Madrugada - Majesty Lyrics

So am I
Good or bad
The way that things did turn out
I did only make you sad

And we cried and we cried
On the phone
Oh but in my mind
You were never that all alone

Oh you were majesty
Your roads were heavy
And your longing was cut from bone

So am I
Am I good or bad
Could only awake your anger
I could only make you mad
Now was that how you showed me
That you were still so young and bold
Anyway those fights did drive me
And I was dying of thirst and I wasn't growin' old

Oh you were majesty
Your ropes were heavy
And your roads were very cold
Oh, oh, oh majesty

But in my mind
I could still climb inside your bed
And I could be victorious
Still the only man to pass to the glorious arch of your head, oh...

Oh you were majesty
Your ropes were heavy
And your cheeks were very red

Oh you were majesty
And it's like I said
That spirit, is now dead

Oh, oh, oh majesty

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Madrugada Majesty Comments
  1. simosbats


  2. Nicky Nastou

    I love him !!!!

  3. Cicero Araujo

    Greetings from Brazil and Texas

  4. Verde Angelo

    Μωρό μου,Σ`ΑΓΑΠΩ !!!!!.

  5. Bruno Rezende

    ♡ 2002

  6. clarisse joy

    A voice that makes love to my mind...

  7. Mattias Andersson

    The most beutiful song i know, thinking of my ex who where my majesty before she left me for another guy and I got cancer and kidney insuffice and barely survived. Still today i have serioius problems with the will to keeping me survive. I miss you Sofia and I allways Will do...

  8. Alper Misir

    Çok güzel

  9. Lu11abi

    😮 🥰
    This is Glorious!


    MONO ΤΟ ΑΚΟΥΣ ..............ΚΑΙ ΣΕ ΤΑΞΙΔΕΥΕΙ........Majesty!!!!

  11. Tor Haugland

    Rett i mindet

  12. Relaks Dud

    სად ხართ? რესპექტ ფრომ ჯეორჯია

  13. mike krtsls

    "So am I
    Am I good or bad
    Could only awake your anger
    I could only make you mad..."
    .........Speak to me.........

  14. Gesta Hungarorum


  15. Giannis Georgiou

    Hey guys!If you like Madrugada check out my cover :) Cheers!

  16. mike krtsls

    Unspoken words...unopen rose

  17. faih bou

    Κανοντας ομοιοπαθητική .....

  18. mike krtsls

    How I wish, how I wish you were here
    We're just two lost souls
    Swimming in a fish bowl
    Year after year
    Running over the same old ground
    And how we found
    The same old fears
    Wish you were here

  19. mike krtsls love is to accept both sides...good or bad. Stay... don't leave...

  20. Wolf Lair

    This is delicious

  21. MissVirtualEyes

    Just... WOW !!!!!!...I can't believe I just discovered this band on you tube today!His voice...the lyrics...the band's way of playing...I am just blown away!!! Please, Madrugada.....don't stop playing !!!!!

  22. Nikica Mrvaljevic

  23. eXistenZ

    can anyone explain to me why there are so many greek comments? is it the soundtrack to some well recieved contemporary greek film or something, or is it just related to his gig at the acropolis?

    Manuela Messaoudi

    Maybe because the uploader is Greek..? 😉 Greetings from Switzerland 🇨🇭

  24. caner ursavas

    Scobunyeriofficial parçalarından hey gidi madrugada ne grupsun

  25. Patrichi

    2019 ?!


    Me, forever

    Mattias Andersson

    Me, allways forever when i'm down(as I am most of The time)

  26. Сергей Артамонов


  27. tsipo tsipo

    Afieromeno stous romantikous anfropous tous gnisious kai ohi tous difen pou epimenoun sta diskola .Sta diskola kardia mou 😯😯😯

  28. Dorina Plugaru

    this voice though


    Magic voice!!!Love from Greece 🇬🇷

    Tor Didriksen

    Just sitting with the Herodeion consert on tv in the background 🙂🙂

  30. Fran


  31. George Karagiannis


  32. Demi Litou

    Κάνε θεέ μου να μην απογοητευθώ στην συναυλία, ας είναι όσο θεϊκό το φαντάζομαι.

  33. SweetOak


  34. Aaron Donohoe

    Live version with the electric guitar solo from Robert Buras is superb. Sadly passed away

  35. Marc Bonizec

    top, voix incroyable, sobriété, du Neil Young et du Cris réa, Bravo beau boulot (good job)

  36. zelia marques

    Oh you were majesty
    Your robes were heavy
    And your longing was a cutting from bone
    So am I, am I good or bad
    Could only awake your anger
    I could only make you mad
    Now was that how you showed me
    That you were still so young and bold
    Anyway, those fights did drive me
    And I was dying of thirst and I wasn't growing old

  37. Sventi Beats

    Mimigos δεν σας βλεπει

  38. Barış Yeşil

    Babalar kavgası bitti beni buraya getirdi gençler.,

  39. Karel 4

    Ακόμα ένα από τα πιο ωραία και συναισθηματικά τραγούδια😍

  40. ahmet murat ZAVRAK


  41. Niki Thanopoulou

    I cannot forgive you I am sorry,she said...that's what I can only say...

  42. Giannhs Andriopoulos

    Πόσο όμορφο τραγούδι

  43. Nelli Pragiati

    Just real music

  44. Lil pedim

    Ηρθατε την κατάλληλη στιγμή.Σας ευχαριστώ

  45. Manuela Schult


  46. Feather Black

    Sure shot.

  47. Ophelia,

    Nerden geldim buraya ya. Neyse, çok güzel.

  48. birgit ress

    love it!

  49. linuxcu

    I've discovered here while I was looking my current TUR102 teacher's old post on social media, and I found this masterpiece. I can not feel completed myself without listening once a day.Thanks to Ömür teacher :)

  50. Natasa Krajnalic

    This guy have voice similar like Nik Cave.

  51. Jess Hans

    Norweigan synger ❤️

  52. Francisco Melo. Melo

    good song good good.

  53. arrie46

    Henk Kist, dit dus! <3

  54. rebecca rosen

    I so love this did I ever exist without them?

  55. Kiara German

    So i am good or bad

  56. Dimitra Vassiliou

    in love..!!

  57. Haldun Tantur

    Çok çok güzel

  58. Jeanette Backe

    vannvittig stemme å lyrikk

  59. luiz carlos Biasoli

    Very good

  60. de skeftomai

    γιατι στο πουτσο πατανε dislike?λες και το youtube τους αναγκαζει να ακουσουν το τραγουδι ελεος δηλαδη....

    johnny X

    Πες τα ρε κοπελιά ! Αυτή την απορία έχω κι εγώ. Ας καταργήσουν επιτέλους τα σχόλια και τα likes τουλάχιστον για τα μουσικά βίντεο.

    Stamatis Tsolelis

    Τομάρια τι περιμένεις??

    Aristotelis Mastrogiannis

    Ο λόγος που πατάνε dislike είναι για να βλέπουν εσάς που σας ενοχλεί. Keep giving them food to eat they'll ask for more.

  61. Toril Rangnes

    Beautiful song 💛

  62. Natan Natan

    איך הוא שר.. עם הקול החם שלו
    משהו מיוחד ושונה לגמרי.. שיר שקט ורגוע במיוחד .. כל הכבוד לזמר ולביצוע השיר הזה 10 עשר

  63. Nicola Bliemeister

    yes ----

  64. Haşmet Gökozan

    Great song great music.🙏RIP

  65. Francheska Chatzipanagioti

    Oh "your Magesty" you f***ed me..

  66. Arensipensi

    The kind of song that you listen 100 times a day

    DJ Vinco

    Going on the 4th so far. :)

  67. pat Reybaud

    It is you who are MAJESTIC-- awesome

  68. Grey Widow


  69. Kurt from NIRVANA

    FeelsBadMan Clap

  70. Byyassar

    I liked it 😀 Very Very Good ❤❤❤

  71. Emre 81

    much more than beautiful

  72. pihen

    simply beautiful

  73. Kurt Cobain


  74. Olivier Avry

    the very best

  75. Yasemin Degirmencioglu

    thank you - my choose is also for the SIVERT HOYEM voice ..I never heard such a good like this..

  76. τθδηδυρυυ γηφηφγυυ6888767767


  77. τθδηδυρυυ γηφηφγυυ6888767767


  78. Anna Sofoulaki

    So am I...?....Οι εικόνες και οι προβολές, οι μύθοι και οι ψευδαισθήσεις μας, όλα να συγκεντρώνοντα κάποτε σε πρόσωπα, ενσαρκώνοντας έτσι τις νευρωτικές μας εμμονές μας για ατέρμονη ευτυχία.

  79. Mihai Ender

    So am I....

  80. Hope

    Oh, you were majestyYour ropes were heavyAnd your roads were very coldOh, oh, oh, majesty💕

  81. βας


  82. Assir Gouvea

    Beleza musical!

  83. Tihomir Kuzmanovic

    so, first i've heard a song from Madrugada, then i´ve bought two records. then i saw Live at the Opera from Satyricon, and was fascinated by the singer on Phoenix. just found out that singer was Sivert. what can i say- MINDBLOWN...

  84. Steven Egan

    Does anyone else think that the lyrics are not "roads"/ "ropes", but "robes" instead? ie the robes of a queen, ie a Majesty??? Heavy roads doesn't really make much sense...heavy robes...does.

    Even R

    It's Robes, yes.

  85. 보리박

    한번듣고 반한곡~~~~목소리 감미롭고 행복에 빠져들어요...

  86. Yasemin Degirmencioglu

    aşık olunacak bir ses.. kadife kadar yumuşak ve çok epik..harika bir aşk şarkısı.. teşekkürler - graetings from Istanbul <3

  87. Svjetlana Markovic

    Madrugada - so special feelings

  88. Daniela Stošić

    His voice... and all... MAGIC <3

  89. cuberille

    replace ropes/roads with robes

    eg. "your robes were heavy"

  90. Maria Chailloux

    majestueux. .. magique magnifique envoûtant sublime. ..j'adore ❤❤❤

  91. Kostas Manafas


  92. Soss89

    Madrugada er balsam for hart and mindre

  93. MrTenDollarMan

    Γαμημένος καθηγητής ΤΕΙ Φλώρινας που δε μ' αφήσε να παω στη συναυλία επειδή είχα 2 απούσιες και θα με έκοβε. Τελικά πτυχίο δε πήρα. Έπρεπε να πάω.

    erothil l

    Αφήστε ρε το παιδί γαμω την εντατικοποίηση των σπουδών! Ζήτω η μουσική ρε ρουτινιασμένοι!


    ελπίζω να ήσουν χθες..

    Pump Action

    Γαμιεσαι καθηγητη και εσυ και οι απουσιες σου.

    Harry M

    Κάθε χρόνο έρχεται ο Sivert Hoyem ( ο τραγουδιστής τους ) κάπου θα τον πετύχεις!!Τελικά πτυχίο πήρες όμως;

    thanos tzagas

    Re file to pisteueis oti paw flwrina me ktel kai akouga auto to tragoudi? Foithths stin idia sxoli...

  94. Jasmine

    I just accidentally discovered this -  I am haunted and moved by every word in the lyrics and every note.  Beyond good, smooth and sexy.  So happy to have found Madrugada.

    DJ Vinco

    Me too. :)