Madrugada - Our Time Won't Live That Long Lyrics

Don't know when they put me in the ground
I don't know if I was left alone
All that matters that I follow you
On my way to the unknown bound

It's cold baby but I'm not afraid
I feel lost my life swept away
I've been worried but I promised you
It's so tense when you're in the life

Only time that you walked away
It was me, I'm always here and I'm gonna stay
Lovin' you can not be bad
My blood is boiling and you make my mad

I was flying but it was very low
You let your lovin' coming down
And all I thought it was just another dome
Couldn't be right what I found

A mountain top, it's the need of time
I'm out of my mind so lets make this night
On my own every thing is wrong
Holding on now, I'm holding on

You just have to call it out
You know your love until your love is gone
And you know that it, that it's that strong

Only time that you let me down
You just wouldn't let my in
It's only time when it all went bad
I don't wanna fight with you

Don't you know why I do
I will never ever let you go
I will stay with you till I die

If my blood runs cold I don't wanna know
I'm gonna cry all night long
I wear your heart until my heart is torn
Then I make up, make up my mind

When all is gone we just stop below
Where we go when we just gotta blow
Everything that we got in here
Don't wanna see you walking down the stairs

Cause I need you and you know you need me
It's all that love that you let down on me
Hold me tight and I love you right
I love you, I'll be there, baby, baby mine

Honey, our time won't live that long
You know our time won't live that long
You know our time won't live that long

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Madrugada Our Time Won't Live That Long Comments
  1. roiy1

    God bless you mister! R.I.P.

  2. hakkespade

    Time might pass, leaves might fall -but ill always come back to this song. I will leave with a smile and a sadness in my heart

  3. Alex BlackRed

    Love music, hate fascism

  4. sigerfjording

    a guitar with a voice

  5. xdrfetishx

    12.7.2017. Ten years after.

  6. Soufiane Artwood

    nearly a decade... Rest in peace Buras...

  7. j1991able

    The humming at 1:48 and 3:30 strongly reminds me of another song. But I can't remember the title, interpret, lyrics or even some more parts of the melody. I just know, that I desperately want to hear it. Can anybody pleasje help?!


    now you've said that, I hear it to.

    Riedberg Revolver Boys

    Valley of deception maybe?

  8. Theodora Hahali

    Daaaamn lyrics!

  9. Perrin Xbox

    Oh the tears, they keep streaming.. Life carries a different weight for all of us.

  10. Ken-Michael Jensen

    RIP <3 Jævlig bra sang Robert !!

  11. NXS18

    I love the piano part, its my favorite.. i wish someone make a longer version keeping the mood and feeling this song have, that would wonder-fucking-ful

  12. xdrfetishx

    Heck man, I have to struggle not to shed more than a tear when I play this song.. all the bleeding time. :'(

  13. zoi deliargiri


  14. joan15y


  15. Nina Moltudal

    Tusen takk <3

  16. Icantseewhynot

    ε τυπάκι ήταν μωρέ, δεν ήτανε δα και ο Γκίλμορ.
    Αγαπάμε Μαντρουγκαντα, στηρίζουμε Μπούρας (ή όπως αλλιώς προφέρεται) αλλά δεν το παρακάνουμε κιόλας!

  17. groovy elduderino

    great. fuck. great

  18. gmeletis678

    I think his voice sounds like Mick Jagger's...

  19. bash theFash

    Loving you can not be bad
    My blood is boiling and you make me mad ~

  20. sharona4608

    I, myself, celebrate Robert's life and talent...R.I.P., amazing talent and a beautiful looking man!!!

  21. HateIronMaiden

    R.I.P. Robert Burås. You died to early.

  22. intermariogr

    Ο ίδιος ο Buras τραγουδάει εδώ; Αυτός ο άνθρωπος εκτός από τρομερός κιθαρίστας και η μεγαλύτερη κολώνα των Madrugada, είχε και πολύ ωραία φωνή. Κρίμα που χάθηκε πρόωρα και άδοξα, ήταν απίστευτο ταλέντο. Για το κομμάτι τι να πω... Είναι όπως και τα περισσότερα κομμάτια των Madrugada, μυστήριο και σκοτεινή μελαγχολία αποτυπωμένα με τον καλύτερο τρόπο... Μιλάει απευθείας στην καρδιά!

  23. konstantina sim

    5.23 !!!! υπέροχο!!! :'(

  24. Charlotte Solli Larsen

    True. I'm in his family, and I'm sick of people saying things that they don't have a fucking clue of. I don't think my family ever going to say to people what he died of. I know it, and the rest of my family. It's good to know that is's someone in the world that don't think i died of a overdose.

  25. Charlotte Solli Larsen

    Just his family (I'm in his family) and some of his closest friends know what he died of. stop saying he died of heroin when you don't have a fucking clue.

    Dire Wolf

    Robert gave his life for art, he was happy doing what he loved; In every human individuality there are dichotomies that condition us to live and die as we can, not always "as we want", and we are many who do not ask for mercy for that: we try to carry out our existences with the greatest possible dignity. To hell with those who speculate ... blessed are those who echo the beauty of the mystery in their souls, since there lives the true vocation of the artist. God keep in His Holy Sine the Poet we love so much, today tomorrow and forever.

    Greetings from Argentina. LONG LIVE THE LEGEND: ROBERT BURÅS 🌌🖤🎸

  26. elmarkusio

    Who is playing the hidden track here on the piano?

  27. sharona4608

    great song!!!

  28. konstantina sim

    agapame robert k genika madrugada!!!!!!!!!!!!ante fetos erxete k st patra o sivert!!!anipomonw an k tha ithela poli na pei arketa tragoudia twn madrugada!!! oxi opos ton dekemvri sto gagarin pou eipe mono 4!!!tha doume...

  29. tons ducis


  30. jolanda knopper

    sounds a little like a stones song ...

  31. Pol C

    What's the name of the song?

  32. Μαρία Μάρα

    @Feluuula hahaha

  33. Μαρία Μάρα

    @apostoloskobe traxana ?!!!#$%^^&

  34. alathion

    I miss him so! :( Such a horribly unnecessary death! I still remember Sivert Høyem playing at Buktafestivalen in Tromsø just a short time after the death. Never shed tears at a concert before that or after... it was heart breaking.

  35. jalla87

    OD of heroine

  36. RyRy Perez

    I would have to agree, he sounded similar to good ol' Mick! RIP!

  37. petran57

    does anybody know how did he die?

  38. petran57

    my god this voice is so amazing...

  39. PinguLinn

    this is one of my all time favorites, and this tune always makes my heart ache. for real! awesome.. totally perfect. I simply love it:)

  40. Christos Charitidis

    Yeah, i said the same thing about a year ago. Isnt it amazing? He had a voice that could lead a band :)

  41. Manos Vasiliadis

    this song reminds me very much of Rolling Stones, probably because of the voice -which is great by the way..

  42. ο πρώην φίλος του mpif

    poio typaki re traxana?

  43. hakkespade

    too me its sounds like hes saying goodbye, and knows he wont be around very much longer.
    beautiful and haunting

  44. silvyp2009

    really good, thanks to posting it!

  45. yellow224

    I looked up a random title kind of thing,
    say this and decided to listen,
    this song is wonderfull.

  46. Marianne Kallevåg

    His voice is so... Stunning.
    The lyrics, the melody, and the voice itself kinda reminds of forbidden, hungry love or something.
    I love the band and the song.
    R.I.P. Robert Burås.

  47. Wowbagger

    Check out Robert Burås' solo band (side project) called "My Midnight Creeps" ...He was an awesome rock singer!

  48. PiePaivi

    Heres 3rd! RIP Robert

  49. Andreas Bjørgen

    politiet kom ikkje ut me dødsårsaken, men han døde me gitaren i hendo

  50. Arcenicum

    Am I the only not-Norwegian Robert Buras fan here?

    Dire Wolf

    Hello from Argentina 🌌🖤🎸

  51. fre4kness

    Når du hører denne sangen og hører etter på teksten så skulle man nesten trodd at han visste at han kom til å dø :/

    Men hvil i fred Robert Burås, kanskje en av de beste gitaristene fra Norge.

  52. Frans Verboom

    thanks for adding this song, it's a real tearjerker..very beautifull

  53. skindiving

    It doesnt really matters, but what did he died from?

    Great music. Really love the way he sings it.

  54. Øyvind Føreland

    gidd å heng han ut som rus misbruker! Her er en in memory ¨åt til å ære han for den fantastiske musikeren han var! La han få den æren. Om han var rusmisbruker å tok overdose gidder ikke jeg å legge meg opp i! Elvis selve rocke kongen døde av OD!
    Robert døde med gitaren i armene!
    RIP Robert!

  55. Christos Charitidis

    Is that Roberts voice? Man,its amazing & reminds me of Mick Jagger !

  56. oooda

    Hvis dette er tilfelle, hva godt kommer det ut av at du henger han ut som heroinist? Det er feigt å holde på sånn når han er død og ikke kan snakke for seg selv..

  57. cannaviking

    alle heroinister vet de skal dø engang litt raskere enn andre...
    gutten røyka herion og baset kokain daglig...mixa det sammen m xanor og rivotril...
    jupp....som han sa så pent da han satt hjuemme i stua vår....jg klarer ikke å lage musikk uten å være rusa...
    ENIG,SÅ ENIG!!!!!

  58. Espen Stenberg

    Pianospillet minner litt om pianospillinga i American Beauty når han karen filmer løvet som blåser rundt. Jeg hadde den på maskinen for noen år siden, men husker ikke hva den heter.

  59. Slasjh

    konge song.
    r.i.p robert:(

  60. oooda

    Jeg får en ekkel følelse om at Robert visste han skulle dø når han sang denne sangen.
    En nydelig og sterk sang

  61. Scully

    piano delen på slutten, hvor har jeg hørt det før?

  62. mothergong

    this song is killing me