Mae - In Pieces Lyrics

We got acquainted on a warm summer's night
Top floor of your apartment was where we started clicking for the first time
And our future it was so bright
I was there to be the melody
and under the impression that you would be my harmony

Pretty soon we were dressed up in lights
But if you wanted center stage, I was there on your right
I was singing on the grandstand where i think we made our first plans
To be a constant source of friction, a clear contradiction
This is where we discovered our dissonance

All these things I think about in pieces
All these scenes I play again in my mind
When were the two of us destined to come undone?
When we had just begun

Is it possible I got something wrong?
In the middle of a moment, while we labored over song?
And we toiled over every word
Was it your voice you wanted heard?
At the time I thought I tried to strip away some my pride
but I couldn't understand where you were coming from

All these things you could explain in pieces
All these things you could have said but never tried
You were always there waiting for us to come undone
And now all that we've built, yes everything we have came undone

We always used to fight
The record that we kept of wrongs and rights would lock us there inside
You turned and walked away
and left me picking pieces off the ground in scattered disarray

All these things I could explain in pieces
And all these things I'd want to say but how could I?
I was always there waiting for you to come undone
And I knew you would
I knew you would break someday and come unglued
I knew you were waiting for the day
when you'd leave us and be gone for good

We always used to fight
The record that we kept of wrongs and rights would lock us there inside
You turned and walked away
and left me picking pieces off the ground but I am here to stay
(although in pieces I'll go pick up the pieces)
I'm waiting out the night
For when we see the sun the work we've done will finally come to light
And with the break of day
we'll put the pieces back in place somehow until we find our way
(although in pieces)
I'll go pick up the pieces every time

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Mae In Pieces Comments
  1. TheStepmonkey

    Wow this is gold 💗

  2. saladsaregreen

    Wow, that was really corny.


    It's just a matter of self-perception mate.

  3. Runkar Tony

    I always play this song when I'm driving my car since it gets me the feeling of being on my way to something big. ^^

    Sometimes I just drive off to nowhere just so I can listen to Mae

  4. Mark Bermudez

    I totally agree and haha same here man! I discovered them at a Relient K concert my freshman year of high school and I am now a sophomore in college and I still love them! I only wish I could of seen them live again since that day, but oh well. Their music lives on! :)

  5. Azirill

    You know what i think this song is about. To the untrained eye this may be your typical love story song, break up, trying to make it up. However to the trained, as the record company screwed them over, im thinking its about there break up with the record company.
    That is Mae.

  6. Vladimirus Vlad

    this is boriiiiiiiiiing

  7. JoeFada88

    I have to say, that I have loved mae since I first discovered them back in highschool. I am now a junior in college and have bought 2 or 3 of their albums, and I still listen to them today. They are one of my top 10 favorite artists, simpley because their music is so beautiful and uplifting. Everyone should listen to mae, or at least give them a chance... I'm sure that if you do, you will come to lobe them too.

  8. Scenic Mirage

    This is talent. This is music. This is life. This is Mae.

    Timothy J. Roberts

    You know their making music again right?


    Such a good song

  10. MECbaker CB


  11. xSummerJoyx

    Im in LOVE with this song. you have amazing taste in music!