Mae - Night/Day Lyrics

I’ve been dreaming such a long time
And I’ve been waiting for the sunshine
But all my friends they say I’m getting by with sleeping in
They say I’m sleeping in

You know whenever I try I want to get it right
But I distract my focus and blur my own sight
‘Cause I’ve convinced myself that my best can only come in the moonlight
And I keep sleeping in
I keep on sleeping in
And missing something

(Close your eyes before the daylight breaks)

There are things about me I just can’t ignore
I know I want to change and I see that door
On the other side daylight decides there will be war with sleeping in
Oh, I know they’ll be no more sleeping in

I wait, I wait, I wait only in jest
I wait, I wait, I wait with no need to rest I wait
“The day, the day, the day will come again,” I say
A ray of light can only get in if I say
I’ve been putting off this purification a rebirth
and a regeneration inside of me
And I’ve been saying “no” for far too long
even though something brand new is coming out of me

I’m going to wake up, wake up every morning and then decide
I’m going to wake up, wake up every morning and make it mine
Rain or shine

I wake, I wake, I wake and greet the day
The light is on the change is made I can see my way
The day, the day, this day has come again
Each ray of light will make its way into the core of me
I always knew that I was missing something
I know this time that I will leave nothing up to chance
And in the wake of this brand new day I see the light
and I feel the sun and I’ll do it all again tomorrow

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Mae Night/Day Comments
  1. Ted Ryan

    Mae and chino collab please!

  2. Martrel Simmons

    0:55 to 1:15 put me in a coma

  3. Jess

    I love this song. I have horrible sleeping patterns and struggle with laziness and procrastination to get things done that could help my future. I feel like this is what the song is about.

  4. Mad Apple

    Completely forgot how great this song was

  5. tsuyuponzu


  6. Joseph Johnson

    Definitely a great song.

  7. Alycia Windingland

    This song = My life.

  8. That Dan Guy

    Ecstasy for the ears!

  9. pinpoint45

    this is how i feel every day. mae is the best band ever.

  10. Goosetown

    Might be the best beginning of a song EVER... might.

  11. PhatFisherman

    are they really playing in Strawberry Park, CT June 1st?

  12. Michelle Johnson

    This is the only song I know in existence that perfectly describes my life. It's insane and my mind is blown.

  13. ForeverArbitrary

    Okay, im confused... So, this song is part of Mae's movement to donate as much money as possible to chairity, but what were the 12 songs from their "12 songs, 12 monts, 1 goal, make a difference" movement? they have 3 EP's, each containing 8 songs. Im so confused! lol, anyone mind explaining? =)

  14. Secret Artist


  15. noz LoL


  16. Jaron White

    @newidenityguitarizt ha the singer from hoobastank is awful!!!! He couldn't hit a correct pitch if his life depended on it....I agree with you though, Mae is wonderful and creative!

  17. Jakub Možucha

    actually, this is very first song, that hasnt any thumbs down i have seen :)

  18. joel soto

    @WINFIELD32750 hoobastank?? wow get your ears checked.. they sound nothing like hoobastank.. thats stupid.. his voice is totally different and the tone and instrumentation is nothing like hoobastank.. they are way better then those posers..

  19. Miss Carnivora

    his voice is so brilliant that he doesn't need any instrumental support

  20. Adrienne Bugbee

    i LOVE this song....especially the guitar and part where it switches at 1:50....awesome.

  21. durtywatersninja

    This Song Goes With Tha Movie Inception Haha .

  22. Leviathan

    This is quickly becoming one of my favorite songs on (m)orning. Simply beautiful.

  23. axebeast

    This song is so inspiring. "Sleeping In" is such a great metaphor for putting off everything great you've been meaning to do with your life.

    I've been putting off this purification
    A rebirth and regeneration inside of me
    I've been saying no for far too long
    Even though something brand new is coming out of me