Mae - My Favorite Dream Lyrics

You are the cool wind that frees my bones
And I'm so reckless when you call to me
But when you're gone and I feel so alone
I want to curse the spell you have on me
I love and hate the way you make me feel
I never know when you're about to leave me.

And there she goes at the speed of sound
Oh there she goes to pull me back around

I can still remember that cold evening when we first met
You had your mark on me you know you did
And every note and word you sang to me
Have never made their way out of my head
When you're away they keep me hanging on
But in our world you're only there, here until you're gone.

There she goes at the speed of sound
Yeah, there she goes
And there she goes at the speed of sound
Yeah, there she goes

Was she a dream?

All I really know is that your hold on me is way to strong to be
Just a part of my imagination
And like this wind that I will never see
Why you refuse to let me know which where you're coming from
And there she goes
There she goes

There she goes at the speed of sound
Oh, there she goes

And there she goes
I want to curse the spell you have on me
(At the speed of sound)
You get me far so far from reality
(To pull me back around)
You make me feel like this was all just a dream.

And there she goes
I still remember when you first saw me
(At the speed of sound)
You had the mark, oh the mark of your melody
(Oh, there she goes)
I love and hate the way you're making me
(To pull me back around)
You make me feel like this was just another dream.

She was a dream.

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Mae My Favorite Dream Comments
  1. Aryansyah Pratama

    so underrated.

  2. Lukoise

    Mae Borowski (Night In The Woods)'s favorite song

  3. Daniel Briggs

    You are my downfall. This is your song.

  4. Kristen symmank

    They randomly took this off Spotify why?????

  5. J3ssi3lurv

    Mae has been with me for many years through tough times and good times. I carry this band in my heart always.

    Jah Lion 45 45 Soundz (reggae Music) Keep it turning.

    same here exzactly what you [email protected]

  6. Sir Digby Chicken Caesar

    I remember listening to this song back in high school, life was so simple back then...

  7. Michael Shane


  8. Roy M

    um, skittles?

  9. Tom F

    He's making music and starting a company under the name Schematic. People who donated to his Indiegogo campaign have the EP now, thought I don't believe he is currently selling it at the moment. I just put a link to his website in the description, and he is fairly active on twitter and Facebook.

  10. Dominic Fernando

    Why must I only discover these amazing songs today?

  11. Alica Turner

    The first thing I thought: Awww, what a sweet song

  12. Danilo Vivanco

    Please if you have any mercy share this last albums. someone who knows qhere to download it?

  13. Jinisinsane

    This will be my wedding march song or whatever the hell its called.

  14. Pale Purple

    I love how Mae references the other songs they did :)

    "The Everglow" is mentioned in "We're So Far Away", and this mentions "(e)vening".

  15. Andrew Riley

    Definitely. :)

  16. Hear The Voiceless

    For people wishing there was more Mae... there may not be more Mae but Dave is producing music still. He actually produced my band's album... actually the first album he produced that wasn't Mae or him. Check out Refrain the Storm on facebook! That's us! Mae is a huge influence on our music and you can hear a lot of Dave's style in the way the album is mixed and how it sounds.

  17. Huma Bint-e-Adam

    na it is not good as it has to be

  18. Nah

    Loving this.

  19. Marianne Lapointe

    Omg, I just went outside for a ride with my bicycle and there was the wind and the moon in the sky and this song playing and wow I'm totally in love just amazing thank you so much.

  20. Stephanie Owen

    @TheCyphen that would be soooooooooo awesome!! :)

  21. Samuel .Schierkolk

    @butterfinger9rox I bet your best friend and the girl I am talking about are the same person :P

  22. Stephanie Owen

    @TheCyphen my best friends middle name is mae lol....

  23. ali sugaree

    i just fell in love.

  24. Robin Bodare

    I remember the first time I listened through 'The Everglow'... Suddenly, all other melodies and songs I had heard weren't "music" anymore... <3

  25. Samuel .Schierkolk

    there is this girl I like and her middle name is Mae :)

  26. rikuzgirl4lyfe

    i met someone, and this always reminds me of that special person. It's crazy how one song can encapsulate all of your emotions in 4 mins and 25 seconds [=

  27. Nate Clayton

    I loved this band for so long!!! I love everyone of there songs! I am not sure if i go for more than a day without listening to one of their songs!

  28. Elizabeth Akin

    @XtwistedanimequeenX DO YOU MEAN TO TELL ME THAT MAE BROKE UP?!?

  29. Kenny Sandlin

    @tennisplyr35 Singularity is like my favorite album. But ALL their music is different and amazing. Mae is my 2nd favorite band ever! Right behind Angels & Airwaves of course.

  30. Yunita Elvira Anisa

    I totally get this song :')

  31. hitsen

    this song is like cupid.... it struck my heart...

  32. KayLyda

    Who is she?

  33. Tom F

    @XtwistedanimequeenX You can still look forward to an EP Dave is making.

  34. Tom F

    @DRDINOKING Haha, I've never heard of eating rainbows before.

  35. DubeeMcCheezy

    God everytime i listen to them i just feel like eating rainbows it's amazing!

  36. Jeff Spicer

    One of the most incredible bands alive

  37. claretk

    @claretk Looks like it was hard to find. Search on Google for Mae tabs by Joe, the first result is a thread in the Mae forums that has a link to the page.

  38. claretk

    @ultimage7 I found a version on a fan site (not ultimate guitar). If you search for Mae tabs by Joe you can find a page that has it.

  39. saladsaregreen

    Mae is truly the best band ever!

  40. Maria Moeller

    @tennisplyr35 thanks, I think I'm already under their spell:)

  41. Tom F

    @MMKursch Pretty much all their stuff is great. Though some people don't like their album "Singularity" as much as the first 2.

  42. Maria Moeller

    wauw, I've only just heard about this band a few minutes ago, but they sound so unlike any other band I know... must explore them further!

  43. Gerald C

    Does anyone have tabs for this? I'm dying to play this song D:

  44. axebeast

    last album?! infinite hiatus?! Say it ain't so....

  45. TheCollisionMusic

    @XIX11z What the heck are you talking about?

  46. jjguerra48

    @XIX11z :O mark is awesome! what are you talking about?

  47. 4cstf

    @tennisplyr35 Thank you, been wondering for a while. Cant Wait!

  48. 4cstf

    does anyone know when (e)vening is going to come out in stores?

  49. Robin Bodare

    No need to say anything. Just press the "like" button. :')

  50. skullyz13m

    GRAAAHHH (E)vening is sold out on their website :(

  51. pinpoint45

    its like Mae is one of my best friends, they're always there for me, in good times and bad. <3

  52. Jordan Criss

    @rbheartsmae lucky as hell. i have yet to see them live and I might not be able to again =(

  53. Rachel Blair

    Mae is my favorite. I've seen them twice, and its not enough! However, last year at SOMA in San Diego, Dave and Zach sat on the back of my car and played "The Ocean" so... my life is mostly complete. haha. MAE<3

  54. lemasterjee

    Best song of the album ;)

  55. Ian Phillips

    omg this is the song on the album!
    does that mean you saw them live?!
    i'm so jealous! XD