Mae - The Fisherman Song (We All Need Love) Lyrics

Tonight I find it hard to sleep
Each sound and squeak I hear
Keeps me staring at the ceiling

Oh, it's dark as night outside
And I can't stand
The quiet that it brings me

And I've got too much on my mind
I think it's time to take a drive
And leave it all behind

I've got a song that's halfway there
I think it needs the ocean air
I'm going to grab my guitar
And get in my car

Oh, I need some understanding
And a little love
Going to speed down to the oceanside
In a race with the stars above

With my guitar in hand
And toes touching the sand
I can see the sun is coming

Colors fill and crack the sky
With purple, silver, and golden light
Drawing the day from night

On the shoreline a fisherman
With bait on his line and a rod in his hand
Is ready to greet the day

He turns around to notice me
And the two of us are patiently
Waiting for the sun's rays

Oh, I just need some understanding
And a little love
And somehow I am thinking now
I could get what I've been dreaming of

But this fisherman is closing in
I think he could be crazy
He says, "Won't you ride with me
I could use the company
I've got a fish to catch
And you have got a song to sing"

His eyes were anchors as the boat would sway
"What would you like to say? You have my attention"

"I see you came out here to write your song
But you don't have too long
So show me what you're working with
I'd like to give you a little something
And you may think it's nothing on first listen
In the time it takes for you to make love
You could break love, waste love
And throw it all away
But all you need is faith
And hope will bring a brighter day
And every time that you love
Let it lift someone else up
If somebody tries to burn you
Give him your hand in turn and pick him up
When he's all alone
Now if you find yourself getting frustrated
Try not to get too jaded
Or you could go 'insane' like me"

"I tell you man you must be 'crazy'
Am I always lazy when it comes to love?
With every failure and turning tide
I toss the boomerang but ah
It never comes back to me
Have some faith you say
And hope will find it's way?
Well, I doubt what you're sure of
When it seems to me the greatest of these is love
But it's so hard to love"

Well, we were sitting on his boat
Our backs to each other
He was giving me a little time
And all that he said was hurting my head
Wondering how to leave the selfishness behind
All that I could say is

"It's so hard to love
The way that you want me to"

I stepped off the boat and thanked the man
Not sure what I was thankful for
When I turned back around to see him again
He was already gone

Walking back from the water to my guitar
That's when the light came on
I knew what he was talking about
I knew how to finish my song

Oh I just need some understanding
I need a little love
And I want to sing my song to somebody
Who doubts what they're made of

Oh, we all need some understanding
We all need love

We all need love

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Mae The Fisherman Song (We All Need Love) Comments
  1. Luan Rodrigues

    Essa música já me salvou tantas vezes 😍

    Rubens Felipe

    Essa musica é boa mesmo. Aliás, o álbum todo é excelente.

  2. Rafael Riveiro

    Sublime ❤️

  3. Kaulin Curtis

    Got to see this song live in Salt Lake City in January. It was a surprise encore! Quite the cheer when the group came back on stage and started playing this!

  4. Altay Cabral

    The year is 2018 and this song still rocks! 🙏👏👏👏

  5. GmonkeyJ777

    3:58 - 5:55 💖

  6. Justin Ross

    One of my favorite songs! Just brilliant. And you don't need to be "religious" to appreciate its meaning...

    Jerry Cervantes

    If that is how the song is written, and that is the meaning in the artists heart - you dont have the right to make that statement. If faith is what it is built on, I suggest you get some to appreciate this song. If not, dont try to make yourself feel better by generalizing it when its not yours to apply in the fashion you see fit. Done bro.


    Actually music is generally accepted by artists and listeners alike that this medium is entirely up to interpretation, in that most artists know some will see the song from a different perspective and invoke different thoughts. feelings, or meanings. So while I respect your religious views and opinion that this song should be seen as such, acquiring faith is not required... and is in fact here to apply in the fashion we each see fit. That in no way obligates a listener to "generalize" the meaning or basis of the song.

    You don't need to be religious to appreciate its meaning. But I can understand how putting "religious" in quotes can probably come off as some sort of negative connotation, which might have had a little to do with your rather standoff-ish response. Regardless, I respect your opinion and I personally love this song. I'm aware of its intended meaning and I'm not too religious but I can still appreciate it as such, but I still find different meaning in this song in a different (deeply personal) way.


    This band reminds me a lot of a Christian Ska band and they also had religious songs that I could easily come up with my own meaning. Only one of the songs I really loved really shoved the word Jesus down your throat, but even then it was such a powerful song I didn't mind.

    People can believe what they want. As long as the music and content is good, I'll listen.


    @Jerry Cervantes Actually he does have the right to make that statement. America is cool like that.

  7. María Mary Miriam

    ... some fish for GOD and His love... and others fall for the wrong "net" ... a spiders net.

    María Mary Miriam

    Don't be sorry for me... I am happy about it. :)

    Crafty Jester

    blind faith is still faith i guess

    María Mary Miriam

    @Button Mash yes... but faith in what? that is the question. 

    Crafty Jester

    faith in the unkown


    God doesn't need fish.

  8. ItsssQuade

    They're touring again?! I saw them live in Dothan in 2007. Such a great show! Sad they're no longer together. They were the best at what they do.

    Timothy J. Roberts

    They're making music again now in 2018 so you know!

  9. SapphirePanorama

    These lyrics couldn't be more relevant

  10. Jamzar1000

    @tomharding I've just booked for London this is unreal it's like a dream haha!

  11. Jamzar1000

    @tomharding WOW I had no idea they were touring again as they're on hiatus, this is amazing I have to get tickets haha!

  12. Kevin Mischker

    @nagzul only? try 500.

  13. bbrant239

    Mae is so insperational. When i have a kid her name will be Arrylynn-mae. *pronounced air-i-lyn* I don't know. love it.


    I'd do just 1 "n" or 1 "r".

  14. bigthunk

    @cartman1648 You're a good man, Cartman. Don't ever let anyone tell you you're not.

  15. Nick Matolyak

    @bigthunk Hahaha, reasonable excuse then sir. Carry on :D

  16. bigthunk

    @cartman1648 Hahaha. I was drunk.

  17. Nick Matolyak

    @bigthunk for such sensitive music the commenters on this video are fired upppp

  18. noz LoL


  19. Sean Houlihan

    @danohen1997 anberlin - one of my all time favorites...they can do no wrong. And sad to see mae call it quits.

  20. Derek Dellinger

    @chaolayluu Singularity isn't bad either. It has some really great songs too. Just Let Go, Rocket, Waiting, and Crazy 8s are are up their for me.

  21. Charlie Liu

    @Elvisbackfromthedead Mae has soooooo many songs that are just perfect Destination:Beautiful and The Everglow aremasterpieces go look them up if you havent

  22. Sergio Clark

    (M)orning, (A)fternoon, (E)vening: M-A-E !

    What a creative thing !!!
    because of that im obligate to buy all these albums !!

  23. danohen1997

    @thelaker19 relient k + mae + anberlin = the most amazing bands EVER

    Timothy J. Roberts

    They're making music again now in 2018 so you know!

  24. Jordan Criss

    "All that I could say, is its so hard to love! The way that you want me too..." *guitar solo*.

    this song is perfect

  25. Jordan Criss

    @Elvisbackfromthedead theres alot. idk what've youve heard, but the entire everglow album is great. try we're so far away, the sun and the moon, tisbury lane. also awakening. its by mae, but a different singer.

  26. Lin Vaughan

    im so happy this song is so long
    I hate it when a good sng is short~! <3

  27. danohen1997

    Who pushed the wrong button and gave this a thumbsdown?

  28. Anthony Fuller

    You really have to love this song. It means so much and feels so good.

  29. Amanda c

    Simply breathtaking! I can't even explain how beautifully magnificent this work of art is! :)

  30. Tiffany Chan


  31. theguythatiam

    its just good really

  32. danohen1997

    @magicja ya me either til my bro printed off some we're so far away piano sheet music but i really didn't look at them til he showed me the house that fire built and boomerang and they were instantly my favorite band

  33. Jason U

    @danohen1997 I didn't even know they existed and im like "wow" amazed!

  34. danohen1997

    MAE IS SO AWESOME!!!They deserve so much more recognition than they get and they should really come to Kansas!

  35. Jake Vickers


    That is the most amazing combination ever.

  36. Bianca Angeles

    what an amazing song.

  37. axebeast

    read the lyrics. it's not optional. and then it gets even better after you know the lyrics and understand the song! seriously, wow

  38. marcus myrick

    i knoww!! there awesome.. def my favorite

  39. axebeast

    hehe, I was there too. They closed with All Deliberate Speed the first time I saw them, which was beyond epic. Fisherman song was cool too ;)

  40. axebeast

    Mae is awesome in concert. 3-D visuals! And the singer sounds just as good live as on the album.

  41. marcus myrick

    awesome song. i went to a concert of theres and they closed with this song.. it was sickk!

  42. Thricey


  43. camigm1

    this is such a good song