something left to sell

I want to be a cobra dancer
With little willie between my thighs
I may not find a cure for cancer
But I'll meet plenty of single guys.

I'd like to be a brothel worker,
I've always been treated like one.
If I could be a backstreet lover,
I'd make more money and have more fun.

I want to be a dominatrix
which isn't like me, but I can dream.
Learn S&M and all those gay tricks
and men will pay me to make them scream

I want to be a porno starlet
For that I'll wait till mom is dead
I'd see my name in lights of scarlet
And get to spend everyday in bed

I want to be a tattooed lady,
Dedicated as I am to art.
Characters bold, complex, and shady
Will write my memoirs across my heart

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